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from Springfield, IL

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    • Tiny Update

      3 years ago


      So I know I haven't really been active on here lately, but there is a reason for my lack of posts on here. I will make a much longer post about some of the changes in my life very soon!

    • 4 years ago

    • Afterstreamer Minecraft Server

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      I have went ahead and made a server on Minecraft for all of the members of this wonderful group to join. I will be posting the info and rules in about an hour or so. If you want to, please put your Minecraft username so I have an idea who is who. I hope to see you on the server! It will hopefully be a fun experience for all who decide to participate in it!

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    • The Most Important Announcement Ever

      4 years ago


      Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth!!!!

      This has been an important announcement. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

    • Life Is Only A Little Hectic Right Now

      4 years ago


      I am about to go through the grind that is the last few weeks of the semester. I was meaning to write this during my spring break, but I had some things come up and I have to write this later than I wanted too. Without further to do, here is what has been up with me since the last time I made a journal post on this lovely website.

      My Life In General

      I am currently in the process of moving, which is a new experience for me. Sadly, I am still living in Springfield, but I will hopefully be moving again in December of this year or in January of next year for school. I do enjoy the new house, but I just want to get everything moved over there so I don't have to drive between houses anymore. I thought it would be smart putting my streaming stuff at the new house because I actually have a desk there, but I am not a fan of driving home at midnight or later just to go to sleep. I am also about to graduate community college, so that is a thing

      Twitch Streams

      I have been doing a whole lot more streaming on my Twitch Channel and I feel that I am improving a lot each time I stream. My go to game for a few weeks has been FIFA 15, but ever since EA decided to implement measures that ended up making the Ultimate Team experience dreadful, I am trying to cut back on playing it on stream. I am considering streaming more PC games, but I am still getting a feel for how to stream PC games on my computer. I do have a list of games that mean a lot to me and I want to stream, but I either don't have the equipment required to stream it or it is a multiplayer game I need some IRL friends to be present to stream it. I am also looking to find more charities to do marathon streams for because I just want to be able to help as many people as I can. I have been very fortunate with some of the opportunities I have been given and the least I can do is give back.

      YouTube Channel

      So about 18 months ago, a couple of friends and I created a YouTube channel called MuGaMo Entertainment and I am thankful for all 77 subscribers that the channel has, but we as a channel have made some changes, mostly revolving around my role at the channel. It is hard for us to come together and make videos as a group as three of the members live in Indiana, and the one other member, who lives in Illinois, is on a mission trip in Africa at this moment. We came to the agreement that I would become the editor of all of our let's plays and be responsible for answering comments on the video and the social media accounts for the channel. I am basically a mix of Spoole and Caleb (the important one), but not as cool.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this life update. I am extremely excited to meet more of the awesome community members at RTX this year. I have made it a goal of mine to get a lot more photos and video of the event because I want to be able to look back when I am older to see that I actually did something fun when I was younger.

      Keep Being Awesome,
      Caleb Ragan

    • Afterstreamers RTX Condo

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      Is there anymore information about the condo?

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    • RTX 2015

      4 years ago


      I sadly was not selected as a guardian. While it sucks right now, I just have to focus on how exciting RTX will be this year. I am looking forward to meeting cool people and having a great time.

    • Just a thought

      4 years ago


      Hey I hope everyone has a great week!

    • The Afterstreamers RPG (Update 0)

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      So while in the twitch bunker yesterday, I mentioned that I have RPG Maker (Thanks and I am going to attempt to make a RPG that features the Afterstreamers in it. Here is a breakdown of what ideas I have right now:

      Basic Plot

      Our favorite streamers have been taken over by the games they love, and it is up to you to save the day. You will need to form a party of Afterstreamer admins, rescued streamers, and some other characters you will meet along the way in order to save Streamtopia. (name in progress)

      I will be streaming this process whenever I can on my Twitch channel, but I might not be able to start right away, as school is my main priority right now. I will hopefully learn how to use RPG Maker effectively in the next month or two, and then begin work on it. During the streams that I will be working on it, I may have a Skype call going to help give me ideas for the game. I may need some people who are good at creative writing to help out with the dialogue and stuff, but I want suggestions from all of you in the group to see what you want in the game. After I start work on the game, I will be making update journals either on this page or my personal RT page to talk about the progress the game has made. Hopefully I will not disappoint you guys and I will be able to make a fun game that we can enjoy. smiley0.gif

      - Caleb Ragan

      (P.S. - Admins, send me a message about what type of character you want to be portrayed as. i.e: Mage, Knight, etc.)

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    • Holy Crap

      4 years ago


      So yesterday I turned 21, which is something that is really weird to think about. I can now legally purchase alcohol, so I did and my goal was to just have a quiet day and I was going to livestream, but I didn't get the opportunity to because 2 of my friends picked me up and we ended up going to a local Mexican restaurant and I ordered a margarita and it was extremely delicious. Then we proceeded to watch the national championship game for a bit before we parted ways.

      Today is also an important day for me because it will be the last time I will see 2 friends of mine for a few months because they are going on a mission trip to Africa. I am closer with one of them than the other, but I am excited to see him do great things because he has grown a lot as a person and this experience could do a lot for him.

      Anyway I hope everyone has a fantastic day smiley0.gif

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