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    • And there we go!

      4 years ago


      Username: Spuddix
      Age: 19
      From: Exeter, England.
      Sponsor: RAN OUT :(!
      Date Joined: 30th April 2014
      Last Signed in: 5 minutes ago.

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB season 1 episode 1
      Last Podcast you watched: 289
      Favourite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Joel
      Did you watch a RT video today: YES
      -If yes Which one: Ten Little Rooster Episode 2
      -If no why not:
      Favourite RT Series : How To with Joel and Adam
      Favourite RT video : Any of Joel & Adams Outlast series!

      RT Site:
      Current Number Of Notifications: 2
      Name of first Journal: "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?"
      Name of you latest Journal: BIG UPS! Titanfall & EA
      Last Photo you uploaded: Photo of me!
      Last Thread you commented on: I do not know :/
      First group in you group list: The Good Guy Gamers
      Last Private message sent to: @fallenlords

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: G 21055
      Team Lads or Team Gents: Team Lads
      Favourite Achievement Hunter: Geoff & Ray
      Minecraft Skin: Trials HD (Orange one)
      Favourite AH show: Lets Play

      The Community
      Favourite Group: The Good Guy Gamers
      Have you gone to a community event: Nope
      Have you gone to RTX: No but RTX 2015 IS COMING MY WAY!!!
      Favourite Fellow Community member: I will just go with @fallenlords @DemiDevil & @AliceXD
      Tag 5 people to do this: @fallenlords @DemiDevil @AliceXD

    • BIG UPS! Titanfall & EA

      5 years ago


      Well done to EA on there never ending campaign of showing just how crap their servers are. Holding servers for Titanfall obviously is the worst thing ever. Any other FPS game thats servers are hosted by companies that give a damn like to save your progress as you play to ensure you lose no progress if the servers kick you out for going down during the match you were just in. Now the geniuses behind Titanfalls servers - EA decide this:

      Genius #1: Considering our servers have always been dog poo why don't we just skip in game autosave on Titanfall?
      Genius #2: Why? That would mean if our servers went down during a match the players would lose all their progress they just made in said match. That's horrid!
      Genius #1: Yes BUT we are EA! We don't care about the players! Plus it would be such lols especially when we get the flock of hate messages coming in!
      Genius #2: Haha yeah, that's always great. Screw the players lol! No Autosave!!

      And that is how I imagine the conversation took place. Ludicrous.

    • RTX 2015 PLANS

      5 years ago


      Our plans of going to RTX 2015 are amazing and I'm super excited, it'll be a great time and will be great meeting with you guys! @fallenlords @DemiDevil and Kellie.

      I think this'll sum up our time there next year :) haha!
      This is if I survive getting off the plane and into the impact of Austin heat vs UK heat.

    • Man on a Mission.

      5 years ago


      It's got to be done. Looking through my achievements the other week I realised that my AC games had a lot missing. It has been my mission for 2 weeks to get on those games and get as many if not all achievements left to get and try to 100% the game. I haven't even completed the Brotherhood story thus holding me back from even starting Revelations! AC2 is the best one I've done yet. I only need 2 achievements - collect all feathers and wear Auditore cape in all cities.

      Part 1 of my mission:
      Find the rest of those damn feathers and wear that cape and bring AC2 to full 100% gamerscore!

      Part 2 of my mission:
      To actually complete Brotherhood's storyline and grab as many achievements along the way.

      Final part of my mission:
      To then start and finish Revelations picking up the odd achievement along the way. Now, I may not finish Revelations but my mission will still be complete even if I got 1/8 of the way through the story! Only because its a big ask of me.. especially since this has been my plan for the past 2 weekends.. Lol.

      This weekend, it's getting done...

      Maybe.. ;)

    • Help To Reach 100!

      5 years ago


      I'm doing my bit to help promote the gaming community group known as "The Good Guy Gamers". We/they are hoping to hit 100 members by the end of this week which would be an astonishing achievement for everyone involved in setting up and creating this amazing group as it's only been running for a couple of weeks!

      I've been involved with The Good Guy Gamers for nearly 3 weeks now I believe and every game night I've been involved in has been 10/10 would play again! I've met so many new people who are extremely easy to become friends with and you will too! The laughs the banter and the all round friendliness makes this group 100% awesome and amazing to play with. So I'm suggesting to anyone that reads this who isn't yet in the group then, please, go help us reach 100 members! I'll also guarantee you'll have a ton of fun when you play with the group so its a win win situation!

      So please, get involved and help reach 100!

      Thanks :)!


    • Acting and BIG news!

      5 years ago


      Some of you may know (if you read my bio) or some of you may not but I am actually training and trying to become a professional actor. Please don't ridicule lol. I've recently had some good stuff happen for me with this in my life as I got some new headshots edited and sent to me to use and was also contacted by a couple of directors to audition and appear in some short films and feature length titles. I've only been in this business as its called for just coming up to 1 year and believe this is a brilliant chance to gain some extra experience in the field and meet and work with some awesome people doing so!

      So the big news is as I stated I was contacted and auditioned for roles..
      My first ever experiences in front of a camera as I've only done 1 theatre performance! I am SUPER stoked to be given this chance and missed out by just the slightest of margins for a lead male role in one of the short movies, the funny thing is, I didn't apply for the lead role anyway but they liked me when I got there so said they wanted to put me in for it! Shame I just got pipped but I'm still in there haha and it proves to me that I can go for these lead roles and that people like me. first short film shoot is July I believe 12-20th but will have to confirm. Second is the feature length movie at the end of August and into September and next short film at the end of September.

      But anyway, I will end this journal now but my god. I'm super excited and happy about this and I just wanted to share it with the people I like to call my friends, old and new! Have a good day.

      Journal end.

    • OH HE'S DONE IT!

      5 years ago



      Finally woo! Its only been, what, 7 hours of on and off attempts. I'd like to thank the academy, my parents and my voicebox for not dying on me and pulling through to the end.

      Journal end.

    • Peggle Challenges - Kill Me Now.

      5 years ago


      Starting this weekend off after a sleepless night I though I'd take out my tired fustration by earning back money on GTA V. Not known to me nothing seems to be working on that game apart from free mode so I soon decided to play some Peggle and complete some challenges on it. Now I managed to surprise myself and was actually doing okay - I got another 5 challenges done!! Then came the one I like to call "SWISS FUCKING CHEESE".

      SFC for short, is all about completing 3 levels in a row with just 10 balls. No no, not a new set of 10 balls for each level but just 10 for all three. My first attempt I got onto the last of the three with just 3 balls left. After using 2 of the balls I done quite well and I had 3 orange pegs to go but just 1 ball to do it. If I fail i go back to the beginning again. I psyched myself up, got in the zone, worked out the perfect bounce to hit all 3.. bloody missed the first hit by a finger nail and didn't hit a single sausage. Back to the start i go!

      I dont know how I got that far that try because now I.. im just sucking! Failing on level 2!

      In other news:
      Will be researching hotel prices and travel for me to attend RvB UK in August so thats good haha :)!

    • ApocZ & GTA

      5 years ago


      The first night of an indie game game night took place on ApocZ the cosest thing to DayZ on Xbox. Started off with jist me and Jamie. We were finding out what did what and what was broken. Spent 20 minutes finding parts to fix a car as we found it in the road and we got all excited. This didn't last long as when we fixed it the game will only let one person in so this was useles. We went on an explore to a different city and shortly after Sparky joined so that was a whole thing trying to find him. Once we did we went on another adventure to find guns and ammo! We found ammo first and I found a sniper, Sparky an LMG and Jamie - nothing. We finally found all guns and ammo and we all desperately needed food as all we kept finding was empty cans. We indeed found food here and there - enough to last us over an hour or so anyway. I found a shotgun and had shotgun shells but only 16. Didn't matter though as everytime I reloaded the gun it gave me +8 lol. In the end I had around 500 shells.

      This adventure would soon go wrong as Sparky bled out and in the struggle of a zombie hoard I think I blew Jamies bloody head off with me shotgun! All I saw was his guy merge through mine just as I shot a zombie and I guess I took him out lol! Killed the zombie though so all good. ApocZ had faults and the marketplace was being a dick so we all decided to move onto GTAV.

      I hosted again so made 2 playlists of 6 races each all Rockstar Verified. These went well and everyone got in okay apart from Sparky who had some updares them just couldnt get in. All I will say in these is damn you Ash for reversing at the start and damn you Woody for the bridge incident! You fucked me aha!

      Had a good laugh playing these but ended up after playlist 2 cutting my night off early as was really tired. Thanks to everyone who made it great.
      @AlmostAndy @jimmybob91 @AllAlexi @Woodlehh @AshleyBren @PimpLippy @Gn0m3 @robinjava @JonnyCarlyle Sparky and anyone else who I missed out :)!

    • The Shenanigans Ensues!

      5 years ago


      Another GTA V game night came upon us all last evening with the news of Jonny to be hosting it. I was in the clear of teasing and abuse tonight :D! SO Jonny took the liberty of setting up some playlists for us all to get involved with when we all came online. Things quickly turned sour for the host as things didn't quite go his way..

      What Jonny had done you see was he had set up a playlist, invited us all in and then suddenly got a battering for it as the whole 7 games in the playlist were meant for just 8 players. Luckily enough there was only around 8-9 of us on and I think it was Alan that had to sit out for a while (damn you Jonny!). This atrocity set the paveway for his night of torment and hilarity. None-the-less we continued on hoping the next playlists were for more than 8 players. So this playlist was fun though, it had some good tracks to race on, especially the first track with the crossing over - that was insanity!

      As we went into the last race "The God Race" (or something like that) it was a very close top 3 and was anyone's game to win or lose! It was @AlmostAndy, Myself and new guy that joined in tonight @PimpLippy separated by 3 or so points. I started off well I was in the lead then all of a sudden my eyes went "no, you're not seeing the whole screen you idiot" then my brain added "here look, just crash into this barrier for crying out loud". I unfortunately did and went down into last place LOL :D! Made it up through the race as people were crashing and @Gn0m3 sadly disconnected from the session. The people I didn't want to be up the front were and Lippy ended up winning the race, I somehow managed second and Andy came home in fourth after some bad choices on the last turn! Congratulations to the new guy as he won the whole Playlist (his first with GGG) but just by 1 point! :)

      Next Playlist was being set up but this time had seats for more of GGG members! So we got set on inviting @Gothetron and @AshleyBren into the session and starting a new batch of chaos. It was good fun although alot of these races were bloody motorcycle skill test races with insane jumps and corners and balancing on the tiniest pole possibly that only Alan could bloody pelt it up! After realising earlier with @KittenOfDoom that I'm not comfortable with bike races I knew I was in for some deep shit. I wasn't wrong. ATROCIOUS! I think I died more in that playlist than all the deathmatches I've ever played on GTA! Although, it did have some car tracks where I could redeem myself but was mostly skill tests lol. Saying that, I did enjoy myself and reckon others did aswell. We also had @Woodlehh join in half-way through this one so that was another addition to the games! Another Playlist victory for Lippy sparked a conversation of "when are we kicking him out then?" Haha glad you had a good night buddy, you showed us up lol!

      HIGHLIGHT: After completing I think the first or second race of the night I got an award that made everyone laugh including myself as it was a Platinum Award for 800RP for "Penetrating From Behind". Uhm, so that was a whole thing in the lobby aha!
      Shortly after this I came offline as had to get up early as had stuff to do in the morning. Was a good night and enjoyed it. Big-ups to everyone that was there :D Alex couldn't make it but hopefully is around for the next one!
      @JonnyCarlyle @AlmostAndy @jimmybob91 @AshleyBren @Woodlehh @Gn0m3 @PimpLippy @Gothetron @ShadowDex @robinjava

      I would also like to mention that I think my car was magnetised to @jimmybob91 car as every time I saw it or came close to it.. It would just crash into Jamies car! :D Sorry man haha!

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