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    • Indian Turnips

      13 years ago



      A friend of mine told me to chew one then spit it out. She failed to mention exactly what is was except that is was a vegetable kind of like a potato. So she finally got me and another friend to chew them. We did. After a couple seconds she asked us if it was burning yet and my other friend was complaining about some tingling. Then, right when we didn't expect it, it was burning the insides of our mouths.

      Well, my friend told us what is was and then told us that they have little tiny needle like things in them and they were in our tounges and the insides of our mouths.

      It's gone now, but it sucked so bad. I will get her back.

      EDIT: I found out that it wasn't needles in the thing, it was a chemical reaction with my saliva. I also found out that if I had swallowed the piece, I may have died. Atleast she told me not to swallow it.

    • Check 'em Out

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      This thread is pretty much like my "Recommended Movies" thread. If you have a game you love and have a felling not alot of people know about, post it here.

      1. No Fighting
      2. Post Like Video Game Name - Platform (ex. Halo 2 - XBOX
      3. If it is on PC and has a shareware version, post a link to the download.

      And now for my unknown game. Elasto Mania a.k.a. Elma - PC

      There are other sites for reasources for this game such as The Mopo Site and Elma Site.

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    • Recommended Movies

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      There are many movies some of us are oblivious to. I just watched a movie I have never heard of called High Tension and I loved it. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it was originally made in French and had some English overlays so the words didn't always line up with what the actors were saying, but none the less a good movie.

      If you have a movie you think is good and want to recommend it, this is the place to do it.

      -If this is a double post, I appologize. I searched recommended and did not find any thing like this. Hopefully there isn't so I don't look like a lame double-poster.-

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    • Boredom And Randomness

      13 years ago


      I am completely bored and have nothing to do. My friends and I just got back from a cemetary very dissapointed. Nothing scary really happened. Oh well.

      Now for the randomness.

      I like crackers.

      If you comment, please put a random thought in the comment.

    • Stay Away!

      13 years ago


      OK, it appears that I have a few confrontations with some online assholes.

      All I have to say, is if you don't like me, why return to my profile over and over. I mean this all started because I left 1 comment in someones profile and then I get bombarded with comments and messages. Then people come in here and start - modding people that leave comments on me. WTF!?!?

    • Yes!

      13 years ago


      Only 1 week and 2 days away from "The Final Volume Tour".

      As I said before, SlipKnot; Unearth; and As I Lay Dying. I can't wait.

    • My Birthday!

      13 years ago


      It's finally here. My birthday. I'm 17 and if you don't like it, blow it up your ass. I have plenty other people who care. :-) Well, off to learn more about Cisco Networking.

    • Double Trouble

      13 years ago


      Ok, me and some friends decided it would be cool to check out some graves sites, seeing as how it is Halloween.

      We went to this one out in BFE and we had to park next to a gate because the road was closed off too the Cemetary. We got out, locked the cars, hopped the gate, and started walking. About halfway up the cemetary road cars started to go by where we were parked. One turned around and came back. We took off running down the gravel road. We saw a dumpster (yes, I know that is a random place to have a dumpster, but it was there) and we jumped behind it to hide. The car started to go up a road next to the cemetary road. We took off running. We got to the cars and all left. The last guy had rolled an ankle and he got in his truck with 2 other guys and left. He lost the guy coming back down the road, but apparently, the guy in the car had ran plates. So the cops got the guys in the truck. They called us and told us, but the cop let them go.

      Then about an hour later, we went to another cemetary and took some pictures (will be posted after development) and right before the last picture, we heard some wistling. Same thing over and over. It kept getting closer. I had the flash light looking around and couldn't see anyone (except the people I was with). We took the picture and started walking back toward the truck (yes, the same truck as before).

      We saw someone come into the cemetary so we got down. Wouldn't you know it, it was a cop. He found the truck and was spot lighting it. We decided we couldn't run from this one, so we just confronted the cop. He blue lighted us as we were walking up to me and shined his damn spotlight right in my damn face. We finally got to him and he asked us what we were doing. We told him and he asked us for out ID's. We showed him and he said OK. He ran the plates and the drivers liscense and insurance. Then told us we should just leave. He was cool about it though.

      Now I'm back home and scared because of that wistling. Though, I should be OK. I also got some pictures of me and my guitar. So I'll post one. Anyway, I got to go. Have a happy Halloween.

    • Halloween

      13 years ago


      The time has come, it's finally here. I have waited, one full year, Just to scare you one more time. This Halloween, your ass is mine.

      Teehee, how did you like my little poem. I just made that up. Well I must be off to school.

      But before I go. Here's some scary shit!


      EDIT: I'm not either one of them. I found it on google.

    • Oh Shit!

      13 years ago


      My birthday is in 2 days. That's right, on Tuesday. I'm turning 17. Yeah I know what your thinking. "Wow, 17. Big fucking deal." Yeah well, you know what, fuck you. I'm proud to be turning 17 because I'm getting a car for my birthday. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Ooh, wow, a car. I've already got one of those." Well, you know what, fuck you again!

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