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    • Guardian 3x!

      1 year ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      Woo! Guardian for the third year in a row! Also i finally FINALLY changed my RT username so now I'm sure everyone will have forgotten who I am. Assuming I'll get Expo again this year, what up Expo friends <3

    • Whoops

      2 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      Forgot to change my username to SwirlAndVinegar before applying for guardian and am now too lazy to change it. Time to confuse everyone again by never responding to moesuckra!

      Y'all can call me Lo or Swirl <3

    • RTX 2016 Reflection

      3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      This was my first RTX. My first time in Texas, my boyfriend’s first convention ever, and my first time volunteering for a convention I’ve never attended beforehand.

      I was chosen for the Expo team, which meant I got to work on the floor and run around all day making sure exhibitors were happy, lines were capped appropriately, attendees were informed, spills were cleaned, exhibitors had their coffee, crowds weren’t being formed, and everyone was safe. I was a spareboard so I got to do all these things and more, depending on what the team needed. It was wonderful.

      For some context, I’ve been to multiple conventions. I even worked for an event planning company that organized VidCon from 2011-2014 (I interned there in 2013). The company had other corporate event clients, but VidCon was the major player. I fell completely in love with event planning while also utilizing my passion for YouTube and online video content. My experience with the VidCon team was incredible, stressful, and rewarding.

      In 2013, VidCon was 12k attendee event. That number felt insane to me. RTX was ~60k this year.

      RTX was the biggest convention I’ve attended, and the smoothest one I’ve ever volunteered for.

      The community was strong and incredible and supportive. The veteran Guardians I worked with welcomed us new kids with open arms and the Team Leads (shoutout to Plaid and Dom!) were incredibly friendly and informative. I was stressed out the first day before the convention as I felt like I had no idea what was going on. Once I actually got to the convention center and started talking to my fellow Guardians, everything fell into place and the rest of the week went off without a hitch.

      Was I exhausted? Yes. Was I overwhelmed? Maybe a little. Was I having a great time? Absolutely.

      I didn’t request any panels off but I knew if I wanted to, I could have. Luckily I got to attend some panels I really wanted to see after my shift was over. I love working events and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything, especially with how much fun I had with my team and getting to be out on the Expo floor interacting with the community. I’m pretty lame and just went to my hotel to sleep after I was done at the convention center so I didn’t party, but I know my friends had a great time on 6th street and still showed up bright and early to work another 11 hours, or wait in line for panels. I applaud them.

      Alright I can keep writing forever, but I’m going to end it here by saying I wish I could hang on to the feeling that RTX created for me and so many others. Thank you so incredibly much to my Guardian team, the awesome exhibitors, fun-loving attendees, Bethany and her team, and of course Rooster Teeth.

      But seriously, Bethany, you’re amazing. This event was fantastic and I know it’s all thanks to you and your hard work. I didn’t get a chance to say it in person so I’m saying it now. You’re incredible and inspire me so much, and I’m working even harder to finish my last year of school so I can finally work on doing what I love, which is event planning and community management. I hope one day I can work on an event even a fraction as fun as RTX and shake your hand to thank you for reinstating my passion for events. Thank you so much.

      Also go Team Expo! #CodeWtoppedFloot

    • I hate the word "fandom" tho

      3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      I think I'll be spending more time on the RT website, because the people on tumblr are draining my fucking soul, y'all.

    • 3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl
    • 3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl
    • get rekt @me

      3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      i can't keep up with all the guardian posts! we're all hyped! also notifications aren't working great for me right now, RIP. i'm slowly adding everyone. one day i'll actually be a part of the conversation lol

    • RTX Guardian!

      3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      Woo! So stoked! I was accepted to be a Guardian for RTX 2016! Looking forward to getting to know all the other Guardians and experience RTX for the first time this year.

      A little more about me as I add a bunch of people on the site:
      I'm 23, live in Southern California, I'm from Northern California (like REAL north, y'all. Basically Oregon - so sales tax ftw) and I've also lived in Long Island, New York and Orlando, Florida.

      I worked for VidCon (or rather, the company that planned VidCon from 2011-2014) in 2013 and had the time of my life. It was there I realized I could turn my love for events into a career. Still working on that!

      I worked at Disney World for two years in attractions. Because I like rides. My list includes: Mission: Space - EPCOT
      Tusker House - Animal Kingdom (not a ride, a restaurant, but people still waited in line for it..)
      Backlot Tour (special effects water tank) - Hollywood Studios (closing team, RIP <3)
      Toy Story Midway Mania - HS
      Disney Junior Live! On Stage - HS
      Voyage of the Little Mermaid - HS
      Frozen Summer Fun - HS (not that fun)

      I also love makeup. Like, a lot. Too much. Makeup is the only art I'm good at, besides writing.

      My favorite games are probably the Bioshock and Dragon Age series. Solas trash right here. My boyfriend is an AI programmer at a game studio, and our love of video games is basically what brought us together in the first place!

      Obviously I love YouTube. I watch a ton of gaming channels as well as makeup gurus. Judge me. I was a fan of Meg Turney during her time at SourceFed but was STOKED she moved to Rooster Teeth so I could keep seeing her in content! I met her at VidCon 2012 and she was super nice and also very short!

      Uhhh my username on almost all social media is "moesuckra" so stalk me if you want.

      I'm super active in Tina Dayton's Twitch chat so come join TeamTina and listen to us make bad puns! I'm "sweetvanillaswirl" there, but please, call me Swirl.

      I also really like making new friends and have no problem starting conversation with just about anyone! So if you're nervous about talking to people at RTX, don't worry. I'm there for you, friend.

      See you at RTX!


    • FNAF Immersion

      3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl

      Wow wow wow that behind the scenes was fantastic. I loved the Immersion but I always am so incredibly curious about how they made it all happen. Marcus is incredible. I wish I could have watched an entire hour of the behind the scenes, and I would still want more. I hope they keep up the behind the scenes stuff, that's so up my ally dude.

    • 3 years ago

      SwirlAndVinegar Swirl
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    • cyd0nia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Cosmic Floof

      3 years ago

      Hello! Thanks for accepting the friend request :D

    • Fly Keeper of Blades

      3 years ago

      I saw the username... Dig the reference!

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