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    • Hello!

      2 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      I'm posting another journal, because idk, but I really like this site. Things have been going good. :D

      I'm suddenly no longer under a lot of stress because I've decided to leave Year 12 til next year. The shitty things happening with my Dad, my anxiety and my type 1 diabetes just kind of put my schooling to a back seat, and then the fact that I wasnt doing as well as I've have done usually in my life made me even more anxious, so I'm just gonna leave it til next year and try my best then. 

      I also signed up for this really cool part time job/ certificate thing where its about reviewing videos games and capturing video game capture. It basically combines Video Games and Video production and its what I want to do for my career! I got asked to come do an interview for it next week (during PAX Aus which sucks but oh well) and I'm super duper excited!

      I also started working at KFC yesterday, which means I can start saving up to be able to go to Canada and the US next year and finally meet all my friends! 


      Feeling pretty happy these past few days 

    • An Update

      2 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      So 2 weeks ago I posted about needing help and the RT community is so amazing, because you actually donated!

      At the moment we are kinda at a stand still. We have got an intervention order so he can't contact us or message us about anything other then the kids (which is such a relief). But it doesn't stop him from having the kids and trying to take the kids.

      So we're at the point where we aren't getting anything from him but we don't know if hes gonna try and take the kids because we are refusing contact again this weekend. Oh and I didn't mention this, but last weekend we refused contact and he actually came and took my little sisters and refused to give them back, and there was nothing the police could do because there were no custody orders and Child Protective Services couldn't help because apparently we were doing all the right things (by going to get an intervention order).

      Eventually we got the kids back because my Dad was telling my 7 year old sister to say to my Mum "tell Mummy she can come and get you if she promises you can come back next weekend and stop hurting you" :// She's been really emotionally abused by him over that time and is currently in regular contact with a psychologist, but its really horrible to do that to a 7 year old just because you're worried you won't get the kids back :////

      Anyway so thats whats happening. The kids are home and we're trying to distract them every weekend so they dont get sad by not seeing their Dad, and my Mum is going to family violence lawyers and legal aid to try and start getting full custody.

      If you want to still help out and donate or spread the word about the go fund me, to help with some of the money that the legal side of it is gonna cost, and try and raise money so we can move to somewhere where our Dad doesn't know where we live, the gofundme is here: https://www.gofundme.com/2fnhthg

      once again I'm so surprised and full of affection by how generous the RT community has been, I love you all <3 <3

    • Asking for Help?

      2 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      Hey all. My name is Tayla and I'm 17 years old, the eldest of 5 children (aged 15, 8, 7 and 3 respectively), and we're looking for some help.

      Usually we wouldn't ask for help but the situation has become dire and we're scared there is nothing else we can do.

      To understand everything, we have to go back to the beginning of all this. In June/July of 2015 my Dad left after he started emotionally abusing me, including stealing my clothes leaving me nothing to wear and senidng me texts thanking me for ruining his life, and my Mum said that wasn't okay.

      Since then he hasn't be living with us, and for the most part, besides countless emotionally manipulative text messages, everything has been okay.

      Except recently something changed. My Dad got hit with a report to the Child Protective Services saying that they had seen one of my younger sisters, aged 7, naked outside of his window acting sexually explicit.

      CPS avised us to not let him have the kids anymore without my Mum being there with the kids, obviously for their own safety, while they looked into the case.

      Now though, after my Dad said he would go along with CPS and try to get better, e.g stop the drug abuse and start working on his alcholism, he is rufusing to do so and is actually going to try fighting against the CPS and my Mum to try and take the kids away.

      All night my Mum has been getting messages that she hasn't been replying to as advised by the police, saying that he is going to come and take my sisters and theres nothing we can do about it.

      We have looked into getting an intervention order but because he hasn't done anything to physically harm us except threaten us, we can't do anything.

      So at the bare minimum we are left with trying to move houses to somewhere he doesn't know where we live, so he can't come and snatch my 7 and 3 year old sisters who don't know any better.

      The problem with that is we are a low income family, my Mum is a part time worker and shes looking after 5 kids, so we don't have the funds to pay the 4 weeks rent + bond to the place we are currently living so we can move.

      That's were we need some help. If you can't donate thats fine, anything such as sharing this gofundme can help us. Help us protect these kids from a father who is not fit to take them and is threatening to snatch them from our care.


      Link to the Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/2fnhthg

      Thank You <3

      Another thing that could help us if you can't donate, is to reblog this post on tumblr to try and get the word out: http://fuckmogar.tumblr.com/post/147747269852/click-here-to-support-safety-from-abusive-dad-by

    • How does Meg Turney inspire you?

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      In my little circle of friends from Roo Teeth (the Australian Rooster Teeth fan group) I'm known as the one who loves Meg Turney, who loves Meg Turney a lot. I mean, my main mission for RTX Australia 2016 was to meet Meg, and when the idea that I wouldn't get to meet her due to how packed her signings were and I was bummed out, all my friends said they were gonna spam Meg with tweets to get her to recognise me, and whilst I wouldn't let them do it because spamming someone is sucky and annoying, I appreciated the sentiment.

      So I love Meg Turney a lot. But I've never really gotten into the nitty gritty of why she inspires me so much and why I love her so much, I just kinda continue on as it is.

      It's weird, Meg is kind of like a big sister to me who has also never properly met me besides a 30 second encounter at RTX Australia where I was crying like a big baby. Quite frankly, I look up to her the way my 7 year old and 3 year old sisters look up to me, minus the bullying. (come on teasing kids is fun don't judge me).

      All the way back in 2014, she was a major part in me recognising and accepting my sexuality. I was 15, had been debating this since I was 13, and I watched the video that Meg did with the vlog brothers and I cried at how much I felt like I finally had a name or an idea of what I was and what I was trying to deny. The first ever interaction I had with her was in August of 2014 when I tweeted to her about how much she helped me and was a role modal for me during my time of coming to terms with my sexuality, and she sent me a <3. I was overwhelmed with emotion.

      Another reason I love Meg so much, quite frankly, because I can relate to her. I see myself in her, and as someone who is at the moment suffering really badly from anxiety and the idea that I'm not going to go anywhere in life because I'm failing my last year of high school, its cool to see how far shes come and how she talks about her anxiety. Theres also the little things of how we kinda have a similar voice, (throwback to that one time at a Roo Teeth meet up when I got filled with emotion and someone mentioned that my voice went up 10 octaves and they didn't realise it could go so much higher) and whenever I post pics I get told I look like a mini!Meg Turney which is flattering because she is absolutely beautiful. (although I get it now guys, you can stop commenting on every single picture I put on facebook saying "meg tho" and "hello meg" like seriously pls).

      Meg seems like such a sweet person, I wish I could be her best friend. I want to learn from her and hug her and honestly, I just want to have a conversation with her and ask her things and learn from her and hug her. I was hoping to get that at RTX Australia but it was the last 30 seconds of the convention and she was only down for 1 minute so I was crying like crazy and got a shitty photo on my iPhone 4. But I got to hug her. And that was my highlight of RTX. My friends called me a dork and a loser for crying but c'mon, I cry at everything guys. I just cried because my Mum brought me a slice of Nutella Pizza like what did you expect.

      Yeah I'm a loser.

      This journal going on for a while and is pretty long, but theres another reason I love her so much. And honestly, its for the simple reason that she entertains me. I went through a rough patch (jesus christ again? get your shit together Tayla) last year where I had to be strong for my mother when we kicked my abusive Dad out of the home, and I couldn't really go to her when I was upset by the messages he'd send me, because she still loves him and was struggling with letting him go (20 years of relationship will do that to a person), and just watching some Meg Turney videos helped me. I could cry in laughter and watch her Ask Megs and I suddenly felt better.

      So all in all, the final question is, how does Meg Turney inspires you? Meg inspires me to become a better person and strive to be my best, I one day want to be a person that can help people like Meg helped me. She also inspires me to get in the cutest relationship ever because honestly her and Gavin are so cute and it makes my heart sing. One day I hope I can have a meaningful conversation with her and let her know how much she means to me.

      She's beautiful, she inspires my fashion goals along with Barbara, and she's helped me go through so much. So yeah, I love her a lot, but the question is, why don't you love her just as much?

      Because she is freaking MEGA awesome.

      And you're missing out if you don't see that.

    • Travel Plans for 2017

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      Hopefully these are my travel plans for next year if I get a job soon and can save up enough money :D

      February 2017: I'm going to be heading to Sydney for RTXAU once again, which is confirmed to be Feb 4-5 next year

      May/June 2017: I'm going to be heading up to Canada to meet all my friends, I'm thinking of also stopping in China for the 8 hour layover so I might get to see a little bit of China! We are also thinking afterwards if we can work it out we may roadtrip down to Arizona from where we are staying in Canada and going to visit the Grand Canyon which would be rad.

      July/August 2017: This is the most iffy plans, because theyre the plans that most likely won't happen from this list. But hopefully if I get the funds I can head to Austin Texas around this time for RTX! That's really expensive though, I'm hoping they do it in August again as flights are so much cheaper in August rather than in July

      Those are my travel plans and I'm excited!

      2018 I'm planning to hopefully also go to Japan! :D

    • Interesting Fact

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      My last journal entry was typed up entirely on the Xbox One Microsoft Edge map... and i don't own a chat pad for my controller

      Times were tough

    • RWBY Volume 1 Theatrical Screening

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      Tonight a few friends and I ventured out into the city to catch a screening of RWBY Volume 1. It was awesome! Even though ive seen the Volume multiple of times, theres just something great about getting together with a bunch of people and watching something youre all mutually fans of on the big screen.

      There were tonnes of meeting new people, and even some fans running towards each other as they met in person for the first time. These are people all brought together by Rooster Teeth, a community, the Rooster Teeth family.

      You can really see what Rooster Teeth are trying to achieve with these sreenings, its a place where people who arent as lucky as i am by having Roo Teeth, can meet fellow fans and make those lifelong friendships.

      And thats what Rooster Teeth is really all about right? The community, this big crazy family.

      I think a lot of people only see Rooster Teeth as that company up in Austin, but really Rooster Teeth is all of this. The meet ups, the screenings, the RTXs, the RT Podcast Watch Parties, the Extra Lifes, the company, the community, this is Rooster Teeth. We wouldnt be here if it werent for those dorks up at the RT offices and likewise could be said about us for them.

      This is Rooster Teeth.

      We are Rooster Teeth, and I love this big fucking family.

    • RTXAU

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      So its been over a month now and I think I can finally put my thoughts on RTXAU into words...

      RTXAU was just amazing, being in a place with so many people in the same community and the same interests as you and being surrounded by what basically feels like your family was just-amazing. And I'm so glad RTX was able to be brought so far down under.

      I've been going to community meet ups since July 2015 and they've been amazing to make friends and just meet people who enjoy the same content that I do, and RTXAU just took that to the maximum. It was so amazing having people come up to my friends and I, and compliment our cosplays (even though it was my first ever cosplay) of Team RWBY and ask to take photos. I felt like I was a part of something bigger, one giant family.

      Although I didn't get to meet a lot of RT members and it was probably the most humid and stinkiest place I've been in my life, I wouldn't pass up the experience for the world. Just being in that environment was breath taking, and a little tear jerking to see how many lives this company has impacted in such a close radius to myself.

      So bring on RTXAU2017 (bit of a mouthful) now with Air Conditioner!



    • heheh

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      Just noticed I have 69 friends on here

      heheh heh

    • RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 1

      3 years ago

      TaylaMaree RT SuperFan

      Theres no words I can have to explain that beginning. It felt, therapeutic in a sense, it was beautiful, and it truly made me cry. Hearing Ruby talk to Summer Rose pulled a string in me, and then the birds with the beautiful sunset, Monty deserved no less.

      Talking about Monty, he would be so proud of everything you guys have put into this show, it was stunning and beautiful and tear jerking, I can't wait to see what you guys do next. Once again it feels like you guys have just continued pushing yourselves to do bigger and greater things, and it certainly looks this way from the way the first episode turned out.

      And those fights scenes?!? Oh my god, those were amazing, just, amazing. I can't wait to see what you guys pull through next.

      xx keep moving forward xx

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    • kiworange

      4 years ago

      aaah you're so pretty !! thank you for the add !! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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        4 years ago

        Oh my goodness, I didn't even realise this was a thing

        Thank you so much, you're really pretty too smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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