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    • Christmas Bells Those Christmas Bells...

      13 years ago


      Well, 3 days from now before the Big Red Guy (and maybe Blue I guess) would have flown his flight and spread Chrismas joy and happiness like Cheeze Wiz on toast. I love toast!

      Hope everyone has a happy and prosperious Christmas & New Year. I'm sure I'll be making a post or two over the holidays with pics of the loot! Can't wait to see yours smiley0.gif

      A week and a day ago I was a Featured User (F.U.). How did it go?
      It was great! Too bad it was on a Wednsday... the busiest day for me here at work. But I managed to check out how everything was going during the day all the same.

      A couple of things I learned from being the F.U. :

      1. You guys and gals are great! I actually already knew that but it's never a bad idea to remind everyone!!!

      2. There are a lot of 15 year old boys that want to be your friend. This is probably the scariest thing... creapy and scary. I can only imangine how all you very beautiful and awesome girls here at Red vs Blue must spend your day... you know who you are. God bless each and every one of you smiley0.gif

      3. You can actually spend the whole day here on R vs B. Between the 3 or 4 THOUSND users that are logged in at one time (especially a day when news gets psoted) and trying to sift through image comments, messages, friend requests and pee breaks... no trouble!

      4. People who don't know what or who Red vs Blue is will give you very strange looks when you tell them you're the Featured User. And even more stranger looks during and after you explain to them what it is... no matter how happy you look.

      There are more... way more....

      Well I'm out for the day now. The boss is treating me and the other staff to a "fancy spancy" dinner... Glad I wore a jacket with big pockets today! Steaks for breakfast tomorrow!

      This goes out to all those beautiful and awesome girls out there:


      Happy Holidays to you and yours!


      13 years ago


      Best Christmas Ever!!!!

      Wow featured user... I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside (and a little out)!
      Thanks to whomever or whatever decides the F.U. (geeeze that sounds dirty...)
      My guess it's a "little person" who does it for candy. I know I would!

      Thanks for all the comments already... going to be a busy day / night!



      Thanks to everyone for stoping by and saying hello! This F.U. thing is Awesome!!!

      Hopefully I won't get fired today... trying to get the paper out and refreshing this site every 5 seconds isn't an easy thing to pull off here in the office... but I'm getting it done! (the refreshing part)

      Thanks to Matt for the Adward... you're now my favorite Matt ever!

      More updated later... Thanks again everyone smiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

    • I got a new hat... yay!

      13 years ago


      I got the new Caboose Beanie today (It was in a package with the 3 Red vs Blue DVD's !!! ... but those are for Santa to bring me in 26 days!)

      I'm not sure if I'll be wearing it much though.. Anglea has found a fondess for it:



      She's eating cake.. her birthday was yesterday. Happy B-Day Honey!

      Oh yah ... 1000 profile views!!!


    • "Banned" XBox 360 ad

      13 years ago


      Got this bit-o-news from great site!

      According to Eurogamer this is a banned 360 ad. According to other sites it isn't really banned, just for the web only.

      Another Linkie... GREAT Commercial!!!

    • Another Week over and done with

      13 years ago


      Well Friday's here again... yay!

      Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends. Have fun shopping!


      I picked up Battlefield 2 Special Forces earlier the week. After installing, patching while installing, then having to download another patch and install that... it's great!

      The grappeling hook and zip line are right up there with Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun. Gaming fun at it's best!

      On another note... to any inspiring Graphic or Web Designers out there my work is running a contest over at for a re-design of our web-site headder and other portions. The details haven't been finalized yet but I'll post the link here when they go up over the weekend!

      Well that's about it! Everyone have a safe a great weekend!!!!


      Here is the link to our contest!!! Someone please Message me if this isn't apporiate to post here at Red vs Blue!!!

    • Movies

      13 years ago


      Me and the lady went and saw Harry Potter & the Goblet of blue but sometimes turning into red flames.

      Great great movie. I haven't read up to that book yet but during every second of the movie I was hooked in. Everyone should check it out... but looking at last weekends box office results everyone probably did. Twice.

    • I like change!

      13 years ago


      I like change!

      And right now there are 4,144 users online... that's a-lot!

    • Headin' around da bay.

      13 years ago


      Heading out home for the weekend tonight...


      Not sure how much time I'll have in front of the computer but I'll try to keep in touch.

      Tomorrow is remembrance day (Veterans day other places) so I'd like to take this time to remind you of the vicious horrors that real people faced and will continue to face to keep our lands free (except for taxes.... stupid taxes). Most of us escape reality with video the voilence of video games and probably never fully realize the reality behind what we are playing. Take a second or 11 to remember those who have fallen and those who continue to keep up safe and sound.


      In Flanders Fields
      In Flanders fields the poppies blow
      Between the crosses, row on row
      That mark our place; and in the sky
      The larks, still bravely singing, fly
      Scarce heard amid the guns below.

      We are the Dead. Short days ago
      We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
      Loved and were loved, and now we lie
      In Flanders fields.

      Take up our quarrel with the foe:
      To you from failing hands we throw
      The torch; be yours to hold it high.
      If ye break faith with us who die
      We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
      In Flanders fields.

      - John McCrae

    • Laugh your ass off!

      13 years ago


      I'm sorry ... but I just found one of the funniest sites... EVER!

      as the site says:

      Stuff + Cats = AWESOME smiley11.gif


      So very strange....


      Well... maybe not THAT funny... buy I was in "one of those moods" when I found it smiley0.gif

      Actually these two vids are some of the funniest shit I've watched:

      Funny Interview

      Crazy Lady

    • Yours is bigger than mine!

      13 years ago


      Found this over the weekend.
      I'll have to hand it to Microsoft for trying to get the PC market some standards when it comes to system requirements and such.

      Here's mine:

      Microsoft Game Advisor!

      How does your computer rank?

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