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    • Update and Supanova Adelaide 2014

      4 years ago


      It's been well over a year since I made a journal post on here. So I thought maybe it might be time once again to give a quick update on here while I still remember. So one tiny, little update or rather should I say that a huge change is that I have moved interstate, meaning I have moved from the sunny state of Queensland and now have ended up in South Australia! So after living on the East Coast of Australia since I was born, I thought it would be time for a change and try living out in the middle part of Australia for awhile. So now I'm in South Australia and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

      The other thing I want to say is that Supanova Adelaide came around today as I am writing this post. I was able to meet the incredible Gus and Jordan today and was able to have a picture taken with the both of them, before heading over and see their panel for the fay. Was an amazing day overall at Supanova, and got to see a preview scene of the new X-Ray and Vav. I must say that it will certainly be a fun show to watch.

      None the less it has been great the last few months and is really thankful to the entire RoosterTeeth staff that continue to come from the other side of the world and interact with their fans from down under.

      So here is the photo, in order of appearance is Gus, Myself, my wonderful Sister and Jordan.

      Until next time, Don't forget to stay safe and awesome.

    • Euro Truck Simulator 2

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      So Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) became greenlit on Steam not to long ago and I've been playing a whole ton of it. Been noticing as well on YouTube that quite a few people are playing at as well, it's good to see people out there that like driving trucks (even if it's pc.) The other thing I've noticed as well on YouTube is that people are playing it a lot with mods as well.

      Post some of your stories or experiences of the game here <(^_^<)

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    • A little Entry

      6 years ago


      Hey everyone,

      Hope you all had an amazing new years and had a great first month! Just posting this to show that I am still alive out there and that I'm super excited as I ordered my Ray's Rose and Achievement Hunter shirt and can't wait to wear it all around down here xD Been working on my diploma for IT as well as just taking things easy and enjoying life one little step at a time.

      Hope to catch everyone soon! <(^_^<)

    • Metal Gear Solid 4

      6 years ago


      Finally MGS4 comes out with a update which let you do a full game install fix so you didn't have to do those annoying chapter updates, but means I won't be able to stare at Snake for 3 minutes while he's lighting a smoke up so I must cherish the memories. More importantly however is that they also patched in a trophy update. So all the die-hard MGS fans like myself can finally get 100% trophy for MGS4.

      This couldn't come at a better time cause this will kill some time between now and the time when Assassin's Creed III comes out. Still kinda sad about loosing Metal Gear Online (MGO) but I will never forget how awesome it was to get a fox rank on it. <(^_^<)

    • Curse you Steam Summer Sale!!

      7 years ago


      I hate when Steam does this to me because every time they do this I seem to be either out of a job or paying some ridiculous bill (most of the time it's for car rego.) So this year is no exception and I'm a bit annoyed at it. But fortunately for me a really good friend gifted me Arma II: Combine Operations and Left 4 Dead 2.

      I'm extremely happy that I got the two games and all but feel really bad at the same time because I'm not use to receiving anything really. I give way more then what I take and normally when something is given to me I feel really bad because of different reasons that I rather not get into but I know some of you know why....

      Anyway I am annoyed at Steam for having sales when I have no money!

    • Woodkid - Run Boy Run

      7 years ago


      All I got to say is Best Song This Year Ever! I woke up early this morning and notice a very beautiful gift from Woodkid himself on facebook (or YouTube) and found his new single/music video called "Run Boy Run" and I must say this is one of the best music videos this year. I made the effort not to see the lyrics before seeing or hearing the song and I'm glad I did. I heard the song with high expectations and only a guest of what it could be like and it just blew my mind and has me totally singing it all day now.

      So Woodkid you are a true musician, a excellent director (for music videos) and thank you for making awesome music!

    • So much adventure

      7 years ago


      So I've been every busy lately with a lot of things. Last week I went to see The Avengers movie with two of mates one night and boy oh boy I loved every minute of it! I won't spoil anything but I seriously recommend going out and seeing it because it is just so amazing! Another thing that's been making my life more interesting is that over the last two weekends, me and a friend of mine have been going kayaking with each other. It might not seem much but trust me it's something that is awesome and heaps load of fun to do during a weekend or two.

      The week so far was good till yesterday. I was called into work at 7am in the morning and never got home till sometime the next day (which is today when I'm writing this) after 11am. Someone misplaced their keys to do lockup at two locations which are nearly 2 hours apart from each other. So that meant that I had to go to these two locations because I'm the only other person that has a key to do it. And because of them misplacing it, I had to look from them at the locations while doing lockup which took x3 longer then normal.

      So because of that, I decided to stay up till a decent time tonight so I can sleep properly. I'm running on very little sleep and have been up for more than a day, hopefully I can sleep soon and enjoy the weekend in peace :D There's so much else I've done but I'll tell you some other time ;) When I'm actually fully awake and not sleep deprived

    • Another Weekend, Another fun time.

      7 years ago


      On Friday I went up to my post office to pick up a parcel in which I've waited for in over a week. This happens to be a Xbox 360 copy of Saint's Row: The Third. Since I already a PS3 Copy I knew how awesome this was going to be! The reason why I got another copy was I had no "Real Life" friends on my PS3 that had a copy but I do on the 360 so I got it. Anyway it couldn't of happened at a better time because the entire weekend I was suffering from sore ribs, I managed to bruise the muscle around my ribs and it rained all weekend. And on another note I'm eagerly waiting for my next package because it should be coming this week! :D

    • So Close....

      7 years ago


      Just an hour ago I find out that my internet at home is now capped. For people who are foreign to the term "internet capped" (or "Bandwidth Cap" if you want to be technical) it's something that the stupid ISP's in Australia love to do. Basically you are allowed so much download (bandwidth) within a certain period of time. After that your internet speed is reduced to dial-up speed till the new billing cycle has started. With my ISP I'm only allowed 100gb a month and with a family of four that use it heavily doesn't last long.

      There are other plans that are only a little bit better...but we are locked in contract because I wasn't brought along when my parents went shopping for it. Reason why I say is so close as the title is because we are on the last week on the billing cycle and we haven't been this close to not being capped for a full cycle since we started the contract.

      So now I'm going to get abuse for a week because my mother now can't play farmville -_-

    • Sim City 2000

      7 years ago


      Yet again I am bored with my free time when I'm not helping someone or doing work. And while I wait for Monday to come so I can purchase a game (in this case will be Saint's Row: The Third) I am playing a very old game which is Sim City 2000.


      All I can say is that it's still a game that I don't mind playing but just like The Sims, they are nothing but needy little children, the population that is. Anyway I prefer this over all the newer ones probably because of the fact that I've been playing this long enough that I can do it blindfolded :P

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    • Caiti FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Velvet Scarlatina

      7 years ago

      Hey there!

      The Official Rooster Teeth fan event, RTOZ, is just around the corner! I just wanted to remind you to buy your ticket, if you haven't already, as they are limited in number. The event is going to be on the 16th of June with the attendance of Drop Bear Gladiator, Burnie Burns and Space cowboy/Free "Thinker" Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth.


      The night will be filled with bowling, laser tag, food and Xbox comps and arcade games. We will even jam in an exclusive panel with Burnie and Gavin! Seriously, who wouldn't want to listen to Gavin talk?
      But wait, there's more! You will also receive a Roo Teeth goodie bag and an RTOZ shirt! The shirt automatically gets you bragging rights among your friends and allow you to defeat the dirty Blues!*

      So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket here! Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite the Blues (maybe). And join us for a action packed and awesome night of fun with the Australian Rooster Teeth community starring Burnie and Gavino!

      * Actual results may vary.

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