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      14 years ago


      Wow, I got the one comment so I'll reply here.

      I always have an away message up because if I don't my computer is like *DING* "hey what's up you greasy Italian" *DING* "JOE! OMG! You're online!!1!" *DING* "He lives, hey man what's up?"

      Read my away message, it'll tell you what I'm up to. Then you can send me a message and if I happen to be around that's when I decide if I feel like chatting or not. Usually I'm at class or playing World of Warcraft (not always in that order of priority). I do spend an attrocious amount of time with the girlfriend some weeks so there's lots of that too.

      So that's the scoop.

      NEWS: I have a big-ass couch now. Izzle got it for me for free from some girl who was throwing it out. They toted it over here in her friend's Honda Element and we carried it up the stairs, rearanged the kitchen to fit it through and squeezed it between the foot of my bed and the wall by the TV. If anyone needs a place to spend the night, this thing can comfortably fit ME lying down. That says alot since I'm 6'3"!

      MORE NEWS: Don't ever order from JourneyEd.com unless you need that student discout. These people are a bunch of cockbites.

      I ordered the Adobe Creative Suite over 2 weeks ago with a "two-day delivery" Well 5 days later I get an e-mail asking for proof that I'm a student. They want a scan of my student calendar or something so I scan my ID card and send it with a scan of my driver's liscence. (note: I could have easily faked these things, yet they didn't beleive me when I was LOGGING IN THROUGH THE SCHOOL SERVER WITH MY PASSWORD). So yeah, I figure, okay 7 days isn't bad right? Well then I wait 2 days and they tell me they have recieved the scan of the ID and will confirm/deny me within 24 hours. Okay, 10 days isn't bad I guess. I AM getting the suite for only $200 instead of the usual eleventy-bajillion dollars. Well okay, I wait 2 days and go to pick the stuff up at the express office where I was told I had to go (they can't send it to my address, that would be convenient). The express office tells me that I need to go to the package center which is open from 9am-12pm the following day (since it was a saturday).
      OKAY, now I get up the next morning and walk across the whole of downtown savannah in the rain to get my package. It's been 3 days right? And it should have come in the Fed-Ex shipment the day before. I had paid them $200 of my money over a week and a half earlier, they should have sent it by now right? Wrong. So I know I can't do my homework with it and resort to my girlfriend's computer (which is a mac with a very resistant keyboard). I am going to try again tomarrow morning but if they don't have it then I'm pretty sure I'm going to send them a nice box of anthrax in the mail and put a huge dollar-sign on the top of the box since they love free money so much.

      Money is exchanged for goods and services gotten through tricking 'rich college honkies' into paying for non-existant software that they can ill-afford to be without.

      Man I am so annoyed....

      Tallest signing off-

    • I haven't visited in like 3 months!

      14 years ago


      I know nobody reads this stuff (comment if you do, I'm curious) but I felt like updating my life a bit.

      Well I don't play FFXI anymore (It sucks really, I was just diluting myself). But I am very much into World of Warcraft at the moment. I have a Hunter(Cecelia) and a Preist (Chambers) on the Bleeding Hollow server.

      I haven't played the Sims2 in at least a month and a half by this point and don't feel like booting it up again.

      I am currently playing Halflife 2 and am enjoying it quite a bit (though I never played the original)

      By the way, never pick up Phantom Brave unless you are gonna have A LOT of time on your hands and have beaten Final Fantasy Tactics.

      So yeah, I have a bigger room in my apartment now because one of the roomates accused another roomie's girlfriend of stealing his computer and moved out. We're taking care of a lot of unpaid bills he left us to deal with, we're down to rent and electric currently and I hope the electric is gonna get taken care of by his mother since he managed to owe us $167.00.

      I'm not happy with the afformentioned girlfriend either since she makes messes, lies to us and keeps the afformentioned roomie on a short leash, only letting him go when it suits her to. (Did I mention he pays for her food and lets her live here rent-free while at the same time wants her to leave?)

      And finally my girlfriend Izzle and I are having some minor tension in the religious beleifs department. Apparently because I don't take the bible's word as law I'm not going to heaven. This sucks for me because I always thought I was leading a very good and noble life but I guess this girlfriend of mine has trouble with me having independent thoughts about spirituality. It's not like I'm talking about religion ever, I am EXCEEDINGLY respectful of her beliefs and feelings but she lured me into an existential discussion and burst out crying on me.

      I dunno what to do.

      Love and breakdancing,

      P.S. If anyone seriously reads my journal even though I don't update please comment because it'll blow my freakin mind!!

    • Hey, I'm from Boston!

      14 years ago


      Well I'm not from the city or anything but I do live very close to Boston and I'm psyched that the Sox finally won a freakin world series. That concludes it for this century though so I gotta wait at least another 80 years for another one. Bummer....

    • quote of the day...

      14 years ago


      Okay so Wolven One27* has suggested I have a quote of the day. I also figured out that he's in the boy-scouts which I was in way back in the day so go you!

      Today's quote comes from Meatwad of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
      "It's not important whether you're black or white, or a sasquatch even. What's important is that you follow your dream no matter how crazy or illegal it is... unless you're a sasquatch, for sasquatch the rules are different..."

      -Tallest AWAY!!1!one!

    • The friends I make with NO EFFORT!

      14 years ago


      Well I think I may be harsh on the LJ people out there. I don't hate them, I just don't read Live Journals (or pre-recorded journals for that matter). I guess I'm a culprit for using this thing to bitch too. My bad.

      Well some stuff about me...
      -I'm a college student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (or SCAD for short). I'm a studying Graphic Designer from Massachusetts (go Sox! go Pats! Yankees suck! I care nothing for sports!) who is going to school in Georgia (if you're gonna go away to college... go AWAY to college).
      -I'm into Anime, which is cliche these days. I hate Inu Yasha, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho and all that drivel. I'm a Cowboy Bebop man. Gotta dig on Jet's style and Ed's randomness. I'm not a fan of Trigun or Kenshin because they're all talk, no action, whinny cowards and if you're gonna be a pacifist then just don't star in an action series.
      -I'm currently reading The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. It's interesting and it would rock to have supernatural powers and all, but I'm not an Anne Rice fanatic like some people are. I just read this series because I'm curious and because I liked Interview With the Vampire (movie).
      -My favorite game is currently the Sims 2 but I also play Final Fantasy XI (CaitSith server), Ravenshield and the WWII mod for Battlefield Vietnam.
      -I pre-ordered the special copy of GTA: San Andreas and it arrives tomarrow via next-day delivery.
      -The only TV I like to watch is Adult Swim but I buy DVDs often enough of series like Invader Zim and Berserk, which you can't see on TV anymore.
      -I own a PS2 and my roomies both have PS2s and X-Boxes, though one has a Gamecube too which we rarely play.
      -My computer is friggin awesome and I had it built for me from www.iBuyPower.com
      -I've acted in plays and musicals and one of my life's aspiriations is to dabble in voice-acting, though I don't plan on doing it as a career.
      -I have a girlfriend named Izzle (real nickname) who I've been dating since Febuary and she is my favorite girl in the world.

      If I think of more things I will update. Love and kisses to you all and may you live to see the day when mankind terraforms Mars and builds another Disneyworld on it.


    • Halo2 update video featured a RvB shirt!

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      That's right! One of the fine ladies of Bungie had a RoosterTeeth tanktop at her desk. Go to GameTrailers.com or some other site to find this video update from the employees of Bungie. RoosterTeeth is gaining primo recognition from HUGE companies like EA (gag!) and Microsoft (cowers in fear!).

      Good work you filthy, filthy bastards.

      -Love Tallest

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    • New recruit on board...

      14 years ago


      Buenos Dias cockbites,

      My name is Joe, you may call me Tallest if you want. I'm a huge fan of RvB, I've made many other people fans as well. I own both DVDs and my friends and I have had a running dominance in Halo over virtually our entire college (Savannah College of Art and Design).

      I'm not much for the whole LiveJournal thing so I doubt I'll update much. My friends back home all have LJs and my girlfriend in-particular writes in hers. I just find that they're for people who think that they're so terribly important that everyone should hear their whining. It's like letting things get to them in the most dramatic way possible is a full time job for them.

      Anyway, this should give you SOME idea of who I am. Peace out.

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