Oh boy.. Where do I even begin? I suppose just my working experience would do considering I'm just talking about how I do have aspirations of joining the Rooster Teeth family someday. Sooner than later, I hope. I'll get to that.

When I was sixteen, I got my first job. Only one month after turning of-age to start working, I was working. The place was nice, the work was fine and my boss was a good, if not socially awkward, kind of of guy. When I had to go to college, though, there was no way for me to stay-on as he had no other store for me to transfer to. Small drink-stand kind of franchise so, you know, no surprises.

By now I was nineteen when I got a call-back from a place I really wanted to work for. A local movie theater, though part of a huge franchise, was filled with people that I knew and an environment that could be rough but easily manageable. I was with them for four years. I had only been out of college a couple months when, one night, I go to see a movie with my mom and my boss tells me there will be a shift leader opening soon. I was asked if I wanted it. I was shocked. Happy. Excited. I knew that things were going to be great. I loved the place and everyone in it. I couldn't wait.

I couldn't have been more wrong, though. I went into work one day after hearing about how my boss had made a pretty big mistake. Nothing he should have been fired over, mind you, but a mistake nevertheless. The new district manager came in that day, only two days after it happened, and fired him on the spot with no replacement ready for him. It became a mess. Each week, a new manager from another theater came in and did things his way and it changed constantly and, soon, they were letting people go left and right. I got to be one of them. From being hopeful about my first full-time job to having it all stripped away from me in an instant, I fell pretty damn hard. You could imagine.

Then the downward spiral just kept coming. I would go into the next place with hopeful intent, especially with how it started, only to find myself in a work environment that wasn't healthy for anyone; mentally or physically. As new managers would come and old ones go, like clockwork, the place became worse and worse. I witnessed some of the most bright-eyed and hopeful employees, ones you'd think could never have a bad day, feel beaten down and borderline depressed working there before very long.

Oh gods, it just kept coming, too. Each place, I'd walk-in and put in my best effort and work hard and prove I'm everything I've ever said I was. But the moment I start raising issues with certain things, I'm labeled a rabble-rouser. I have never once started off being any kind of problem for any place I've worked for except the status-quo. I'm a firm believer that if something needs to change for the better, can change for the better, than we are meant to change it for the better. To improve the workplace and keep that morale high. Invest the time and effort in your team and they will return that invest and then some. So I start to get frustrated with the place. I do get angry about these things and I am not shy about expressing my opinion. So it gets me into trouble. More than once, of course.

But you know what? I would rather be labeled that rabble-rouser. I would rather my bosses hate my guts because I won't stand for status-quo and seek to change things so there's even a chance the place can improve. I would rather lose job after job than just drop to my knees and surrender entirely. I've come close, too. So many nights I'd come home, sore, angry, tired, depressed, and think I should just give-up and give-in. For a while, I would, too. But then I'd see and hear my fellow employees talk about how much they hate the place. How they feel it's getting worse. Watching honest, hard-working people quit because they become depressed working in such an awful environment. Then I'd get angry again. I want change. I want betterment. Not perfection. Just.... Better.

I know it's unlikely anyone is going to read this. Heh..it might even hurt my chances of working with Rooster Teeth by openly admitting to such short-comings. But I'm honest. I'm straight-forward. Many people and places hate that sort of thing, don't act like you've never seen it, but I'm going to be me. I don't want to be anything or anyone else but who I am. I'm a good person. No saint but I certainly don't tie women to railroad tracks. Except for that one-time in "Red Dead Redemption" because it was an achievement. Don't judge. I'm a good person. An honest guy. A hard-worker. I strive to do the best I can with what little I've ever been afforded. As little-to-nothing as I have to my name, I can proudly say that I have earned every bit of it.

Should I ever find myself working for Rooster Teeth one day, I want them and anyone who would actually read this to understand something. I would work my hardest, every single day, to pursue and grow within an industry and career that I enjoy. I love to create. I love to entertain. And I would deliver everything I could because it would be for something that I, well, love.

Keep Creating!