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    • RTX Journal The Fifth

      8 years ago


      We now get to my final RTX entry. It's been fun writing these, so I hope you guys who went liked reliving what happened and those who couldn't make it were able to at least feel some of the awesome that was RTX weekend smiley1.gif

      In the previous entry I showed Day 3 of RTX which was the final official day. However, that doesn't mean the fun was over. Monday was my last day in Austin as I had a flight later that day around 4:50pm. Since the only thing on the agenda that day was to go to the Salt Lick barbeque restaurant for Sidequest and goodbyes, we were able to sleep in as the time for the meetup was around 1pm.

      When we got there, not only was it blazing hot, but it initially appeared as though we'd be eating outside in the sun, because the Salt Lick, if you've never been, is a huge ranch like property, with an indoor area but also a huge outdoor area. Fortunately, while we were still outside, we were at least under a roof, so it was quite nice. And the food, oh boy the food. If you like BBQ, you owe it to yourself to go to this place. They served us family style, with three different kinds of meat (brisket, ribs, sausage), bread, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and probably some other things I forgot. And it was essentially all you could eat too. Great meal.

      And of course it was there I also said my goodbyes to everyone left who I had met in Texas. I was sad, but also looking forward to future RT events and RTX next year, where I will be meeting everyone again smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

      And now, some final other random pictures that I took throughout the weekend:


      And as requested by Crazyboy, the actual decent picture with him and Barb:

      And finally, here's where I do my best to mention everyone. You are all so amazeballs, it's hard to put into words.

      Ok actually no I lied. I can't do that yet. I also lied that this is my final RTX journal. Well I mean it's the final one detailing events, so I guess we can call the next one I make to be a BONUS ENTRY! It's just because I need one more to fully express my thanks to everyone and I really, really hate running out of character spaces and having the damn thing cut off randomly on me. I've had to edit my previous few journals numerous time to fix that issue. But I digress. Last journal to come!

    • RTX Journal The Fourth

      8 years ago


      It's that time again my lovelies. For the lazy, part 3 can be found by moving your mouse in such a way so that the little arrow on your screen is directly over these blue words and then left clicking. Or just regular clicking if you're on a Mac. But that's just silly talk. Or you could always just scroll down some more or something to find it. Your choice. Whateves. No skin off my nose. Though that would probably hurt. Not much between skin and bone along the bridge. Probably pretty delicate. Likely would bleed easily. So yeah, to sum up, play Portal 2.

      Anyway, this is the fourth installment in my RTX photo journal series. This one begins with Day 3, Sunday May 29th, and the official last day of the event :(

      This day was one of the most fun as we got to participate in the filming of a live action short, which will be released at some point in the indeterminable future. As always I will do my absolute hardest not to give anything away for those not present.

      So we were told to come dressed as zombies, and boy golly did people go all out. There were some absolutely incredible costumes. We (that being myself, Caiti, and Saun) did the beginnings of our makeup at the house before we went (with the help of Ainsley, of course, as I don't know a thing about makeup). She did my foundation and some darkness around the eyes, nose and mouth. We did the rest there, as someone had brought some makeup which we could use to make our skin pale, and some others had brought fake blood (one of which tasted like chocolate!) which we applied everywhere where blood would go well. All in all I think I pulled it off. If you're wondering how I looked, there's a picture of it in my images.


      Fine, I'll just put it here:

      A note though, I didn't take any pictures that day as my hands were sticky from fake blood, plus I didn't want to potentially ruin anything. In fact, the above picture was actually taken by Marcelo (also known as Marshin, and same guy who took the now famous hoola Geoff picture). Mad props to him for this.

      So the shoot itself went extremely well, other than that it was scorching and sunny outside. Even Gus said to me that it was roughly 15 to 20 degrees hotter than it normally would be that time of year. Everyone seemed to get badly sunburned, even those who actually applied sunscreen. I of course forgot to sunscreen the holes in my shirt, and I still have splotches of red in those exact spots smiley5.gif . Worse even, I got sunburned through my hair somehow. So parts of my scalp got partially burned. Not fun.

      Also that day, there was a chicken and waffles food trailer from Lucky J's that had to be called in last minute as the catering that was supposed to come cancelled, which caused all sorts of havoc as there was this one tiny food trailer to serve hundreds of hungry zombies. Fortunately it got sorted out eventually when other food was ordered and arrived promptly in the form of pizza and sandwiches.

      So that was the day. At night, it was dinner at Chili's and the farewell pool party at the Doubletree, which soon turned into a courtyard party after we were all kicked out of the area considering we were far too loud and more than double the allowed pool capacity. So we migrated to the lower courtyard, which then basicallyl turned into a hotel-wide farewell party with some people in the lobbies or at the pub or still in the courtyard. It was pretty chill. There were lots of goodbye hugs for those going home and many pictures taken.

      The sexy Caleb:

      Barb and Crazyboy (John):
      I specifically chose the one with Barb's derp face instead of the actual normal picture I took after. In case you were wondering.

      Ainsley getting drawn by Luke McKay. Check out her profile to see the finished product:

      Caiti and Lamchopz making their best faces at dinner:

      Me and Scorp:

      Me and Littledogs:

      Me and Lamchopz:

      I'm annoyed I didn't think to get more pictures with other people (don't worry, none of you are forgotten, I'll make sure to mention all of you in the next journal.) Everything was just happening everywhere and I was talking to so many people, I just didn't think about stopping to get pictures with everyone. I'm hoping other people took some. I do apologize to those who haven't been well represented in these pictures, and believe me, there really wasn't any rhyme or reason to most of these. Finally, I saved the best picture for last. Barbara's angry face sunburn which Monty was trying to poke or draw on or something like that, all night:

    • RTX Journal The Third

      8 years ago


      Picking up where we last left our heroes, this is part three of my RTX photo journal series.

      First things first, I know I said that I summarized the daytime in Journal The Second but I realized I forgot to mention the football circle we formed by Joel's suggestion. It was some good times and we got to see Marshall's bullet arm too as he laser beamed several Joel's way. Joel, to his credit, despite his claims to the contrary, can actually throw pretty well, though he tends to overthrow once in a while smiley8.gif

      Now then, on to the evening. Our large group waltzed on over to Japon, a Japanese restaurant near the Doubletree. Oh man this place was amazing. Not only did it have a fairly sizeable sushi menu, but even better, it had a Hibachi menu, complete with a grilling table and performing chefs that make shit right in front of you. Our chef was flipping bowls and spatulas and food all over the goddamn place. He even flipped a bowl of rice to Saun despite Saun being like "nooo" and sure enough, he didn't catch it and a good third of it of it spilled on him. Ahh, good times ^_^

      Before heading to the restaurant at the hotel:

      On the way there, A WILD FIRE HYDRANT APPEARS (they don't have these in Australia):

      Pics from restaurant:

      Delicious meal. I would definitely recommend anyone in the area to go there if you somehow haven't.

      And that about wraps up Saturday, May 28th and Day 2 of RTX. Sunday and Monday still to come!

    • RTX Journal The Second

      8 years ago


      Alrighty then on we go. If you missed part 1, it's right over yonder.

      Also, as before, there will be no spoilers here, both for courtesy and legal reasons.

      Now then, day 2 at RTX started around 9:30am. We cabbed over to the Alamo theater for some hot screening action (BCBW!). Until everything got started, they had a repeating loop of 90s commercials and cartoons, as well as a segment from RvB animated. Finally, Griffon, Ben, Nathan, and I believe Marshall, came in to introduce the stuff we'd be seeing. It's already known that the main draw was the 20 minutes of season 9, which was amazing, but there was also some other super cool stuff that I won't talk about here.

      A note about the Alamo theater, it had WAITERS AND MENUS. Like, they came and took your order and brought it to you and everything. Super awesome. I didn't order anything though because I didn't want to require urination during the screening.

      Afterwards, a large portion of the main cast came out to do some Q and A about season 9 and RvB in general.

      I should also mention that I didn't take any pictures or video the whole morning because we weren't allowed to while the screening was happening so I just didn't bother taking out my camera while there.

      After that, we were whisked away to the main Rooster Teeth compound! This place was huge. There was a giant tent and a humongous field, and right next to that was the RT headquaters! Ahh it was glorious. In the tent there was free beer and outside was a food trailer from P. Terrys. The main purpose though was the tours. Our badges had numbers and we were put in groups of 25 based on our numbers to go on tours of the RT facility with a staff member as our tour guide. Ours just happened to be the irreplaceable Joel Heyman who provided an informative and hilarious romp through the building.

      Coming up to the building:

      Our esteemed host:

      Achievement Hunter office:

      Drunk Tank podcast room:

      Naked Gus:

      Kitchen area (and Saun cameo!)

      RTX047.jpg ]

      Work area:

      Burnie's office:

      Xbox's and character specific controllers:

      Gus eating:

      Griffon's incredible Left 4 Dead door:

      Filming studio:

      Joel, Matt, Kerry, and Marshall preparing to film us in front of a green screen:

      This green screen that Caiti shows off so wonderfully:

      Finally, outside the building:

      Whoo that's a lot of pictures. Great times though, very cool seeing the place that we've seen so many times in shorts. And yeah, I definitely had a smudge of some sort on my lens the whole day smiley4.gif

      Anyway, other stuff that was going on there included Chris letting people try on the sidescrolling goggles from the Immersion pilot and then try to catch a ball. Very, very difficult. I think I managed 1 for 3 in catches. One even bounced off my head.

      There was also hoola hooping!


      Anyway, that about covers the daytime, More to come!

    • RTX Journal The First

      8 years ago


      Ok so I felt like splitting this up for each day is probably the best idea as it'll be easier to read and follow. Also, no spoilers of any kind will be discussed so no worries there. Just the awesome people and the times that were had.

      So this is my rough account of Friday, May 27th.

      So I get up at quite literally before the crack of dawn, around 4am. Woooo. Plane's at 6, connection in Detroit roughly 2 hours later, get into Austin around 11:15. Met up with an excited Nester who I knew from Teamspeak, and picked up by the sexy Allison, the beastly Saun, and the radiant Caiti. Post massive hugs, they took me back to the house which the Aussies were renting out for their time in Austin. It was at this house where I came face to face with the TeamSpeak lord and phallis master himself, Devon and the final member of the Aussie trio, the lovely Ainsley.


      It was then off to sushi! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures there but a lot of people there did, so they're out there. Just trust it was a rollicking good time. Also, this is where I learned some strange Australian facts for the first time. For those of you who are a bit squeamish, you might want to look away.

      Aussie Facts:
      -A comforter is called a "Doona" (Or dooner, can't be sure with the accent)
      -There are no traditional fire hydrants. They have these weird below the ground things.
      -There are no yellow school buses.
      -They love Vegemite (tasted it, still can't describe what it was like)
      -They had never heard of Aussie hair products
      -They call sweaters "jumpers"
      -They say things like "It's hot as" or "It's cold as" without saying what it is hot or cold as! Hot as hell? Cold as ice? I NEED MY COMPARISON WORD.

      And lots of other things too. But really, it just make them more endearing to me.

      Anyway, after some more hanging out with lots of other awesome people of which I will go into more detail in the near future OH OK FINE....THE MANLY MAN AND SEX MAGNET Dopp and dinner at Chilis, it was off to the banquet hall at the Doubletree hotel for the opening ceremonies, so to speak. It was there that almost the entirety of the staff was introduced and then later mingled with all of us in the crowd. There was also Grifball tournaments, merch booths, SW:TOR demonstrations and T-shirt giveaways, and several other games being shown off. All around good times.

      Drunk as all hell Lamchopz:

      Caiti making an awesome face and John (Rocketwhore):

      The Caiti photobomb:


      Marshin, Volt, and Scorp:

      Kiyoshi and Indiefaerie share a moment and...another Caiti photobomb:

      Staff arrives:

      Burnie introduces the staff:

      And then throughout the night I mingled and got pictures with many of the staff. The vast majority of waiting time I had was for Burnie. Not only was his line huge, but since he's such an overly nice guy, he generally speaks with people longer than everyone else so his lines tend to take longer. I did eventually get to speak with him for a bit though which was great. Also, I'll post the pics with the cast members in my pictures section at some point rather than here because it'll just take up too much space. This thing is long enough as it is.

      Anyway, so that was roughly Day 1. Pretty good start if I do say so myself. Day 2, 3 and 4 to come!

    • Back!

      8 years ago


      Massive photo journal to come!


    • Final journal before RTX

      8 years ago



      So leave for RTX friday at the crack of dawn (literally), and getting into Austin around 11am. Sooo massively hyped you have no idea. I'm even jealous of the people who have already arrived there. So since I'll likely be too lazy/busy to write anything tomorrow, I'll post my "prior to departure" thoughts now.

      smiley9.gif Firstly, mucho thanks to Panacamanana for without him, I would be ticketless. Big ups, brah.

      smiley9.gif Next, I'm making a list of shit I need to pack, because I will undoubtedly forget something. Please let me know if you see something missing from the following list: chapstick, advil, sunscreen, mouthwash, gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, thong, deodorant, swimsuit, towel, mascara, underwear, socks, shirts, pants, shorts, perfume, camera, DS, sunglasses. I think that at least mostly covers the essentials. What? No, I see nothing amiss in that list. What are you talking about?

      smiley9.gif Let us all be sure to not forget those who cannot make it. We will miss you dearly. You all know who you are and to try and name you would be a disservice to anyone I forget. So just know that we all wish you were coming smiley12.gif

      smiley9.gif For anyone that IS going, just remember I'm Canadian, so I'll have an initial look of confusion if a restaurant does not offer Poutine.

      smiley9.gif Lastly, on a somewhat unrelated note, I've finally caught up in RvB! Just finished season 8 a few minutes ago. Now that season 9 trailer I saw at PAX makes a bit more sense smiley8.gif

      So yeah, again, super amped, can't wait for Austin and to meet 500+ new friends smiley0.gif

    • May 26th

      8 years ago


      Well then, I never thought I'd ever be annoyed at being told I have a day off, but there's a first time for everything.

      Why am I annoyed, you ask? Well, said day, being Thursday May 26th, is the day before I leave for RTX. Now, the only reason I was even going in on Friday the 27th as opposed to earlier was because booking off time is difficult in my line of work as there always needs to be someone covering every post at all times. So I figured asking for a day off from one week and then one from the next (Monday the 30th) was going to be the limit in that regard. And so when I got the OK from Supes, I booked my flights accordingly.

      Ah, now you're starting to understand. So I get my schedule for next week and lo and behold, not only am I working this Sunday (which I already knew about) but also 12 hours instead of 9 on Monday, and NOT AT ALL on Thursday.

      Well shit. I wish I would had known that before so I could've spent an extra day in Austin! But there's no refunds or changes allowed for my trip so unless someone wants to spot me the roughly $800 it would cost me to book another flight, I'm stuck to my original plan.

      Like I mean, thinking about it, it's one of those good problems to have as there's nothing inherently wrong with the situation, it's just one of those what-ifs. And at the same time, I don't take trips like this lightly because I don't travel that often (this year is going to be an anomaly in that regard with all the RT events) so any extra days would have been super incredible. But alas.

      So ANYWAY, what I want to know from you is, what should I spend May 26th doing? (Other than packing)

      I've got some preliminary ideas, tell me what you think:
      -Video games
      -Sleeping longer
      -Worrying about my hair
      -Perfecting my Australian accent to blend in with Caiti, Saun, and Ainsley

    • Two months

      8 years ago


      Hey how about that. I didn't miss it this time! It was on March the 16th that I signed up to this place as a result of meeting people at PAX East and I gotta say it's been one of the best decisions I've made. So thanks to all!

      And no, I won't be doing one of these every month because that would start to get stupid-diculous. But just know the thought is always there smiley12.gif .

      PS. RTX in 11 days ZOMG

      PPS. Just finished season 5! I am still determined to catch up before RTX.

    • FAQ

      8 years ago


      Time for a small FAQ as certain questions tend to come up every so often.

      What is GDiff from?

      Well handsome stranger, it all started with a little game called Starfox 64, for the N64. Several characters, notably the badass that is Falco Lombardi, mentions the term "G-Diffuser." Hence, my regular online username for almost everything is "GDiffuser". Why is it shortened to GDiff here then? Well that's another great question.

      I made an account a few months ago when I thought it was time to finally join the site, but I messed up the capitalization and accidentally had "gdiffuser". As I wanted "GDiffuser", I figured I could just close the account and make a new one. And as you no doubt know, that does not work, because the name is otherwise the same and still in the system as a closed account. So after embarassingly considering "GDiffuser1" I decided to hold off on the account making, as I was clearly not ready for this. PAX East changed that when I met Gus, Geoff, Jack, and Griffon (briefly)as well as a bunch of other awesome people. That was the push I needed. Plus, GDiff is shorter and easier to say.

      BTW, how DO you pronounce your name?



      Oh you meant GDiff. Well, it depends who you are. The standard way would be "Gee-Diff". But if you belong to a select group, you might have your own way. One that rhymes with a certain Pokemon.

      Are you really Barb's brother?

      No. She's MY sister. Get it right.

      Where in Canada are you from?

      Ottawa, Ontario. It is the capital city of the country. To add to the confusion though, the city most think is the capital, Toronto, is the capital of Ontario -_-

      And finally...

      Do Canadian's really say eh? And live in constant snow and cold? And eat fries with cheese curds covered in gravy? And say 'aboot'?

      Yes, no, OH GOD YES, only Newfies.

      smiley12.gif 's to everyone.

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