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    • Crunching the numbers

      8 years ago


      Alright so let me work this out.

      My plan at the moment is to go to the following:

      PAX Prime

      This is ridiculous. And that's not even including that I already went to PAX East and am not going to Comic Con or Canwest. There's just too many damn events to go to! My wallet is emptying faster than a......comical metaphor I can't currently think of.

      So let's work this out then, roughly.

      Round-trip plane tickets (from Ottawa, Ontario, including taxes):

      Austin: $700
      Philadelphia: $450
      Seattle: $750

      Plus $90 for bus to Toronto.

      So we're currently at $1990, so we'll round up and say roughly $2000.

      Then we need to take lodging into account. I dont' expect to spend too much on this part, considering cramming rooms with people is apparently a Rooster Teeth community speciality, plus the possibility I might be able to crash at the houses of people I know in certain places. So we'll just throw in another $250 give or take on lodgings.

      Running total: $2250

      Then of course, we have food and booze. Oh dear. Alright, so I figure about $20 a meal, plus maybe $15-20 on alcohol per evening (don't plan on getting that wasted). That part is still open though, but that's what we'll go with for now. So that's

      Austin: 7 meals, 3 nights = $200
      Toronto: Same, $200
      Philly, roughly 5 meals, 2 nights, so $140
      Seattle: Don't plan to drink much given that it's PAX so we'll knock it back to one drink a night. But I'd also be going Thursday night, and back monday, so 4 nights, 10 meals = $220

      This could of course be all way off, but that's why it's very approximate.

      Running tally: Roughy $3000

      Lastly of course, there's everything else! Tickets to the actual events, transportation at the events, shit I buy, et cetera. So we'll just throw on another $100 per event. Plus other intangibles, taxes, and alleyway muggings,

      Let's then bring up the grand total to $3500 for all 4 events.

      Awww smiley4.gif

      Also, if you guys have any money saving tips for any of these events, or see any gross miscalculations one way or the other, please let me know. I haven't done math since grade 11.

    • Here is some little questions

      8 years ago


      Small change of pace, and a bit of an experiment. Considering none of you really know me outside of a charming demeanor and exhibiting witty repartee, and I don't really know all of you outside of everyone being really really ridiculously good looking, I think a mini Q & A is in order. You ask me a question or two, I will answer, and subsequently return the favour by asking you something. This benefits everyone because after all, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

    • Helsinki Jam

      8 years ago


      So to those of you not familiar with the work of Muse, my favourite band, what the hell are you waiting for? Figured if this journal business was good for getting across feelings and emotions, it's also pretty great at plugging smiley0.gif

      If you have never heard any of their stuff before, here's some stuff to whet your appetite.

      smiley9.gif Drum and Bass Jam (Helsinki Jam):

      And these next three are from the live album HAARP from Wembley Stadium:

      smiley9.gif Knights of Cydonia:

      smiley9.gif Stockholm Syndrome:

      smiley9.gif Time is Running Out:

      You also might have noticed everything I chose here is live, and that's because they're one of the few bands that's better live than in studio.

      Hope you enjoy smiley1.gif

      Oh and ignore the ones that say "Not available" or whatever, the youtube links still work.

    • :D :D :D

      8 years ago


      Just got this e-mail from Future Shop (only important parts left in):

      The item(s) below are now on their way to you!

      Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black"


    • Journal the FIFTH

      8 years ago


      So, I'm liking this journal feature. I've never really written a blog or ever used any outlet to express my feelings or thoughts before in a publicly viewable setting, so this is almost a liberating experience. I guess since this is my fifth journal, I'll make it a bit longer.

      smiley9.gif First, another huge thanks to those who have made me feel so welcome on this site, from those who wrote comments, to giving me karma points, to watching me, and obviously to friend requesting me. I realize that being the brother of Blawndee certainly didn't hurt matters in this regard, but I feel that that association merely brought attention to me faster than an average newbie, but absolutely does nothing to take away from how great the attitudes and personalities of the userbase on here is. I've honestly never seen a site with such a high percentage of quality people.

      smiley9.gif Also on that note, thank you honestly for everything you've done for Barb. This place means so much to her and you have all played a part in it.

      Annnnd I think that about fills my heartfelt feelings quota for the year.

      Now I see I'm in the top 100 modded members. Good lord, you guys are good smiley8.gif


      8 years ago


      I was wondering how you guys did all the cool stuff you do. Now I know. And for $20 a year, I'd say it's well worth it, especially to support the staff and all the effort they put into keeping us entertained.

      P.S. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley1.gifsmiley1.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif

      P.P.S. I'm still very happy to accept random friend requests. I also wouldn't mind if you said hi while you were at it.

    • Suggestions!

      8 years ago


      Ok, so I've already asked several people about their favourite places on the site. Now I humbly request that those who see this journal give me some of their suggestions. I'm talking groups, forum threads, videos, etc. This place is far too massive for one man to navigate, so some possible direction would be great!

      Thanks <3

    • Barbara is far too powerful

      8 years ago


      Far too powerful. I'm kinda scared.

    • Friends

      8 years ago


      Hi everybody. I'm Steven. Guess it's time I finally joined this place. You all seem like very wonderful people. So what I'm basically saying is RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS PLZ.

      I'm sure I'll look back at this in years and see how young and foolish I was. And then realize that the only difference from then would be the young part.

      Seriously though, good to be here, and I hope to soon be able to consider all of you friends <3

    • 2019 years ago

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