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    • UC Merced Campus Opening

      13 years ago


      I just finished with the latest gig. It was the Campus Opening of the new UC Merced Campus. This is the tenth UC Campus, and the first one in the Central Valley. Even Gov. Arnold came by. It's supposedly one of the most economically advanced campuses in the world. Whole thing is Air conditioned with water. The urinals are the waterless kind (not sure if I quite trust the idea). I guess they use vaccums or something. Too bad they're not finished with construction, and today was the first day of classes.

      I was actually involved with two different events. One was Aug 31, which was something of a thank you for all the people who contributed money to the campus over the years of planning. They wanted us to light up the buillding kind of like they did with the pyramids in Egypt. It was really cool to be involved in an event of this size. I had to light up 4 different buildings. I brought 100 Vari*Lite units, 16 Source 4 PAR bars, and 8 9-Lites with color scrollers. Cool thing is everything worked over the few day we had the equipment set up, which is astonishing. There was dirt and dust everywhere due to the construction. I am not looking forward to cleaning out all those lights.

      The second event was the opening ceremony yesterday. It was in a tent, but was during the day. The only lighting on that event was some extra white light for the cameras. Nothing spectacular there. Even the event was very boring.

      But the building thing was very cool. We set up a stage in an open field away from the buildings., There was a twenty minute narrative about the building and the history of the campus. during the narrative, we lit the particular building they were talking about in the narrative. At the end of the presentation, there was a fireworks show, and we lit up all the buildings and the sky. Here are some pictures.

      Here's one to show the whole scale of the event. I couldn't get the whole library in the picture.
      That tank to the left is huge. It's 60 or 70 feet wide.
      The first building was the Library
      Then came the Classroom and Office Building
      Then came the Science and Engineering Building. Which is where we had the Skytrackers, and one 10k Xenon lamp.
      Finally we lit the TES Tank, which has something to do with the Air Conditioning of the buildings.
      Damn thing is huge. It's something like 60' or 70' wide.
      This is a really cool shot of the tank.
      Here are some views of the stage where we were at.

    • ATHF Tribute

      13 years ago


      It's been a while since I posted a journal, so here's a tribute to Aqua Teens just to fill in the gaps between lighting shows.
      Collected from Various Sites across the Internet

      That one's actually off of a cool site
      My Honors to all the artists responsible for these images. I applaud you * * * * *

    • Robfest 2005

      13 years ago


      I just finished with a huge show downtown called Robfest. It was in the new exhibit hall, which is 300' x 100'. In others, friggin' huge. It was a birthday party for one of the chiefs at Table Mountain (Reservation and casino outside Fresno). We had two stages right next to each other. One had an old school PAR can rig. The other was fully automated rig. It actually turned out kinda cool.

      I gave some of the crew my camera and they took pictures while I programmed. They got some okay shots, but it was hard to get good shots without a tripod cause it was so dark. Also at the bottom of the pictures is a really cool WYSIWYG rendering I did. You can also see it in my pictures.

      The stage near the end of the show
      View of half the room during setup
      One of the many tiki hut bars
      A table and one of the backdrops
      The stage during walk-in
      The waterfall way off in the corner
      Off the subject, but here's a cool WYSIWYG rendering I did

    • Dance Show

      14 years ago


      Here some pictures from a Dance Show i just got finished with. We did it in the Save Mart Center (Fresno's big arena), since the theater where they normally have it was occupied with Miss California. We used a lot of drape to mak it seem like a theater.

      Here is the view from FOH during rehearsal.

      Here is a picture during one of the afternoon shows.

      Another picture during the rehearsal.

      Again, during rehearsal.

      During the show.

      This one is out of place, but I wanted to share it. I took it on the plane coming home from vacation.

    • E3... a success

      14 years ago


      Okay, so the show finally almost over. I'm sure it's safe to post pictures now. But to be sure, I fuzzed out screens and other such stuff that square might not want the public to see yet.

      The booth was a great success. Lighting did a good job. All the Vari*Lites held up well. At the end of the show we only lost a few fixtures. Damn VL2416s just don't like running 24 hours a day for several days in a row. Other than that everything went well.

      Now the only thing left is to load it all out. Here are some pictures for you all (I hope I don't get into any trouble for these)

      Here is the back wall of the booth.

      Here is the front of the booth in a turquois color.

      Here is the booth in a red look.

      Here is the booth in a lavender look.

      Here is a view of the booth full of people taken from up in the theater.

      Here is the same view a little over to the right.

      Here is the same view from the other side of the theater.

      Here is the same view with a different color.

      Here is a view inside the theater before a show.

      Here's a statue they had in the booth.

      The Namco booth was right next to us. They were celebrating Pac-Man's 25th Anniversary. They had a show that ran every hour or so that featured the Namco Girls and this guy. This was worth the whole trip to E3.

      Here are the Namco Girls.

      Oh and they also had one of the batmobiles from the new batman movie in the lobby of the West Hall.

    • Picture Night Sucks!

      14 years ago


      Last night was picture night. This happens at E3 after the exhibits are all closed and nobody but crew is left in the building. They bring in a professional photographer to take pictures of the booth. So of course all the lights have to be on and i have to stay until they're done. We also have a fully automated lighting system, which means i have to step through the cues so that they can get different shots of the different looks the booth goes through.

      The camera crew had an interesting setup. They had a mac G5 on a cart they were wheeling around and hooked up to this thing was a super nice digital camera (I didn't catch what kind). They were adjusting the pictures as they were going. That seems like it makes sense and is a cool thing. However, that is very deceiving. What it really does is slow the whole photography session waaaaay down. We started at 7pm and went until 2am. Bastards. they were real tedious and kept adjusting for every shot. I understand the professionalism and the need to get it right, but what we went through last night was rediculous.

      After going back to the hotel and sleeping at 2:30am after a 19 hour day ( I started at 7am), I had to be back at 7am today. and of course arc lamps that had been burning for 19 hours straight don't like to strike up, which means not every light works today. We got lucky though. We didn't lose any crucial lights. After I fired everything up, I went up into the theater, and crawled into a little cubby gole behind the screen and went to sleep.

      Now that I've gotten a little nap, I might take some time to walk the floor a little.

      Pictures coming soon...


    • Greetings from E3!!

      14 years ago


      Hot diggity damn....

      It took forever to get my damn wireless card to log onto the wireless network here at the booth (f*cking DNS numbers and other shit that I have no idea how it works). But I did it. I got it working. Yay me!

      Other than that the Square Enix booth is going great. We just opened. The first show is going on now and without a hitch. The whole thing is on autopilot. At least lighting is. Audio and video have to have guys sit there the whole time.

      The booth is packed too. Lots of people here checking out the game stations and stuff.

      Really cool thing is the Namco booth right next to us. They have a Pac-Man machine. Yeah, I'll be spending lots of time there.

      Once the show is over I'll go through my pictures and post a few of the good ones.

      Until then... Cheers!

    • E3... And the fun begins....

      14 years ago


      And so everything is going good so far at the Square booth this year. We started programming today (Even though not all the lights are hung). We simply had nothing else to do. Either program or sit there and look at the set that's not yet ready for us to put up lights. So we programmed a few positions. We came up with some cool things to do with the LED units. Those are so cool. I would love some pictures, but I don't think I can post anything yet. Sorry guys. After the show though.

      We had our first Vari*Lite break today too. Damn lamp exploded in a 2416. I was programming the LEDs when off to my right I hear this loud *BANG*, followed buy the tinkling of glass falling. I thought to myself, "Man, I hope somebody in the next booth dropped something." But I had a feeling, so I grabbed all the 2416's and opened up the dimmers and sure enough... one them was de-struck. I tilted it back and forth and shards of glass started falling out the damn thing! Oh well, could be worse. I'm lucky this is the only problem so far.

      Those things suck when they go. The lamp usually takes out the reflector and heat shield. And they suck to fix too.

      Well, enough of the boring everybody with the uninteresting technical details. Tomorrow we get back to programming the booth and hanging some more fixtures. The show opens Wednesday. I hope to see everybody who is lucky enough to get to go E3. See y'all at the show...

    • Off to E3...

      14 years ago


      E3 has begun! At least it has for me. The show itself isn't for a while. I'm now down in LA working on the Square Enix booth. So far everything is going great. Lighting has kicked ass so far. The grid went up and everything has worked so far. For a system of 96 Vari*Lites, that's pretty awesome. Vari*Lites never work well when there are so many.

    • California FFA State Conference

      14 years ago


      Finally... a chance to rest.

      Last weekend was the State Conference for the California FFA. Held every year at this time in Fresno's Selland Arena. And guess who got hired to design the lighting for this event...

      It was six days of non-stop lighting programming, rehearsals, and shows. Thursday was load-in, programming and rehearsals. Friday was all day of programming and rehearsals. Saturday night was the opening session. Sunday had three full sessions. Monday had two sessions, and a concert. Tuesday had the final session and a load-out. By the time we were done, I was beat. I had to rest a week before I could even take the time to go through the pictures.

      And I just got a new digital camera, so of course I have pictures...

      One of the speakers was a state senator and friend of Governor Arnold...

      This was during one of the opening ceremonies.




      This guy became an honorary FFA member...

      I had to touch up the FFA logo in Photoshop before I could put it up on the Catalyst

      This is my favorite shot. Taken from the Catwalk during band rehearsal.

      FFA colors... Blue and Gold.

      The audience entering during one of the sessions

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