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    • Been Away for Awhile

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      Apologies to have disappeared at the beginning of August, but I needed to attempt to get my life together after making no headway on the job front. I was (at the time) sitting at home everyday since finishing school in April, applying to the odd job, but going nowhere.

      I ended up applying to a few jobs where I got interviews, but none went my way. I ended up taking a near-volunteer job as a ‘Team Manager’ for our local university’s women’s hockey team (after working with my alma mater’s team for four years). Needing money for rent and other things, I have also taken a full-time job at our mall’s newest store, Miniso.

      Since late September, though, I have been pretty distressed because I did not even get an interview for a basic assistant position at one of our province’s hockey associations (which I thought I was really well-suited for). So, I applied to go teach English over in Japan. I am still waiting to hear about that, and won’t until a month or so into the New Year.

      I’ve also considered going back to school, either for Film and Television or History. I’m in a really weird headspace, not knowing where I’m going despite getting two jobs since I last posted. And I still really want to contribute and help others, but I need money in order to do that. Giving away smiles and holding doors open is about all that I can do right now.

      On a more positive note, I’ve been playing ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’ for the past week, and it is really good! I also finally watched ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ a few months back, and got a collector’s edition of the complete ‘Downton Abbey’ series for my birthday! Not to mention that I finally watched the second season for Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan, both of which were amazing! I also bought my brother a Switch for Christmas (bundled with Super Mario Odyssey) despite not having a lot of money.

      I hope you will all be in the giving spirit this Christmas,

      Steven P.

    • The Assassin's Creed Trophy Trap

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I am so close to beating ‘Assassin’s Creed 3!’ And I don’t just mean finishing all the sequences, but getting 100% sync (currently at 98%).

      The first time I played the game (last year), I did not pay attention to what percentage my sync was. But, since the Ezio trilogy came to the PS4, I’ve become quite the perfectionist when it comes to these games.

      Unlike the PS3 trophies for the games, the ones on the PS4 seemed more manageable. I was able to get the platinum trophy for each (my first ones, ever), which resulted in me also getting 100% sync for each game.

      I was hoping this tendency would not switch to the next games, as it takes quite a while to do everything, but it has. Darn it all! I just want to enjoy the stories for each game and not feel pressured to complete every little thing. But then there are special trophies and in-game items to unlock, and I feel the itch to complete everything.

      I am going to try to overcome this growing impulse with ‘Black Flag,’ as the game already takes a long time with the amount of travel done. We’ll see, though. By the time I finish ‘Syndicate’ in preparation for ‘Origins,’ I think I’ll have gone grey.

      Nothing is true, everything is permitted,

      Steven P.

    • I Purchased the Original Pokemon Games!

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      As the title implies, I purchased all the generation one and two games (on eBay); they even all have new batteries! I cannot wait to play them…again.

      I sold the games I used to have out of guilt for a deed I will not describe on here (don’t worry, it wasn’t illegal or immoral). So, after having forgiven myself three years later, I got my games back. Pokemon Crystal was the first Pokemon game I ever got, followed by Yellow. Ever since 2001, I have been a huge Pokemon fan.

      There is a system I have in place for playing them, switching from first to second generation three times to play all the games (i.e. Red -> Gold -> Blue -> Silver -> Yellow -> Crystal). And, if I play my cards right by being vigilant on eBay, I can do the same with three and four, five and six, and then play the seventh again in time for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

      The only dilemma is that I am trying to work my way through all the Assassin’s Creed games – currently in the last sequence of AC3 (I still have to go through the DLC) – and I am searching for a job relevant to my degree too.

      I feel my priorities are in the right order,

      Steven P.

    • So Tired...

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I was at it again with our patio DIY, as there was a bit of a break in between work sessions while we waited for patio stones to be delivered. I will spare you the details, but my day comprised of a lot of driving and a lot of heavy lifting.

      Nothing new to report otherwise, other than I finally got ‘Sailor Moon S (Part 2)’ on DVD. Super happy about it; now I just need to wait for ‘Super S’ and ‘Sailor Stars’ to be released by Toei Animation!

      In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you,

      Steven P.

    • Idea: Harry Potter on TV?!

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I was thinking yesterday about Harry Potter, and how the movies were done in relation to the books. The movies were great, but what if Harry Potter was a television show instead?

      Either at the beginning of the 2000s or more recently with the quality programs Netflix is airing, wouldn’t Harry Potter have been great as a television show too?

      Before you think “No way, the movies were prefect,” keep in mind that a lot of content that was in the books was cut out (especially in ‘Order of the Phoenix’). Harry Potter on television, with hour-long episodes and each season spanning one book, would have been more detail-oriented. Backstories could have been delved into more, as well as character development (for secondary characters). Some artistic liberties could be taken as well due to there being no limitations to fit everything in one book in a 2-2.5 hour span.

      Just airing this aloud; I would have loved to see Harry Potter as a television show (I still love the movies, though). Maybe a new series could delve into the founding years of Hogwarts, Voldemort and his rise to power, or the exploits of the original Order of the Phoenix. I may look at this idea more, in time.

      I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,

      Steven P.

    • My List of N64 Mini Games

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      With the recent trademark application hinting towards the possibility of a Nintendo 64 Mini, it has gotten me thinking on what games I would like to see on it. You naturally have your own wish list; ‘The Know’ did their own segment on what games they would like to see, albeit before the trademark of the N64's unique controller surfaced.

      My list, which assumes that there will be as many games with the N64 Mini as there are with the SNES Mini (i.e. 21, because any less seems disappointing, right?), will not be taking into account licensing, as this is a “wish list.” The games are in alphabetical order (except for the 21st), as it would be difficult to arrange them by favourites; there were so many classics! So, here is what I hope will be on the N64 Mini.


      1. 1080 Snowboarding

      A killer soundtrack, this game is a bit hard to get used to at first. But, ‘1080 Snowboarding’ successfully creates a fun and smooth experience, with Nintendo being able to showcase their ability to make memorable sporting experiences with 3D graphics.


      2. Banjo-Kazooie

      A personal favourite that it a step above ‘Super Mario 64’ (in my opinion), the witty dialogue, catchy music, and memorable cast of characters make this a “must play.” It is a bit frustrating dying within levels while trying to get all 100 notes, as the note counter resets to 0. This was fixed in the Xbox 360 version, so hopefully it can carry over. Same goes for Stop ‘n’ Swap.


      3. Banjo-Tooie

      You can’t have one without the other. With the same great qualities as the first, this sequel also builds on its predecessor by giving the player a lot more to do (akin to the first and second generations of Pokemon). There is a great deal of backtracking to be done, which may be a turn-off for some, but ‘Banjo-Tooie’ is a fresh and entertaining adventure throughout.


      4. Diddy Kong Racing

      Introduced a year after ‘Mario Kart 64,’ ‘Diddy Kong Racing’ is more than just a racing game. The game features a story mode, with a collectible component which was a trademark of two other Rare-developed games (see 2, 3, and 5). There is a multi-player mode to race with friends, but the adventure within is enough to keep someone coming back.


      5. Donkey Kong 64

      Another Rare treasure on the N64, ‘Donkey Kong 64’ borrows many concepts from other platforming games of the time. Rare’s hallmarks of unique characters, funny dialogue, and a great soundtrack are all present, this time with a brand Nintendo fans are used to. The collect-a-thon nature and backtracking may deter some, as with the Banjo games, but the experience is a worthwhile one.


      6. F-Zero X

      I have never played an F-Zero game before, but I have heard many good things about the franchise; I have also heard a lot of complaining that there has been no new iteration in a while. Racing to the extreme, this version sacrificed graphical detail to ensure the game ran at a smooth 60 frames per second. The Expansion Kit, which was released for the 64DD in Japan, would be a nice addition.


      7. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

      This is Kirby’s only outing on the N64, and therefore his first foray into 3D (well, technically 2.5D). Kirby games have a similar formula, so there isn’t really anything for me to say regarding the game. You do get to play as King Dedede at certain stages, so that is pretty neat.


      8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

      The time limit given may be annoying, but the game retains its place as one of the best in the series. Being able to transform with different masks is definitely unique, with the complex (if not darker) story proving to be one of the best things about this game. Keep in mind, too, that development here took one year compared to the four years it took to make ‘Ocarina of Time.’


      9. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

      One of the best games in the series (‘Link to the Past’ and ‘Breath of the Wild’ are the contenders), ‘Ocarina of Time’ is an absolute masterpiece. Like ‘Majora’s Mask,’ it was remade on the 3DS, but the originals still hold up. ‘Ocarina of Time’ itself is crucial to the lore of the series – with the timeline branching to three different possibilities based on the ending – and crucial to this collection.


      10. Mario Kart 64

      Although the graphics are a bit of a turn-off (compared with the likes of ‘Diddy Kong Racing’), this game is still very entertaining with a group of friends. There were definitely some lessons to be learned in course design (ahem, Wario Stadium), but ‘Mario Kart 64’ remains a staple of the console.


      11. Mario Tennis

      Easy to play, and fun to play with others, this is another example that Nintendo can make excellent sports games. It may be looked at negatively for introducing the world to Waluigi, but the various modes are enough to keep one entertained, despite the graphics. Possibly, Nintendo could enable wireless/infrared with the N64 Mini to allow connection to the 3DS, which has the GBC version of this game on the virtual console (which originally could be linked to the N64 game with the Transfer Pack).


      12. Mario Party 3

      With issues arising from the first Mario Party due to some minigames causing blisters (having to spin the control stick around) and Mario Party 2 already being on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles, this seems like the best one to put on here. With four controller ports (all hopefully working), it could be great getting friends together to play this one.


      13. Paper Mario

      The latest games in this series have been disappointing, to say the least; this is one of the best. On a system that lacked proper RPGs, this game was welcome for its funny dialogue and unique sense of style. Although there is often debate on whether this or its successor is the best one, there is no second-guessing the place ‘Paper Mario’ has on the Nintendo 64.


      14. Pilotwings 64

      With its predecessor skipping the SNES Mini, this game is similar in that it was also a launch game for its respective console in North America. Although it has not aged well, especially when compared to ‘Pilotwings Resort,’ the sense of exploration and flight mechanics make this a very freeing game compared to other games where flight was a main factor (ahem, ‘Superman’).


      15. Pokemon Puzzle League

      Possibly the best puzzle-based game I have played, I hold fond memories of this game: me playing against my parents, my parents playing against each other, and trying to beat Mewtwo. Very addicting, Pokemon fans will be especially drawn to the game due to the story mode loosely following the plot of the first anime series.


      16. Pokemon Snap

      Although disappointing that all the original 151 Pokemon cannot be photographed, this is still a great game where curiosity is rewarded. You will definitely be replaying levels, but it’s fun to experiment and see Pokemon in their natural environment. And some of the Pokemon are just so darned cute!


      17. Pokemon Stadium

      Pokemon is great on the handheld console, but a necessary step on bringing it to the N64 was to make Pokemon 3D. Revolutionary, this game enabled you to face off against trainers and Gym Leaders, play various mini-games, and connect with your GB Pokemon games. A nice bonus from Nintendo would be the ability to connect the Pokemon games on the virtual console to keep many of the features intact.


      18. Pokemon Stadium 2

      Similar to the first game, this version incorporates the second generation. Just as fantastic for hardcore Pokemon fans, I reiterate my opinion that connectivity to the 3DS would be a nice bonus.


      19. Super Mario 64

      Despite not having aged that well, this game is a must-play. And it is still entertaining, even if it graphics can’t compare to Mario’s latest 3D outings. With many staples of the series being introduced (movement mechanics, Stars), this game is essential to this collection.


      20. Super Smash Bros.

      One of the best ideas of all time, this game was the start of a spectacular series. With a roster that is small compared to the Wii U/3DS versions (12 compared to 58), ‘Super Smash Bros.’ nevertheless enabled Nintendo to highlight many of their franchises in one package. Although the controls aren’t as great as today, this game is still a blast to play by yourself or with friends.


      21. Earthbound 64

      Similar to ‘Star Fox 2,’ this game would be a boon for the N64 Mini. Know as ‘Mother 3’ in Japan, it has never been released in any form outside of its home country. It was originally intended to be an N64 game, and was cancelled in Japan – 60% complete – when priorities were changed to the Gamecube. This may be less likely than ‘Star Fox 2,’ but imagine the reception if this was announced.



      Well, there you have it. Naturally, there will be some variance between what I have here and what you are hoping for. Some other games that were close to making my list were:

      -          Goldeneye 007

      -          Mario Golf

      -          Spider-Man

      -          Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

      -          Wave Race 64

      If the N64 Mini does get announced, you can bet your Expansion Pak I will be waiting outside my local game store hours before it launches (I learned my lesson from the NES Mini, where I arrived 30 minutes ahead of time). Are you fond of Nintendo’s strategy to play on our nostalgia? Would you get the N64 Mini, if it ends up being released? And what games would you want on your wish list for the N64 Mini?

      “Get N or Get Out,”

      Steven P.

    • Rights and Freedoms

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I don’t like to be political and divulge my opinions on the subject, but I felt what came out in the news today regarding Drumpf is a human rights issue that could breed more inequality in the United States (and, with a ripple effect, the rest of the world).

      The banning of transgender individuals from serving in the military is yet another instance of Drumpf showcasing his bigoted nature. I have seen a lot of tweets bashing him and showing support for transgender individuals, so I can at least take comfort from that.

      Using Twitter, yet again, as his own public forum, Drumpf stated that “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” This quote in itself is absolutely disgusting when you look at the numbers of how the military directs annual healthcare-related spending (thank you Adam Ellis for retweeting this): 

      -          Viagra: $41.6 million

      -          Cialis: $22.8 million

      -          Transgender medical care: $8.4 million

      Do not buy Drumpf’s excuses. As with previous policies, “[t]his is an agenda based on discrimination” (Stephanie Frosch via Twitter). Even if he won’t, continue to treat everyone equally and ensure the same freedoms are had by all.

      Instead of questions for you, the reader, I have a quote for you to consider: “Equality is not a concept. It's not something we should be striving for. It's a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny [and homophobia and transphobia] that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who's confronted with it. We need equality. Kinda now.” – Joss Whedon

      Stand together and create kindness every day,

      Steven P.

    • Can-eh-dian Television Shows

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I thought I would put together a nice list of Canadian television programs you may want to take a look at after finding out one of my favourites is making a return in 2018. Although a lot of what is on TV originates from the USA, there are still some good quality shows coming north of that border. So, here you are.


      1. Corner Gas (2004-2009, 2014, 2018-)

      A comedy series set in small-town Saskatchewan, the show goes sans-laugh track as it follows the lives of Brent Leroy (Brent Butt) and friends. Originally airing for six seasons, a movie was released in 2014. Now, in early 2018, the show will return in an animated format.

      This show bases a lot of the humour on the personalities and quirks of each character, with each character still being relatable. The chemistry of the ensemble cast is quickly apparent, with the writing being quite witty. Many Canadian personalities make cameo appearances, including two different Prime Ministers, preaching just how engrained the show is in the national psyche.

      Your best bet to watch this show is to get the DVDs. Currently, you can get the whole series for $60 on Amazon (with the movie being $14).


      2. Murdoch Mysteries (2008-)

      Murder. Mystery. Victorian era. This show is based in late 19th century Toronto, following Police Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) as he uses ingenuity and resourcefulness, along with then unheard-of methods, to solve crimes. This show has been renewed for an eleventh season, but you may find it named ‘The Artful Detective’ in the USA (on the Ovation cable TV network).

      This is a classic case of “who done it?” Besides the well-written plots, you may also be drawn to the chemistry between the characters and the classic charm that accompanies the setting. Expect a lot of cameo appearances, although they often play more integral parts than those who cameo in 'Corner Gas.' Many historical characters are also highlighted and are central to the plots of some episodes.

      If you have the Ovation network, you could watch it on there. Netflix (in Canada, at least) also has seasons 7-9. However, Amazon would be the best choice, again, for you to watch this show. Seasons 1-4 are $50 as a set, while seasons 1-9 are packaged together and priced at $170.


      3. Saving Hope (2012-2017)

      I have never been a large fan of hospital dramas, but this isn’t your average hospital show. It also has a supernatural feel, as one of the main characters is in a coma and interacts with other patients who are either similarly unconscious or about to “pass on.” You may recognize the two leads, Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, from 'Smallville' as Lois Lane and Hawkman, respectively.

      The chemistry between Durance and Shanks is perfectly played out, with the other characters on the show bringing their own unique characteristics to the point where this feels more like an ensemble cast.

      Ion Television currently airs the show in the USA, but Amazon prices range from $15-$28 depending on the season. The series finale airs in the beginning of August.


      4. Schitt’s Creek (2015-)

      Yes, how you are thinking it should be said is how it is pronounced. Starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, this comedy follows the lives of the Rose family as they lose their family fortune and move to the town they own, 'Schitt’s Creek.'

      The comedic timing of Levy and the rest of the cast is par for the course, as the show goes with no laugh track, bringing out the funnier moments all the more. The writing quality and witty jokes are similar to that of 'Corner Gas,' although often a bit raunchier.

      The series airs on Pop (previously the TV Guide Network) in the United States, and the first two seasons are on Netflix (in Canada, not sure about elsewhere). The seasons hover around the $20 range on Amazon.


      5. Degrassi (1979-1986, 1987-1989, 1989-1991, 2001-2015, 2016-)

      This show has gone through many different iterations, with each series being somewhat connected. It revolves around teenagers at Degrassi High School, where sensitive topics are brought into plots, including teen pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, LGBT themes, and more.

      A staple for youth in Canada, this series casts actual teenagers to make the show seem more realistic. The topics may be sensitive, but it is all done very tastefully; it can then be deemed a learning experience. The characters are easy to get attached to, however, with the overall product being something that isn’t necessarily just for teenagers. Oh ya, and Drake got his start on this show.

      You can go on Amazon for all the previous incarnations of the series; I won’t bother listing all the prices here. The newest version, 'Degrassi: First Class,' has seasons 1-3 available on Netflix worldwide.



      So, hopefully I have given you some ideas for your next show to binge-watch. I know you may all be enthralled by the new season of 'Game of Thrones,' but keep this in mind for once it finishes. And make sure to eat some poutine and drink some bagged milk while watching to get the complete Canadian experience.

      Happy binge-watching, eh,

      Steven P.

    • Wonder Woman (No Spoilers)

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I finally had the pleasure of watching ‘Wonder Woman’ last night in theatres. Two words: life changing.

      Not only did this movie make up for the mediocre DC Universe movies that have been pushed up to now, but it made a statement about very philosophical issues regarding humanity. It also explores what females are capable of, and the historical inequalities that faced women (and Native Americans/Indigenous peoples, which is touched on briefly).

      Diana’s interactions with the human world are also so pure and moving, with her innocence in an unfamiliar environment creating an opportunity for the audience to critically evaluate how we live as a species.

      (I was sceptical and outright upset that the UN decided Wonder Woman should be an ambassador over an actual person, but I take back what I thought: her values and qualities make her a perfect ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Now, I am upset that the UN dropped her as an honourary ambassador two months after instating her.)

      This movie really makes me want to go out and make a difference in the world. And not simply by fundraising or using a specific hashtag for social causes (although, every little bit helps), but by ensuring equality and freedom the world over. By traveling the world and creating a better future for those whose outlooks seem dim.

      I would much rather do that than sit at a desk and work day in, day out; to shake off our self-preservation mindset and do what is right for humanity as a whole, regardless of what may occur to me.

      Whoa. That was deep. So, um, ya…I would like to help people. Maybe after I have saved up a bit of money first, then I can have more flexibility to help those in need.

      “I am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves,”

      Steven P.

    • Pokemon GO

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone!

      I consider myself a HUGE Pokemon fan despite my age (21), but have never plucked up the courage to start playing Pokemon GO. My roommate did last summer, even though he had not played any of the games, be it main series or spinoffs; this ticked me off a great deal.

      For me, Pokemon on the phone just isn’t the same (from what I’ve heard). I am too used to the tried and true formula of each main series game, and Pokemon GO deviates too much for my liking (e.g. needing Pokemon-specific candies to evolve a Pokemon).

      I bring this up after seeing Pokemon GO in the news, with the ‘Pokemon GO Fest’ in Chicago encountering technical difficulties, and the subsequent release of the first legendary Pokemon. The first part makes me even less inclined to play, while the second is pretty exciting. Especially since Lugia is the Pokemon being released; I have a soft spot for it after watching ‘Pokemon: The Movie 2000’ as a kid (and as recently as last summer).

      It is still a no for me, however. I will stick to the main series games, possibly going back to replay the originals in the coming weeks.

      Are you an avid Pokemon GO player? Regardless, how do you feel about it in relation to the regular series of games? If you do play Pokemon GO, what Pokemon are you most proud of getting?

      Like no one ever was,

      Steven P.

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      Cheers for the friend request! Hows it going?

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        You're welcome! Thanks for accepting.

        All is well; trying to do daily journals, currently on Day 8. Your output is AMAZING, in both quantity and quality! I enjoy reading your posts; so authentic.

        How are things with you?

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        Things are okay, I'm likely in the busiest time of my life and it feels like things are going as I'd desire at the moment, but it'll work out in the end. 

        Thank you, it all started from a desire to get better at writing, and I don't notice the difference when I go to write a post, but upon review I realise how far I've come in the 3 and a half years I've been doing it. 

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        Hello Sherry! Welcome to the community! Sorry for the delayed response, busy past couple of days.

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