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    • White Mages: A g1 Support Group

      5 years ago


      Salutations, g1s!

      I just wanted to come briefly and say, given the recent events of Robin William’s passing, how depression can easily affect anyone; including myself. I tend to get  easily emotional and I easily feel anxiety. Some of us may be going through the same issues; some may be in different stages in life. Even though things like depression might take time to overcome, it does get better. Even if you don’t suffer from depression, or feel like you might get depressed, or just having a bad day; sometimes all you need is just to talk with someone.

      That is why I want to start a g1 support group, where g1s can gather to talk if they need to. These gatherings would consist of getting together every week on a Skype chat for an hour or so. You could share how are you feeling, you could just listen if you don’t feel like talking, you could give advice, or we could just ask around “how was your day?” or “how was your week?” Asking a simple questions like “how was your day?” could really make someone’s day.

      If you have any suggestions for the group, like a time or day, feel free to comment. 

      If you want to be added to the support group chat on Skype, feel free to PM me here on ScrewAttack. Everyone is welcome. ScrewAttack staff and partners, you are all welcome to join in on a session too.

    • Calling all g1s! The ScrewAttack movie needs your help!

      7 years ago


       Hello g1s,

      By now, I imagine you’re already heard about a super “secret” project in the making going by “ScrewAttack: The Movie.” If not, I suggest you take a look at this blog by Terra_corrupt, first. I’ll wait…

       Are you back? Good!


      If you’re wondering:

       “What is this ScrewAttack movie gonna to be about?”

      This ScrewAttack film in the making will be a documentary consisting of, and I quote:

      “1 - A History of the main site, stories from the Crew, how things were started, what were the challenged, and all the drama that goes with that... and
      2 - From the Community's point of view. We get to talk about our favorite memories, describe how each version impacted our lives, get people who've made their name on ScrewAttack to take part like PBG and Pat the NES Punk, and pay tribute to those who deserve it like Debaser and Dylan Toomey.” – Terra_corrupt


      “So, who’s making this movie?”

      There are currently three people active:

      Executive Produer, Terra-corrupt. He is the man behind the idea of doing this project in the first place. He has the final yes or no on what goes or doesn’t make it in the movie.

      Director, HybridRain. The first name you see in the ending credits. This man is responsible for the storytelling of this film, has the most creative control, and will be the one filming the documentary.

      Producer, SuperChunLi89 (Er… me!). I, along with Terra_corrupt, am pretty much involved with pretty much everything involving the creation and promotion of the film, like contacting and gathering people, putting my own ideas into the mix, and making sure everything is going on schedule.

      These three people, along with a list of over 50 g1s and counting, and even the ScrewAttack crew; have shown some interest in this projecet.


      “Can I help?”

      Why yes! We definitely need your help. We will hold a meeting on Wednesday, January 18th at 6:00 PM CST, at this Tinychat room 


      This meeting is open to all g1s, but it is necessary that the following people attend:

      - At least a couple of g1s from each and every era(or Version).

      - G1s in the Dallas area who fit all of the following criteria: Is 18 or older, is willing to let HybridRain stay in his/her home for the duration of filming (if still living with his/her family, ask permission first), has a car and/or filming equipment of his/her own, has a car, is willing to take and pick up HybridRain to and from the HQ.


      Some of the things that will be discussed during this meeting are:

      - Donations

      - Brainstorming questions, all ScrewAttack related, you would lke to ask the ScrewAttack staff members.

      - G1s of each Version you think should be interviewed.


      "How can I contact you?"

      If you have any questions, email us at or post them on this forum thread:


      For more updates, you can follow us on Twitter, at @ScrewAttackFilm.


      "When's the meeting again?"

      Here’s the information for this meeting once again:


      Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

      Time: 6:00 PM CST


      Note: Be prepared with some questions.


      ScrewAttack staff members are welcome to drop by.


      I would like to end this blog with a link to the unoffical concept trailer for ScrewAttack: The movie, created by g1 metaking64x.


      We will appretiate very much your help!

       - SuperChunLi89, Producer


    • SuperChunLi89 beats Mike Tyson + Super Tips

      7 years ago


      I had mentioned to Jared on Screwin' Around that I had beaten Mike Tyson. He asked if I had a video of it, I didn't. So I spent my Sunday trying to beat Mike Tyson again and catch it on video. I apologize for the bad quality.  I couldn't find a good place for the camera. The camera was on a stack of books in the bed. If I had it farther, you wouldn't be able to see the game on the TV. 

      The first time I beat Mike Tyson that night. I knocked him down five times throughout all three rounds. He knocked me down once.

       My best run against Mike took me only two rounds. I knocked him once during the first round, and knocked him down three times during the second.



      Here are some tips I've gathered from watching Craig and Jared play, and a few I've learned from just playing. You probably already know some of these. But if this will help Craig or Jared beat Mike Tyson, then, TEAM EFFORT!!!

      1. For the first 1:30, Mike will throw a series of uppercuts. He'll flash before each punch. Up until 1:30, try your best to avoid each uppercut, since you go down with only one uppercut.
      2. Respond each of his punches with a headshot of your own with the arm opposite of the one Mike just punched with or the arm on the same side.
      3. If you feel you can punch a second time, SLIGHTLY DELAY YOUR SECOND PUNCH. A delayed second punch will do more damage than a second regular punch. (I'm not exactly sure about this, but Mike's head will go back if it's a normal second punch; and Mike's head will turn to the side if it's a delayed second punch.)
      4. If you feel you can do more than one headshot at a time, NEVER ALTERNATE THE ARMS YOU ARE PUNCHING WITH.
      5. After 1:30, he'll start throwing jabs (or whatever that punch is called). He'll blink one eye depending on which arm he'ill punch with (If he blinks his right eye, he'll punch with the right arm; and vice versa).
      6. If you're able to make each second punch a delayed punch, it is possible to beat Mike in round one (most likely).
      7. If you pass over to round 2, he'll start off with five sets of two jabs immediately. The best thing you can do at this time that I can think of is just to dodge all those 10 punches before you can start attacking.
      8. If you're lucky to get a star, stun him and use the star ONLY if he was stunned after he throws a jab, NOT AFTER HE DOES AN UPPERCUT.
      9. If he stands there and his both eyes are blinking, throw a headshot. (Sometimes, I insta-knocked him down, but other times I had to block his jabs consecutive jabs. If you get hit during these four jabs, he'll keep on jabing indefinitely).
      10. If you make it to round 3, there isn't really strategy (I don't think). Just use everything you learned above.

      I hope these tips work for you guys. 

      My next challenge will be to beat Mike Tyson in round 1. Wish me luck! 

    • Pokemon: The Non-Turn-Based Fighting Game?

      7 years ago



      A Pokemon fighting game? It definitely seems like it. This is Pokemon: Type Wild. It is a fan-made fighting game created by(or at least this video was uploaded by) a YouTube user by the name of BlameTruth.

      This game is currently in it's beta stage. It appears to have an arcade-fighting style, taking in consideration a Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses towards certain type of attacks, and status effects, like poison, seem to apply.

      It looks pretty good so far, doesn't it?


      P.S. This is my first news related article. Any constructive critizism would be appretiated.

    • Michael Fassbender to star in film adaptation of Assassin's Creed

      7 years ago


      Michael Fassbender is set to star and co-produce the film adaptation of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed through is production company, DMC Films.

      Fassbender has become a high-profile actor, starring in films such as 300Fish Tank, Inglorious Bastards, Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, A Dangerous Method, Haywire, Prometheus; and has been critically acclaimed for his roles in Hunger and Shame. The Irish-German actor will soon be seen in The Counselor and Twelve Years  a Slave and is set to reprise his role as Erik Lenserr/Magneto in the untitled X-Men sequel. Fassbender, along with Conor McCaughan, produced the BAFTA Award winning short film, Pitch Black Heist.

      Michael Fassbender's past experience with video games includes voicing the character of Logan in Fable III.

      About who would play the franchise's protagonist, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Jean-Julien Baronnet, says:

      "Michael Fassbender was our first choice... Michael is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor."

      According to the Daily Variety,  Ubisoft and Sony were in talks of making a series of Assassin's Creed films, but it seems Ubisoft executives have decided to develop the project independently to keep creative control. Sony might still end up distributing the movies.

      There is still no word on which assassin the film will follow or when the film is scheduled to release.

      Personally, I'd see Michael Fassbender in anything, but it would be a "Shame" if the film didn't live up to expectations. (See what I did there?)

    • Game L1bs Live: A Day In the Life of a College Student [Woodyman's Holiday Party Edition]

      8 years ago


      During Woodyman's Holiday Party Chat, I decided to start another game of Game L1bs; since we had enough people to play. If you missed the mad lib,  here it is:


      " Every 1 year, I wake up and get off my Jared. I don`t always have time to destroy a shower, but I always make sure to fall my hair. Once that`s done I get some Nick's Office, and then it`s off to my first douche. I often get caught derping in class. No one likes it when the overlord gives a surprise airplane. My second class is Sword Theory. Dr. John McClane is incredibly massive, but I never implode her because of her thick hadouken. Her g1s, however, are really salty. After lunch, I have no more Nazis and I`m free to thrusting under my friends. Before I go to bed I dancing a little bit. Awful boat truffle shuffling magical."


      I know this blog is really short, but i just decided to share it with everyone who might have missed Woodyman's party.


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