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    • Wax On, Wax Off

      13 years ago


      Rest In Peace Mr. Miyagi, Rest In Peace Pat Morita. I will always remember you, you inspired me to not only be comical about almost anything...but take up martial arts.

    • right now

      13 years ago


      I just want to crawl in a hole and die.

    • My heart is a lonely hunter...

      13 years ago


      that hunts on a lonely hill...

      I might dissappear from here for awhile. I havn't decided yet. Pop in here or there, dissappear from myspace almost entirely. There's no point anymore.

      I need to start writing scripts more, be with people that actually care about me more. I've learned that.

      I need to work on props for video projects, be it the music video for "If I had a megazord" or otherwise.

      need to train for the next MLG Seattle for the H2 bracket.

      Thigns are different. Times are changing. Unfortunatly I've let myself fall behind. I need to more on and move forward. You can still reach me at XxHennersXx on Aim and over my Email address, XxHennersXx@Gmail.Com but I'm going to try to not be home as much as possible. I just can't do it.

      I need to prepare my sentai party this saturday, watch DaiRanger and scout locations and film the teaser for U1PR (film I'm making). Redo Pirates Vs Ninjas.

      Yes, I'm taking alot more than I can handle. But I need this right now. What I don't need is a bunch of fucking bullshit.

    • survey

      13 years ago


      Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

      **5 YEARS AGO**

      How old were you?: 12

      What grade were you in?: 7th

      Where did you go to school?: Spanaway Lake Junior High

      Where did you work?: no where

      Where did u live: Here

      Where did you hang out?: house..and radio shack.

      How was your hair style?: really lame. parted, brown highlights

      Did you wear braces?: no

      Did you wear glasses?: yes

      Who was your best friend?: Charlie

      Who was your girlfriend/ boyfriend?: 7th grade. OKAY...ha. I did like Mindy though.

      Who was your celebrity crush?: Alot...

      Who was your regular-person crush?: Mindy Preble

      How many piercings did you have?: none

      How many tattoos did you have?: None

      Who was your favorite band?: Blink-182

      What was your biggest fear?: rejection...

      Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: no

      Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: not really

      Had you driven yet?: not really


      How old are you?: 17

      What grade are you in?: Senior

      Where do you go to school?: Spanaway Lake High School

      Where do you work?: No where...

      Where do u live?: Same place.

      Where do you hang out?: My house...other places randomly.

      How is your hair style?: i cut it today...short.

      Do you wear braces?: Nope

      Who is your best friend?: I dont even really know anymore...

      Who is your girlfriend/boyfriend?: none..anymore.

      Who is your celebrity crush?: don't care anymore...

      Who is your regular-person crush?: ....

      How many piercings do you have? 1 in each ear.

      How many tattoos do you have?: None

      What is your biggest fear?: same as it was before...

      Have you smoked a cigarette yet? Nope

      Have you gotten drunk or high yet? yes

      Have you driven yet?: yes

      What do you think about you now vs. 5 years ago? I want to kill 12 year old Henry.

    • Jon's LAN Party

      13 years ago


      Alright so I come home and I watch sentai for a little bit and then my cell rings and it's Jon. He asks if I wanna come over now for his LAN party. Me wanting to GTFO and play some Halo I of course say "Yeah sure.". So the I go upstairs and stuff my Xbox and everything into my Red Vs Blue bag and TV downstairs and wait for Jon to show up. We shove my TV in his mustang and off we go to his house.

      We get there and Jon's dog Abby doesn't bark at me and actually seems pretty happy, to which Michael mutters something about the dog being racist and barking at the black guy... Anyway. I set my TV up and we start setting up wires. Jon's brother David starts asking about my Halo:CE NMP so I end up spending a good deal of time showing off those mods. Then more people show up so I have to show more and more mods to more and more people.

      Eventually the game's started up and it was just ownage. Sheer ownage. I was always in the top 3, usually first. :P And people come and people go, MySpace get's brought up alot with Russell's silly profile's he's made. It's pretty funny. Then we started talking about skateboarding and the pizza was alright. We took like 20 minutes between every few matches just to scarf down a few peices. Heh.

      Then as time went on we just played more. Unlike last time, the invited people didn't annoy the crap out of me.Except one kid. I was talking about Power Ranger's and how when they morph it takes likea minute. And then the black ranger is like morphed first but everyone else is morphing so he's bored for a bit. And he was like "Heh yeah he's like fighting people and is like 'where is everyone??' heh." and the room fell dead silent. Untill I said "...what the hell are you talking about? You didn't watch Power Rangers did you?" and he was like "..yeah..uh um yeah oh..yah..." to which I said "no. No you didn't. You didn't watch Power Rangers. They'd morph and then appear all together to fight. What you said doesn't even make sense." so he shut up. Then we laughed because that's pretty sad to be humiliated with Power Rangers as the subject.

      That kid though annoyed me. I think is name was Adison or something, I didn't pay attention. He'd like make jokes that weren't funny, and we laughed at the sheer retardation of the whole thing. But he thought we thought he was funny. But we were laughing at him (well, I dunno about Jon. But Russel and I were.) Or he'd change subject like, before it's time to. Or make jokes that don't fit in with the subject. I'll get more to that later.

      Eventually around 12:00AM I said "Let's go to Wal-Mart and buy some snacks." So we did, and Adison or whatever asks me if he can borrow $8.00. I was like "Um, why?" and he said to buy something for his PSP. I was like "Um yeah NO. If it was like food or a drink or something sure. But shit for your PSP? No." so he's like "I'll pay you back." and I said "I don't even freaking know you. And I'll probally never see you again. See, if this was Russel, Michael or Jon I could just be like 'Where's my money dude?' but I'm hopefully never going to ever see you again. So yeah NO." The NERVE of that kid. WTF?? Anywho so we get snacks and the Xbox 360 Demo unit was off... smiley2.gif Untill we figured out how to turn it on! smiley0.gif YAAAAAY! So I played COD2 and sucked ass at it. -_- Oh well.

      We get back and start playing Halo. Jon's friend who's name escapes me is in the marines. He played CS and is sponsored for DOD. So we're sitting there making CS, and DOD jokes about the military. "I should go to a recruiter and be all like 'So is it like FPS? I heard it's like FPS. But with better graphics. Where's the server located? Is it LAN? I should like be pinging 0 right? Are there any respawn points in RL?" and stuff like that. So we made some buy Kevlar.

      So then this Adison kid sit's here and make's jokes about underwear. UNDERWEAR. We were like "WTF?" and he's like "no uhm underwere uh..." and I'm like "Seriously dude, We're making Military FPS jokes and you're talking UNDERWEAR? Not even like Kevlar underwear but underwear." So he shut up and I played off of his shit. "So is the underwear Kevlar? Does it come with the vest or does I have to get the helmet and kevlar to get the kevlar underwear?". So then we laughed our asses off.

      Eventually, Michael and Adison decided to play Stubbs but then the xbox wouldn't read the disc. So they started playing Xbox Counter-Strike. And we laughed at them buying the weapons hella slow and stuff and the Adison kid asks if it has a "third perosn mode" and we made fun of third person mode for stategy action military games because you can see around corners and that'd just be so cheap in CS. Russel and I were talking CS and how the Xbox version is different from the PC version. Eventually since Jon had two copies and he was going to sleep, Russel and I did a 1 v 1 with Xbox CS. While putting it in I was talking about how it's different because I played Xbox CS at a LAN center when it came out.

      So when we're playing the fucking Adison kid has the nerver to try telling me how to play. I'm like "Um, I just said like a minute ago I played this at a LAN center for Xbox and I play the PC one alot, hence why I've been talking about it ALL NIGHT. God dude, seriously." he was running while trying to shoot and was like "I HIT YOU LIKE 6 TIMES" and we're like "no you were running while shooting. the bullets don't go straight that way." -_- such a fucking noob. He drove me nuts.

      Then we were laughing at how horrible the Xbox version of the game was. But we were just joking around about it (we were serious but we weren't straight up dissing the game.) so then I say "yeah see adison. This game is like every joke you've made tonight. We laugh our asses off at it, but not because it's sopossed to be funny. It's stupid. So we laugh at it to make fun of it." and Russel starting DYING from laughter. He was rolling while just saying "omg so cruel Henry so cruel...omg..haha..."

      CS got boring because we didn'

    • Apple Switch Commercial

      13 years ago


      It's not great, the animation sucks because i made hte sprites in MS Paint, did each frame in photoshop and edited it in MSPaint. Basically it comes down to RPGs vs FPS. What do you all thinK?

    • My Apple Switch Commercial

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      ShotgunSteve" target="_blank">

      It's not great, the animation sucks because i made hte sprites in MS Paint, did each frame in photoshop and edited it in MSPaint. Basically it comes down to RPGs vs FPS. What do you all thinK?

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    • Death

      13 years ago


      I feel like I'm dying


      and mentally.

      And I'm pretty much fine with that.


      13 years ago




      smiley12.gif Angel ^_^

    • Happy Halloween

      13 years ago


      So today was halloween, so Tina (Profile) and Angel (Profile) all celebrated Halloween as our favorite Red Vs Blue Characters.

      I was Church, Tina was Donut, and Angel was Caboose. Angel and I began making Spartan helmets like a month ago, but never finished them for reasons better left unsaid.

      So anyway, after stuff with Angels sister and Nephew, we went trick or treating in my neighborhood. After that, we came back, watched Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers, and "How To Be Emo"

      Then we carved pumpkins.

      First, mine.





      Tina's Pumpkin


      Angel's Pumpkin...



      It was Angel's only second time carving pumpkins...

      Happy Halloween!

      *Korean StarCraft Cackle of Doom

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