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    • Games That Surprised You

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      I've played a few games recently, just blind playthroughs with almost no information about them before hand and they've ended being some of my favourite games of all time. Anyone played anything that surprised the hell out of you in the best possible way?

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    • Xbox One Destiny Vault of Glass Hard

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      Looking for 1 or 2 players to do the Raid on Hard with, preferably level 29s 0r 30s. Just send an Xbox message to George World and I'll get back to you with more details. :)

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    • Ballad of a YouTube Comment

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      This is a forum for all the very informative and/or creative comments on AH videos on YouTube, AKA Copypasta: The Thread.

      My contribution is a short story I found on the new Galacticraft Let's Play, enjoy!

      Hello, below me is the full trilogy of the "Night at Ray's" story. Wrote by me. I understand some might not like, but to everyone that does enjoy it, help me get this to Michael and Ray. Nothing would make me happier than them reading this.
      PS I'm not a super-fan or a freak, I just wrote this story to make people laugh. Enjoy

      A Night at Ray's: The Full Trilogy
      By NobleUnion

      Part 1
      Ray just got off the phone with Michael. “Thirty minutes,†he thought to himself. “That should be plenty of time to do some last minute planning.†Ray had everything planned out, everything in place, he’s had this plan set up for a while, he just needed to wait for the right time, Lindsay was out of town and it was just Michael. Besides he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he’d been giving hints to Michael for a while now on how he felt about him, but Michael always ignored him, and left Ray to masturbate alone in his apartment. “Not anymore,†Ray swore to himself. Ray started up his Xbox to look like a night of video games was all he had in store. Just then there a knock was at the door. Finally. Ray tucked his erection and went to greet Michael. “Hey Michael!†Ray greeted his guest with slightly more excitement than he meant. “Sup Ray,†said MIchael. He was wearing his 20% cooler shirt, Ray’s favorite.
      "Sorry my apartment looks like shit" Ray said making small talk.
      "Don’t worry about it, looks better than my place" Michael said amused by Ray’s innocence.
      "Wanna play some halo?" Ray said trying to distract Michael
      "Uhh,sure." Michael didn’t really like Halo, but he was the guest.
      "Great, you go sit down and I’ll get us a couple of drinks."
      Ray didn’t drink, but he went out and bought a case of Michael’s favorite brew. Ray waited until Michael sat down to spike the beer. Michael was larger than Ray and could easily overpower him if he didn’t do this just right. Too many could kill him, too little and he would still be conscious. He figured 2 would do the trick. He slipped the Rupies into his beer and brought it to him.
      "Here, I bought this just for you" Ray handed the beer to Michael who took it without a second thought. "Thanks bud."
      They played some team slayer for about half an hour before Michael started to slip away. Ray was so into the game with a killing frenzy he almost didn’t notice.
      "Finally" Ray thought…

      Michael woke up face down in Ray’s bed. His hands and feet tied to each bedpost. He had no idea what happened the hours before. He looked to his right and saw Ray, butt naked, laying long purple dildos onto his nightstand.
      "Ray…what the fuck is going on?" Michael asked nervous
      "Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?" Do you know how empty you’ve left me!" "Now you can’t leave me, Now you must love me." Ray said as tears rolled down his cheeks.
      "What are you talking about?" Michael asked more curious than nervous.
      "You were supposed to be mine, until she came in between us and tore you away from me." Ray was weeping.
      Ray moved forward with grace and observed every part of Michael’s helpless body.

      Part 2
      Ray looked over Michael a second time before he began. His eyes had since dried up, but were now filled with nothing but lust.
      "Do you know why they call me BrownMan?" Ray asked Michael
      "Because your Puerto Rican?" Michael stated knowing Ray was up to something more.
      "Well yes, but there was a second reason, do you know what it is?"
      "I...I don't know"
      "Well let me show you."
      Ray slowly crawled onto Michael with his giant toy in hand. He slowly began working on the button of Michael's pants, cherishing every moment. Michael closed his eyes knowing Ray's full intention. He hoped this was just some kind of sick, demented joke of Ray's, but logic quickly dissolved this futile accusation.
      Ray unzipped Michael's pants and slowly pulled them down to his ankles, exposing his rather pasty legs and a pair of Fluttershy boxer briefs that did nothing more than strengthen Ray's powerful Puerto Rican boner. Michael felt something hard and warm touch his leg. He knew Ray was fixing to begin.
      "I knew you always were into fluttershy?' Ray said teasing Michael.
      A nervous chuckle came from Michael even though he wasn't the slightest bit amused.
      "Ha ha, yeah I guess so. This is a good joke Ray." Michael said in one last, futile attempt to convince himself this was all a joke.
      "If you think this is a joke, then here's the punchline."
      As soon as he said this, he plunged the sex toy into Michael's anus with all his might. Michael fought to free himself from the restraints, but to no avail. The only thing he could do was take the unbearable pain.
      Ray crammed deeper and deeper until he was knuckles deep in Michael's anus. He pushed until he found Michael's G-spot and tortured him by bring the dildo up and down on his prostate.
      Michael was in tears from the incredible pain..and pleasure. He couldn't help but begin to feel a build-up from inside him. He tried his hardest to fight it, but failed. He was fixing to orgasm.
      Ray wasn't gonna let Michael off the hook that easy. In a single fluid motion he pulled his toy completely out just before Michael could climax. Ray has been practicing.
      "Did you like that?" Ray asked in a harsh tone.
      "Pl...please no more." Michael asked trying to catch his breath.
      "Don't act like you didn't enjoy it. I could do more than Lindsay ever could."
      "Fuck you, you sick fuck." Michael said suddenly infuriated. If anyone found out, he could never show his face again.
      "Whoa, you mad bro?" Ray asked knowing Michael could only talk under his restraints.
      "Once I get out of here, I'm gonna beat your little ass to death. Sick Fuck."
      "Well that's just it, you're not leaving." Ray turned around to grab something Michael couldn't see.

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    • What Achievement is Your Favourite?

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      What's your favourite chievo on your Gamercard?

      My favourite is:

      UPkFQZA=.jpg Hardened War Hero (100)
      Complete WaW on Veteran or Hardened

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    • Best Unknown Music

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      What music have you discovered that is relatively unknown but also pretty damn good?

      My contribution:


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    • America's Financial State

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      I'm from the UK and want to get a better sense of what Americans think about their countries financial equality (or inequality). I stumbled across this(www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk5OJBry2ss) video and if the statistics shown are true then you have to wonder what that chart would look like if it was showing the richest countries and the poorest.

      What do you think about the America's and the world's financial state?

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