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    • Who knew? (naked story ahead... sort of)

      14 years ago


      Who knew that having a shower could be such a painfull experience?

      I had my first proper shower in a month, now before you all say "eww! You havent showered in a month?!?" let me say yes, BUT I have had showers just quick ones every second day, so I havent been sitting here for a month in my own haggardness.

      Anyway 15 minutes ago I had my first shower, without any help from the nice private nurse I hired, and I cant believe how much energy it took out of me. My knee hurts so much its not funny and thats what I cant work out, is why....

      My daily painkiller intake is as follows,
      1 20mg morphine tablet and 2 40mg Endone (narcotic painkiller) thats before i get out of bed.

      At lunch time 2 more Endone

      and just in time for bed I take another 20mg morphine and 2 more Endone.

      Now lets tally this up. Everyday I take 40 milligrams of morphine and 240 milligrams of a narcotic.

      Now surely im not the only one who thinks that is a lot of drugs? So why the fuck does it hurt so much to take a god-damned shower?

    • A quick update

      14 years ago


      Hey sorry i havent been around much in the past few day's but i had to have emergency surgery on my lung. More details when i get home in a few more days as typing messages on a nokia phone is not very easy...

    • Mmm Chicken

      14 years ago



      Name: Robert
      Birth date: june 5 19800
      Birth place: Santa Monica
      Current Location: bed
      Hair Color: At the moment. Purple...
      Righty or Lefty: Sorry im a geek. I dont use pens.


      Your heritage: American
      Shoes you wore today: i havent worn shoes in a week
      Your weakness: none.
      Your fears: i scare myself.
      Your perfect pizza: Meatlovers with chicken.
      Goal you'd like to achieve: to walk without crutches.


      Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN:stfu
      Your thoughts first waking up: where is my morphine
      Your best physical feature: my little toe.
      Your bedtime: when ever i am tired, or after pants time
      Your most missed memory: My family


      Pepsi or Coke: Coke
      McDonald's or Burger King: im trying to be healthy, so KFC smiley0.gif
      Single or group dates: single at the moment.
      Adidas or Nike: Adio
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Dont drink tea
      Chocolate or vanilla: Rocky road.
      Cappuccino or coffee: coffee. (mmm, jamaicain blue mist)


      Smoke: Nope.
      Cuss: who the fuck are you to ask me a bullshit question like that?.
      Single: Yes.
      Take a shower: about 3 per day
      Have a crush: Does a new Audi S4 count?
      Think you've been in love: Once...yes, showed me to be the fool.
      Liked high school: I dont remember
      Want to get married: Was/ still am/ getting divorced..
      Believe in yourself: Sometimes
      Get motion sickness: only at the moment with the drugs im on
      Think you're attractive: nope.
      Think you're a health freak: hell no.
      Get along with your parents: Other than the fact that i killed them when i was 6? (and this isnt a joke)
      Like thunderstorms: yeah


      Drank alcohol: Yes
      Gone on a date: No
      Gone to the mall: No
      Been on stage: Yes
      Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No, but now i want some
      Eaten sushi: No
      Been dumped: big motherfucking YES
      Gone skating: Yes
      Gone skinny dipping: No
      Stolen anything: No


      Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes
      Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Ohhh yeah...
      Been caught "doing something": Yes, but by court order i cant talk about it
      Been called a tease: Yes.
      Gotten beaten up: Yes.


      Age you hope to be married: been there done that and got the t-shirt.
      Number of Children: None
      How do you want to die: being hit by a truck when riding down a hill on my luge board
      What do you want to be when you grow up: a grown up.


      Best eye color?: green
      Best hair color?: dark
      Short or long hair : long
      Height: same height.
      Best first date location: Paintball range
      Best first kiss location: where ever it comes


      Number of people I could trust with my life: 0
      Number of CD's I own: 800 odd cds
      Number of piercings: none
      Number of tattoos: 1
      Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper? 4

    • Haggard photo's

      14 years ago


      will be up son of my knee as i get to tak e the brace off in 3 more days. prpare to see some fucked up scars. no if you will excuse me i need to go lay down again

    • Well life just sank a little lower

      14 years ago


      well after another fucked birthday i was thinking at least today had to be better. You know what? i was wrong.

      I got a call from my wife this morning to tell me that her father died, and she is not comming back (she was up visiting her father who we all knew was unwell)

      So looks like after a shitty birthday im about to geta divorce. So if someone could just come around beat me half to death and then burn down my house around me, that would top off my week...thanks

    • You know what?

      14 years ago


      Thats it!! I Fucking quit!!! This birthday sucks. Ive had to rebuild my computer twice today. I have only had one fucking phone call wishing me happy birthday. And the only visitor i have had is my friend who lives with me. Ive never really liked my birthday, but today has just been so fucked up i dont care anymore.

    • Matt Likes My Tat

      14 years ago



      So does Burnie


    • I feel so unloved

      14 years ago


      No one has modded me up yet smiley2.gif

    • Classic News From the Old Site

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      May 28, 2003
      Don't ph34r the reaper.

      As speculation regarding the upcoming death in Episode 8 sets the internet ablaze, Red vs Blue HQ is besieiged by its own drama -- we received our first death threat today. It appears that a certain netizen would take particular offense if we killed his favorite character. Apparently, he also takes great offense at things like spelling and proper punctuation. But, you have to love death threats. They're like love letters, except not so god damn wimpy.
      Posted by buzby at 10:52 AM

      June 17, 2003
      Star Wars Galaxies

      Ok, this post really doesn't have anything to do with Red vs Blue. So read on only if you want to hear me talk about Star Wars Galaxies a bit.

      I just read something that pissed me off and I have to vent a little bit. I read on a gaming news site that LucasArts has confirmed that Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided will ship on June 26th. That's not what pissed me off. What pisses me off if the pricing structure for the game. If someone chooses to pay month to month, the fee is $14.99. The three month plan costs $14 per month, the six month plan costs $13 per month and the 12 month plan costs $12 per month. I understand the need to charge people for MMO games, but I think things are going too far now. How can they charge people $50 for the game, and then turn around and demand anywhere from $144 to $180 per year to play the game. It's not right. I have been looking forward to this game for a long time and can safely say that I will not purchase it now due to the pricing structure that the game has set.

      EDIT: On an unrelated note, shipping on Red vs Blue DVD's is now $5000. Unless you live in Canada, then it's like a million or something. --buzby.
      Posted by gus at June 17, 2003 02:21 PM

      November 02, 2003
      Too Much Typing

      Sorry for the delay on posting, but we were all busy readying our Halloween costumes. I was drunk, Gus was white, Matt was a rodeo clown, Burnie was a ballerina, and poop was striking as a California Raisin. Ok, I'm making that up (probably).

      DVD Progress
      The good news is that we sent the DVD off to the duplicator last Wednesday! The bad news is that we immediately called them and asked them to destroy the disk. But that's not really bad news, as we pulled it from production so we could add more content. We just didn't feel in our hearts it was the best DVD we could make, so we regrouped and got back to work. Midnight oil was burned, and much alcohol consumed, but I think we finally have a DVD we can be proud of. We just have to add a few finishing touches, and then will send it back to the duplicator - for real this time. I'm not going to hazard a guess as to a release date (they always come back to bite you in the ass - like a midget vampire), but rest assured, we are getting closer.
      Posted by gfunk at November 2, 2003 11:25 PM

      November 25, 2003:

      Ok everybody. I know it's been a long wait, but it's finally over. The DVDs are here! We certainly appreciate your patience in this matter, and hope that you will be happy with the final product. We (mostly buzby) put a lot of work into it, and are very proud of how it turned out. It's chock full of extra wingdings and thingamajigs, and is for sale on our store right now. I'd recommend everyone buy two. They make great stocking stuffers, and are also the perfect size to shore up that wobbly table.
      Posted by gfunk at 02:55 PM

      March 29, 2004:
      Episode 28 Online

      Thought you might find this AIM converstaion funny. It happened about 5 minutes before I posted this:

      IWishThisWasICQ (12:09:05 PM): is 28 gonna go public today?
      drunkbuzby (12:10:11 PM): hunh?
      drunkbuzby (12:10:15 PM): it's already up, moron.
      drunkbuzby (12:10:18 PM): Wait. Isn't it?
      IWishThisWasICQ (12:10:19 PM): it's not on front page
      drunkbuzby (12:10:36 PM): I am sure this is your fault somehow
      Posted by buzby at 10:52 AM

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    • Australian PSP launch date

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      1st of September 2005 is the offical launch date of the PSP in Australia . Here is all the info for the PSP. Its in PDF format

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