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      2 years ago

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      My Name is Amber. 

      First my RT journey: I have been in love with RT before i even watched anything. BUT HOW, That doesn't seem physically possible you may ask? well i was a sad kid for a long time and my brother (NivekVamps2821) who is a long time RT fan told me Red VS Blue quotes to cheer me up and it worked! Anyway skip forward like 3 years when i was finally old enough to watch RVB and I fell in love like head over heals with RVB and that was around RVB 10 and then the RWBY red trailer came out and I died like fell outa my chair died! after the death of me i started to fall down the RT hole fell in love with AH, RWBY (spent my xmas money getting to Dallas A-Kon to see the yellow trailer live! i cried) for real everything! Then after i got my first paycheck i used it to buy a sponsorship (now first) and the x-ray and vav shirt bundle. Then i saved up to go to RTX2014 (also know to me as fire Friday year lol) and LOVED IT FIRE AND ALL!!! and have gone every since!

      Who i am now: well i am a film student at SFA who loves RT with all her heart, i have met so many fantastic people though this community and RTX!

      welp thats me im gonna go now......

      LOVE YALL!!!!!!

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