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    • It's PARTY TIME!

      8 years ago



      Anyway, this journal is in honour of coolcaiti's 20th birthday today in roughly 9 hours

      Who is coolcaiti, you ask? You must be a liar, because I don't you see how you can't know who this wonderful woman is. This is going to be my first real sappiness since my first few journals, but honestly, she is giving, brilliant, selfless, generous, and genuine. There are very few people you'll meet that fulfill all of these aspects simultaneously, yet she does. She was also one of my first real friends on the site, after I met her in one of Barb's tinychats, and then continued it in TeamSpeak on RT Live, and now to Rooster Speak. Meeting her in person in Texas only strengthened my opinions of her. My one regret is that she lives so far away smiley2.gif

      So with that I say, happiest of happy birthdays Caiti. There's no greater joy than to call you my friend. smiley13.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley1.gif

    • RvBTO Part 3!

      8 years ago


      And finally, I get to the third and final portion of my RvBTO journals. Yes, I know it's been two weeks now, quiet you. I started this thing, so I'm finishing it.

      The third day, Sunday, July 10th, of RvBTO was wasy more intense than the rest, solely because of capture the flag. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

      The first thing we did was make our was to Dundas square where we all met up and got our transit tokens for the streetcar. That took us to Riverdale park, a massive space of grass, hills, and trees. There were picnic tables set up which were soon filled with pizza and beverages for NOMS. Also of note were the seasoned packed of dried seaweed that Audrey brought. Tasty!

      We also tossed around a frisbee for a while and generally just had a good time talking with people and chilling out. But then it was time for Capture the Flag.

      It was set up to be a best of 3. We had little flags tucked into our pants (like flag football, so flags refers to ribbons, essentially) which would need to be pulled out for us to drop the flag if we had it. The space between the two bases was enormous, so running between them, and especially running after people took its toll, so people generally rotated attacking and defending. After the first point by the other team, which took what seems like forever, the gap was shortened in the interest of time. Our team (PINK!) got the second point, but the other guys were just a bit too much for us and finally won by scoring again. Overall a well fought game.

      After that, we went back to the hotel to change and go to the farewell dinner at Pogue Mahone's Irsh Pub. It was great because every time someone walked in, the entirety of the group in the restaurant all "EHHH!!" like old friends. This was kinda the theme for every group event all weekend and it really made you feel welcome.

      As far as the dinner went, the food was delicious, but there was still some sadness that it was the last night we'd all share together. Fortunately, we got more hangout time afterwards as most of us went to the Imperial pub after dinner.

      It was there we had our final drinks, shared our final laughs together, and said our goodbyes. It was an incredible time, everyone was amazing, and I can't wait to do it all again next year. smiley12.gif

      Sunday photos:
      From dinner. My favourite part of this photo is Barbara mid bite.


      Quadruple photobomb!





      8 years ago



      This is the weather in Ottawa, Canada for today.

      Good gravy.

      I even translated it to Fahrenheit so all you Americans could understand.

      And yes this warranted another journal.

    • Goggles

      8 years ago


      So before I get to part 3 of my RvBTO journals, something very important has come to my attention.

      First, ensure you're using Firefox as it works best, though apparently it works with Chrome and Safari too. Then go here.

      Basically, you drag the button to your bookmarks where the link to it will go, and then on any webpage you can click the link in your bookmarks it'll create an overlay where you'll be able to draw on any page and everyone else using goggles can see and also draw on the same canvas! You can make secret messages or draw funny things on people, like moustaches or dicks . Tons o' fun. Most major websites already have stuff on them too from other people.

      Try it out!


    • RvBTO PART 2!

      8 years ago


      When we last left our heroes, they had just finished up the awesome day that was Friday July 8th, i.e. the first day of RvBTO!

      On to Saturday, which naturally brought another heaping helping of fun. The first event of the day was at the Primrose hotel. When we got there, there were lots of little activities for attendees to do before the main proceedings, which included tons of retro gaming stations and a colouring contest! I played smash bros 64., and watched others play things such as Mario Kart Double Dash, and the original Halo! FUCKYEAH ORIGINAL PISTOL

      There was also a table set up with lots of items for us to put the raffle tickets in which we got with our bundles.

      Eventually, we all got seated and our revered hosts Jozef and John welcomed us all to RvBTO. The amazing staff members were all introduced as well as our esteemed guests Luke and Kathleen. We later divided up and did some ice breaker activities which involved tossing beach balls with questions written on them for whoever caught them to answer. We then played a game where everyone had a word or concept stuck onto the back of them and had to discover what it said by asking questions to others, and then finding their partners whose words were related. Some examples were Snap, Crackle, Pop and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

      Before the scheduled panel with the aforementioned guests, a group of us went for lunch at Johnny Rockets at Dundas Square. We then got back just in time for it to start, where Kathleen and Luke fielded questions from the audience like old pros. There was also a quiz show lightning round hosted by Kathleen where Microbe wore a suit with buzzers on them for people to hit if they knew the answer.

      Eventually we dispersed back to the hotel to prepare for the evening back at the Ram which promised to bring a ton of excitement as the scheduled activities included the raffle, Open Mic, Irish car-bombs and Mini-stick (!!!)

      I didn't win anything at the raffle, though I did find Juls' and Barbara's ravenous desire for the Batman lunchbox to be quite amusing (Jack won it). Next was the mini-stick competition which to me, was one of the event's main highlights. Our team, as you have no doubt heard, was the Dino Scores! It consisted of Me, Greg, and Juls, and thanks to Greg's incredible shirts and Juls' socks, we were the only team in uniform and always had the loudest cheering section. We won our first match, and lost the second to Caleb's team by the skin of our teeth, but it was okay because it was a blast. I forgot to bring a change of shirt for the rest of the night though... hope I didn't smell toooo bad :s

      We then did Irish car-bombs which is a glass of Guiness with a shot of Baileys to drop in just prior to chug. We all did it together and it actually tasted pretty good! You can't let wait too long to finish it though or it'll start to curdle...

      Lastly there was open mic, which was phenomenal. All of the acts were actually genuinely great. Last of course was a live rendition of Glowden's story time! Greg sat on a stool with a laptop telling the story while Juls was his beautiful assistant, displaying the crayon drawings we all made beforehand to properly illustrate the story. We even got Luke Mckay to draw the last panel for us! It was a barrel of laughs all around and probably my favourite night of the event.

      I didn't take many pictures that night as I was in gym shorts so my camera was in a purse most of the night, but there's loads out there taken by others. But here's the Irish car bombs!


      Day 3 to come! smiley13.gif

    • RvBAwesome (Also known as RvBTO) PART 1!

      8 years ago


      Wooooooo alrighty then. Time to RvBTO journal it up! It might seem like I was just waiting for all the other journals and madness to die down but this is seriously the first real chance I've had since then to really sit down and write this up. So let's get down to business. To defeat...the Huns.

      First I just wanted to get something out of the way. Thank you everyone for this:

      I know, the comment wasn't actually that funny at all, but all the same, it's pretty cool to just see that number next to something I wrote.


      So Toronto. Oh boy, Toronto. So great, so wonderful, and so magical. I met some of the greatest people I'll ever meet. I know for many of you, events are difficult to get to for money reasons, but let me tell you, if you can spare the price, it's absolutely worthwhile. One of the best times you'll have.

      Now then on to the event. First was me arriving with Barb by train Friday afternoon. From there, we met up at the Delta Chelsea hotel with Mike, Schraver, and Trevor and went in search of food. We wanted to find Greg and Juls to go with us but we didn't know where they were so we had to go without them :(

      Lunch was at the Elephant and Castle, a nice pub next to the hotel. Afterwards, we went to the room where Greg lept out at us furiously with a dino roar! We soon got a call from Allison giving us information on Juls' whereabouts and we soon found her too, and so our awesome room was formed!

      Then at night, the fun "officially" started. It was official unofficial formal night, and many people, including myself, came dressed up all fancy like. There was Rock Band, drinking, Kinect, more drinking, food, good times, drinking, and more! Highlight of the night was clearly when, while playing Dance Central, wanted to rid herself of her shoes to make it easier to Dance. So she kicked them off and accidentally sent one sailing into the nose of Josh (Blue_Team) who was sitting nearby. He was alright, thus it was hilarious.

      All in all, a great night. Some pictures of the proceedings for your viewing pleasure, and as always, more to come!


      Day 2 to come!

    • Returned

      8 years ago


      Wooo so yeah, you probably don't need me to tell you how incredible RvBTO was, given the loads of other journals dedicated to that already..........but you're gonna get a massive one (or two) describing the experience from me anyway, similar in style to my RTX ones, so deal with it bitches. Good, glad that's settled. I don't quite have the energy to type stuff up now, but be warned, they are coming.

      Be afraid

    • To TO!!

      8 years ago


      In the morning, at least.

      8:45 is our train's departure time. We should be in Toronto around 1:15-1:30.



      J/K love you all

    • i am

      8 years ago


      a pretty pony

    • A primer on Canada

      8 years ago



      This is meant to be for those who are coming to Canada for the first time at RvBTO, though it works if you also just happen to be visiting here for an unrelated reason in the near future too.

      One thing to know is that most major Canadian cities, especially Toronto, are very similar to their American counterparts. As far as commercialism, population density, hobos, nightlife, food options, etc, you'll be in familiar territory if you've been to NYC or Chicago, for example.

      Anyway, general important facts to note:

      smiley9.gif Have Canadian cash on hand, but if you run out or whatever, the vast majority of places take American money too, at least up to denominations of 20.

      smiley9.gif Visa and Mastercard are safe bets for credit cards. Don't rely on Amex because more and more places are NOT accepting it.

      smiley9.gif Everyone speaks English, don't worry.

      smiley9.gif Sweet Tea is just called "Iced Tea". Optionally, just ask for the brand name (i.e. Nestea, Brisk) if you're unsure.

      smiley9.gif Doughnut holes are called Timbits.

      smiley9.gif What you know as 'Smarties' are called 'Rockets' here.

      smiley9.gif Smarties in Canada are a type of candy similar to M&Ms.

      smiley9.gif It's not cold here in the summer. Please don't bring a winter coat.

      smiley9.gif Looking to try a new beer? Ask for a Keith's.

      smiley9.gif Zee is pronounced Zed.

      smiley9.gif Try a poutine at least once.

      Hmm, can't think of a whole lot else. Any other suggestions from other Canucks or questions you foreigners may have can be done below.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone in TO! smiley13.gif

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