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    • naruto-kun trouble

      14 years ago


      Can anyone tell me what is wrong with naruto-kun? My friend wants to read the manga before it comes out in shonen jump but he dosen't have a computer (poor guy). But anyway when I tried to download them nothing happens (Firefox) and in IE it says it cannot find server or something. Whats that all about? here's where I tried to get them


    • Thank Dimono for this

      14 years ago


      If you are a n00b helper (like me) This is really helpful.

      if you do this [li[ b][ /b]nk=] (no spaces) then the link text will show up like this!

      [link=]your text here[/link]

      Awesome huh?

    • Finally!

      14 years ago


      God all of that softcore porn shit was annoying the hell out of me! GO MAX!

      Whoohoo I baleted all my personal comments because none of them made seince. If you want to comment there do it but don't make it pointless or it will be deleted.

      I am insane. turn your sound up to a medium level and click this link its crazy I cant stop laughing but when I close it I stop immediatley.
      yes I know its weird.

      I finally got a picture of myself up but the journal was done at a time where nobody would read it so this is a link to it.

      this is the longest I've ever stayed here for.

      its 6:30 and I've been up all night. Hooray for Saturday! I gotta go sleep now...

    • Comic

      14 years ago


      I find this comic very amusing. Its got a cool storyline and some interesting pictures....

      Its funny though how even though he's a boy in a girls body he poses like he was in a girls body all his life... Weird.

      Well anyways I found a old picture of me so here I am.
      I have lost a lot of weight seince then.
      NO JOKES!
      I only wear black now and I will kill anyone who makes fun of how fat I was.

      P.S. Thats my Dad with the glasses. He's a math whiz but he works at the post office. Go figure.

      EDIT: this was at my Grandpa's 76th birthday.
      Creepy pic of my G-pa.

      EDIT 2:
      NOTAGAIN is a goddamn idiot.

    • Naruto art.

      14 years ago


      Vicious said its ok to spam my own journal sooo...


    • Spam

      14 years ago


      I gotta write in this thing a little more because all I really do is spam it.

      LOL! yes I stole that idea I'm a bad bad person... Thats why I wear black. NO! I'm not a goth I'm a rocker.

      Sooooo in other news I just got a suhweet NIKE hat. its black. I also got some black pants from Anchor blue and Hot topic. Yup. Black is awesome.

      I'm being a freakshow right now because its late and I feel like it. SUGAR!
      I also drew a new picture of Hinata.
      I did this with a double-ended sharpie.
      (click to make better looking.)

    • w00t

      14 years ago


      thanks h4nkychief.

      EDIT 2:

    • Shaded.

      14 years ago


      The old one.
      The new shaded one.
      Now no more annoying! But you can mod me if you want...

      knoxer101 said I could use this. (from his journal)

      Naruto got licensed!!!

      Well anime fans its true.this great great anime series has been licensed! Meaning it will be harder to find subed episodes. Because its not legal to post it on the internet. So Thats the bad news. But wel this sucks also but its comming to Cartoon network either too be on toonami or adult swim (plz god AS) If on toonami...

      The famed Sexy No Jutsu will either be completely removed or simply not shown in the anime. This is pretty sad but from recent time they never had a problem with such things, like bath scenes even on Toonami. So this may or may not happen.

      Chan-kun sensei may be completely removed which means Naruto is going to sound pretty weird for a while. No more Sasuke-Kun from Sakura. With the mild language aspect you can bet none of that would be there. Unless it was also being aired on Adult Swim, Then only 2 mild adjustments would have to be done.

      Haku-Our Favorite transvestite will most likely be taken as a female in this anime. It has been done before, are American Editors do not want that gay types of dialogue being exchanged. This was also true for anyone who remembers Sailor Moon. I don't think I need to go to deep on that one now do I? Now as many of us know there was a funny moment between Naruto and Haku and I don't know how they are going to deal with this one.

      Blood, eh no blood for us if it is going to Toonami just think scratches and coughing out sweat and so forth. Now some changes in general..

      Jounin being Journeymen and Konoha being Kohoagaruku

      According to a friend of mine, these are the Voice actors:
      (remember it may or may not be true.)
      Naruto - Vash from Trigun
      Kakashi - Spike from Cowboy Bebop
      Sakura - Misty from Pokemon
      Gaara - Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh
      Sasuke - Hiro from Gundam Wing

      Most of info from

      EDIT 2:
      Does this look DBZish to you?

    • Show

      14 years ago


      What do you think? Is He back? Or is it a fake....

      In other news I am not at +30 anymore. I went to bed and my karma went away. I think this karma thing is something that the RvB guys put on here to keep everybody logged in and not do school. It worked on me the first week but not anymore. I now know school is more important because I'll get grounded.

      Does anyone else play Star Wars Knights of the old republic 2: The Sith Lords? I think its awesome despite the bad frame rates and graphics. I play is as much as I play Halo 2. Which is a lot.

      I want Photoshop. Really bad. Then I would put the master chief’s head on me like everyone else does…. Darn. I’d use this picture.

      EDIT: I guess I should say something funny now.
      Yesterday me and a friend were talking about driving and stuff and then I was saying that you have to get 50 hours of driving in before you can get a licence and he said "no problem I can get 100 hours of driving done in two days..."

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