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    • Goin' Home

      13 years ago


      Well none of you may have known but for the past month I have been in Canada. Well that's not the part that matters. I just want to let you know that today I will be going home on a bus (4 day trip). I don't know when the next time I'll be able to get on RvB since I cancelled my internet service before I left home but I will do my best. I hope you all know that you all have been great friends and I am going to miss you while I don't have the internet at home. That just means I'll have to resort going to the library or something to check up on everything Halo and RvB. Hopefully you guys will show me "some love" and leave me some messages and stuff while I'm on my trip. As far as the Caboose Army goes.... well we'll get things up and rolling once I can frequent RvB again, I promise. See you all later and I'll miss everyone!


    • And The Winner Is!!!

      13 years ago


      *drum roll please*


      Alrighty, well anyways, after long though consideration and master debation *snicker* with myself. I have decided that the winner for this contest is:
      MrBen410 for his "Support our Troops" entry

      Congratulations MrBen410, you have earned it.

      I must say with closing that this was by far very fun and enjoyable for me to host and I truly hope you all had a great time with it as well. I hope that when the time comes I will be able to host another contest with an ever bigger prize for the winners.

      In the end, it was a though decision between MrBen410 and 2 other people but MrBen410 came out on top.

      Anyways, thank you everyone and I'll be sure to give the contestants some extra mods for their contribution.


    • Interactivity and Announcements

      13 years ago


      My decisions so far stand as:

      3rd Place: fox_119 for his red picture of the Elite hijacking a Spartan on a ghost. = 10 mods
      2nd Place: NSanity for his picture of a Spartan on the Ninja bike. = 30 mods

      Now I told you all from the start that I was going to try and make this contest as fun as possible with as much involvement as possible for the contestants, so here is what I have planned. I want to offer you all a chance to voice who you feel should win the grand prize of 60 mods. Now the catch to this is you may not vote for yourself (if you entered), you must give the name of the person, the picture they submitted and why you think it should win.

      If any of you feel that I should just pick the winner myself instead of having so much contestant and people involvement, say so and if majority rules then I will announce the winner of the prize. Now I do have a winner in mind but I would like to see who you all think deserves to win. If you all do decide to vote you may only vote once and for one person only.

      I will check back later today to see what kind of feedback I have received for this surprise twist in the contest and to see if you want me to just announce the winner myself, or if you all choose to vote.

      Remember: Give the name, picture, and reason you feel the person deserves to win.

      I look foreward to everyones feedback and I really hope you're enjoying this contest still.


    • And Stop

      13 years ago


      I personally want to thank eveyone who chose to enter my contest. The entries are amazing. The contest has come to a close today and I must say that I am impressed. Due to how many entries I have recieved, I am going to take a few days to judge them and announce the winners on March 5th. The points will be distributed then in the original contest journal entry. When all is done, hopefully I will have some mods to give to those who did not win. Once again, I appreciate you all taking the time to enter my first contest and I really hope it was enjoyable for you all.


    • Contest Time

      13 years ago


      Alright, I'm 2 points away from 100 but I'm sure I'll get those points eventually. Anyways, it's contest time.

      Here's how it works:
      The main subject for this is Halo. To make things easier/ more enjoyable for people, I have broken it down into 2 catagories. You can either choose to draw and/ or photoshop or you can choose to just find an already existing image.

      I'm looking for people to draw, photoshop or find a picture that automatically makes you think "Now that's badass!" I'm mostly looking for creations that people made themselves but knowing that some people don't like, can't or don't want to submit their own art, you also have the option of just searching for an already existing image/ art (even if it's from the games). The main focus is on the Spartans/ Master Chief, but you may also submit something with the main focus being the Covenant, UNSC or Flood.

      As of now, the mod points stand as:
      1st Place: 60 mods
      2nd Place: 30 mods
      3rd Place: 10 mods

      That is also subject to change. The more mods I recieve before the end of the contest, the more that will be dished out.

      NOTE: Keep in mind that there may be 2 catagories, but it's only 1 topic. So there will only be 3 winners.

      All art and existing images of either Spartan, UNSC, Covenant or Flood will be put through the process of being judged by me and winners will be announced on February 28th.

      If you know anyone who may want to participate, let them know and have them send me a friend request if they are not a friend already.

      Mods will be given to participants who make an image of a Spartan that looks like me even if the image doesn't win. Those mods will only be distibuted after the contest is over.

      Have fun people. I look foreward to seeing everyone's entries.

    • 23 mods to 100

      13 years ago


      Well as the title shows, I am 23 mods away from 100 mods. Once I finally have 100 mods I will begin a contest. I would like as many people as possible to participate in it so if you think you would have any friends that may be interested in the contest when the time comes, let them know. There will be 2 catagories for the contest and a maximum of 3 pictures for each catagory. This is how the points stand as of 100 mods

      1st Place: 60 Mods
      2nd Place: 25 Mods
      3rd Place: 15 Mods

      The more mods I recieve, the more mods will be awarded to each winner. I'll let everyone know more once I get to 100 mods. Please spread the word. I would like this to be a big contest for everyone to enjoy.

    • Some people

      13 years ago


      I suggest everyone check out the profile of a person named BigBossSnake who posted in my thread. Check the facts about his age and all that other stuff and try and relate it to what he posted. None of it connects. I'll state the first fact. No one under the age of 18 can enter in the military, the minimum time allowed to be in the military is 2 years which would mean he was 15 when he joined. Even if it was possible for him to join at 17, like i said 2 year minimum. He wouldn't be in college or have a job if he was supposedly in the military. The only way to leave early from the service is to get honorably discharged, go AWOL, get dishonorably discharged or DIE. Since he's not dead, I'm guessing his only possibilities were going AWOL, which means he's a fugitive on the run from the military which in turn would means he can't have any public records indicating where he his unless he wants to be found and put through military courts which would find him guilty. Or to be dishonorably discharged. There's no way someone like him would be honorably discharged unless he shot himself and lied to a CO saying he got shot by enemy fire. The closest he has probably gotten to being in the military is bootcamp for "troubled teens".

      Also I would love to find out how he has access to $500,000 or even $50,000. Even if anyone could get that suit, no common person has the money to dish out to buy something like that. Only people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump could possibly have access to buying that and not be dirt poor in the end. To humor him, let's say he did have the money. I'm sure the money isn't his, it's probably mommy's and daddy's and they bought it for their precious son because he would throw a tantrum until he got it.

      I have stated my opinion on this kid and a feel I have some pretty good points to back me up. So, I say to BigBossSnake, you are the one who has been officially owned.

    • My Thread

      13 years ago


      I have posted a thread that I hope you all will enjoy. It's called Class Twelve Combat Skin. Check it out if you all want to. I would really love to hear what you guys have to say on it. Some great ideas can be made and the possibilities are endless. I hope you all enjoy it.

    • Class Twelve Combat Skin

      in Forums > Class Twelve Combat Skin | Follow this topic


      I have done an advanced search to see if this was a repeat thread and came up with nothing after about 6 pages. If this turns out to be a repeat thread, I apolpgize.

      "These Sentinels will supplement your combat systems. But I suggest you upgrade to at least a Class Twelve Combat Skin. Your current model only scans as a Class Two - which is unsuited for this kind of work." 343 Guilty Spark from the novel The Flood

      When I read this I automatically got excited realizing that somewhere out there, there is a more powerful MJOLNIR armor that was made. Even moreso is it wasn't made by the UNSC (obviously Forerunner technology). This thread is for everyone who would like to talk about what they feel the Class 12 MJOLNIR would look like, how it would function, what features it has and what enhancements it would give Master Chief if he were to come across it.

      Have fun with this thread and I hope you all enjoy it

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    • Level 20!!! Thank You Everyone!!!

      13 years ago


      Sweet I have finaly made it to level 20 thanks to everyone that was generous enough to give me mods to reach my goal. Thanks in particular to SpiffyJiffy and pbx2freak for the massive amounts of mods they gave me to reach level 20. SpiffyJiffy gave me a lot of mods over a length of time and pbx2freak closed the gap and got me to level 20. Also others for me to thank are:
      Zeta 101

      There have been others who have given me mods, but they never sepcified if they were doing it to get me to level 20 or just because they thought some of my images were cool. If the reason was because those people were helping out, I would like to thank them as well.

      I will be posting a topic soon in the Halo forum and I hope it is something you will all enjoy and post on a lot. Soon enough I will be starting up a contest and the reward for winning will be large. It may get larger if I get more mods between now, the time I start it and the time it ends.

      Okay now I am done acting like I just won an Emmy or something. I'll be posting that topic soon. Keep an eye open. Once again, thank you everyone.

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