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    • AgentWashingtub008 asked Sugarfire a question

      If you don't mind my asking, what was the origins of your screen name?

      Answered: Feb 2, 2016

      Back when the interwebs were new, I signed up for my first Forum account somewhere in a fandom far away. Well, all my prefered double-word Mary Sue fantasy names were taken, like Spitfire, Darkwind, Icestorm, the normal teenage girl stuff. So I sat back and thought about what I loved. And since Sugarcat was a little porno sounding, I put in Sugarfire, and it was good. ^_^

    • So many voices gone...

      3 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      In the season thread. I don't know if it's because our usual flurry of predicting and discussing is so off, or if the problems with the new forum, but it seems like some very active people have dissappeared. :(

    • 4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen
    • The Nine Deadly Sins of the season threads.

      4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      Yeah, so we have these unwritten rules, and I wrote them down. And now I'm saving them to link to later. Cheers!

      1. Grammar is your friend. Just because we're on the internet doesn't mean you have to slaughter the written language. Use capitalization, proper punctuation, and full sentences, please.

      2. Double posting is bad, unless there's about an hour in between posts, and they make a new point. Obviously, triple, quadruple, and any other increment after 'one' is bad, too. Unless forum yeti causes it, or you make a mistake, and can't fix it.

      3. Don't confuse HALO's story with RvB. We got a version of the elites that worked because of the story that Rooster Teeth, herefore called RT, was writing, and fit into the limitations of the games being used to animate the game. There is a reason we haven't seen them since season seven.

      4. While we can argue endlessly here about whether or not the fight animations of seasons eight through ten are cool, and what they added to the series, in the end, RvB is a machinima(sp), meaning it's not going to be fully animated ever. And too many fight scenes kills the story.

      5. Let Tex die. For the love of all that is holy, let the dead girl stay dead. Church and Carolina have moved on, something people that lose loved ones do, and bringing her back without a damned good reason is counterproductive. And for the record, there is no good reason.

      6. Coming in here asking for Meta/Maine back. RT had their opening, and didn't take it. Yes, there is some science to him surviving, but also plenty of confirmation that he's dead. Let it go, let it go, he is one with the ice and snow...

      7. Bringing up any personal 'problems' within a few days of coming here as a way to excuse bad behavior. The first post makes it very plain what we expect from you in terms of behavior and etiquette. We really don't care if you have social issues or learning disabilities. Just apologize and move on.

      8. Using spoiler tags if it's not a spoiler, and inversely, not using spoiler tags when it is. Please make a note for future reference.

      9. Don't come in and roleplay a character from the series. We will eat your heart and crap out your soul. Similarly, don't introduce yourself with a piece of fanfiction. While many of us indulge in that sort of thing in other venues, this is a discussion thread for the series, and some people just don't like that.

      10. Please, for the love of , do not argue about what Seasons Nine and Ten brought to the series. You can love or hate them, but please, please, please don't scream it through the forum. They rank right up there with religion and politics. You aren't changing anyone's mind.

    • Blood Gulch CP,continued.

      4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      (continued theory 2)So he sees the opportunity to create it, and has Gamma run the simulation, while Wyoming goes home to avoid arousing suspicion. Once it was done, Meta would come in and swoop Omega, Alpha, and the new fragment up. Except Church, after fragmenting, pulled something completely out of script, and basically killed himself, knocking him out of the computer, and into one of the robot bodies Lopez was producing, and knocking the fragment into Caboose, who had just arrived, but they didn't know where it went. Plus, Tex is back, and Sigma may not have been sure exposing himself to PFL at that point by battling Tex would be worth it. He didn't know she didn't have her strength, and she did kick his and Wyoming's asses, and he didn't have all the equipment we see in later seasons yet.

      So now they have to wait, and deal with the new Alien ambassador who's there to bring them back to Sandtrap, except he decided he wanted the sword, so the quest and junior happens, and it all goes to fuck. Unable actually secure Alpha, and Wyoming dead, Gamma gives up the fight to resist Meta, and tricks Omega and Tex into going to the wrong place, where they crash late due to the bomb.

      Again, this one has the most holes, and is far more conjecture and gut than having much evidence, and really leans on Omega also still being in contact with PFL, so that he is brought in believably, as well as Tex.

      This isn't ready, so I'm spoilering it until I can get back to it. stupid slow one-handed typing.

      Edit8/23/15: Holy mother of Blarg, you can't edit anything under the old spoiler tags. Fuckbunnies.

      Okay, so we've got VIC mentioning Tex by name. I've also said in the season thread Omega may have had contacted VIC prior to BG. A popular theory has been that Tex, for some reason, hacked VIC and put her name in for him to contact. I'm suddenly liking this, and here's why.

      Lets say Tex was actually randomly on SimWorld checking out the Powerplant for Charon. Charon did have access to alien information before PFL. Anyway, while she's there, she actually catches a transmission from Butch Flowers to 'Command.' Having all the files from PFL that Connie provided Charon, she would have been familiar with that name as Florida. She goes, checks out blue base, finds Church there, but for the same reasons she left him at the MoI, lets him be, but hacks VIC to make her first on the scene if something goes wrong, like Church 'dying,' so she can collect him in secret.

      The tampering with VIC sets off alarms which are sent to PFL. They investigate, and, not wanting a Freelancer brawl on their secret hiding spot, and not being sure why Tex decided to get notifications, they decide to pull Flowers back from the front lines and put him in a more observational position. So they try to fake his death, which works too well when Tucker steals his armor, removing the armor lock keeping him alive. He's shipped out as soon as he's buried, but the anyphalatic(sp) shock causes huge side effects, and he's actually out of service for months.

      Theory 3: Hargrove's Pet Alien.

      This is the newest one, and I'm shaking the bugs out of it still. But I totally blame the new trailer, and the 13 chapters line. As far as anyone can tell me, there is no evidence that Charon had anything to do with the BGC, or season six. Which got me thinking.

      First, we have Tex's unexplained arrival in Blood Gulch, and her random disappearance after the bomb, and her reappearance at the power station. We also have this really weird Alien show up in the middle of it all, and jump straight in on Gamma's new lie.

      Now, we have the aliens that showed up and resurrected Flowers, at least according to Andy. That's right, we have an eye witness that Flowers was inactive right up until late season four, early season five. If you believe Andy. Which I don't. Because really, he's as much the guide on the Alien crazy train as we're going to get. He's the one giving us all the details about the prophesy, and they're biological habits and such. Makes you wonder exactly where Tex got the protocol droid to build him, doesn't it.

      This third theory is that Charon was actually behind Tex being there, along with Flowers' new friends and seasons one through five was a huge game of chess between them again.

      The idea here is that Tex went on to continue Connie's work, and ran straight to Hargrove, not realizing that they were actually a weapons manufacturer of shady designs. Once there, she starts helping give them information

    • Blood Gulch Cronicles Crackpottery, rough.

      4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      So, from multiple veiwings and discussions with all the lovely people here, I've come up with three pieces of crackpottery to try to reconcile BCG to 6-10. I'm roughing them out here, basically for the free fact-checking. lol

      There is some small crackpottery that the others lean on a little, but that I feel is solid. The first is the most straight forward. It's that Wyoming never lost contact with PFL, but was actually working for them off the books. It can be fairly easily assumed that Wyoming and Gamma were extremely successful as a pairing, in stability as much as anything else, so there was really no reason for them to be parted. Plus, we are led to believe that Gamma ejected himself AFTER Wash received Epsilon, which was the apparent catalyst for stopping new implantations, and trying to get Eta and Iota from Carolina. It seems unlikely PFL would re-implant Gamma under these circumstances unless they wanted them to remain active. However, they also knew Gamma was just as obsessed with Alpha as the other fragments, so they couldn't trust him as full-time security. And with the crash, and the likely coming investigation (which they somehow survived), having an active Agent on hand could be a problem.

      So they actually set him up with funds and equipment to set up his own shop, with the agreement that if they need him, he drops everything and helps them. And he accepted, because the Agents all seemed to have some affection for their fragments, and it really did put him in a much better starting position for an independent life than the ones that really did escape. And yes, I know Burnie said all the agents but Wash went rogue, but then why hadn't they sent recovery agents after Wyoming, as he was apparently very easy to find, and Omega was able to call him,for Pete's sake? The longer he remained employed and successful, the bigger his arsenal and troop count would get, so taking him out as soon as they found him would have been the smart play.

      The next is that "Senario 3" didn't exist until after the BGC was split up and debriefed. I mean, how in the world could they predict Tex calling them to the power plant after they were dropped in Sandtrap, which is where the sword, AKA the key, was being stored? And it was very obvious in the Donut debriefing, Counselor had no idea what time travel thing Donut was talking about. That was pure Sarge logic, and who could possibly predict how Sarge thinks? And that Church would survive being blown up twice as a ghost? And really, who believes in ghosts? And if you believe scenario 3 did exist, then you have to assume Sheila was programmed to kill Church regardless, in order to drag Tex in, and that the new guy building Church's new body would put a bomb in it.

      So after the Meta struck, finally involving the UNSC, they cobbled together this scenario to cover why sim troops were running all over the place with two active agent/fragment pairs that were on the wanted list for over a year. I'm even willing to extrapolate the date was modified so it appeared to happen before the crash of the MoI.

      The last one,which is generally accepted,is that Flowers armor had some sort of equipment that either synched with Wyoming's, or outright blocked the TDU. This was how Tucker was able to resist it in season five.

      Okay, theory 1: Omega never really lost contact with PFL.

      I'm not saying Tex was still involved with them, just Omega. This the ONLY way scenario 3 makes any sense.

      In season ten, we hear in York's log that Tex got away AGAIN. So how is it that she is having so many run-ins with PFL if she's trying to keep a low profile, and had given up on Alpha? I'm thinking Omega, in the limited time he was active, was sending her location and/or plans to PFL.

      VIC is the next piece of this pottery. He called in Tex in the first place, instead of reporting Alpha down to Freelancer city. This actually works as a way to take her into custody without her being around, Because she ends up staying because of Alpha. Also, when VIC realizes Tucker's figured out the sim, he calls OMEGA, not Freelancer city, for help. Why do that if he was a PFL AI? Unless he was programmed to, because, due to Omega being close by, and a third party to contact Wyoming with.

      Third is actually the power plant. So they need one of the guys to pick up the sword for scenario 3, but they also saw a chance to take a swing at fragmenting Church while imparting valuable senario information. So they get dumped at Sandtrap, while Omega makes a beeline to the Power plant, knowing eventually, Tex will track him down, because she's obsessed like that, and will have to call in help, and the nearest help is the BGC.

      Everything else is straightforward from there. The simulation is completed, the aliens fly away with Tex. The end.

      Theory 2: Wyoming is playing all against the other.

      This has some of the same logic as above, and they could even be intertwined, but that makes my brain hurt. However, without adding elements of the Omega theory, we still have some gaping holes.

      In this theory, we scrap the idea that PFL was trying to fragment Alpha, and that it was Simga's idea.

      See, I have a real problem with the fact that Wyoming survived Meta's initial attack, and even more so that Meta couldn't just pick up an ejected AI even if he left Wyoming fucked up. So I believe Gamma and Wyoming, who we've seen buddying up to Maine, and even standing next to Sigma watching Carolina demand two AIs, made a deal with Sigma: let them stay separate and alive and active with PFL, and they would feed him any information they found on Alpha's whereabouts, and later, the other fragments.

      Okay, so he gets called into Blood Gulch by Omega. By now, we can assume Tex, and therefore Omega, knew exactly what Church was. So they inform Meta, who, if we only look at the active fragment list, was still missing a piece. (comment 2 continues this)

    • 4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen
    • Silver linings to real life shit.

      4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      So, I broke my ring finger yesterday when I tripped on air, so there goes my overtime. Good news, since I can't even drive due to the pain med they gave me, I now have a week to rewatch RvB in time for the new season!.

      Now, if the pain meds would do more than make me dizzy...

    • The Mercs

      4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen

      There's all this discussion about Felix and Locus and who has more story to tell. Well, this is my speculation post, based on what we've seen so far in the series.

      Locus and Felix were part of a six man squad working together during the height of the war. At some point, some of them fell behind enemy lines. Against orders, the rest went in for a rescue attempt. It failed spectacularly, with Locus and Felix being the last ones alive, and possibly with them having been left behind to finish the mission, only to have it fail anyway. This ended up scarring them both.

      Locus, who may have actually suggested and rallied the failed mission, decided that his strength was in not leading, but rather, in doing. In order to be able to function, he fashioned himself into an unfeeling object, selling himself out so that he has no responsibility for his actions.

      Felix, who was always greedy and full of himself, lost a good, possibly close friend. He may even felt betrayed by how it all went down. It broke him, and whatever morality he had collapsed. He began caring only for himself, and killing was the funnest, easiest way to get what he wanted.

    • 4 years ago

      Sugarfire LurkQueen
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    • TaylorCulosis The world-famous scowl.

      4 years ago

      Not sure if anyone turned you to this before. But an RT fan remade the first season of RT Shorts in machinima with their respective characters. Some of them are actually really well done, and you won't have to see VAs. smiley6.gif

      Post edited 9/17/14 12:56AM

      • TaylorCulosis The world-famous scowl.

        4 years ago

        Not a problem. Although it's not the first season, kind of a grab bag.

      • Sugarfire FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold LurkQueen

        4 years ago

        No, you're the first. I'll take a look at it. Thank you. ^_^

  • Questions answered by Sugarfire

    Back when the interwebs were new, I signed up for my first Forum account somewhere in a fandom far away. Well, all my prefered double-word Mary Sue fantasy names were taken, like Spitfire, Darkwind, Icestorm, the normal teenage girl stuff. So I sat back and thought about what I loved. And since Sugarcat was a little porno sounding, I put in Sugarfire, and it was good. ^_^