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    • Hmmm Finals this week

      12 years ago


      I am not looking forward to them.

      Also I am on here too much, maybe I should take a break.

      Oh, and in case I am not on, I want to wish everyone a very very merry Christmas this year. =)

    • Woo Halloween!

      12 years ago


      Happy Halloween everyone!
      I'm planning on going trick-or-treating tonight with some friends, then going to see Saw 3. I love this holiday zomg. Free candy ftw. =D Hope all is well with everyone.

    • :-'(

      13 years ago



      Ok, back for good this time. smiley1.gif
      - - I was going to comment on every journal entry I missed individually, but figured it would take a millenium and a half. So if there's anything anyone wants me to see, just link me! smiley0.gif There better be at least a few entries from everyone. smiley8.gif

    • Holy Schnapz

      13 years ago


      I felt like I you all deserved an update.


      There you go.


    • I'd just like to let everyone know...

      13 years ago


      That Darwin owns you.

      Kabuse will make all your wildest dreams come true.

      R0xx0rz ROCKS THE FUCK OUT. You don't.

      And Chicken eats your babies.

    • SooooOooooOOoOOoOoO much to cover

      13 years ago


      Alrighty, most of you haven't heard from me in a pretty long time. 3 WEEKS OMG! smiley7.gif
      Well, let's just start from the time I "left". smiley8.gif
      Read it all, or you can burn in heck.angry.png

      Was awesome. Although I didn't get to do everything I wanted, I still had a great time. I brought a couple of friends along with me, so all 3 of us got free Gate-A tickets to Universal on the 20th of May. (<-My birthday! smiley0.gif ) Yeah, that night we went to Gladstones (same place I went last year on the same day) and had some clam chowder and ONE BIG SLICE OF CAKE. That's the best reason to go. This thing is like 10 pounds, I'm not even joking! smiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley0.gif
      All for FREE, because it's my birthday. smiley6.gif
      Hahaha, and on that same night my dumbass mother dropped us off in downtown LA for some hard-core shopping. smiley7.gif We got so many weird looks. I thought I was going to die that night. smiley2.gif Meh, not really. But it sounds good. wink.png

      The week after Universal was finals week. Bad decision, I know, but I still got some ok scores. smiley1.gif As far as I can remember...
      Geometry - B- {} English - A {} Art - A+ {} ROTC - A {} Social Studies - B {} Science - B+ <-BECAUSE THE TEACHER IS A FUCKIN' BITCH. smiley0.gif

      I think I'll make a seperate journal for this...just because it was SO GREAT. smiley0.gif
      Here's a teaser. smiley8.gifsmiley6.gif

    • Finals, Finals, and more FINALS.

      13 years ago


      I know I haven't been on nearly as much as usual.
      I know I haven't been commenting on your journals.
      It's all in due course.

      School has pretty much taken over my life.

      In other news, my birthday is in four days. Woo. But I'll be in LA this weekend. Should be fun. smiley0.gif
      Once again, I'll have to thank the Nick & Kelly Foundation. smiley12.gif
      It's an annual Family Fun thing in Universal Studios. I went last year, and it was loads of fun. We got VIP Passes for all the rides, shows, ect. smiley0.gif

      More on that later, I guess.

    • Please Stand By

      13 years ago


      So pretty much I have over 3 pages of watchlist alerts. Sorry. smiley2.gif

      The Halo 3 trailer didn't impress me that much. First of all, it was like ... really tiny. Maybe I'll try Google and get a bigger one.
      ...That didn't work. Apparently I'm an incompetant(sp?) fucktard.

      Beat Google and you will not be disappointed. My ego needs a boost anyway.


      Okay, I got it. ftw. smiley0.gif
      Yeah, it was definately a totally different experience all biggy like that. They definately re-amped the Master Chief's looks. He's much, much more Halo 1-ish. And the Assault Rifle is back! Yayyy. smiley12.gif

    • 24

      13 years ago


      ^I'm freaking hooked on this show. Like for serious.

      So I go down to my local Hollywood Video and decide to put my 'buy-all-the-movies-you-want' plan to use. I get the first three discs of season 1 (or so I thought). In reality, I got season 4, but I was too stupid to check. Nonetheless, I watched the whole season in less than 36 hours. This was achieved with the help of excessive amounts of caffeine and many to-go orders of Jack in the Box meals. [Their Chipotle is very good, by the way.]

      So I finish season 1, and I'm like "whoa, wtf?", realizing it was really 4. I then proceed to hit myself on the head with a blunt object repeatedly. And here I am, sitting on a chair with laptop in hand once again.

      I must watch the first three seasons. Now.

    • ~One is Better than None~

      13 years ago


      Chicken's guess was right. At the time, I had 23 mod points. smiley1.gif

      I was supposed to go camping tonight, but the stupid troop postponed until tomorrow with about 3 hours notice. Haha, morons. I wonder how many people are going to show up...

      In other news, I'm so close to level 45 I can taste it.
      That level has always been a milestone for me. Ever since wittle wevel wero!

      So I guess I'll be spending my Friday here, since I didn't make any plans thinking I'd be camping. So...what's up?

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