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    • Birthday Time!

      8 years ago


      So listen up everyone. It's the birthday of a very special woman today.

      Can you guess who it is?

      That's right!

      Lindsay Lohan!


      JK Happy birthday Barb <3

    • BAM

      8 years ago



      Jesus gives woman orgasm

      Apologies in advance to any easily offended Evangelical Christians, but this was too amazing to not share.

    • OoT or LttP?

      8 years ago


      Ok, I know this may seem obvious to most of you, but some people simply refuse to listen to common sense and reason.

      Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game, correct? Not the still-good-but-not-as-good Link to the Past, right? K, good.

    • Ok, this is getting ridiculous

      8 years ago


      Your: Possessive. Belonging to you.

      Example: Your bicycle. Your job. Your spouse.

      You're: Contraction of "You are".

      Example: You're all wet. You're getting taller. You're going to be late.

      I know they sound the same. But seriously now.

      Note: I'm not calling out any specific people. This is just a general reminder because I see this EVERYWHERE. Not to be a grammar nazi, but this is to help those of you that are guilty of doing it. It makes you sound uneducated whether you are or not, and not be taken as seriously, which is unfair to you. So please try to take care when writing this stuff, even if it's just the internet smiley8.gif

    • So this new t-shirt model

      8 years ago


      Soooo much better than that lame old one!

      Who's with me?!

    • Talking to Americans

      8 years ago


      I was recently talking with someone about this special I remember seeing on TV. It was by a Canadian comedian and satirist named Rick Mercer and it was called Talking to Americans. Now, naturally you can see where this is going. It's basically 45 mintues of him going up to random people in the street and getting them to say things that exposes their ignorance about the country. It's actually quite funny, especially when he gets high level politicians into the mix and to say things such as "Canada, congratulations on getting your new 24 hour clock". Most Canadians on here have seen this I'm sure, but I'm sure most of you others haven't given that it was aired on CBC.

      It's like a Canadian version of Jay Leno's Jaywalking, to give you an idea.

      If you've got time, have a watch. It's broken up into 15 minute segments.

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

      Oh and this is what a real Canadian accent sounds like. Not like mine. This guy's from Newfoundland smiley8.gif

    • RTX Journal the Sixth - Part 2 (FINAL)

      8 years ago


      Ok, really, this is actually the last part now. Sorry to be all Harry Potter on you guys here. Part 1 is here.

      So right, I'm going to try to mention and say a few words about everyone I met or hung out with in Austin. Once again, if you are not mentioned, then we are either not yet friends on RT (because I used my friends list to help me not forget anyone) and/or we didn't speak enough for me to remember you or you never mentioned your username to me. There is no intention to offend here, just remember that. In NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

      Leprasaun - Coolest small guy I know. And a fucking pimp, too.
      coolcaiti - Even nicer in person than online if that's even possible and extremely gracious to allow me to stay with her and the other Aussies in Austin. Also, BUTTCAWST!
      Indiefaerie - Great cuddler <3 haha
      Jennacide - Coolest chick this side of Minnesota. Very entertaining and awesome person to talk to.
      RandomRvBFan - The man behind the RT Live group and a good friend. His phallis is the stuff of legends.
      joezombie19 - Good dude that doesn't come on TS nearly enough for my tastes, and one of my partners in crime for that awesome buttcast intro.
      John (Rocketwhore) - Filmmaker extraordinaire and all around nice guy. Except for that time he tried to make a move on me in bed. But that's a story for another time.
      John (Roadblock) - A constant source of entertainment, and one of the primary perpetrators of mockery regarding my whiteness. It sucks quite a bit that he won't be able to make it for RvBTO.
      John (Lamchopz) - A veteran presence in Teamspeak and the best drunk ever on Friday. May be mistaken for Kiyoshi at times.
      John (craZboy87) - A real nice dude and a valued member of RT Live and the community.
      stupid and Fushigihime - Didn't speak to you guys for long unfortunately, but there's the potential there for some good friendships. Just gotta meet you two again at some point :)
      SailorTweek - One of the nicest and most passionate members on the entire site, for sure. Always accommodating and welcoming and a great contributor to the community.
      Dopp - My brother from a Southern mother, seeing Dopp somehow creates less room in my pants.
      littledogs13 - Another cool bro from Teamspeak who I was glad to meet. Real name is actually sexdogs. Also, has he given you his card?
      lab12202 - Lauren!! It sucks I was only able to see and speak with you for a few scant minutes at lunch on Monday but it was still great to meet you all the same. You better come out to other events so we can talk more.
      AllisonDay - The sweetheart of Teamspeak and great reader of sexy stories ;)
      Fthreat - Ferrrnando! I had no idea you'd be such an awesome dude. Really hope to see you again soon.
      halo_dudette - A very pleasant and classy lady. Also mega bonus points for being Canadian!
      FBA_Scorp - Another awesome member of RT live and despite not talking to him much before on TS, was a super chill guy in person. Also apparently smells nice.
      FBA_Volt - I didn't get to speak to you as much as I would have liked, but you seemed like a good chap and I greatly look forward to your montage video.
      ChrisBotkin - Another cool little dude. I didn't know him at all before RTX, but he landed up being a source of entertainment for many. Just look at his profile pic with Caiti for evidence, heh.
      Newbs28 - The fact that Newbs was a family nickname even before the word Newbie existed is beyond awesome. Oh and you're a p. cool guy too.
      selfmadecelo - Fantastic photographer and current server overlord for Teamspeak. The man right here, folks.
      Nester82 - Met at the airport while being picked up by Allison. Certainly a pleasant fellow, though I unfortunately didn't get a chance to speak to him much in Texas. There's always TS though!
      Kiyoshiz - The fourth member of the foursome (BCBW!) of friends wearing black. A sexy half Asian man if I've ever seen one. May be mistaken for Lamchopz.
      EchoVector and Kellyrenea - Two of the guardian volunteers who I had the pleasure of meeting at dinner on Saturday. Both really cool people who did a great job at the event.
      Dimono - Ah Dimono. Commander tank top himself. I gotta say that it was quite the experience meeting you. Your energy is pretty boundless, and your devotion to your lover Devon is quite admirable.
      _Fire_Ball_ - The Southern belle of Rooster Teeth and one of the classiest drunk ladies you'll ever meet. Gives great hugs and has fantastic hair.
      Blitz120 - Met briefly in the hotel bar Sunday night, wish we could have spoken more but there was too much stuff going on.
      Panacamanana - And last but not least, my hero of the weekend, Panananananancacananacancananacnana. Gave us rides everywhere (actually seemed like he enjoyed doing it, no less) and was of course the person who supplied me with my RTX ticket in the first place. I owe him much and he asks for nothing. Stand up gentleman.

      So that's it. Once again, if you're not on that list, we either didn't speak or speak enough; and/or you're not on my friends list (or I just fucked up and forgot completely, in which case please tell me so I never forget you again). Also, add me if you met me and we're not friends.

      Thanks to those of you who read everything I had to say on RTX, I enjoyed writing it.

    • RTX Journal The Sixth - Part 1

      8 years ago


      Alright, as promised, here is the actual last entry in my RTX journal series. Except that it's broken up into two parts for reasons I will explain below. Anyway, no photos this time, just shout outs to all the awesome people I finally met in Austin. If you want to see the previous entries, just look at my previous 5 journals before the hijacking. Too lazy to link them.

      So yeah, here we go. To prevent missing people, I will be using my friends list to help me. So if I somehow forgot you than either A) We didn't actually speak enough for me to remember you/I spoke to you but didn't know your user name; or B) I don't have you on my friends list; or C) Both.

      Thus if you get offended that I didn't mention you, blame the fact that we have not added each other yet instead of my terrible memory :)

      First and foremost, I want to thank to RT staff for putting on an incredible event, especially after they decided to honor every ticket sold and thus had to change their plans to accomodate more than twice as many people. They did as good a job as one could possibly expect, and the only hiccups (at least that I witnessed) were food related, with catering cancelations. And even with all that, every staff member was still very happy to chat with anyone, sign things, and pose for endless amounts of pictures. So major props to all of them, even those that weren't part of the planning process and flew to Austin to be a part of the weekend. Thanks to Burnie, Matt, Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Joel, Jack, Jason, Nathan, Dan, Chris, Marshall, Martha, Jeff, Nico, Kerry, Ben, Kathleen, Yomary, Luke, Becca, Brandon. and Monty. And Gavin for that great coke can video. It's a shame he couldn't make it.

      Next up are two people that were the backbone of RTX, Barbara and Caleb. They were so much more than volunteer coordinators, and were one of the main reasons RTX was as great an event as it was. Thanking the staff is what generally comes first to most people's minds as, well, they're the staff. But right next on the list should be these two who worked their asses off all weekend. Be sure to thank them for their hard work if you haven't yet. Barbara's a lame smellypants though smiley12.gif

      Beyond those that made the event possible, I of course have all the awesome site members I met to thank for not only being so welcoming of me to the site, but also being kickass people in person, as I knew you'd all be. However, in making this list up, I discovered I have run out of character spaces. So, guess that means this'll have a part one and part two! Part two will contain my massive list, and you'll see why I had to break it up. smiley13.gif

    • Silly me

      8 years ago


      I really shouldn't leave my RT account logged in when my sister is home visiting.

      BTW, Barbara is the prettiest, smartest, coolest, most wonderful person in the whole wide world. I am inferior to her in every way possible.

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