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    • A Quarter Century

      7 years ago


      That is my age as of 10:36am today, Eastern Standard time. I think the only new privilege I have now is that's it's cheaper to rent a car. But regardless, I still consider this a major milestone. It's the first birthday I'm celebrating as a member of the Rooster Teeth community, and the first that I'm celebrating with Julia.

      It's an imposing number, 25, though not as scary as the one coming up in 5 years time :S Apologies to any 30+ year olds on the site, not trying to make you feel old. You all look great for your age! ;)

      But yeah, thanks so much for all the well wishes and journals wishing me happy birthday, I appreciate it so much. I've always had the policy of personally thanking every person that says happy birthday on Facebook, and I will certainly do the same here. smiley13.gif

      Love you all smiley12.gif

    • Real Barb journal

      7 years ago


      Ok, ok, so my previous journal was clearly a joke based on Barbara finally getting hired by Rooster Teeth. This is for reals though.

      This is a monumental event. It for so long has been her dream. Most people on this site wish they could work for RT, but it's not even close to as much as she wanted it, and deserved it. She has been a member for over 7 years, and has put her heart and soul into it. I remember the day she told us Burnie said they were going hire her. She was overwhelmed to the point of tears. You could tell what a massive weight was lifted off her chest.

      In addition has helped out and gotten involved anywhere she could, and after many years, finally got a chance start directly helping them out at events. From there, it was only a matter of time. She will occupy the role of community manager, a role that this site has been sorely lacking. She also has the invaluable experience of a major community member, something not really any other current staff member can say, so she really knows both sides, which is a vital point of view to have within a company.

      Point is, this is a dream job of a lifetime for Barb, and I absolutely couldn't be prouder of her. She will help Rooster Teeth become better than ever, and as her brother, I'll always be behind her 100%.

      Love you smiley12.gif

    • Little Sister

      7 years ago

      Steven a pretty good song.

      Have a listen

      What else would I be talking about?

    • My Southern Journey

      7 years ago


      Gather round boys and girls, and I'll tell you a grisly tale, filled with turkey, ham, wilderness, biscuits, football, mattress moving, and of course, family.

      As you know if you have already read Juls' recent journal, I flew down to Durham, North Carolina last week to visit and meet her family and to partake in my first Thanksgiving (American or otherwise). While she just told you about all the hardships I apparently endured, I will give you the full scoop of my adventure. Please note that I'm a Canadian Jew, so this was pretty far out of the norm for me, though it turned out to be a wonderful time. But I'm getting ahead of myself! Read on!

      I get into Durham just before midnight late Wednesday, and picked up by Julia, and then whisked away to her house. Much of non-downtown Durham is very rural, so we went through a bunch of winding roads that I'd never be able to navigate, all while deftly avoiding an obstacle course of random wildlife. We finally arrived at the house, which was very nice, I might add, and pretty much went straight to bed.

      Next morning, I met her parents and presented them my Canadian gifts of Icewine (wine created from the nectar of crushed frozen grapes), maple cookies, and maple caramels! All were very well received. I spent the rest of that morning and early afternoon watching the preparations slowly take shape for a glorious Thanksgiving meal. Around 3 we sat down to eat. Among the dishes present were turkey, ham, green beans, sweet potato, stuffing, root veggies, mashed potatoes, mac n' cheese, baked bread and more! It was super delicious and was definitely all the food we needed for the rest of the day. That evening, we played Anomia and Munchkin with Julia's sister Rachel and her friends.

      Friday morning, Julia took me to Bojangles for breakfast for probably the best biscuit I've ever had. (Not that I had much to compare it to, Tim Hortons and McDonalds) I also will now refuse to call it anything but "Bohanglez". And then it was time to help her sister move. I don't mind helping people move on principle, though I'm not gonna lie and say that's what I bought a plane ticket and flew to North Carolina to do. But I digress. It didn't take THAT long, and at least we got some exercise out of it. There was of course the whole lunch bill thing afterwards at the diner we went to for lunch, but Julia already went into it.

      Anyway, that night we ate (you guessed it) leftovers! But it's ok, because Thanksgiving leftovers are amazing. The rest of the night was pretty much spent hanging around the house, watching college football, Julia getting me achievements in Plants vs. Zombies, and playing Ocarina of Time.

      Saturday was sadly my last full day in Durham. We were invited to a Zumba class that Rachel's friend teaches early that morning, but decided not to in favour of sleeping longer. We woke up and got ready to go to the Rembrandt in America exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art with Julia's mother, father, and aunt. Despite never really going and looking at art in a museum before, I found it quite interesting. You learn quite a bit about appreciating intricacies in artwork just from looking at all the paintings, especially comparing Rembrandt's paintings to those of his disciples or imitators, of which were also presented in the exhibit.

      We then went out for lunch at a great diner called Elmo's. I had a shrimp burger! Then it was off to shop at various cool trinket stores. The first had cool handmade items from around the world, and the second had tons of novelty stuff and Christmas decorations.

      That night, Julia and I ate Mexican as our final dinner in Durham. And Sunday we had a big breakfast cooked by her parents and before we knew it, were on our way to the airport :(

      It was such a great time, and despite some heavy lifting, wouldn't trade the experience for the world. smiley13.gif

    • What in the diddly fuck

      7 years ago


      First the US classifies pizza as a vegetable, which is probably about as valid as Skittles being classified as a fruit, but now I believe the EU has one-upped them:


    • Events of next year

      7 years ago


      So obviously 2012 is going to be packed with awesome events, just like this year was. Naturally though, it's nigh impossible to go to all of them given the time and especially money commitments that would be required. So, I've decided to talk about the three that I'm almost positive I'm going to. Those being, in chronological order, PAX East (April 6th-8th), RTX (July 6th-8th), and RvBTO (August 2nd-5th).

      PAX East: As far as Rooster Teeth related events, this is quite obviously the least related of the three. So if you're looking exclusively for RT stuff, this is not the event to go to. Though they will of course have a booth there, as they've been to every PAX. But if you're, you know, a normal person, and like OTHER things too, this event is amazing. A nerd culture motherload and things for everyone to do. I highly recommend it.

      RTX: This one will be interesting. No one (but the staff, presumably) knows exactly how this is going to go down. Reports indicate anywhere from 5000-10000 people, in stark contrast to last year's 500. This event will be a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, with game companies and the like, so almost like a mini PAX, but by RT instead of Penny Arcade. The event is sure to be a blast, and you'll likely have the opportunity to meet almost the entire staff! If you didn't get a chance to attend the first RTX, I can tell you they're all seriously cool people. My only reservation is the sheer number of people expected. Because of that, an HQ tour is no longer feasible, and the difficulty to meet and speak to each staff member will be multiplied tenfold from before. But I may be speaking prematurely as there isn't much info yet. I should also mention that you shouldn't be going exclusively to meet the staff, but to meet the community! We are a pretty solid group if I do say so myself.

      Ok, I'll admit, being from Canada, as well as being a sibling of one of the organizers, I may have a slight bias here, but I'm asking you to trust me on this one. This will be the last RvBTO (at least by the current group of organizers) and it will be the biggest and best one ever, for that there is no doubt. I am not privy to any plans yet made, but, having been to the previous one, I can tell you it is the premier fan event to be at. Unlike RTX, this event is created by the fans, for the fans. Yes, some staff will possibly attend as special guests, but it's all about the community and the people. You will meet a shit-ton of awesome folks and it will probably be one of your favourite times ever. If you had to choose only one event to go to in 2012, this would easily be it.

      So there you have it. My thoughts on three major events on next year. Which one(s) will YOU be attending?

    • RvBTO 2012

      7 years ago




      Aug. 2-5.

      LET'S DO THIS.

    • NYCC photos part 2!

      7 years ago


      So my first NYCC journal pretty much covered all the details, but in doing so, I didn't have enough room for all the pictures I wanted to post! So this journal will remedy that. It even includes several pictures from the night out mentioned in the podcast, with Michael and Chris talking to the douche and random girl some of which have already been stolen from my memory card and posted by Barbara >:(

      Anyhoo, the rest of the pics!



      Sunday night:


      Best ever:


    • NYCC EXPLOSION (journal)

      7 years ago


      It's once again that time, where I detail the wonderful times had at some convention or fan event. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately for my wallet New York Comic Con is the last such event that I will be attending at least until 2012.

      So right then, on we go. I land in Newark at roughly midnight, but don't get to Julia's apartment in NYC until almost 2am due to various unfortunate circumstances regarding C trains. Lame, but not the end of the world. Attempting to wake up early the next day was not enjoyable. Details of the rest of the morning can be found in Julia's journal, so I won't go into it, but we got to the con naturally around noon.

      We spend the day looking around at all sorts of awesome nerdy things, as one would think to do at a convention. However, one of the best parts of Friday was going to the Mark Hamill Spotlight panel. He talked about all sorts of things from stuff about Star Wars, to the Joker, his career in general, and more. One of the last things he was asked was to do a "Why so serious?" in his own Joker voice, and it was glorious. We even got to meet him briefly for a photo-op the following day! He appeared to be hitting on Juls a bit too. Oh Mark you sly dog. He asked if we were a couple, and then if we were married. When we said no, he jokingly said, "probably better that way." I have the picture but have not scanned it yet. I'll put it up hopefully tonight. But he was a really nice guy and it was fun meeting him. Didn't get his autograph though, because no joke, it would have cost $100. I guess because it's actually worth something.

      Later that night, we grab some late dinner Barbara, Michael, Andrew (Mistersir), Ray (Brownman), and several others at a restaurant that was probably too nice for what we were wearing. There was even a piano player next to us. I got pear and cheese (I think?) ravioli. It was pretty damn good actually.

      Saturday, besides the aforementioned Mark Hamill photo-op, we did another extensive walk around the show floor and even met up with my two good friends Sam and Jordan who were also there with their significant others. Right after lunch, we went to go check out Saintash's booth which she was running with her boss Dennis Colero. There was some pretty ballin' artwork, some of which unfortunately got stolen during the night :(

      That night, we went out for drinks with a whole whack of people from the site, which is always good times. I also realized with sadness that I forgot about attending the DBZ panel, though it was happening at 9:15 which was right in the middle of our night out, so whatever. You have no idea though how much I wanted to have Juls sit though some DBZ screenings though >:)

      Sunday was the last official day of the con which was sad because it was lots of fun. That day we did our usual browsing but also went up to the 4th floor to the anime area just to see what was up there. It was actually far less crowded than the crazy show floor, and also much cooler and not as smelly. Julia bought a Daria keychain (while humming the theme of course) and otherwise, it was mostly anime artists and exhibitors which neither of us took that much interest in. However there were two big windows where you could see most of the packed show floor which was cool. Got some pictures there. I also got to meet Nicki Clyne, who plays Cally in Battlestar Galactica, so that was awesome. She even signed her BSG board game placard that I brought. I unfortunately didn't get a picture with her as we had missed her photo op and that was the only opportunity they allow to get pictures with them. I did, however, get a creeper picture OF her ;)

      Sunday night was quite the adventure. You probably already heard most of the details on the podcast, so I'll let them stand for themselves, and instead present some photo evidence of the stories you heard, in my next journal. This journal will focus on pictures from the rest of the con.

      And of course, there were cosplayers aplenty, many of which I got pictures of. A bunch of pics got cut off. I'll put them with the next journal.

      Picture time!


    • Awesome journal of awesome

      7 years ago


      Two awesome things to report!

      1. Reached 100 watchers! Aww yeah.

      2. Mentioned in podcast! Awwwwwwww yeah.

      Edit: 3. Got an iPhone 4s! Awwww etc

      Carry on.

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      Don't post replies in your own comments. You go to other people's pages and comment there.


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      8 years ago

      surprised it took you so long to get on the website. welcome

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      8 years ago

      Yessss 1 friend and it's my sister.

      Next up my mother.

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      8 years ago

      Sigh. FINE

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