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    • almost 19

      12 years ago




      debug playstation. plays burnt games and all regions. it's technically illegal. ;) because it still belongs to sony.

      still hangin' out with


      my birthday is in 6 days now.

      go me.

    • wow

      12 years ago


      I still never update. Huh.

      Well, here's a picture of my collection...




      Add those and another PS2 game and that's what it is right now.

      Last night I went to see a movie with Krista


      Lol bad tan

      Pretty good movie. I liked it. Perfect Stranger. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to just see more movies at like certain theatres? Some movie theatres, the guy takes your ticket right when you walk in. Thats when it's easy to just walk into other movies. when the guy is like, guarding the ways to the halls to the theatres, thats when it's hard.

      so yeah, life is the same right now...just gaming, surfing the net, hanging out with friends and working.

      I've been kinda depressed lately but it's whatever...My birthday is soon. 19 days. 2 weeks and 5 days.

      I need to pick up my pay check later today...

    • oh man...

      12 years ago


      Oh man, i never update this, just my 1up and my livejournal. alright, well i'll update mutiple times

      March 16th

      I bought Super Famicom Raiden Denestu, Castlevania 4, Sailor moon, and Contra Spirits.

      and for the famicom Castlevania 3, twin bee 3, salamander, and gun nac.

      Here's the bad news.

      Castlevania 3 has super scrambled graphics.

      And pink godzilla doesn't take returns. >_<

      Charlie bought a swpa magic 3, replacement case, and sealed copies of Rockman X, Kirby Super Star, and R-Type for the Super Famicom. But i think the gu messed up and only gave me a 2 percent discount. -_-;

      Oh well. I ordered another copy of Castlevania 3, the cart doesn't have screw holes so I can't pop it open and easily clean the whole cart o_O so i guess it's q-tips and alcohal.

      March 23rd

      I saw Ninja Turtles, it freakin owns.

      March 26th


      Most of my game collection.

      March 28th

      Well I never update anymore. I'm still employed at Albertsons making coffee at the in-store Starbucks. I've been playing a lot of video games lately. More so than before. As in, it's almost all I do now. Play video games, work, and sit at my computer. I like it. But i'm still depressed, my step dad won't get off my back, he acts like I'm doing nothing and have no plans...but I do have plans. But I'm replying on others before any further step is taken.

      The plan is as follows 1) finally get license 2) get job in Seattle 3) sign up at Seattle Community College

      There, now the next plan is to move to Seattle. Charlie is going to UW, and wants an apartment. Sot here's roommate number 1, Krysten hasn't been accepted yet but if she is there's room mate number 2.

      If Charlie lives in the dorms, or krysten doesn't get accept theres Thomas and Evan.

      If it's Thomas and even they both are going to attend the same school I am. Done deal. :)

      Honestly not much has been happening lately in my life. I'm seeing two girls...Kayla and Krysten. Nothing serious because we're not in actual relationships so it's whatever...

      Anyway, thats basically my day in and out. I just play video games and surf the internet. I'm glad though, because I've been meaning to play more games and stuff....but yeah...I've been depressed and video games are the only thing that really keeps me happy.

      March 29th

      Well, I was craving chocolate. And charlie wanted gummy bears. And my mom told us to pick up some 7up...and charlie wanted a silver PS2. So, we went to Walmart...

      Keep in mind that this is at midnight.ish.

      So we walk in, I get a fuckton of chocolates...and charlie weighed the point and counterpoints of different gummy bear brands. Fun fact: Walmart best value gummy bears are infact, not the best value gummy bears avaible at walmart.

      Anyway, so then we go through the clothes and some guy starts yelling. I thought it was some guy being a dick...turns out it was the retarded guy walmart hired to watch the parking lot. I felt like an asshole. But I still laughed.

      Then we went to the video games, you know, to get charlie's PS2 he wanted. Then we noticed the budget games. Ohhh the budget games...I can afford it, but should I? I really shouldn't! I have to pay for school and other things! But...they're only 20 dollars! Come on, 20 dollars!

      And then the little guy on my shoulder was like "Come on Henry, you can afford it." But it's not like the TV shows. Where the little evil guy is a devil and shit. Oh no. In my brain, he's a smart little fucker. With glasses. And a labcoat. AND A FUCKIN CHALKBOARD. An he speaks in one of those nerdy ass voices like Mandark, from dexter.

      And he doesn't just trick you like the devil, this guy he's got equations and shit. To convince you. He's all like "Henry, you can afford it. The game, is 20 dollars. You have 500 dollars in your bank account. 20, is less than 500. if you buy this game, you will have 480 dollars. That is still alot of money. Now, you can spend this 20 dollars, on FOOD or energy drinks. But what does that give you? It just turns to poo. And pee. But this game, this game may possibly bring you hours and hours of enjoyment. It can make you happy. And is there really a price on happyness? If there was, it would be more than 20 dollars. But in this case, it is 20 dollars. 20 dollars for happyness."

      So I bought Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for the PS2. Yeah...I don't like Naruto. Because, Ninja's aren't really like that. They're more like Martial Artists. I mean, Goku from Dragonball Z and Ryu from Street Fighter are pretty much like the guys in Naruto...but they're just martial artists. Real Ninjas, don't wear orange. or pink. and real ninjas aren't fat. And jutsus aren't real.

      But still, the games...they fucking own...

      And I can't stop playing, Naruto Ultimate Ninja. Mmm. Ninjaish fighting game.

      I should go back to playing.

      and that leads to where we are today...

      If you want sparatic updates, my live journal will suffice and my video game buying habits are detailed on my page, but really the easiest way is just add me on aim and talk.

    • March 3rd comrad joe!

      12 years ago


      As the sky lightens and the dust settles, the clouds part and the sun shines down. The flowers blossom again and the earth is soft. As all is right in my universe.

      Well I quit working at the anime store. Or as I call it, the Anime Icebox. That place was FREEZING. At least I got another reference on my resume

      Kayla and I are in an offical relationship now. ^_^




      some recent games I've bought

      Well, today was a bit weird. Charlie came by and almost and we played my Famicom. Then not long after, Kayla came by we hung out and then her friend Katie called asking if we were on our way yet..heh.

      So we leave and we arive at Lindze's house (I think she has it spelt funky that way). Anyway some little dude is playing Gears of War and it took EVERY bit of will power to not ask "Can I play?" since that'd be rude...there was some dude, i think his name was Garrette. And Katie. Some girl in a trench coat. And Lindze.

      Keep in mind I know none of these people.

      So I sit on the couch and watch the dude play Gears while everyone else chats and cleans and other stuff. Garrette and I talked about how awesome Gears is (someone asked why it's so awesome and my response was "It has guns. with chainsaw's on them. Nuff said!") and eventually we migrated to Lindze's room...more apparently there was these dudes to come and all this other crap and they did and we were going to go play Ultimate Frisbee...

      in the rain.

      Not cool.

      I don't even remember how to play Ultimate Frisbee. Isn't it like touch football but you can only take 3 steps before you HAVE to throw it? I dunno.


      We eventually all leave and Lindze was sopossed to meet someone else at her house so they all left. Leaving Katie, Garette, me and Kayla.

      We got in Kayla's car to keep warm and Katie said "I don't want to play in the rain. do you guys?" and i was like "No, not really..." and so none of us actually really wanted to be there...

      So we left.

      We went to Katies house, they played speed and Katie jokingly said "to keep from being bored you can read cosmo" and I actually did, because I thought it was funny. And it was, because one of the articles was "sex to keep your man happy". And I read some parts aloud.

      then I found deck of cards with CATS on them. So i was like "AWW SO CUTE" and eventually started making up stories about all of them and making them talk and playing with them like action figures. Katie asked why I suddenly got so talkative and well, it's because I got comfortable. I wasn't comfortable AT ALL with all those other people...

      anyway, so we goofed off and hung out and ate a fuckton of candy and played Slap Jack...

      Then we decided to go to the arcade. Narrows had a closed party so we went to Paradise. When I lost playing Max 300 on Heavy someone yelled "YEAH YOU LOST YOU FUCKING FREAK" *rolls eyes*

      Then we dropped Katie off and Kayla dropped me off...

      So it was a day that was a bit...nay, quite, different than my usual. But thing's worked out and I had fun. I probably wouldn't have if we didn't leave.

      Now I'm waiting for my mom to stop watching Wowowee so I can play my Famicom.

    • hmm

      12 years ago


      so i kicked kaza off the show and here and I aren't tlaking anymore...I'm sick of her head games. -_-

      valentines day with Kayla was really awesome. that was her and I's second date. Things are going very well with that. Her and I are heading up to PinkGodzilla in Seattle sometime soon so we can pick up some famicom games. ^_^ w00t.

    • Help with network filters

      in Forums > Help with network filters | Follow this topic


      this is my last resort. the computer forums I'm ususally on are down at the moment. So I'll try here...

      basically I begin school in the fall and I live at home (I move out this summer) and I pay for my cell phone and internet access. My Dad is a power hungry nazi. He flips out over every little thing. And he uses my internet access. that's fine...

      Except now he wants me to pay rent.

      And use my internet access.

      That shit don't fly.

      And I know there is a way through accessing my router, that I can block his PC's.

      Thing is, I don't remember how.

      anyone know how?

      7 replies

    • heh

      12 years ago


      so like, kaza and i are like hanging out 24/7

      the 8bit show is getting mad credit

      I'm in MC Frontalot's documentary

      and I'm in the nerd of the week video. :D

      I've began seeing this other girl named Kayla.

      I had a huge lan party for raymonds birthday

      and Kaza came and stayed the night

      sooo much fun

      it was cute, she fell asleep holding my hand

      everyone thought we were dating lol

      we filmed this hilarious video that i'm still editing. we made fun of this girl andrea that likes me, we had this epic conversation and kaza and i reenacted it. and kaza pretended to slit her wrists and throw up. Omfg it looks awesome.

      Yesterday Kaza had dinner over at my house. It was pretty sweet, and then Kayla and I talked and we scheduled a date on Vday and one on Friday.

      Apparently Kaza is very jealous that I'm going to be seeing this other girl

      but i mean, Kaza is seeing Justen right? So wtf does it even matter? Kaza was like "I want you just to myself. I want to be the only girl in your life." haha...

      and i was like "you love justen" and she was all "yeah but justen and I aren't going to be together" and i was like "well I'm not going to sit around and wait for you guys to break up" and her response was "well I don't want to go out with you anyway because i always end up hating the guys I date and I like you too much to do that" which seems legit enough because thats how it is...

      anyway. so life is good right now, except...

      My second job, the Tacoma Cosplay Cafe, is closing it's doors in about 3 weeks. I was working there 3 days a week in exchange for room and board with the owners, Teresa and Jake. They're still going to be doing anime conventions however, because they are more profitable. So!




      How kick ass is that?

      Man my life is just fucking SWELL.

    • man almost a month

      12 years ago


      stuffs been


      nothin with kaza.

      i decided i'm not going to continue pursuing her and focus on other girls instead.


    • Okay

      12 years ago


      drama with Danielle.

      oh boy.

      kaza is talking to danielle.

      i hope danielle doesn't turn into an anal cunt and fucking sabotage this.

      I'll be pissed.

      SO how was everyones new year?

      And christmas?

      My parents bought me this $195.00 Fossil watch and that was it. It's nice, but i mean...I could have gotten cooler stuff for that. smiley4.gif

      Kaza made me something, danielle didn't do shit...


      My new years consisted of working and then GUITAR HERO!


      Yeah the baby in the back? I rocked so hard she fell down. She couldn't handle my awesome wammy's and power chords.

      I don't drink alcohol so I drank a shit load of energy drinks.

      I last all the way until the next morning when...


      I passed out in the middle of a song. I woke up a few hours later when Kaza called me to say good morning...then she said she would call me back. O_o weirdest 30 second phone conversation.

      But her, Charlie, Chris and I are hanging out tommorow at the mall. She's being emo right now and said she might not even want to go but shit she's going to.

    • z00t

      12 years ago


      Last night around 11PM Kaza called me just to talk I guess, and then when she heard I had the day off from work she asked me if I wanted to see her. Heh, so what the hell am I supposed to say? No? HAHA. So here's how the second date went!

      Needless to say, 10x better than the one on Monday.

      She calls me this morning making sure I was up and we both get ready and head out at the same time.

      So we met up at my job (a coffee house) and I had coffee waiting for us. So anyway, then we head out to the bus stop since neither of us drive. We were heading out to GameStop to go exchange her PSP for a Pink DS. On the way there we held hands and cuddled. Once we got there and found out they had no DS Lites in she traded in her UMDs, Games and DVDs for Guitaroo Man Lives (girl has good taste in games )

      Went backto my house to get a blanket and my keys to my anime store I work at (i forgot them). She played with my puppy. (chicks dig puppies. )

      Then we go to Little Tokyo Bar&Grill because I had to open up the anime store and was already and hour and a half late. We get some food and then head back to the anime store and watch anime...and cuddle and hold hands underneath the blanket.

      Then after some time I looked out the door and was like "holy shit it's dark" and she was like "HOLY SHIT!" (she was sopossed to be home before dark) so we packed up our shit, i closed shop for a few minutes and walked her to the bus stop and she gave me a hug,a thanks for the good time, and a "see you when I get back in the state on the 3rd".

      Badabing badaboom. Couldn't have gone any better. Smooth as motherfucking silk.

      All aces.


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