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    • Win a Signed Copy of RVB Season 9!

      7 years ago



      Well, it’s on now! The folks over at Rooster Teeth have donated not one, but two copies of their smash hit, Red vs. Blue Season 9, as signed by the cast!

      Want to win a copy? Simple! Make a donation to our Chipin link on the right hand side of the page either or on and make a donation of $3 or more! Buy more than one ticket, get more than one chance to win! Drawing will be November 19th at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time, and winners will be announced on the site!

      Wait, why are you donating? What’s the cause?

      Operation Supply Drop, Front Towards Gamer’s, government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity builds video game care packages for troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and we’re in the middle of celebrating “Veteran’s Month” (Veteran’s Day was November11th). We’re pushing out a video game care package a week for the month of November, have so far sent out $3000 in games and gear to Afghanistan in two weeks with our care packages WAR MAIDEN and SCORPION TAIL, and we’ve got number three heading out Saturday, BLUE STAR.

      Any questions, please submit them to! Thanks for your support, and good luck in the drawing![img]

    • 1st "Veterans Month" Care Package to Afg

      7 years ago


      Casey and the boys (and girl), the recipients of out code name SCORPION TAIL care package!


      The first of five "Veteran's Month" care packages, this one code named SCORPION TAIL, is now on it's way to Casey and his boys sitting on the Afghan/Pakistan border! Hell of a great start to our Veteran's Month promotion, but we've got four more weekends in this month of busy holiday release schedule left to go, and just as many games to get to soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Here's the final inventory of the gear that went in this package, broken down by who donated it. All game titles are 360 titles, except for a few random PC titles we sent as well:


      1 x XL Operation Supply Drop shirt, signed by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Alexej Persson
      Batman: Arkham City
      1 x 25 foot HDMI cable
      1 x wired 360 controller
      2 x Entertainment Consumer Association wet weather bags
      1 x 8 gb memory stick for 360 memory
      1 x DVD case
      1 x issue of Game Informer
      1 x issue of...ahem...Victoria's Secret

      1 Xbox 360
      3 Wireless 360 controllers
      1 XL Gamestop Gears of War 3 launch t-shirt
      Deus Ex: Human Revolution
      Madden '12
      Dead Island
      Gears of War 3

      BloodStone: 007
      Guitar Hero: Van Halen
      2 Prototype 2 XL commando sweaters

      Red Dead Redemption "Game of the Year" Edition

      Reverb Communications:
      Naughty Bear Gold Edition
      Reel Deal Slots (PC)
      Darkest of Days (PC)

      Warner Brothers:
      FEAR 3
      Mortal Kombat

      Hunted The Demon's Forge

      Portal 2

      Darkstar One
      Disciples 3 (PC)
      Dungeons (PC)

      Bejewelled (PC)
      Amazing Adventures in the Lost Tomb (PC)
      Amazing Adventures Around the World (PC)

      RDS Industries:
      A 360 Carrying case

      1 pair of wireless 360 X95 headphones

      Charisma +2
      2 x Charisma + 2 gamer model calendars

      Pre-installed on the 8 GB memory stick were XBLA downloadables:

      Robot Entertainment:
      Orcs Must Die (XBLA)

      Trendy Entertainment:
      Dungeon Defenders (XBLA)

      Runic Games:
      Torchlight (XBLA)

      Total Care Package Value (Based on Amazon Pricing, Before Shipping Costs): $1297.25

      Well, our Veteran's Month promotion is up and running, and of course, as Murphy's Law dictates, has decide not to work. So! For those of you looking to make a donation to send video games overseas for next week's care package going to the Warfighter Restoration Center in Afghanistan, you can make a donation through Paypal to if the Chipin widget on the side of the page is not working (still).

      Also, we're accepting physical donations of games and gear as well! We're trying to keep donations to this generation; I can't imagine too many guys downrange getting excited about getting a used Colecovision and 12 games at this point. Send those six-month old PS3 or 360 games you're not playing anymore our way and we’ll make sure they get put in one of these packages so troops can get some use out of them! Send your used gear to:

      Operation Supply Drop
      9301 Alvyn Lake Circle
      Bristow VA, 20136[img]

    • RT Supporting Veterans Day!

      7 years ago


      The crazy folks over here at Rooster Teeth are helping out my 501c3 non-profit charity, Operation Supply, this Veteran's Day (thanks Gus, Bernie and Jack)!


      I'm an ex-Army ranger who now builds video game care packages and sends them to units deployed overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. The charity has just reached its one year anniversary, and how better to celebrate than to really go all out for this Veteran's Day? Instead of the usual "one-care-package-a-month" cycle I've been supporting, I'm pushing out a care package to a different unit each week through the month of November.

      Even if you can't send a donation using the Chipin link at either or, you can also send your older 360/PS3 games to us and we'll send them out as well. All the details are in the link below.


      If you've got a friend or loved one getting ready to deploy overseas who you think would be interested in getting a box full of the latest and greatest gaming gear to ease the pain of their deployment, shoot me an email at and I'll see if I can help them out!

      Finally, just getting the word out is critical; getting the charity in front of as many pairs of eyeballs as possible is what I'm going after, because you absolutely never know who is going to surprise you with their support.

      Thanks, and have a happy "Holiday Release Schedule"!

    • Down, But Not Out!

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      Well, going on week three with a bronchial infection, which has me coughing my lungs out. Of course, I was making great progress on the diet, but three weeks of breathing trouble has put me on my ass on the couch playing Dark Souls.

      I will return!

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    • Post on HERE, Not at Fitbit!

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      Guys, as we are all RT fans, we want to support the site as much as we can. As someone who runs a site that is constantly trying to get pageviews, we should help out RT over the faceless corporate site. I just leave the Fitbit desktop up as well as this forum in another tab. Just trying to do my part, and I suggest y'all do the same.

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    • Weapons of Choice?

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      Everyone has their specific workout plans to make this damn FitBit work; I'd like to hear what everyone else is up to!

      I have my treadmill in front of my big screen and am currently grinding through Dead Island.
      I also am "borrowing" (see also: 14 day return policy) a Kinect from Best Buy and am trying out Dance Central, which turns out is a bit of an asskicker if you don't mind looking like a chump.
      I lift M,W,F at the company gym here and run with my wife (for as long as the weather stays warmish) outside on the off days.
      I generally am the one walking the dog every night for about 20 minutes, so there's about 2,000 steps right there.

      Working out has never been the problem; it's always the amount of shit I can shovel in my suck that is the reason I never lose any weight. I don't drink, no drugs, but I can put down a pizza and a six pack of coke like nobody's business.

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      Damn, the day's almost over!
      Hey, if you didn't see in my journal or over on Gus' blog, I run a charity where we send video game care packages to troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan! We're running a promotion for the month of November for Veteran's Day; come check it out!

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