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    • Why be a fan?

      4 years ago


      Why am I a Rooster Teeth fan? Simple! I enjoy what they do. But it goes deep than that.

      I first came across Rooster Teeth when RvB was still in the first or second season and loved it right away. I never had a xbox or played Halo but RvB blew me away from the start. Though after awhile I lost track of it. Fast forward to 2010-2011. 2010 had been a rough year for me. My oldest friend pasted away and I had and lost my first serious relationship. When I rediscovered Rooster Teeth it picked me back up. Even on my worst day I knew I could go and find a video that would raise my spirits.

      In this past year Rooster Teeth and its community has really blown me away. With all the ups and downs and the response from the community I really felt like I was apart of something. Something I could be proud of.

      In short, I am a fan because Rooster Teeth not only makes me laugh, but also lets me feel apart of something bigger.

    • Monty

      4 years ago


      While I have been a long time Rooster Teeth/ Achievement Hunter fan. I never really go into the community until a few years ago and only recently signed up as a sponsor. But in that short time Monty Oum has been a driving force in the shows I loved to watch. While I enjoy pretty much anything RT/AH puts out, it was RWBY that really blew me away.
      Monty was always someone I hoped I would have the chance to met one day, his drive made him one of a kind. I am glad I was able to experience his work and hear his insight on panels and podcasts. It is truly sad that his creative genius will no longer be with us.
      Over this past weekend I have felt incredibly proud to be apart of this community. The RT community had shown support before with things like Extra Life and Lazer team but to see so many rally behind Monty and his family was awe inspiring.

      Monty, while I never had the chance to met you, I hope you went out knowing that your work touched so many people and inspired so many to become creative. My thoughts go out to his family, the Rooster Teeth staff, and the Rooster Teeth community in this sad time.

    • Rooster Teeth Inter-Office Smite Tournament Alpha XL Predictions!

      4 years ago


      So Rooster Teeth just announced that starting next week they are doing an inner office Smite Tournament. Which is awesome since I love Rooster Teeth and have recently started playing Smite.

      Game A- Team Animashown vs Team Rainbow Tiger
      -It will be interesting to see how this game goes. The only one I have seen play any games so far is Blaine. But I think Team Animashown will take the win and move on.

      Game B- Team Bungalow Bandits vs Team Leftovers
      -I would like to see Bungalow Bandits move on but I don't know how they will get past Gus and the rest of Team Leftovers who will clearly win.

      Game C- Team Dark Souls vs Team A-holes
      -I feel the Adams are going to be a tough pair to get past. I would be shocked if Team A-holes could take a win but in the end I am going with Team Dark Souls.

      Game D- Team Cranberries vs Team Mates
      -As a huge fan of Kyle I would like to see the Cranberries win, but something tells me that Team Mates will take the win.

      Game E- Team Animashown vs Team Fire Team Ogre
      -I don't think Animashown stands a chance against Fire Team Ogre. They might have got past Rainbow Tiger but getting past the voices of both Locus and Felix will not be easy.

      Game F- Team Leftovers vs Team Lads
      -This one was tough to pick. Team Lads has worked together in Smite before but they weren't amazing. I am not sure Gus will be able to rally Team Leftovers for another win. I am going with Team Lads and hoping they don't fuck themselves.

      Game G- Team Dark Souls vs Team Gents
      -As much as I like the Gents I am not sure they will be able to stop Team Dark Souls.

      Game H- Team Mates vs Team Bam
      -Team Mats might have been able to get past Team Cranberries but there is no way they will get past Team Bam!

      Game I- Team Fire Team Ogre vs Team Lads
      -I want to go with the Lads on this one but I am worried that they will fuck themselves over. If it doesn't happen in the first game it will happen here. I have to go with Fire Team Ogre.

      Game J- Team Dark Souls vs Team Bam
      -Here is where I think Team Dark Souls will meet their end. I think a lot of people will underestimate Team Bam.

      Game K (FINAL GAME) Team Fire Team Ogre vs Team Bam
      -Team Bam has to win here because I want them to win.

      Like I said I am super excited for this. I really can't wait to watch all the games and see how it all turns out. Go Team Bam!

    • Wasting time on the Internet

      5 years ago


      I recently started using my Youtube channel more. I have been gaming for a long time and have always wanted to share my experiences with others. So I figured I would start off small by just wasting time in Minecraft. So join me as I make a fool of myself on the internet!

    • 5 years ago

    • 2019 years ago

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