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    • Thoughts of the last year (while sat on a train home)

      1 year ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      So it’s just under a year since I last posted a journal entry on here. (I think that shows my thoughts of the current community site but that’s not what this is about.)

      So let’s look back at the last year and also kill some time on this train journey. 

      Work wise was pretty stagnant up until December when I got accepted onto a talent development program. This program is all about helping develop the next generation of managers in my department. Now I work for the uk government so it’s not easy to progress into management. So hopefully this will lead to something down the line. 

      My other work that I do on weekends has progressed nicely and I’m now lead commentator for the VRS iRacing GT World Championship series. It was really surreal to have Formula 1 megastar Fernando Alonso tweet a video of him watching and hearing my voice coming out of his tv. 

      I’ve also started streaming my own racing on my YouTube channel ( and it’s great fun when I get people interacting with me during races. I’m up to 91 subscribers (at time of writing) which is nice. I wanna hit that 100 mark by July and then set myself further growth goals after hitting that mark.

      Last year I was a guardian at the inaugural RTX London, working on one of the response teams. Was an unbelievable weekend meeting so many people from the community and to see old friends as well.

      So what does the rest of this year have for me? Well I’m starting to look at setting up as a freelancer for my esports role (and get myself a uk press card at some point)

      I hope I’m selected as a guardian again for this years RTXL (I haven’t heard when writing this)

      I hope that my work development continues and I move up a grade into lower management. 

      I could also do with getting fitter as I’ve let myself go quite a bit these last 12 months. I’m trying to cut out all unnessesary sugar from my diet to help with that and need to set myself a simple excersise program to help lose some of that weight. 

      And finally I am determined to use my journal more this year. I think I’ll have to set myself a reminder at least once a month to put something here, even if it’s just a photo of something from the last month.

      Anyway tldr: I’m still here, just a little fatter.

    • So I had my advertising first voice over gig.

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hey everyone, Paul here.

      So a while ago I was asked by iRacing to provide a voice over for their new season of World Championship series. They finally released that advert today. I must say that it took about 20 takes of me flubbing worse than Ryan before we got the end product.

      If you want to you can watch it here.

    • So it's my birthday today

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      33 years old..... no one celebrates that birthday though. Just another 7 years before i can have a party again.


      16h57yr.gif     balloon_drop.gif

    • RTX London

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Let me introduce to you one of your guardians......... ME!! I expect many hugs or high fives from all you sexy people attending.

    • So something cool happened

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hey everyone, i suck at writing these journals.

      So tonight i was DJ for RT Radio and was playing some damn good tunes if i may say so myself. While playing some Stone Roses i had @Ginman point out the fact that i am the featured user on the RT site. 

      I'll be honest, i never expected that to happen to me considering that i keep forgetting to write journal posts.

      I wanna use this new found fame to point you towards others who are pretty damn good people. There are many others so sorry if i don't mention you.

      So in no particular order:











    • Words to live by

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Never get embroiled in an argument with a fool. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    • It's been a while

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hey everyone. 

      So yeah it's been a while since i last posted a journal on here. How is everyone?

      So what have i been up to since i last posted on here, well i'm into the last part of my sim racing season. Just 5 more weeks of racing that started all the way back in March. I still have the chance of winning the Amatuer championship so fingers crossed i get some really good results.

      Other than that it's been back to work, helping the lovely British public....... honest they are.
      And finally i've been getting back involved a lot more with RT Radio and had my first setlist in a long while a couple of weeks ago. Get yourself over there for great music and chat.

      Anyway gotta go.

      Take it easy everyone.

    • This year has been one to forget

      2 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hey everyone, been far too long since i last journaled.

      So basically to recap back in February my Grandma on my dads side died after not being well for a while.

      Well a week after her funeral my Grandma on my mums side went into hospital not feeling well, then while in hospital she had a stroke. She ended up with dymentia due to the stroke, could only remember a couple of people and it changed how she was as a person. She eventually went into a care home where she settled down and was getting comfortable.

      Well last week on Wednesday morning she passed away in her sleep. It was unexpected and hit me hard.

      I used to spend summer holidays with her while i was at primary school, i used to love trains as a kid and she lived next to a railway so i enjoyed myself so much. We'd also go off on trips around North Yorkshire.

      So on Monday it's her funeral and tbh it's gonna be a tough day for me. Thats one generation of my family now gone.

    • RTX 2016

      3 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hey how are you doing? Hope you're well.

      So i've finally got my arse onto here to type up a journal about RTX 2016.

      What a trip! I had such a top time, Austin is growing into one of my favourite places to visit in the world.

      I flew out the Monday before RTX to get some chill out time. My flight was delayed as the person sat next to me had to have his paperwork checked again as his visa waiver didn't show on the system. So i was the best part of an hour late to Austin. That didn't matter though as i then had my Homeslice fix with @Ginman. It seriously is good pizza.

      I chilled out by the pool most of the time for the start of the week, then on Thursday it was the RT Sidequest auction and cocktail evening. Had a great time meeting up with so many people from last year, especially @DeadliestSin and his gang. Got to have a quick chat with @matt about Lazer Team and how that had been an introduction to Roosterteeth for one of my friends in the UK. We both even had a purple theme going on with our outfits.

      I also got to chat with @JoshtheFlanagan about stuff, including his dirty hand from last years auction night. He knows what i'm on about.

      So the Friday, decided not to try and get in any panels, was just going to walk the floor and see what happened on the main stage. Glad i did because the chat with @gus and Palmer Luckey was really interesting about where VR is going. Then i thought, you know what i'll hang around here as next it was Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus. @Gavino came out with the best burn of the day "remember when you used to have 1 million subscribers?"

      Friday evening was RT Radio meet up for some Karaoke, i managed to destroy "A Design for Life" by the Manic Street Preachers, but then redeemed myself with a brilliant rendition of "National Express" by The Divine Comedy. Was a really good evening.

      Saturday and Sunday were the days i did panels, i went to what i now call the BigBite panel. It's also the place where the hashtag #Craigxit started.

      I also attended the Day 5 Panel which was pretty damn good. Got to see the first few minutes of episode 4 which looks really good. Then on Sunday i accidentally got into the Podcast Panel. I had no intention of attending that panel as i didn't want to wake up early on a Sunday. But i got to the convention centre at around half past 10 and the Guardians were saying there was room, so i went in to the panel and got to watch the Podcast.

      Then it was onto the Slow Mo Guys panel where Dan put an ice bottle on his knob.... because.... well why not.

      Sunday evening was the after party held by RT Sidequest where we whitnessed the longest game of pool ever!! @DeadliestSin and Dave just couldn't pot any balls. Didn't leave until kicking out time (very late for me) and got the manliest of hugs from the very merry @Raf (always good to see you man)

      Monday was Independance Day, or as we Brits know it, the 4th of July and absolutely nothing else! That was a recovery day for me, although i did go to the Alamo to watch a film with my Boi @Ginman.

      Tuesday was another relaxing day, although in the afternoon i went Karting..... i got a little competitive ended up beating everyone by at least 2 seconds per lap. We then had some proper Texas BBQ which went down a treat. Then played some Superfight and Cards against Humanity with @DeadliestSin and the gang until late.

      Wednesday was the day to go home so met up at Old School Bar and Grill before heading to the airport to fly home.

      All in all a very good week and a half with some very good people, always good to see everyone from last year and even meeting new people like @dizzyblinker and Craig from RTUK (sorry Craig i don't know your RT username)

      Until next year everyone, it's been emotional. Take care and thanks for all the fish.

      (p.s photos in the comments as this was already a long ass post.)

    • Well isn't this grand

      3 years ago

      Smilerbull RTXL Guardian

      Hello all, just bobbing by to say hi to everyone. Hope you're well, oh i like your new tie.

      Anyway a little update on me and my quest to lose weight by RTX........ erm yeah, about that..... i've been very busy recently with work, sim racing and broadcasting. Basically what i'm trying to say here is that i've not lost any weight, but i haven't gained any either so i suppose thats a plus.

      Anyway the good news is that my back has stopped playing up so at least i can sit comfortabley.

      I am looking forward to getting back to Austin and meeting up with a load of you that are going out there. Gotta go to Homeslice and also get some BBQ once again.

      Anyway i'll be getting off now.



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    • Giries FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PA Guardian

      4 years ago

      Hey Paul, thanks for the add mate smiley13.gif

      • Smilerbull FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTXL Guardian

        4 years ago

        no worries

    • Raf Raf

      4 years ago

      Thanks for the add, dude! smiley13.gif

      • Smilerbull FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTXL Guardian

        4 years ago


    • pandacannon

      5 years ago

      Just saw your ITV advert!

      • Smilerbull FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTXL Guardian

        5 years ago

        nice to see it's still being used. I like it.

    • PJWood

      5 years ago

      Alright mate. I've just seen your advert for the first time on TV. It was on ITV4 right before the WRC german coverage

      • Smilerbull FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTXL Guardian

        5 years ago

        I'd hardly call myself famous. I'm a guy messing about on a tv Ident.

      • PJWood

        5 years ago

        Its awesome dude. I know a famous person

      • Smilerbull FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTXL Guardian

        5 years ago

        lol it's alight isn't it.

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