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    • Playing Far Too Much GTA

      4 years ago


      Got to experience my first car crash this weekend. It wasn't my fault. The wife was driving... it wasn't her fault either.

      You know whose all for the elder generation drivers receiving competency assessment before they cause an incident? This guy.



      No one died.

    • Laser Attack Footage

      4 years ago


      To follow up on the previous journal here is some footage released by West Midlands Police of a drunk moron targeting their helicopter with a laser in September this year. As you can see in the video the police observer is able to direct the officer on the ground to the culprit and identify where he threw the laser pen.

      "He was sentenced to seven months (suspended for two years) and 250 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay £100 victim's surcharge and £300 costs."



    • Aircraft Laser Attacks

      4 years ago


      The irony is not lost on me that today is supposedly Air Traffic Controller Day. Why Controllers need a day is something I'm unsure of but since everybody seems to have one I guess why not.

      2 years ago I posted a journal about laser attacks on aircraft.

      Today I had to deal with my first one of these directly.

      There is pretty much nothing else that makes me angrier than people aiming lasers at aircraft. At the very least it is gross negligence and worst it is wilful endangerment to life.

      Whilst there has yet been no reported major incident involving persons aiming lasers at aircraft it is still a very real risk. Ignoring the possibility that you could permanently blind a person on board the aircraft by damaging their eyes. A laser shining through a window will almost always cause flash blindness that may last from fractions of a second to several minutes.

      Aircraft that are targeted by lasers are almost always low to the ground as they are much easier to see and aim at.

      You know what's not great? Low flying aircraft with pilots who can't see or are distracted.

      Beyond the selfish nature of causing possible harm to others Air Traffic Controllers are required by law to inform the police of each incident that occurs.

      So if you are thinking only of yourself remember what sort of trouble you can land yourself in. In September 2014 and Australian man got 3 years Jail time and a fine of £19500 ($31600 USD) for shinning a laser at a police helicopter.

      In the United States it is now possible to be investigated as a terrorist due to "interference with an aircraft or pilot" under the PATRIOT Act.

      Essentially there is no reason in the world why you should do it. There is no personal gain. Do not hide behind ignorance.

      Please, do not aim lasers at aircraft.


    • Fuck Is It 2007 Already?

      4 years ago


      Username: Why is this a question? It's right up there ^
      Age: Not 40
      From: Various places in the UK. I've moved around a bit.
      Sponsor: ComeAtMeBro
      Date Joined: 3 years ago (11/21/10)
      Last Signed in: At least once a month.

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB: Real Life vs The Internet
      Last Podcast you watched: Maybe the 4th or 5th live stream one. I stopped watching when the forum died.
      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Matt.
      Did you watch a Rt video today: No
      -If yes Which one: N/A
      -If no why not: I don't internet as much as I used to.
      Favorite RT Series: RvB Season 3
      Favorite RT video: Video Game President (Boom, head shot America).

      RT Site:
      Current Number Of Notifications: 3
      Name of first Journal: Fears
      Name of you latest Journal: Fantasy American Football
      Last Photo you uploaded: Being caught in the middle of work.
      Last Thread you commented on: Jedi Poets Game of Death
      First group in you group list: RvB:UK
      Last Private message sent to: Jamilio

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: 19,383
      Team Lads or Team Gents: meh
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: I'm ok with Ryan.
      Minecraft Skin: Russian Solder
      Favorite AH show: Go

      The Community:
      Favorite Group: Joels Stock Tips, he keeps it fresh by never posting any.
      Have you gone to a community event: Nope
      Have you gone to RTX: Nope
      Favorite Fellow Community member: Maru - Best Good Internet Buddy!
      Tag 5 people to do this: @Maru @aeshir_ @senoeenno @maerskmarine @percepticon <- lol

    • 5 years ago

    • Fantasy American Football

      5 years ago


      Me and some friends decided we would do a fantasy league for the up coming NFL season.

      If anybody is interested in joining let me know with a PM or comment.

    • It May Be Harder But I Prefer The Two Thousands

      5 years ago


      As a teenager of the "Naughties" I;

      A. Refuse to call it the Naughties.
      B. Pronounce all nouns that begin with the letter i the same way as an iPod or iTunes.

      Fuck Steve Jobs.

    • Noise For Music's Sake

      5 years ago


      Is an album by Napalm Death.

      I have many musical projects. All of them are really, really bad.

      One of the is called TrucksOvertakingTrucks which is what I refer to as my minimalism/white noise project. I recently released my second album under this name.

      In the first album I aimed for a sound of "All noise, all the time". For this one I went for "Some noise, some of the time".

      Weirdly I find I can listen to it! Though I feel I should say my favourite part is the cover.

      It's free at Bandcamp:
      A Thousand Forms Of Silence

    • Perks Of The Job

      5 years ago


      Sometimes when it just seems my job isn't fun enough you hear the controller next to you say "Battle 1 the circuit is clear if you would like to transit via the overhead".

      Which in non ATC speak means "There is nobody flying around the airport feel free to fly as low as you want directly over it".

      Which resulted in this:

    • Fantasy Grifball

      5 years ago


      Yup, it's a thing!

      Running side by side with the European Griball League is the Fantasy League. You do not have to be a member of a current team to participate so if the idea of trying to create the best Grifball 4some out of this seasons players head by the official website:


      Then throw your choice into the official thread at GrifballHub here:


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