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    • The Breakfast/Dessert Alliance What If Game?

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      I know I have been posting a lot, but I have ideas! Ideas make things great...again. We can make this group forum of ours!

      *Tomato is thrown at ProfileForRWBY*


      Anyway, the game. I ask random out of the world questions and you type a response. Like this: 

      My question: 1. What if the sun in our solar system could talk?

      A potential response from the reader: 1. I would ask it to marry me to see what it would say (I'm not saying you would say that--this is just an example.)

      Now, let's play!

      Breakfast/Dessert Alliance What If Game:

      1. What if your favorite food could eat you?

      2. What if a Pokemon jumped into your lap holding toast in its mouth?

      3. What if you turned into your favorite food from eating it too much?

      4. What if the solar system was really a food dish and outer space was a plate?

      5. What if you could talk to a cake?

      6. What if tacos could have jelly filled donuts inside of them?

      7. What if cookies got deleted from the world by the backspace key on your keyboard?

      8. What if I predicted you just looked at your back space key?

      9. What if this was 1 million questions long?

      10. What if I told you that Earth's center was made out of chocolate and vanilla cream?

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    • What Is Your Favorite Food/Dessert/Breakfast?

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      Mine is...unpickable. It's hard okay. I thought this would be a good post. But I'm not sure now. The picking could be hard.


      I got it!

      *Light explodes*

      Why the flip do they keep doing that?! Whatever.

      My favorite food to eat at the restaurant Olive Garden is gnocchi soup. (Is it okay to say the name of something like that?)

      My favorite dessert is my grandfather's banana cake or when he makes banana bread.

      My favorite breakfast is pancakes with runny eggs (or sunny side up...whichever way you say it) and butter maple syrup.

      This is subject to change from time to time. I probably won't remove these things, but new stuff will most likely be added. The world is filled with food. How can you pick just one?

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    • Breakfast/Dessert Alliance Members--Create a Character for Our Groups Fiction

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      I'll give an example for you to follow below. The bolded part you need to use in your submission. The part after the bolded colon on each line is what I need you for! Oh, and remember. To have your character be accepted, you need to join our group!

      Your Screen Name: ProfileForRWBY

      An Alternate Ego Name: Knight Cupcake

      Your Favorite Color: Purple

      What Division Do You Belong To? (Delicious Dessert Fleet, Toast Army, or Air Force Taco): Delicious Dessert Fleet

      Do You Want To Be a Hero, Villain, or In Between Character: Hero

      Are You Male or Female: Male

      Civilian Outfit: Blue jeans, white long sleeve winter shirt, and black tennis shoes.

      Hair Color: Brown

      Eye Color: Blue

      Skin Color: White

      Do You Want a Mask? (This is a yes or no question.):

      Character description (basically, his/her personality and how they act): Read the story to find out about Profile's (I just referred to myself in the third person--Whaaaat?)!

      What Kind Of Warrior Are You (Most Important Detail-Look Below for The Classes You Can Pick From): Bow Knight

      Here are some options for what kind of warrior class you want to belong to: Soldier (has no horse-wields swords and shields), Paladin (has a horse--wields swords, shields, and spears), Archer (bow wielder), Sniper (elite bow wielder), Bow Knight (can ride horses--sword + arrow wielder), Flyer (a specific unit from Air Force Taco--wielder of laser gun weapons and can fly war planes as well as a dragon (no more dragons available), Harpooner (specific unit from Delicious Dessert Fleet--wielder of spears and can shoot harpoons when on a boat; has the ability to ride whales), Spearman/Spearwoman (specific unit from Toast Army--wielder of spears and has the ability to ride lions [we only have four lions [first come, first served]), Spy (wielder of bows and shuriken), or Ninja (wielder of shuriken and knives). You can only pick one, so, think carefully and pick your favorite!

      Okay, that is all I need! I will come up with your hero/villain outfit for the story my self. Also, I put a limit of four on the special creatures so everyone would not default to that class. Once all four are taken, you will need to pick from another class. After the four are taken, the class will be removed for a specific time period. Keep a lookout for announcement of special classes/special power up options in the future (yeah, that's right-pick you favorite class with your favorite weapon and see what awesomeness awaits you!).


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    • The Conquestic Adventures of the Cupcake Knight

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      "It is so gosh darn late," thought ProfileForRWBY. "I can't believe FettucCR had me run laps! What the heck! 'I want us to spend time together. We're friends.' Freaking. He made me run all day though! I'm sore. I guess I am happy though."

      Upon walking into his bedroom located in the dessert fortress, ProfileForRWBY took out the badge he was given upon entering into the Delicious Dessert Fleet's army. With happy thoughts collected in his mind, the man held the cupcake badge in his hands. Looking to refresh himself in order to provide a perfect, yet small dessert to the warriors under the Breakfast/Dessert Alliance; ProfileForRWBY used a mysterious power he found awake in him since joining In8Space's forces.

      "Dessert power make up!" yelled ProfileForRWBY.

      Suddenly, the man thrust the badge up into the air. Then, a stream of lavender frosting with multicolored sprinkles poured forth from around the badge. The frosting circled around ProfileForRWBY's arms to create shoulder length lavender gloves with small rainbow colored ribbons on the part of the gloves where his wrists were. Next, ProfileForRWBY took the gem into his hands and placed it on his chest. Afterward, multiple streams of frosting surrounded his upper body. Then, the frosting solidified into a dark pink vest. Underneath the vest was a lavender dress shirt. Around ProfileForRWBY's legs, dark pink frosting solidified into a pair of dark pink jeans. The next clothing item to magically spawn into creation was a pair of lavender dress boots with rainbow ribbons on the top part of the boots below ProfileForRWBY's knees. Finally, ProfileForRWBY's short brown hair grew medium length and had a lavender lavender highlight down the right bang near his cheek.

      "The magical knight who brings dessert's blessings to all," said ProfileForRWBY, in a calm voice. "Knight Cupcake."

      "What the flipping flip did I just watch?" asked In8Space, who had for some reason walked into Profile's room.

      "Uh-uh," stuttered ProfileForRWBY. "I belong to a genre called magical boy. It's like magical girls, but with male people instead of female ones. And we are not all boys like how magical girls can be older in some cases."

      "What the flip," said In8Space.

      "I know you might be freaked out a little," said Profile. "However--"

      "What kind of knight dresses like that?" asked In8Space. "Are you trying to disgrace me?"

      "No, your majesty-sir-majesty," said Profile. "No, your Majesty Sir In8Space!"

      "Whatever," said In8Space. "Go cook enough dessert to give everyone in the army something! Now!"

      "Knight Cupcake is on it!" yelled Profile, before running out of the room.

      "He calls himself Knight Cupcake," thought In8Space. "Mother of Pancake Waffles. This army is going to get interesting very soon."

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    • PhantomAC asked SirSailorStar a question

      Will we trade emails? I have more to ask about your writing than I can on these posts. My name is Todd.

      Answered: Jan 15, 2017

      Unfortunately, I don't really trade emails with people on the internet. I'm sorry. 

    • PhantomAC asked SirSailorStar a question

      I am reading your story now, but I am driven to ask you this,.. is English your first language? This is not an insult, on ANY level, at all,... ever. Your style is,.. absolute. (no condescension)

      Answered: Jan 15, 2017

      Yes, English is my first and only language. I used google translate when coming up with the magical girl phrase and a couple of names.

    • When Do You Think We Will Get a Team STRQ Flashback Episode? Maybe a Raven and Qrow Flashback Episode?

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      So, the title is pretty much my post here. Do you think we could get episodes like these? I think a Summer Rose flashback episode of how she died would be cool (maybe Ruby could learn how she died to help with her silver eye power control?). Okay, that last thing might be me overthinking.  sweat_smile

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    • What's With All the Spam on This Forum Board Lately?

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      Is it just me or has anyone else noticed there is a LOT of spamming on the RWBY forum boards lately?

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    • A RWBY Fan-Fiction

      2 years ago


      Today, on November 30, 2016, I started a fan-fiction I hope a lot of RWBY fans enjoy. Magic is fun after all.

    • M.A.G.C. Occurrence Volume 1

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      A seventeen year old girl fell down a sand dune as wind gusted through a desert. The sky was black with raging storm clouds and lightning danced through the air. A figure wearing lavender colored boots approached the crying teenager.

      "You," said a deep, undistingiushable voice. "I will never let you be noticed. I will never let them be noticed, Magenta."

      Suddenly, the teenager thrust her upper body up from a bed. The girl felt that she was sweating when she put her right hand on her head. Before she could think for very long, a sweet voice called out to her from behind a door.

      "Magenta, it's breakfast time."

      "Coming," said the teenager, in a calm, yet slightly distraught voice. "I'll-I'll be down in five minutes."

      Upon climbing out of bed, Magenta walked into her bathroom. She changed out of her aqua colored pajamas into a pink and red styled outfit. The outfit consisted of a thin red crown that wrapped around Magenta's head, a pink shirt, a red armpit length see through jacket, a pink skirt with a twisty red leather belt, a short pink gather skirt* with a twisty red leather belt, and red ankle strap heels with fake pink gems in the shape of a cherry flower on the tow of the heels (the flower serves as kind of strap to hold the shoe together).

      After getting dressed, Magenta put on a little make-up. As she brushed her eyelashes, she thought about her dream. It could not have been a normal one. After all, why would an innocent girl have one like that? Magenta thought of reasons to go along with that question as she put on carnation pink lip gloss.

      "Sis, hurry up!"

      "Alright, I'm coming," responded Magenta.

      "Ugh, snail! I'm going downstairs and eating. Geez!"

      "Well, world, today is my day," said Magenta, before placing an oval blue topaz gemstone in the center of her forehead (there was a place on the crown to snap it into). "Today, I'm a huntress in training."

      "Sis! I know you are playing with your stupid black, wavy hair! Stop it!"

      "Stop screaming like a banshee and go down stairs already!" yelled Magenta.


      *Gather skirt-a full skirt with a gathered waistband. The image I was think of and looking at when imagining Magenta's skirt was for it to be a little above the knee and have a vertical wave like design.

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