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    • Crying doesn't always help

      10 years ago


      So i have been crying for the past three days. I know it seems a little stupid that i have been crying for that long but i have perfectly good reasons.

      Sunday Morning at 3:00, Kyle Barr died in a car accident. Kyle Barr was a very good friend of mine. We weren't close but we talked and he was dating one of my best friends. They were going to get married next year. His little sister depended on him for everything.

      The night of the accident, Kyle had been partying. He was drunk. As he was on his way home, he came around a curve too fast. The car spun out and flipped. Kyle's neck snapped and he died instantly.

      Crying doesn't always help...sometimes it makes you hurt to much.

    • Stunts tend to hurt!

      10 years ago


      Okay so i definetly will have to say that Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports.

      Now don't start going off on me about how all we do is cheer everyone on. I am not saying that other sports aren't dangerous either. I am just saying that it is. If you dissagree with me, let me explain.

      So as some people know, cheerleaders cheer, dance, and try to keep the crowd in the game...but we also stunt. That is the dangerous part i speak of. I literally almost died today during practice.

      If it hasn't occured to you yet, I am the person that the other cheerleaders throw into the air.

      So anyway we were trying this new stunt today. We put mats underneath us (thank god) so i wouldn't get hurt. My two bases are to grab onto the back of my legs while my backspot has a hold of my back. There is another stunting group right behind us to catch me. What we do is as my bases lift me up, i tuck my body into a ball. As my bases throw me, the backspot keeps a hold of my back and runs underneath me. This causes me to flip in the air. The stunting group behind me is supposed to catch me.

      We tried it a few times and my bases weren't throwing me hard enough so i wasn't making the full flip and the other stunt group was catching me on my stomach. So we tried it again with the bases using more power. As i flipped around, the other group tried to catch me....ended up falling onto the floor. Somehow as i fell into their hands, one side didn't catch me right and i fell through and i ended up landing on my butt. I had the wind knocked out of me. If we weren't on the mats i would have been in so much pain. The worst part about that i was so close to landing on my head and breaking my neck.

      Stunts are dangerous, and flyers can be easily killed. So don't go saying cheerleading isn't a sport, because it is and it has caused death's before!

    • Senior Pictures

      10 years ago


      Okay so you would think that, as a girl, I would be able to dress myself. Senior pictures are tomorrow and my mom and i were looking through my closet to see what i would wear. After five minutes of looking through it, half of my clothes are on floor either b/c they are too small or i just dont wear them according to my mom.

      So now I'm gonna have to sneak back half of my clothes that i DO wear and hopefully she won't notice.

      MoonChaser, I just want to let you know that i love you. Remember this if i die from the wrath of my mom!

    • 2019 years ago

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    • StormChaser

      10 years ago

      well thank you very much! :P

    • aradin24

      10 years ago

      Welcome to the community smiley1.gif

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