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    • 5 years ago


      I don't know what to do here! This place is so big... o.o

    • 5 years ago



      Yes. Hi is a good opening.


    • Disregard Blog. Acquire Life. =3

      7 years ago




      Testing testing one two three...

      Hey it worked!~

    • g1AfterDark: When the Forums are Down... Come Play Around!

      7 years ago




      Welp...the forums are down...again/

      <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


      So, I'm putting some of the lovely moments that happened up here, for you mainsite folks! Here's the abbreviated version~


      Featuring the most handsome gentlemen in the world!



      Oldschool cartoons courtesy of g1Events~



      Chaoticmeltdown's awesome streaming~



      And the best song EVAH.


      Also, here's a little something to get the nostalgia coming in for you g1ad peoples~


      If you'd like to see the whold thing, make sure to go to the Screwattack forumms....once they're back...




      *walks away awkawrdly*

    • g1 After Dark: A Teaser for Your Brains~

      7 years ago


      Hiya peoples!


      I'm not really good at promoting stuff, y'see~

      So, I thought to myself, why not just show you what we have to offer?

      Take these lovely moments from g1AfterDark, and see if you would like to be apart of the madness as well~


      So~ Do you like hanging out with your fellow g1s?


      Are you curious as to what a "Naito" is?


      Would you like to know how many hours of sleep you'll have to lose for something like this to happen?


      Do you really want to know what the heck is going on in here?


      Or hey. Maybe you just want to just gave a random get together on a random day and talk about...whatever!


      Either way, whether or not you want to stop by or not, we'll be there. Now I know that this isn't the world's best promo, but, in all seriousness, come or not, it's just another day at g1afterdark.

      So! With my glowing endorsement right there, I'll leave you with two links. One of them takes you to the forums, where everything you need to know about our little setup lies. The other, right into the action. Straight to our little wonderland of randomness~ So, take a look if you want, we won't bite...we'll probably get a little bit of our strangeness on your clothes, but don't'll wash out for the newcomers. =3 And if, even after all of this, you still decide to turn away, feel free to disregard this blog, and continue with your lives~

      This is g1 Shiznita and this is my nonchalant blog. =3

      To the Forums!:


      To the Action!:




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    • Shiznita

      3 years ago

      Noice all my stuff transferred over.

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