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    • Halloween - Pre show!

      13 years ago


      Well we (me and fience Angela) just got back from Wal-Mart, Buck-or-Two, Zellers, some thrift store and the all important Liquor Store... here are some pictures of "some guy" and "gal" that also showed up... mostly in costume!


      There be some bootie here smiley11.gif

      Almost got it smiley4.gif


      Shiver me timbers smiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      We never even got into the booze yet... just you wait!!!

      smiley9.gif Later smiley9.gif

    • Issue 51

      13 years ago


      Don't know if anyone really cares... but the latest edition is on-line:

    • Deadlines

      13 years ago


      There are everywhere:

      Take out the garbage
      Cook a meal
      Watch a TV Show
      Get to the grocery store
      Brush your teeth
      Publish a paper

      Usually I don't have any problems with any of the above examples but today the last one is my worry.
      I'm the Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Web Developer and Computer Tech Guy for a local newspaper here in St. John's ( with LOTS to do in the run of a day... not including the enormus amount of time I seem to be spending here since... Thank god for your own office!

      The big thing the last few days the the frickin' flu! I don't get sick that often... but I do understand the shit your body goes through with all that snottin', sneazing and other more disgusting events. A girl was recentially hired as my "assistant" yay! I thought... nay it bacame. She has been sick 12 out of the past 14 days she's been here. Which ment that I planed certain work related duties for her to do releaving my work-laod but now her being all sick and stuff meens I get double the stuff to do (not double pleasure or fun). Me sad !

      And untop of that we had to let-go another of the girls here (oh bye the way ... I work with all girls / women which defentially have it's benefits!!).

      Anyway got to the the next isue over to the printers!

      All da best!


    • F.E.A.R

      13 years ago


      Picked up the game on Tuesday... so far so good!

      One thing that pissed me off though are these "Special Editions" that they come up with. Now I know that there is some stuff there from Rooster Teeth (Which alone is worth the price of addmission) but my main problem is with chargine more for DVD versions of games.

      I have a DVD drive (two actually) for a-long time now. They are cheep and let me watch DVD's on my computer... two good reasons to own one. Developers and publishers both know that most if not all new computers include at least one DVD drive and that people are crying out for game releases on DVD format instead of swaping 4, 5, 6 or 7(+) discs to install their game.

      Case and point: F.E.A.R. I bought my copy into Futureshop where it was $49.99 on release day for the regular edition with 5 DISCS the "Special Edition" was $69.99 on 1 disc. Not having the amount of disposable income that I would more than love to have I bought the regular version.. very pissed that instead of having a cd version and dvd verion of the regular edition the publisher is banking that most people would rahter not swap discs and proceed to buy the DVD version of their game.

      Not me... not this time!

    • Well... I guess I surivied the wedding

      13 years ago



      What a time!!

      If no one knows where Newfoundland is or heard of its proud / crazy partying people then you should defentially get your ass over here!

      Going to have to keep this one short of the picture below defentially sums it all up:


      More later!

      Peace out.


    • Someone is getting married to a Turkey

      13 years ago


      Long weekend coming up!!

      Turkey, turkey, beer, beer, more turkey, a wedding, hangover, hangover, turkey, HOCKEY!

      Best weekend ever!!

    • New Job!

      13 years ago


      I haven't journaled here in a while (probably a good thing... Gus... just kiddin)!

      I recently left the mostly crap-hole known as Microplay ( where my work was getting less and less apprechated. Can't have that.

      So the job hunt commenced and after one whole day I found my new and very very awesome
      source of income:
      Creative Director and Graphic Designer of a local newspaper!!!!

      I still can't believe I have this position... but after 4 weeks now it's starting to sink in. Work is very buys and there are always new and exciting things to do and learn. I love it!

      Here is the web-site of the paper (which I also manage):

      Oh yah... my sister is getting married this weekend... so I'll have a bunch of awesome, drunk induced, "around the bay" photos later... can't wait!

    • Red vs F.E.A.R

      13 years ago


      This is pretty cool... From Gamespot:

      "The Director’s Edition DVD features a "making of" documentary, a developer’s roundtable video, an exclusive F.E.A.R. machinima episode from Rooster Teeth Productions (the guys behind Red vs. Blue), and more."

      Defentially have to pick up F.E.A.R. now!

    • Weather Report

      13 years ago


      Lots and lost of rain today.
      Where does it all come from?
      God pees!


    • Nothing

      14 years ago


      Well... looks like I should make a journal entrey.

      Done and done.

      More later.... promise!

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