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      Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not reading any posts or comments relating to it. I'd prefer not to spoil anything for myself, even if the next weeks clue seems to be an easy one. I'm really enjoying it. It's the perfect show for RT fans.

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      6 years ago


      I would have been eight years old turning nine when I was introduced to Halo. My first experience with the game was a two player Blood Gulch match with my sister and two other children taking turns at their house while our parents sat in another room. I didn't remember the name of the game, but it was engraved in my mind. For a while I all knew Halo as was "that cool shooting game". The next time I played it would have been about a year later at a birthday party when I participated in my first eight-player system link match. I also witnessed a bit of co-op. It wasn't long after that that my parents bought an Xbox and eventually Halo (Combat Evolved). That's where it all started.


      I wasn't allowed to play Halo initially because of its Mature Audience rating. I'd have to sneak around early in the morning or when my parents weren't home to play it. Eventually they just sort of gave up and let me play. I think they realised Halo wasn't quite as graphic/violent as people were making it out to be. Not too long after getting the game I realised just how popular Halo was. People would go on about it at school, which is how I came to hear about Red vs Blue.

      I was told by a friend that his older brother watched these Red vs Blue videos on the internet. They were videos about people who were terrible at playing Halo. Obviously that's not quite what it is, but that's what I understood it to be at the time. Somehow, by the time my parents bought dial-up internet I still hadn't forgotten about RvB. It took a while but I managed to download my first video.

      The first Red vs Blue episode I watched was the episode where Sarge and Caboose fight the red and blue grunts/zealots in Battle Creek and speak to a green Simmons 2.0 hologram. I knew the game, I knew the map, but I did not understand what the heck I was watching. I don't think I even realised it was a part of a series like a TV show. I wasn't yet familiar with the concept of webseries.


      "I have no earthly idea what it is I just saw, or what this place is, or where in the hell O'Malley is."

      Some time had passed before I decided to check out Red vs Blue again. I'd occasionally see it mentioned on parts of the internet, and I was always trying to keep up with Halo. The second time I watched a Red vs Blue episode was around the time my parents converted us from dialup to broadband. The video was a PSA set in Coagulation (Blood Gulch). The characters were preparing for arrival of Halo 3. I enjoyed the video, but I did not yet become engaged in the series.


      Once again quite some time passed before I'd become interested in Red vs Blue again. In high school I would often hear friends and other students quoting dialogue from the show. Eventually in 2007 one friend started telling me pretty much everything about The Blood Gulch Chronicles. He'd tell me all about the characters. He'd talk about the plot. It got to the point where I knew so much about the show that I just had to watch it.


      The third time I watched Red vs Blue the sixth season had just begun. I watched the few episodes of Reconstruction that were out at the time, and then went back and watched the entire five seasons of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, the two mini-series and a bunch of PSAs. Since then I have watched every season as each episode has been released, and gone back to rewatch the show multiple times.

      A little less than a year later I got interested in everything else Rooster Teeth had created. I watched Achievement Hunter's guides, the RT Shorts, as well as their other machinimas like The Strangerhood, the Grifball series and PANICS, etc. I didn't start listening to the podcast until the first video podcast (Episode 100) was uploaded. After watching that I went back and listened to a number of the older recordings. Over the years I've continued to keep up with all the different productions; the shows, the podcasts, and everything else they've had to offer. It's a heck of a lot. I've had less sleep because of it, it has taken over my time where I could be doing something more productive, and it has probably messed my mind up a little (hopefully not really). But I regret nothing! Despite being a fan for so long I didn't sign up with the website until 2011.


      There you go. That's how I became a fan of Rooster Teeth. Maybe one day I'll become a sponsor.

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