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    • UK fans heading to RTX 2016 - Adopt a Brit

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      Very new to the community (though long time content consumer). Heading out for my first RTX and looking to dive into meeting everyone, anyone and people specifically named Steve.

      Wondering how many other people from the UK will be heading over this year? Hoping to either arrange and/or tag onto some meetups before, during and after the event. Would love to meet fellow UK fans (don't personally know anybody locally who enjoys roosterteeth content beyond a few 'slow mo guy' fans at work) but hoping to enjoy the week with whoever is interested.

      Any other first timer Brits heading to Austin? Any advice from those who have been before? Any local fans who want to adopt/protect a polite yet sarcastic newbie and/or other UK travellers? Feel free to add me as a friend or message me :)

      PS - What do Brits who will still be in Austin do on July 4th? Do... do we hide?

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    • 3 years ago

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