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    • 30 Karma eh? Journal excuse GO!

      8 years ago


      Hey cool, 30 Karma. I gotta be honest and say when I joined this place, I had no idea what kind of experience I'd be in for. I knew I'd meet some incredible people as Barbara has no shortage of great things to say about this place. But I never knew how much I'd be embraced and simply absorbed so easily into the community and made part of it. Though to be fair I met some of you cool people at PAX East, so I already had an idea. Though I didn't know anyone, it was still really easy to talk to you guys.

      And now, for added fun, reread that with this playing in the background.

      Have a good one smiley8.gif


      8 years ago


      Just a warning, this is going to be a bit of a rant.

      So as some of you may know, my hosue internet has been out for a few days now and was for a few days last week. This all started because of a crazy ass windstorm with 60+ mph winds. Things were getting knocked over left and right, trees were falling over, traffic lights were going out, just madness. Anyway, so somehow this resulted in us losing internet for 3 days because Bell, our ISP, was slow getting their shit together. It wasn't even a problem with our internet either, it was their fiddling of switches and boxes and lines or whatever the fuck they do, because of other people having connectivity issues due to wind related problems.

      So our internet was knocked out from last Thursday until Saturday, after which they fixed it but put us on the wrong plan, with a slower speed. (2.5 instead of 7mb/s or something like that). So my dad yelled at them some more and they did something and brought it up to 6. Alright, but still not correct. So anyway, it stays like this until
      Wednesday when we come come and lo and behold, it's out again! Whoopee! So one angry phone conversation later and they say it'll be fixed by today (Friday). I believe though that the words of my dad to Bell were "this is your last chance."

      So yeah, losing internet for a few days is obviously not the end of the world and there are quite obviously people with bigger problems in the world, but that doesn't mean I can't be pissed at this. You don't realize how much you use and almost need the internet until you lose it. The biggest problem has so far been the lack of my access to Teamspeak to chat witht he other great members of the RT live group. You guys are seriously the best and I look forward to being back in the very near future assuming all goes well.

      Also, I'm posting from work now, for those wondering.

      Anyway, /rant. Have a good Friday all you cool people smiley0.gif

      EDIT: All is good now!

    • What the what?

      8 years ago


      It's only 23 days to RTX?? Holy carp! Yes, carp. Like the fish. I believe the notion of sea creatures are necessary in this instance. I know, I know, I must be out of my mind here.

      Man, I'm gonna have to like, spruce myself up in preparation. Like, lift some weights or put on some Old Spice ( Hello, Ladies ) or something.

      Anyhoo, are YOU going to RTX?

    • RT Live Awesomeness

      8 years ago


      So the RT Live Group has been spreading throughout the deep recesses of the site lately, and it's starting to get a decent bit of attention.

      You should wander over to the Rooster Teeth Community group and take a look at the newest interview.

      Also, very importantly:

    • A month later: Impressions!

      8 years ago


      Yeah so, I definitely wanted to do this on my one month anniversary, but this little thing called, "I didn't think of it until now", kinda stood in the way. So for the purposes of this journal, just pretend this was on the 16th. I mean, it really doesn't actually matter, but "A month later" sounds so much better than "A month and 10 days later". But I digress.

      My time on here for far has been nothing short of amazing. The people are obviously great, the site is cool, the videos are hilarious (I hadn't seen almost any of the shorts prior to becoming a member), not to mention that this has reinvigorated my love for RvB, the series. I had not seen past roughly episode 48 until just yesterday, and now I've finished season 3 and intend to go all the way through to the end.

      I find this place almost becoming a new facebook for me in that, it has become the default site I check when I first log onto a computer, replacing facebook in that regard, which I never thought anything would do for a long time. My favourite (yes, with a "u", suck it) thing to do is just read people's journals and check out stuff they've posted like pictures and videos. Whereas I felt like a stalker doing that on Facebook, here I feel like it's a mandatory part of membership.

      When I joined, some people told me that you generally find your "place" or group of people you most closely associate with, because there's frankly too many people and places to do everything and know everybody. Well, I can happily report that that place is the RT Live Group and equivalent Forum Thread.

      The major thing that I've come to love most about RT Live is TeamSpeak and the people that frequent it. I'm sure for those of you that haven't used it that you've seen it pushed by awesome people like Devon, Caiti, and Brian. It's the chat client everyone from the RT Live group uses to talk on a daily basis. We even do random tinychats. Incredible, spontaneous, and hilarious things come out of TeamSpeak so if you haven't tried it yet, check it out. You can find an FAQ here.

      Anyway, I'm done gushing. You may all continue to go about your daily activites.

    • Hope you guys like awful puns

      8 years ago

      Steven picture form, combined with very hasty and poorly done photoshopping.

      Check my photos section for evidence.

      Though I suppose the Ginyu one is more of a DBZ joke than a pun.

    • Canadian Sportscentre

      8 years ago


      Yeah that's right, Sportscentre.

      Anyway, there's a really funny duo named Jay Onrait and Dan O'toole that often anchor TSN's Sportscentre (the Canadian ESPN) and being at work, of course I don't really have much to do, so I was watching clips of these two and they're amazing, so I thought I'd share.

      Here's a top ten compilation someone made:

    • Dumb people

      8 years ago


      So I'm a security guard. At my place, we recently began a parking permit system. Employees have to come and register their plates. Simple right? Not for some people. Not several minutes after the email was sent out to everyone informing them of this, did we receive several responses from people not only asking ridiculous questions, but also using "reply all" (thus exposing their stupidity to every employee in the city). Some gems include:

      -"What do I do if I don't have a car?"
      -"Will you be responsible if the pass obscures my view and I crash?" (Keep in mind the pass is two inches tall and hangs from the rearview mirror. Yeah.)
      -"I don't want to do this because it will make my car more attractive to thieves."

      And of course
      -"Why is this necessary?"

      Oh yeah and of course a good quarter of them come not knowing their plate number. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT YOU DUMBASSES.

      Good god. For such smart people, some can be really fucking dumb.


    • Almost a week

      8 years ago


      So I just looked at my total time online and despite being a member here just over 3 weeks, I have somehow racked up about 150 hours of time online, which is coming up on a week's worth. Albeit I pretty much just stay logged in all day when at work, but it's not like it's just sitting there, as I'm generally ALWAYS checking it.


      Edit: Past a week now. 1 month LETS DO THIS

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