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    • Question(s) regarding artwork

      3 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus

      (Jeebus, nearly 50 friends on here?) I am no artist. I can't draw anything to save my life. But I do write and I am working on a series within a small group of friends to try and develop a paired comic/manga and animated series.

      The primary artist I have is a fantastic sketch and line artist, but when she gets to colors, she does the shadows way too soft and blend-y. She transitions the shadow into light, instead of it cutting off. I understand there are times where it can be used, but it is starting to make her artwork look a little off and not what we need for the project.

      So my question to the strangers on here, how do I tell her without sounding like a complete ass? I've asked her once to do more hard shadows, but I don't think that is the correct terminology (on my part), nor do I think she understood me.

      I've been in charge of the project for some time, but this is still a very volunteer type of project at this point. I don't want her to bow out because she thinks I'm being mean.

    • It's my birthday gift to me! I'm so happy...

      3 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus

      After talking to a few of you folks on here about which camera I should get, I bought one and got a great package deal with it. I assume some of you might be interested.

    • 3 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus
    • DSLR Camera recommendations?

      in Forums > DSLR Camera recommendations? | Follow this topic

      Shepsus Shepsus

      I'm looking for a few camera recomendations. I would like it priced under $500. This will be for both photo and video recording.

      I'll be doing my own research as well, but since the internet is a pretty big place, I'd appreciate any personal recommendations as well.

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    • How hard could it be? Classic RPG's

      in Forums > How hard could it be? Classic RPG's | Follow this topic

      Shepsus Shepsus

      So I am a huge fan of classic RPGs. Anything from Saga Frontier, Sword/Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire.

      At one point, all these games required large systems and CD's as means of making them work... But with the technology that we have now with emulators and whatnot, do you think a classic pixel game that could sell well as a mobile game?

      I understand there are a LOT of "RPG-esque" games (Chain Chronicle, Brave Frontier, Terra Battle), but I'm thinking of more a story based game that isn't searching for people to buy gems.

      I'd like to create a classic, single player RPG that can be sold at a couple bucks on my phone (or to be paired with an emulator).

      Do you guys think this could work? Or do you think having people come back to purchase gems the way to go?

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    • Back to Creativity!

      4 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus

      So, I made that post roughly a year ago... And my 13 RT/AH friends, let me tell you. It has been something of amazing.

      I am working with a wonderful group of people to try and create a story and show. We've got a website lined up that is slowly being worked on, musicians, artists, a couple of animators, writer, editor, and soon to be voice actors.

      Can't wait to be able to show some of this stuff off.

    • Animators and artists wanted!

      in Forums > Animators and artists wanted! | Follow this topic

      Shepsus Shepsus

      Hello fellow RT fans. I am a creator of an anime. The trailer itself has been written and being put to storyboard through this week.
      I need a few animators to help make the trailer for the animation come to life.

      The second thing I would love is for some future fans of my series to come up with fun artwork that we can post to our future FB page. It is based in a fantasy setting with magical swords and magic of elements. It is going to take a lot of work to become a full-fledged series, but the trailer is as good of a place to start as any.

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    • Back to Creativity...

      6 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus

      I am not very good at being productive without some kind of push. It sucks to admit it, but it is true. I am inspired by RT and enjoy AH immensely. Not just because they are hilarious, but because some of their video shorts take a long damn time to do. Such as the recent one with Joel and Matt. Those takes would just take a REALLY long time. With AH, Gavin explains on the RT Podcast that some of the videos are cut from 4 hours to 30 minutes sometimes. That is a skill I am still learning to develop.
      Someday I will have a team and have a video website like them. But for now, I am back to my roots in what I enjoy doing creatively. Writing.
      I have a wonderful girlfriend who pushes me to write as well, along with some friends who are also fans.
      If you feel like you don't know what to do creatively. Let us collaborate and get us excited to be creative again. I can't not be creative in some form or another.
      It is time to go back to Creativity.

    • 2019 years ago

      Shepsus Shepsus
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    • laflower1966

      3 years ago

      thank you I couldn't have said it better myself.

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