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    • Afterstreamers Extra Life 2016 (ASEL 2016)

      2 years ago


      First off, let me start off by saying that the AS made their team goal! *victorious trumpets play*

      Thank you to each and everyone you that donated, streamed, meant to stream but their alarm didn't work, gave something away, sacrificed your liver and threw up on stream, and/or did something/will do something for a stretch goal. You're all pretty cool in my book. 

      But let's get on to why I'm writing this journal other than thanking you all for your coolness. This year, instead of being a single entity under the RT team we were a team under the RT team. This allowed other people to make their own goals and reap their own rewards. It was something that was offered for the first time and we thought we'd try it out (and tell me what you thought about it. Next time would you like to be a sub-team again or go back to a single entity). Because of this though, I had to set my own goal. I didn't know how many other people would make their own pages so I set mine at $200. Unfortunately, I didn't make that goal. But that's ok, it just allows me to do another stream!

      So let's talk about that shall we? I'm going to be doing a 12 hour stream next Saturday, November 19, from 12 PM CST to 12 AM CST. If I don't raise my goal by the end of those 12 hours I'll try to go another 12 and make it a 24 hour stream. During that time I'll be playing Halo, Overwatch, Gears of War, maybe a blind run of Doom, who knows! During that time I'll be playing some times by myself, some times with others. If you want to play something with me let me know what game and what times you're available!

      You don't even have to wait for the stream to donate! You can do so here if you so desire: [Brendan's AS Extra Life page] Even if I reach my goal before the stream happens, I'll still stream! So don't be afraid to donate early! Also, if you have any ideas for stretch goals for me to do feel free to give me some suggestions.

      And I'll see you next Saturday, Nov 19 at 12 PM CST!

      tl;dr: 12 or 24 hour stream Nov 19. Money for the kids. Donate. 

    • RTX (or, one of the best weekend of my life)

      4 years ago


      It's hard to believe that it just just over a week ago that I arrived in Austin. It feels like it was so long ago, but at the same time that it was just yesterday. It was just over a week ago when I first saw an AS member in person. I'll admit, it was very strange to start out with. It took me quite a bit of time for my mind to really process that, yes, this was indeed real life. It was very hard for me to realize that these were the same people I've gotten to know over the past year. (Not that my 1.5 hours of sleep and 16+ hours of driving had anything to do with that. There's no possible way that that could have had an influence in it.) The first AS person I saw was Laura, and I'll never forget my first thought, "Holy shit she's taller than I thought!"
      What? Were you expecting some moment of absolute clarity? Listen. I told you I was on like 1.5 hours of sleep. I was a little out of my mind.
      Anyway, it still hadn't sunk in by the time she left to go to the Marriot to see everyone else. It really finally sank in that, yes, this is real life when I got out of the elevator on the Marriot and I see this small person walk into the elevator. I only got a glance of their face and I it took me a couple steps to realize, "Hey, I think I know that person."
      "Cas?" I asked, wondering if I had indeed seen someone I know. She turned around and sure enough. It was Cas. She said that everyone was going to Franks and when I turned to look down the hallway, there they were. Just a whole slew of AS members.
      I knew then and there that this was going to be a great weekend. One that I would never forget.

      I've gotten to meet so many of my friends, make so many new ones, and make so many memories this past week that there's no way I could really put together words that would do this week any justice. But I want to say something to everyone that I got to meet at RTX. Thank you for giving me one of the best weekends in my life. If I could just live that weekend on repeat until RTX 2016 I absolutely would. I know we're all sad that it's over and that we won't see each other for awhile, but just remember until we meet again: we'll always have RTX. To those that couldn't make it to RTX, there's always next year. We'll be there, you should be there. Let's have a blast. And finally, to those that listen to the podcast, the worst is yet it cum...

      Thanks for an indescribable weekend. I love you all.
      <3 Papa (or Grandpapa) Brendan

    • 8 - bit Salute (2015)

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      Hey everyone! If you missed the forum post about future charity streams click here. The next charity stream starts on April 11 at 8 AM CST. To donate either go to or click here!
      If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them either here, messaging me (Brendan/Sturben) on here, tweet it at me (@GT_Sturben), or if you'd rather not have me know who's asking it you can ask me anonymously on tumblr. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a wonderful day!

      We'll be having giveaways again for this charity event! This time we'll be giving away a digital copy of Gears of War (courtesy of Ashli), an RT poster and a RT shirt (both courtesy of Jenna), two steam cards (both courtesy of Fil), Steam codes for Borderlands 2, Super Meat Boy, and Saints Row IV (all courtesy of Danny), a Toon Link Amiibo (courtesy of Caleb), and a DVD of Brendan's old YouTube Channel content (the things that are now blocked in the US). We'll be giving these things away on Twitter (@Afterstreamers) during the event. Anyone who donates prior to the actual giveaway is entered to win. You may only win once and admins will not be eligible to win. If any one else would like to contribute something to giveaway please contact Brendan (@GT_Sturben or Sturben on the RT site).


      RT T-shirt - @NotNameBrand
      Toon Link - @Stretch787
      Steam Card (1) - @_Weeto
      Borderlands 2 - @Hoveroad
      GoW/2 Day Gold Trial - @LacieDayParade
      Saint’s Row IV - @jakejike
      Steam Card (1) - @crashkar
      Brendan’s DVD - @jaythefae
      Super Meat Boy - @MattFukinBailey
      RT Poster - @caleb_ragan
      Humble Bundle- @JakeOAT

      ***end update***

      Stretch goals! We will NOT be having any this time around since we apparently suck at them (as you may have noticed). This time, admin hosts (or any other host who wishes) will be doing "challenges." These will be whatever the host wants them to be. Normally they will be some sort of punishment if they mess something up. The more you donate, the more motivation they have to increase the intensity of said challenges.

      8-bit Salute 2015 Schedule

      Saturday April 11

      8-9:59AM: Kick off - Ricky (@KyxrixXIII)

      10-11:59AM: Cas Kachkar (@crashkar)

      12-1:59PM: Live Video Podcast (with Fil, Sunny, Brendan, Danny, Jordan, Grace, Emily and maybe more!) - Hosted by Fil (@Fil_Sa_Fer)

      2-3:59PM: Omar (@notnamebrand) & Beau Mills (@BeauMills0129)

      4-5:59PM: Movie time - Rocky Horror - Hosted by Fil (@Fil_Sa_Fer)

      6-7:59PM: Grαcε Lαυrεη (@geekyartchick)

      8-9:59PM: Heist on 360 - Fil (@Fil_Sa_Fer)

      10-11:59PM: Jacob (@Stretch787)

      Sunday April 12

      12-1:59AM: Kristophor (@kristothefer)

      2-3:59AM: Derrian (@Djninja116)

      4-5:59AM: Michaela Knipp (@BlondeSpud)

      6-7:59AM: Wrap up - Caleb Ragan (@caleb_ragan)

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    • Update on AS Charity Events for 2015

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      In a recent poll I took concerning the next charity we’d be donating to, many of you responded that you’d like to see us donate to all of them. For the immediate future I do not see us being able to do all three. I don’t doubt your kindness and willingness to donate, as you thoroughly displayed that for our 2014 EL. However, three different charities within a short period of time is just difficult, not only to plan, but be able to donate to. The big day for 8-bit is May 16. To try and make it so that we can still have two charity events in the immediate future, we’ll be having our big day for 8-bit Salute on the weekend of April 11 starting at 8:00 AM CST and concluding at 8:00 AM CST the following day, April 12. The big day for Longest Day is on the longest day, June 21. This makes it hard to do an event for since it’s just a couple months after 8-bit Salute, and the minimum goal for Longest Day is $1600, which is doable, but it makes the day more stressful about reaching that goal than it is fun, which is something we want the day to be about. Also, as I previously stated, it’s just a couple months after 8-bit Salute so people may not be able to donate as much as they have before, if they are able to donate at all. However, we will create something for Charity: Water since there isn’t a certain big day for it and we get to create our own campaign for it. We’ll have something for this in late summer or early fall. And of course, we’ll have our Extra Life event again the in fall, so be looking forward to that, too. If these events go better than expected (which is quite possible since you guys never cease to amaze us) we may add a couple more events scattered throughout the year so possibly be on the lookout for more information on that in the future. Anyway, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this update, and be sure to lookout for more information coming out about each of these events as they approach. We love you all.
      With the upmost sincerity,

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    • Afterstreamer Extra Life: What it meant to me

      4 years ago


      I'm sure most of you who are reading this are already aware, but a couple of months ago the Afterstreamers had their Extra Life 24 stream-fest (not the official name for it, but I think it was appropriate). And holy butts did we raise a lot of money for the kids. How much? Well $1770.07 exactly, but who's keeping track right? Well, since we raised over $1000, we were awarded the golden Extra Life hero's medal. While to you guys it may seem like a really amazing achievement it means even more to me. To understand why, I have to tell you a little bit more about myself. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an Olympic athlete, but not for the reasons you might think. Yes I wanted to do my country proud, yes I'd love to be on TV and have millions of people watching me, but I didn't want to be there to say I could, or even enjoy the sport I was in. I wanted to be there to get a medal. Now you're probably thinking that it sounds pretty selfish of me, and it kind of is. But I didn't want to get a medal to show that I was the best, I wanted it so I could be something. I'm the youngest of my family, and in my eyes, by far the least. My oldest brother Nathaniel was a C student, but everyone loved him, he was the guy every one else wanted to be a friend with, and he was a great person to everyone. He was decent at sports and a very hard worker in anything he put his heart and his mind to. My other brother Gabe was only a couple years older than me, but better than everything than me. I was an A student, he was an A+ student. I was ok at sports, it was good at them. I tried as hard as I could to be good at something, he was always better (except for video games, that shit is MY territory). The point being, I was always passed by in my family. I never had what I would call a real friend until high school. And by the end of it I would say I only had a few friends. I was a nothing. A mediocre person. Honestly it's one of the reasons I was so anxious to help start his group up. I wanted so bad to look at this group and be astounded and say, "I did this' and be proud of something I've achieved. And believe me, I AM proud of you all. This Extra Life hero's badge is our gold medal. I truly wish I could give all of you one so that you could look at it and say to yourselves, "I did this. I'm proud of myself for helping make this a possibility." I know that's what I do when I see it. No more do I feel like an average Joe. No more do I look at myself and feel like a nothing. I AM a something, and I'm a part of something even bigger. None of this could be accomplished without all of your help. After all this I know that you'll believe me that when I say, thank you, with all my heart. I love you guys, you really are the best.

    • Life and Death

      4 years ago


      Birth is a miracle. Life, a blessing. And death, a tragedy. When we are born, we bring nothing into this world, and when we leave, we take nothing with us. This is why life is such a blessing. We know that we can take nothing with us when we go, so we make the most out of life while we can. Not all of us live this way. We live in fear, worry, and sorrow. Fear that we might not achieve what we desire. Worry that we may lose those we love the most. And we mourn when we lose those things we cling to the most. But why? Why do we live in fear when our time here is so short? We should make the most of the time we have. If we fall during our journey then we dust ourselves off and try again or try something else. If we let fear take over us we'll miss our chance to succeed. If we don't try then we leave nothing for our friends to remember us by. Why do worry about those we love the most? The more we cling, the harder we fall when we do lose them. Instead of worrying, cherish them. Love every moment you get to spend with them. If you worry too much all you'll have left to remember them by are the times you spent worrying, when you could fill those memories with joy. Finally, why do we mourn? Yes it's hard to lose someone. We've all lost those we care about. But they wouldn't want you to mourn for them. They'd want you to live for them. Honor them by becoming a better you. Honor them with the things you do well. Honor them by living on, and do it with the joy that you experienced when they were with you. Death doesn't mean someone's gone. When you live life like it is a blessing, you'll never truly die, you transcend life. You'll leave behind something that people will remember you by for a long time, and honor you for. Live life like it's a blessing. Leave no regrets behind when you pass because you can't bring them with you anyway. Live like Monty.

    • Afterstreamers Shirts!

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      Hey everyone! This forum is for those interested in AS shirts. Yes shirts, with a s, as in plural. I posted two different versions of potential shirts on the AS twitter (which you can view here. Some of you liked one, some liked the other, some liked both. So to keep everyone happy, we’ll be posting both of them! And, as time passes on, more jokes get made, and I (or whoever is in charge of shirt creation) get more creative/better with designs for shirts, we'll start posting more shirts. If you got a shirt with our old logo on, you'll know the process about how to get this shirt. If you didn't get the old shirt, not to worry, I'll guide you through the process of how to get one. The reason for this whole process is because we, the admins, aren't doing this to make a profit, and since shirts are already expensive as is, we want to make sure that all the money you spend on the shirt is spent on just that, and that we're not getting anything (monetarily) from it. So please make sure you follow the instructions carefully as we don't want you to potentially ruin the design for others.
      If you have any questions or suggestions for new shirts, please post them in the comments.
      As of now, the site we are using does NOT ship to the UK, we are working on this problem so that we could still get the shirt to those who live in the UK that want one.

      And now for the process:

      1) Click here to go to the Custom Ink page that has the gray shirt or here for the blue shirt.

      2) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Just below the shirt you will see a button that says “save/send" CLICK THAT BUTTON. You will get a prompt to save the design. If it gives you the option to replace the design or enter a new name for the design, make sure that you click “Enter a new name for this designâ€. This will then give you two spaces to fill in info. Name it whatever you wish (ten character limit) and make sure you enter YOUR email address. Then click save design.

      3) Exit out of the current page and pull up the page that was emailed to you.

      *To change the size, click the "your items" button in the top left of the menu. Next to the "Quantity" button click "change." From there you can change the quantity of each size of shirt you want. Then click update. Alternatively you can click the "Get price" button towards the bottom left of the menu and change the size there. *

      4) After that, it’s up to you! Feel free to put something on the back of your shirt (at an extra cost), make sure you select your shirt size (and all other shirt sizes and extra shirts are not selected, unless you so desire).

      5) Finally, hit that buy now button, fill in your info, then bingo-bango-bongo you got yourself a baby elephant! I mean shirt. Yeah. It’s a shirt. But not just any shirt. A shirt that represents our wonderful group. And it’s sexy.

      If you have a problem with needing permission to use the logo, show them this official statement from the admins that gives everyone permission to use the logo.

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    • Afterstreamer Extra Life

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      *This page will be updated as we receive more info about who will be streaming and what time they will be streaming*

      The first Afterstreamer Extra Life 24 hour Stream(s) will be held on November 15, 2014.
      To donate go to this link.

      This year's donations will go to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. To find out more information about this children's hospital please visit their website which can be found by clicking here.

      The streamers will be (in no particular order): Isaac (@_Weeto), Cordell (@ForgleWitts), Aaren (@zephhyrkiddo), Brendan (@GT_Sturben), Ricky (@KyxricXIII), Fil (@Fil_Sa_Fer), Caleb (@caleb_ragan) Grace (@geekyartchick), Jay (@jaythefae), Jacob (@Stretch787), Kris(@kristothefer), and Sunny (@IWillFail)

      We will be having giveaways throughout the stream. All you have to do to be eligible to win is to donate and follow the Afterstreamers twitter account (@Afterstreamers)! (Admins will NOT be eligible to win). Prizes may include (but are not limited to) RT Sponsorships, Twitch subs of the winner's choice, Steam games, RT merch, RoosterTeeth Extra Life posters, art commission, a free month of unlimited gaming with the OnLive Games Bundle, a premium character and skin bundle to in-game shaper Eidolon Nissa from DawnGate (a MOBA game), access to the closed beta of Trove courtesy of Trion Worlds, a free month of XSplit Premium gift codes, and MORE including the mysterious and highly sought after AS Pencil! Don't know what it is? The Pencil was created in the second afterstream. It was going to be our first giveaway. Other than that, it's just a pencil, but it's a part of AS history (history is history, no matter how short it is).

      We also have stretch goals! If the designated money amount next to the goal is reached, the item next to it will be released! Most of our stretch goals either humiliate or embarrass one or some admin, so don't harass them anymore than what they are doing. We're already doing so much to bring you entertainment, we don't need to be harassed for what we're doing.

      $100 - Want to watch some admin stream a horror game and possibly soil themselves in fear? Reach this goal and you'll get to see just that! (No promise on the feeces though. But it's a safe bet tears will be shed.)

      $150 - Ever want to know what the admins looked like when they were babies? What about some embarrassing pictures of them? Reach this goal and you'll get to see some of the admins in those pictures!

      $200 - Remember all those podcasts that were never released? Wouldn't it be cool to hear some of the things said on those podcasts? Reach this goal and you'll get to hear all those funny moments that were never released!

      $250 - Want to know what "Fil's weird stomach thing" is? Reach this goal and you'll find out. (I can vouch that "weird stomach thing" is the best and probably ONLY way to describe what it is.)

      $300 - *Sighs* We said we'd never do it. Never did we think you'd actually want it, yet some of you do. Reach this goal, and you'll get an AS podcast not only live, but with video!

      $350 - Do you know how much Brendan regrets the videos made in high school? $350 worth. Reach this goal and not only will you be able to watch them with him, but you'll get to see the regret on his face as he watches them!

      $400 - Who remembers the Grace waxing story from podcast one? Probably the most remembered story on any of our podcasts. Want to watch Grace relive the horror? Reach this goal you'll get to watch her next waxing! (Her legs you weirdos. Rev it down.)

      $450 - I hate Rocky Horror. I really do. And I still hate you all for making me watch it. But if you reach this, myself along with a few other admins who haven't seen it will watch it with anyone else who wants to watch it. Difference is, we'll be recording our reactions this time. RIP me.

      Most admins will do something if we reach this goal. Fil pronounces his full name, Ricky wears short shorts, I throw a fedora in the fire and watch it burn, Chris eats hot peppers, Jordan stops talking backwards, Grace eats vegimite and possibly MORE! (Please reach this goal so Jordan stops talking backwards. PLEASE HELP MAKE IT STOP.)

      $600 - Have you ever wanted to know what an AS movie poster would look like? Reach this goal and find out. (Click here to see a little snippet of what's to come!)

      $600+ - Nothing planned yet, but don't let that deter you from donating more! If we get past $500 we'll try to make more stretch goals!

      The streaming will begin at 8 A.M. CST on November 15 and conclude at 8 A.M. CST the following day. Streaming time and people are as follows:

      8:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. CST: Cordell (@ForgleWitts)

      10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. CST: Brendan (@GT_Sturben)

      12:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. CST: Aaren (@zephhyrkiddo)

      2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. CST: Ricky (@KyxricXIII) **Subject to change**

      4:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. CST: Fil (@Fil_Sa_Fer)

      6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. CST: Isaac (@_Weeto)

      8:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. CST: Jacob (@Stretch787)

      10:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M. CST: Kris (@kristothefer)

      12:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M. CST: Grace (@geekyartchick)

      2:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M. CST: Caleb (@caleb_ragan)

      4:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M. CST: Jay (@jaythefae)

      6:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M. CST: Sunny (@IWillFail)

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