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    • Is Ruby's Semblance Hereditary Like Weiss'?

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      I know we don't know much (or, well anything) about Summer Rose, except for the fact she died as a Silver Eyed Warrior; but, I feel like she would have had Burst Petals or something extremely similar.

      Do any of you think Ruby might have a semblance from her mother (assuming the silver eyes isn't a second semblance)?

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    • The Irritation that is Raven Branwing--Why Does She Exist as a Character?

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      So, I get people like--or more accurately--wanted to like this character; but with Volume 5 now over and the character having fallen flat on her face (almost literally), the question must be asked: Does this character even need to exist?

      Let us look at achievements:

      She saved Yang from Neo.

      She became a Spring Maiden.

      She removed Cinder from the list of dangerous threats (yeah, that one better not be permanent...)

      Know the failures:

      She abandoned her child.

      She let her child take the Relic of Haven to keep herself out of danger.

      She opened a portal for Cinder to hit Ruby with a fire ball.

      She wanted to kill Qrow, but couldn't overpower him and decided to default to stealing relic with Cinder.

      Could not even work up the courage to steal the relic.

      Seriously, that last one is pathetic for a bandit tribe leader. But lets not even think about those losers....

      This characters faults outway her achievements. We were given some back story to her character, but it only makes her look worse.

      --She was afraid of Salem and ran. Why? What did Salem do that made her so afraid?

      Oh, wait. That is it. With a character as low as this, the way up is...well, up. Why have a "neutral" position character if you are immediately going to make her go to the heroes side? (I am assuming she went to Tai at that last scene after the credits, which means hero way we go.)

      What does Raven bring to this show that would be far more suited on the already present villains? Why is she in the show at all?

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    • Any Fire Emblem Fates players here?

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      Hi, I just started a new official (I say official cause I overwrote half the second play through I already started with a better mindset of the games and choices I will be making with my character) second play through of Conquest after a pretty long break. Was just curious if anyone still played the Fates games after a year of its international release.

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    • Pokemon Platinum: Jewels of Friendship

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      A silver clock ticked on the black wall of Jubilife TV's new recording studio as a young girl sat reading the lyrics of a song. She frowned at the white piece of paper in her hands. A look of sadness soon began to well up in the girl's violet eyes.

      "Soleil, its almost time to start recording," said a man, after he knocked on the studio door. "Have you finished memorizing the lyrics?"

      Without responding, the young girl stood on her feet. Silver open toed sandals elegantly danced across the floor with every step Soleil took. The girl resembled a model in both appearance and posture as she made her way toward the door wearing a black ruffle skirt accessorized with a pink belt, a black tank top decorated with silver Turtwig image, and a silver sequined mini jacket with black stripes. Once she reached the door, Soleil took a deep breath.

      "Alright," thought Soleil, before placing her right hand on the door knob. "You just have to fake for an hour. Then, you can play with Walnut to your hearts content."

      Seeming to respond to her thoughts, the Poké Ball on her belt jiggled. Upon opening the door, Soleil let her light pink lips raise in a faint smile. The man behind the door then scooted past her with a phone to his ear. He seemed to be arguing with someone about a concert hall. That was the last thing Soleil wanted to hear about today.

      "My Albino Princess!" yelled the man, after hanging up the phone. "Are you ready to perform in front of thousands? I booked you a new spot at the newly constructed--"

      "Solar Stratosphere," moaned Soleil. "The place where the sun shines in the stratosphere of our dreams. Marx, is this all necessary?"

      "Of course!" hailed the man. "With this new song and your next performance, you will be the new star of Sinnoh who finally surpasses the Perle of the Music Sea. I hate the pun in that title. Her name is just perfect for ocean based names!"

      "Yes, just like Soleil is great for sun based names, right?" asked the young girl, with an eyebrow raised in mockery.

      "Stop looking at me like that," said Marx. "Get in that studio, if you want a chance to train with Turtwig later."

      "His name is Walnut," said Soleil.

      In a somewhat lighter mood than before, the young girl walked into the recording studio to practice her song. She pulled her brown hair into a ponytail and let the next hour of life roll past her. When she finished, Soleil grabbed her lavender colored backpack. Now with a kick in her step, the young girl rushed into the elevator leading to the streets of Jubilife City, the most modernized city in all of Sinnoh.

      "Oh, excuse me," said Soleil, who had just bumped into a blonde haired boy. "I didn't see you there."

      "She's sure in a hurry," said the boy.

      "Pip pipi!" twirped the Piplup following at his feet.

      "I wonder what will come of her performance," thought Marx, as he watched from the studio window. "She has tried for the past five years to surpass Perle. I hope my idea of her being an opener to tomorrow's concert becomes a memorable birthday present for her. You can only turn sixteen once."

      "Sir," said his assistant, who's voice echoed from beyond the studio door. "The phone is for you. Line 1!"

      "Of course, it is," replied the manager.

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    • Rules

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      So, just a few rules to keep things clean.

      1. No sex. Find a way to convey the feelings of love without describing that kinky scene. You can use kissing, hugging, and other family friendly displays of affection (including words).

      2. Be nice. Don't say things like "This is dumb! That character would never marry him!" or "You know as much about Ruby as a I do space unicorns."

      This may or may not get updated as time goes on.

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    • Recipes of the Cupcake Knight

      2 years ago


      In this journal, I will be documenting cupcake recipes I dream up. Can you think of any? So far I have the choconana cupcake, the kiss-of-true-love cupcake, and healing cupcake. As you can tell, my cupcake recipes sometimes come with extra side effects. They are always positive though.

      Please comment your ideas down below, if you get any!

    • Character Voting Topic Board

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      I have decided this type of voting may be ineffective with the short amount of members we have. Also, I like writing chapters in bursts sometimes (don't worry, I won't be posting them in bursts), so leaving a post like this where I have to wait before writing is not going to be helpful for our groups story. As an alternative, I reopened the character creation topic in case anyone new joins.


      TripleTaco's Army--Character Voting: Flyer Class

      Name: Anemone (derived from the Greek word "anemos" and means wind)

      Gender: Female

      Skin color: Caucasian

      Hair color: Silver

      Hair length: Long

      Eye color: Green

      Civilian clothing: Light green sneakers with light blue shoe laces, blue jean mini skirt, green halter top with a blue swirl pattern, orange wristband with a light green heart latch, and a pair of light green sunglasses worn on a light blue baseball hat.

      Army clothing: Green leather pants, green leather jacket, dark green leather gloves, light green armor in the design of a helmet.

      Favorite color: Green

      Favorite food: Casseroles

      Favorite desserts: Cupcakes

      Morality: Hero

      Magic: Primarily wind based magic. Her special spell allows her to fire a freezing cold blast of air.

      Character description: Calm and powerful, Anemone trained on Gourmet Island before her parents sent her to join TripleTaco's army in Sky Field Kingdom when she turned 20 years old. Children love playing baseball with her. Anemone learned her special spell the day she visited the highest peak in Sky Field kingdom by mimicking an ancient frost dragon's magic. As a hero, she will not be swayed by evil's temptations.

      Name: Orion (Greek name meaning "rising in the sky")

      Gender: Male

      Skin color: Brown

      Hair color: Bronze brown

      Hair length: Small

      Eye color: Red

      Civilian clothing: Red leather boots with a spiked ankle bracelet on the right boot, dark red long legged pants, pink shirt, unbuttoned red leather jacket, and cross necklace.

      Army clothing: Silver hand gauntlets, silver armor pads, silver knee armor, steel toed green boots, light green long legged jeans, yellowish brown leather gloves, and a yellow leather jacket.

      Favorite color: Yellow

      Favorite food: Tacos

      Favorite desserts: Cookies

      Morality: Hero

      Magic: Primarily wind based. He can fire a heated blast of air with his special spell.

      Character description: Ablaze with passion, Orion was sent to join TripleTaco's army when he turned 20 years old. The children of Gourmet Island love hearing the ancient legends he tells when he visits them. Orion learned his special spell by being trained near a volcano on Breakfast Mountain kingdom. An ancient lava dragon decided he had enough power to master his spell. As a hero, he will not be swayed by evil's temptations.

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    • The Breakfast/Dessert Alliance Roleplay

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      To prevent the spamming of notifications on everyone's profile in case they are following the main story post and think I made eight chapter post in whatever-amount-of-time-to-type-here, I thought this would be useful. Of course, you can feel free to type and have conversations under the main story topic. I just thought this would be a good way to have fun and stop notification spamming. You know, says the guy who notification squaded all of you for chapter 11...I just got okay. Its really fun and feels good to accomplish writing a chapter. Anyhoo! This turning into a ramble. So...without further ado...


      Yeah. That's right! Rules first. We are all in an army alliance. It is only fair and respectful to everyone!

      #1. No breaking the rules that Rooster Teeth has provided us with.

      #2. No breaking the rules that Toptoast has made for our group.

      #3. Toptoast is the moderator and a general, what he says goes when telling you to behave.

      #4. In8Space is an admiral and laboratory genius when it comes to baking. Strict punishment will be met with cookies that have negative side effects. In8Space, do not abuse this rule, please. You can give positive cookies out as well.

      #5. TripleTaco is the general who has laser guns that turn his enemies into taco's. If you are still thinking of breaking the rules, then, throw some salt over your shoulder for good luck.

      #6. No cursing! You can make up words like Danish or any other food that can be substituted for a swear. I still say to find a new way to make posts funny out of respect for others.

      #7. Remember I can make healing cupcakes, if you need them. Have fun!

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    • That Moment When...

      2 years ago


      I'm annoyed on the inside. A character who had been with me from the start of my first Fire Emblem Awakening play through (Fates Conquest and Revelation being the first Fire Emblem games I played) died this morning. I had almost made it through Priam's chapter having played the whole game on Classic Normal. Then, Walhart died (an extra character who is not really needed and who I would not have been annoyed with loosing [getting Priam for the price of Walhart did not seem too bad to me so I was not going to soft reset when I was playing so well and my characters were doing so well teaming up with each other]. Lon'qu was doing amazing taking on General's in his Swordmaster classing and his vantage ability activating. Not to mention the nice teamwork going on between him and Flavia. Then, he get's freaking killed, after I take out Priam from the battlefield so he will join me once the chapter is completed. I normally would have soft reset by going back to the title screen, exiting out of the game, and reloading to start the chapter over again from my last save, but this time I did not. I am at the beginning of the game and the very next chapter I complete with be the endgame chapter. Since I plan on replaying the game, I did not soft reset. Instead, I will remember how it feels to loose a very cool warrior due to war. I will then destroy Grimma (the main villain)! Lon'qu will be avenged even though Grimma was not the killer of Lon'qu. Everything is Grimma's fault. This is my conclusion both to this journal entry and this thought. Thanks for reading!

      Do you have a video game rage moment?

    • thesonofcinder asked SirSailorStar a question

      would you rather go to the world of rwby, but lose all your memories and restart as a baby, or go to the world of red versus blue with all your memories, but only basic weapons

      Answered: Feb 19, 2017

      Go to the world of RWBY, but lose all of my memories and restart as a baby.

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