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    • eLeMeNTaL4

      7 years ago

      Hello, hello. It's that time again; that time when we haven't spoken for a while and are in due time for playing catch-up since we last spoke. So let's see, it's been... three months!! Maybe a bit longer, almost four months? In any case, there's a bit to cover.

      First of all, God Jul and Happy New Year to you! I know, late, but it's better late than never, as they say. I also celebrated my birthday over the holidays. It was small compared to most others I've had, but my family and I had a great time playing a bunch of games and eating a nice dinner at home!

      With the new year came new resolutions - eat better, exercise more, upgrade to a better job, find a publisher by the end of the year, more involvement with my church & faith,... - so the list continued for a little bit, and I thought, 'That's too much for resolutions.' So I decided to come up with a theme that ties them all together in one phrase: FOLLOW THROUGH.

      And so far, I've checked off the better job - I'm currently working for a company called RGIS, the world's largest leading inventory & supply company. I LOVE IT!! I've been with them a month, and already I've received great comments from a variety of managers, possible pay raise coming soon if I keep up big numbers in my inventory counts, AND already been discussed (actually since my first week!) of moving up to Team Leader as well as Supervisor!! I'm so excited for it all!!
      I still work with Lower Colorado River Authority, or LCRA, with the stargazing, animal programs and such, and I'm also considering going back to a weekend job I once had that grants me an extra $100US per weekend... and I know as well as anybody who knows that every little bit helps.

      The next step I want to accomplish is move into a new apartment, but this time I'm looking to be on my own. I've looked into other places, and so far the best, most convenient option for me is a 2-bed, 2-bath (there are no 1-bedroom apartments at this place I'm looking at) ALL BILLS PAID. The rooms are individually leased, meaning that when I sign a lease, I'm only signing for the one bedroom; another person signs a lease for the other bedroom, and we share the amenities of the apartment.
      This also means I'd have to tell my fiance that I want my own apartment... especially since I'm reconsidering our engagement, basically whether or not it's worth marrying him, or even being with him for that matter. Long story, I can save that for next time.

      Still writing a lot; you know how I like details, and that really helps with getting my thoughts on the pages.

      I've also started a new project, similar to the Eat Pray Love movie, or the Julie & Julia movie. Basically, women in search of something - meaning of life, happiness, whatever it is, they're in search, and in that journey find answers in the most unusual places from the most unlikely of sources. I'm tracing back to my roots as a student, and I've made an outline of studies, about an hour or so each (depending on how interested I am in the topic), and they're not the basic math/science/english... I picked some of my favorite hobbies and subjects and added in a couple things I want to learn. So far, my outline includes Algebra, Geometry, Music, Leisure Reading, Vocabulary, Spanish, Journal Writing, and Logic Puzzles. I am also keeping a day-to-day outline of all that I did based on the routine, and I give each day a title.
      So essentially, each day represents a chapter. Within each chapter there are entries of each topic in the outline, and with that what I wrote about or did. I'm sorry that's really vague, so I hope a form of visual is solidifying in your head... if not, forget everything I tried to explain about this idea and remember this: I'm keeping a binder of all the things I've learned in one day, each day, and in that learning process I am hoping to find answers to my questions, just like the woman who wrote Eat Pray Love and the woman who blogged Julie & Julia, both of which became big movies!! There are more movies and books like that, but those are the more recent ones that I relate to.

      I will save my words for another day, I've already sent a lot to talk about, so it's definitely a great place to start.

      I EAR from you! Take Care, God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      7 years ago

      That's what sucks the most about American education; there are too many standards and requirements for each grade level, most of the states have their own standards, then the federal requirements and such, it's difficult for students to enjoy themselves. Then again, it's difficult for the teachers to make it fun for them all the time. That's one reason why I'd love to be a teacher; I want to teach music and be sure it'll be fun for the kids to learn it!

      Your mom's writings sound interesting. If she gets anything published, I'd like to give it a read sometime :-) How's Kallocain? Is there a Swedish interpretation of that title?

      I have one tattoo right now; a golden lyre sitting in the middle of a red rose at the top of my spine between my shoulder blades. It represents my music fraternity/sorority.

      Ok, I was afraid of talking "too much English" with you. You know here in America, talking so much English people tend to lose their first languages, especially the younger generations. Then again, you're in your homeland, so I'm guessing that won't be a problem.

      Honestly, it's been a while, so I don't remember all the topics I had for you. The main one I had in mind were the fires going on around here last month. The worst was the Bastrop fire that threatened to burn toward my house. My house is fine, though, but hundreds of homes and tens of thousands of acres have been burned to piles of ash like snow. I drove through the area Saturday evening, and you could still smell the burned pines and leftover ash. The damage is incredible, and there's a lot to repair and rebuild. If you are curious, you can search "central texas fires 2011" or "Bastrop fires" on an internet search engine, Google is the one I use. You can also use the Images search on Google to find some of the unbelievable pictures about the Bastrop fires.

      On a good note, I'm writing a song inspired by the fires and working to get it recorded so that I can start selling it and raising money for the victims of the fires. They mostly need monetary donations and such for the victims, hotel vouchers and things like that. They have tons of clothes and supplies, now they're working on how they're going to pay for expenses and other things. This is my way of using my music skills and fundraising for a good cause!! I'm super excited!!

      The only other topic I think I could have had was two months ago, not last month. Sorry, don't mean to confuse you. I may have talked to you about it, I don't even know, I'd have to look up our last conversations.

      Anyway, I EAR from you!!

      Take Care, God Bless @--}---[img][/img]

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      7 years ago

      Your classes picked out sound exciting; I'm jealous!! You know, it's funny how most adolescents cannot wait to be done with school, and then when they're out in the real world they wish they were back in school. I am one of those people.

      My novel inspired by my father's death will be a sort of "autobiographical fiction" in which the stories will be based off of actual events and thoughts but told from a fictional point of view. Does that make any sense? I mean, it'll be easier to write from my own thoughts, feelings, and reflections, but I don't want to give it away as my own thoughts, feelings, and reflections. So it'll be Young Adult Fiction, but they will most definitely be inspired by actual events.

      I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather on your mother's side; it must have been difficult for her as well. It's all a part of life, though; in the end, we can all be happy that they are in a better place.

      I agree, wars suck, to keep it short. My tattoo will be a heart outlined by a yellow ribbon; green camouflage in the background inside the heart; stars arched around the heart, and each star will represent a significant person to me that is serving or has served in the military. Each star will have their initials in military block letters, and somewhere I will say something like, "You are not forgotten" or "Support [Your/Our] Troops." Very excited, cannot wait to design it and get it done! I mean, it's been four years since my last tattoo, so I'm not looking forward to needles, but like my first tattoo, it will have significant meanings.

      I don't mind what you call "poorly written messages" on your part; I hardly pay attention, let alone if you even have any. You have great writing style, I like how you express yourself through our messaging. It's like getting to know the real you. Ahh, so am I throwing you off with all this English? I hope I'm not "messing anything up"? Don't know how to really say that, I'm not completely bilingual like you, I don't completely understand the possible dilemma :-{ Oh, oops, sorry about all the smileys and such, American chat & text shorts like that are quite catchy and difficult to get rid of. All the LOL's and OMG's, it's crazy.

      Another funny thought; American teenagers can understand all the text lingo and slang, yet they can hardly complete a math problem. Tangible thinking, I know, it's how I am. Opinions pushing out my brain sockets screaming to be heard. Someone has to know; I guess today it's you. :-)

      I'll keep in touch REALLY soon compared to the last time; I have a brand new, not-so-good topic to share. Actually, a couple new, not-so-good topics, but I wanted to be sure we were caught up on the last conversation we had.

      I EAR from you. Take Care, and God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      7 years ago

      How was your trip to Spain?!?!

      Singing, piano, composing, writing, museums & concerts... you have your hands full! What kind of classes were you thinking of taking at Stockholm University? Have fun, and best of luck in all you do!

      My apologies, here we call it "senior recital"; it was my best reference. Yeah, I would love to listen to your recordings! Music major, hello!! Music is my passion, my blood, and my life!!

      Congratulations on your scholarship, that's very exciting!! And the competition sounded like fun! Wish I could have been there. Y'all won so many places, I almost got lost in your words :-) Glad to read your choirs had a great time.

      Did you ride on the big truck with loudspeakers and music and stuff? Did you bathe in the fountain "not meant for bathing in"? :-P

      I am currently working as a Buffet Attendant at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Texas as well as a Park Naturalist for LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority). As a Park Naturalist, I lead programs at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort that include stargazing, discussing local Texas animals, GPS, and Trails (this is part-time). I would like to transfer from Buffet Attendant at the Firewheel Cafe (my full-time job) to the Recreation Department. In Recreation, I supply equipment and supplies for activities for the Resort guests; these include (but are not limited to) volleyball, football, tennis, soccer, bike riding, button decorating, necklace making, movie nights with S'mores, face painting, and "Camp Hyatt" which is almost like a daycare full of activities for the kids. With my knowledge and experience in Music Education, I believe Recreation is a promising job fit for me. Besides, I love running around and having fun just like a kid. I'm almost like a big kid at heart, so playing with kids while supervising them... works for me!

      My writing ideas are all over the place! But it's fun, coming up with new ideas and scenes for all my stories! In one of my recent journals I describe how I am shifting from my Trilogy to a topic which will be a lot easier to write for me. It will be about my life over the last ten years since my father's passing. You can read this specific journal entry here.

      And don't worry; I've been absent longer than you before, and I doubt you will be breaking my record anytime soon... and please don't try. That will make me very sad indeed :-(

      I EAR @--}--- Take Care, God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      Hey stranger, long time. It's been pretty busy on both our parts, I'm sure. I'm glad you're still actively online here; I've been slacking, I know. Forgive me.

      So you're going to be an opera singer? Pretty cool! Can't wait to see you perform live on stage!! Looking forward to it!

      How was graduation? My nephew graduated a couple weeks ago from a school in Florida; you two are both c/o 2011. His high school graduation class called themselves "the ones" and their theme song was "I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith. I believe their chosen motto was "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

      Your senior recital thing, with the five pieces, how did that go? I'm sure you did amazing!! I wish I could hear some of it.

      What school do you plan to attend? Good luck in all your classes!!

      I have to go, I'm feeling a little bummed b'c I overslept for work twice in less than a week, and I need to feel better. Perhaps a movie... and something to eat, it's breakfast time :-)

      I EAR from you; and sorry I've waited so long to be active again on RvB. I'll do my best to not make it so long in the future.

      Take care, and God Bless. @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      I mean, wow, there were interstate highways zoned off because of the snow and ice on the roads. Most of the schools closed down, and some were delayed for two hours. I went out this afternoon, and there was still a little bit of snow here and there. It was a great snow day!

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      I gotta tell someone who knows what it's like... IT'S SNOWING!!!

      I live in Central Texas, and it rarely snows here. Well, here it is, February 4, 2011, early morning hours before some people get up - and go to sleep, be it a college town in which students don't sleep before 5am - and the forecast has proven true that we are getting SNOW!!! It's incredible, most of us living here have never seen snow in this region, and IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!

      Granted, I've seen snow before, but this is pretty cool!! Most of our winters have been WET!! This is ICY, CHILLY, WINTER FREEZE, and I am loving it!!!! I'm taking advantage, soaking in all the snow I can handle before I tempt fate and catch a cold; I already have a sore throat from allergies or something similarly irritant.

      I've taken as many pictures as I can, and now I"m waiting until sunrise so I can take some more. I'm assuming there will still be snow when sunrise creeps up in the east. Come on, light source!!

      I took my indoor cat out for a couple minutes to see how he'd react to snow... nothing special. But he was definitely curious and wanted to explore through it. I said no, too cold. He's now sleeping in my lap as I'm typing this; I guess my pants have dried off and are now comforting him with warmth.

      Sorry, I had to tell somebody, and being from Sweden, I'm sure you see this all the time. Not me, so I'm just super excited to see SNOW!!! We're supposed to get about an inch or two, so hopefully it'll last a bit. College classes will most likely be canceled completely; so far, it's until noon or so. But it's Friday; for all I know, classes will be kaput, and TxState will have a snow day!! I don't have classes, but that'll mean more students on the roads both in cars and barefoot... I'm not sure that's a good thing or not.

      Anyways, I'm sure you're in school or something, so I'll leave you be. SNOW!!!! :-D

      I EAR from you. Take Care and God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      Hey!! It's been a bit; how have you been? How's school?

      I've been looking for substituting positions in public schools in the area, and I finally snatched one!! WooHoo!! As soon as my background record is cleared, they'll start calling me in for subbing; I can't wait to get back in the classroom!!!!

      Art is my weakest as well, but I'm working on it, and, it is all in the interpretation. I mean, I'm an amateur, but I think some of my material is good. Since most of my works are inspired by visuals, I think I'll call my technique "visionary imitation"... or something like that... maybe not imitate, that world is frowned upon.

      Cool, your mom's a psychologist; my mom works for the city/county with records and such... marriage licenses, divorce documents, police tickets, etc. I'll have to check out "Wire in the Blood"; sounds pretty cool. We have a similar show called "Psych" about a detective who pretends to be psychic to solve cases (because nobody believes his detailed observations are valid).

      Haha, it doesn't rhyme. You goof. Poetry is one of my favorite forms of expression. I love creating phrases that just sound beautiful, deeply emotional, and incredibly reflective; you can really look into peoples' hearts and souls when you read their poetry. It's a wonderful gift to express one's feelings and reflections into words, form, metaphors, etc. Oh, I could go on forever talking about it; I'll leave it at that...

      Theodore? That's the best I got...

      And that depends, what candy have you tried? There's tons of various candies, and we need to specify.

      EAR from you soon!! Take Care, and God Bless!! @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      Oh, and this is odd... This is at the top of RvB... advertisement?


      That's all it is!! Thought you'd like it...

      Actually, I don't know how you'd feel about it... how do you feel about it? I find it rather random. A "just because"...

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      8 years ago

      LOL, oh my, that's quite a lot to say, and yes, you are very apologetic, but hey, I'm only now getting back online after several weeks' absence. I've been locked in my little reality world of work, financial instability, and young-adult literature that I have completely missed out on Internet browsing and emails. However, it has settled down a little, and I really miss my friends on the Web!!! I'm back!!!!

      I was going to be overly apologetic as well, since I've been gone so long. But, I think you did enough apologizing for both of us. Like I have said before and will say many times after I'm sure: Life is demanding, and we must accept the fact that not everything will go according to plan, but in the end everything works out just fine. We're busy people, you're still in school, and I'm on the career hunt while balancing three part-time jobs (YIKES!!)

      Avatar, like any phenomenon, is going to have overly dramatic obsessed fans. It's been that way with Twilight, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney... the list goes on, literally. I think it's mostly because people go through phases; some people stay in that phase for a very long time, sometimes for life, and others fade out into another phase.
      Let me explain, look at me for example. I'm going through a "Johnny Depp" phase right now. Ever since I bought and watched "Benny and Joon" about three weeks ago, I have been obsessed with Johnny Depp. I've bought and/or watched "Chocolat," "Sweeney Todd," Sweeney Todd Soundtrack, "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Secret Window," "Cry-Baby," and "Benny and Joon" (so far, I've watched this movie eight times, twice with director's commentary). I still haven't watched "Sleepy Hollow," "Edward Scissorhands," or "From Hell" yet (I've seen them, just not during this phase), and I am searching stores for "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Finding Neverland." I have even made little paintings from a Twist-Art game thing using colors to represent my favorite Johnny Depp movies (EX: A green-silver-black one is for Edward Scissorhands, and a red-silver-black one is for Sweeney Todd). Watching "Benny and Joon" also inspired me to sketch, and I've been drawing for about three weeks as well. Nothing too great, but inspired pieces. I even did a couple self-portraits!!
      Can you say creepy? I don't think so; like I said, it's a phase I'm going through right now. It'll pass soon enough, and I'll be obsessed with something or someone else for a couple months.

      Yeah, some of those comments seem pretty scary, but it's just a phase. Some people have nothing better to do in their free time, and some people make free time when there is none. I find the human mind one of the most complicated living forms on the planet; it's nearly impossible to know what's going on in people's minds or why people think certain things or act certain ways. The mind is quite the interesting and unbelievable piece of work. My fascination with the human mind is one reason why I got into a TV show called "Criminal Minds" - LOVE IT!!!! It's so cool how the characters make a living figuring out how other people think based on their various ways of life. Well, that's putting it nicely; the characters in the show go to crime scenes and create a profile for the "un-sub" that's on some sort of killing spree. Fascinating stuff!!

      That's my idea of nationalism as well; I definitely don't take it to extremes and fight fire with fire when my country is "insulted" by someone else. I take pride in that I am an American because it's a beautiful, complicated country in which there are things here you cannot find anywhere else. Anyone can say that about their own countries, respectively. There's just something about saying, "I was born in [insert here], and I'm damn proud of it!" (Pardon my language, I used a bad word) :p

      Come to think of it, I haven't seen hardly half - or perhaps a quarter or a tenth - of what my country has to offer in all its glory. Everything from national monuments to popular local restaurants, from flavors of food to historical landmarks,... you name it, I'm sure I haven't experienced it yet. Granted, I've traveled a lot around this country, but there's still a lot of ground to cover.

      I cannot wait to see Sweden; it may take a few years, but I'll get there someday, and you can show me around! Sounds awesome!!

      Oh, no, I couldn't abandon such a fun friend to talk to halfway across the world; I love meeting new people!!!! And, yes, I did read it all, IN ORDER!! :) And no apologies necessary; it's all good... in the hood... of my hoodie jacket... yeah, it's been a long week...

      EAR from you soon enough, Take Care and God Bless @--}---

      PS: I still haven't figured out how you came up with Teascent Earlypath. I took about 6 hours worth of research on the internet one week, then I stopped and lost track, so I sort of gave up... for now...

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Don't worry about the time length between messages; the end of summer is near, and there will be even less time every now and again. So think of this as practice for the near future ;-) How was the visit?

      I'll be sure to keep you in mind for Swedish references and such; always good to go to the sources. Raw materials, no pun intended.

      I've taken a few nature photos, but most of them are on my phone, and I have no way of getting them on the internet yet. So, they're kind of stuck there for a while. Most of them, anyway, are pictures of clouds I thought were pretty neat; nothing too special. I got lucky with an orange-like moon once on a camera, it's fairly clear and pretty cool. I'll see if I can get it posted soon; keep a lookout in the next couple of weeks when you get the chance.

      Avatar is fantastic; I think it's the opportunity to open people's eyes, to see "the situation" for what it really is. Now, the situation could be several things:
      the idea that our planet is in jeopardy because of human beings abusing nature;
      the ignorant greed pursued by rich men that think they can do whatever they want because they have the money and power;
      the idea of believing that there is more beautiful life out there than just planet earth;
      the fact that James Cameron takes the time and intense effort of making insanely awesome movies that will forever change the lives of anyone and everyone;
      and so on and so forth...
      The movie was so much better than what the previews and critics gave it credit for. It is overall, hands down a wonderful work of art, a motion picture that obviously took time and love of its creator. It's beautiful.

      The Hillywood Hindi sisters are great; their impersonations and look-alike to the real deals are amazing! Their references in their Twilight parody is about 90% movie-based; the other ten percent is their own material, like the choreography to the dances and things like that. They study the movies and previews to get ideas of how they will record their parodies. In their episodes for their show, a lot of their lines came from movies that their impersonated characters said; the rest of the lines are to keep their show going with the storyline they wrote. They are brilliant girls!! My favorites, though, are their bloopers; they make me laugh and put a smile on my face when I have bad days.

      No offense taken, and I hope you take no offense by my saying that I am as intensely apologetic when I try not to offend someone with a "personal" question. If I were to ask you the same question, it almost would have been word-for-word; I sincerely apologize if that comment offends YOU, but anyway, moving on...

      Nationalistic, well, I've never thought about me and nationalistic ideas; I actually had to look it up to see what it "officially" means before I responded anything. It says, "of, pertaining to, or promoting nationalism," and nationalism, according to one of the definitions, is "devotion to the interests or culture of one's nation." And I would have to say that, by these definitions, I would be fairly nationalistic. I would promote nationalism because I believe people should be proud of where they come from and what their country stands for. I wouldn't say that I'm "devoted" to interests and cultures of my or other nations. Just take out that part, and, translated a little, I'm left with "interest[ed] [in] one's culture." I love being an American; I'm proud to call myself an American. I enjoy learning about all the things - good and not-so-good - about American history that reflects how America came to be what it is today. People should take the good things about their history and improve on them as well as take the not-so-good things and learn from them.
      Each country in the entire world is different from the next; every single one has individuality, and I think it's simply and absolutely beautiful that each country is unique. Why do most countries have "[Insert country] History" in their schools? To teach students the history of their country, to provide the opportunity to feel proud to know one's country's historical background so that they can shape their respective countries for the better. Improve, grow, and gain the knowledge to expand to new horizons.
      I wouldn't say I'm "devoted," but I would say that I take a decent interest in other cultures. There's lots of world still out there that I do not know, and I want to know!!... I think I get that from my dad; my mom told me about a conversation they had one time. It was when they played a game of Trivial Pursuit, and my dad won on his last question that mom didn't think he'd ever guess; but he got it right! She asked him, "How did you KNOW that?" He said he saw it on National Geographic. Not only did he watch that and other shows like NOVA on PBS, but he was also subscribed to National Geographic magazine. Mom asked him another time why he watched and read all that stuff. He said, "I will never get to go to those places myself, so I watch the shows and read the magazines about all the places I'll never see with my own eyes." This isn't word-for-word from his own mouth, of course, but it's close enough to get the point across for the story.
      Anyway, I ultimately think that's where I get it from; there's tons of world that I'll never get to see, that I'll never explore, tons of people I'll never meet. So, I learn about them any way I can: books, movies, TV specials, History Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic, etc.

      I hope that answers your question; if not, that's a lot of wasted air... well, finger movements over a keyboard, I mean, hehe.

      I EAR from you, deep in the heart of Texas (literally, I live in central Texas, go figure)...

      Take Care, and God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      I'll have to look up Manet.

      I don't have time to learn all those languages, either. The resources are a bit lacking, too. But, I still would like to learn basics... eventually. Assuming I live a long time, I have a few years ahead of me to set aside some time for international studies.

      I'm also into geographical landscapes and monuments; lots of historical beauty all-around, both natural and man-made. I came across this photographer's book at the library, and it was nothing but pictures of different bits of land. One was of a large creek with green mossy rocks and a tiny pool of water between the rocks. The photographer mixed an igneous rock in the pool and turned the water orange-red. He seemed to be obsessed with the contrast of colors; it was cool. I need to find that book again...

      Oh, yeah, I've seen Avatar. I loved it! Critics kept saying that it wasn't going to be good, but then it got great reviews after it was released here in the States. More and more people went to see it, and now it's the greatest selling box-office hit of all time, beating 1998's Titanic!! Strangely enough, James Cameron directed both movies, so now he holds the spot for the top 2 movies ever made. Although, my sister says that lists like "the greatest movies of all time" don't make up for inflation over the years, so she says movies like "Casablanca" and "Gone With The Wind" are even bigger box-office hits.

      I think it'd be safe to say that any language for me will be difficult to learn. I only know English and Spanish; everything else I know - Czech, German, Sign Language, etc. - are just bits of words and phrases. I thought Finnish would be an interesting language to learn, especially since I found this YouTube video (of all things). It was called "Painu Pelle Hiiteen", a parody of the Super Mario Bros. - "We're not gonna take it"... so cool!! That's the kind of creativity I'm talking about, the kind I told you I love and encourage; thinking outside the box with a sort of genius to it. It's so awesome!!

      Hindi is a beautiful language, but I don't think I could speak it.

      When I see the word Hindi, the first thing that actually comes to mind are these two sisters in Las Vegas, Nevada, that have a YouTube channel called "The Hillywood Show". They are Hilly & Hannah Hindi, and they do parodies of movies as well as their own show where they dress up like movie characters - mostly Johnny Depp - and act out what their lives would be like if they crossed paths. They've done Back To The Future, Star Wars, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean, BeetleJuice, and a few others. They're mostly known these days for their Twilight and New Moon parodies. I recommend you check out their webshow sometime; they're pretty good with their impersonations.

      Take Care, and God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      I had a blast with my family; especially my niece, who kept getting very bored very easily. It was always, "what game are we gonna play now?" We did so much as PRACTICE for Pictionary!! Fun times!! My soon-to-be-senior c/o 2011 nephew was great to see, and my new nephew is such a happy baby; he's really brought they're family together and made them whole. My sister is very lucky to have such a terrific family.

      Yeah, Monet did landscapes; I dunno if there's a Manet, got me on that one. Yes, Ansel Adams did all his photos (as far as I know) in black & white. I think the concept of b&w is to leave the color scheme to the imagination. Or the lack of color has a more traditional feel, like the first televisions had no color.

      Lucky 13 can't get more related to me, that's for sure! It suits me like a glove. I also like 4, 11, 17, 21, 26, 31, 49, 52... and I'm sure a few others...

      I haven't had the chance to research any family history yet, but I cannot wait when I do! Genealogy fascinates me, it's so cool to learn about what your ancestors were, where they came from, who they married, etc. I love all the neat little facts you learn along the way.

      Good luck with all your English studies; that's sure to be exciting for you. I studied Spanish for 3 years in high school, and I recall a bit when I need to (like talking to Spanish-speaking customers at mall stores). I barely remember anything, but I know enough to get by with basic words and small communication. I think all those languages are beautiful; the dialect, the pronunciation, articulation, it's all so beautiful to me. I've also considered Indian, a few Native American, and Swahili, but I had to narrow down :-p
      I think Swedish is not only a beautiful language but also a fairly simple language for someone like me to learn. Most prefixes and suffixes I've noticed follow a pattern for words like "mother," "daughter," "sister," and "niece." I'm great at recognizing patterns, which helps in learning new languages, like Sign Language. For example, in Sign Lang., if you refer to an occupation, pretty much all of them will end with the same gesture because you will sign a word, then use this gesture to indicate that this is a person's job title... doctor, lawyer, biologist, police officer, etc.

      I know I've heard of "Thank You for the Music" by ABBA, but it's been so long I cannot think of the tune. My friends have an ABBA CD I can borrow that I know has that song on it. Yeah, those lyrics pretty much wrap up my philosophy on music in one's life; seriously, who can live without it?!?!?! I also think about MC Hammer's intro lyrics to "Can't Touch This" -
      "My, my, my music hits me so hard
      "Makes me say, 'Oh, my Lord
      "Thank you for blessing me
      "With a mind to rhyme and two hype feet'"

      Take Care, and God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      I'm back!! I'm sorry I've been gone for a few days; I went home to visit my family. My sister and her family were in town from Florida, and I see them less than anyone else in the family. Also, I saw my new nephew in person for the first time; he's 13 months old!!! Anyway, that's where I've been all along, I should have warned you. I'm sorry.

      So you might like Van Gogh or Monet; they both do landscapes, only Van Gogh is more specifically the evening skies (but he has done landscaping paintings). Also, Ansel Adams has taken a lot of photos in the United States, particularly the western portion (mostly California). He likes to take photos also about the stars, moon, etc. Check them out sometime, you might like a few of what you see.

      Superstition tells us that 13 is the most unluckiest of numbers, but it's my lucky (and favorite) number. It's practically been MY number since day one; my birth month, day, and year all have an affiliated 13-theme around it (sorry, that's kind of hard to explain). Even my initials, AJB (A = 1st letter, J = 10th letter, B = 2nd letter of the alphabet) -- A(1) + J(10) + B(2) = 13! I know, a little far-fetched, but I think it's cool!!

      I can go back as far as my ancestors who sailed to Texas back in the 1850's or 1860s. I don't know my family's ancestry beyond that; however, my aunt recently discovered a few websites with our family name (on my mom's side, anyways), and I'm gonna do some research to see if there's anything I can find beyond the 1850s on either side of my family tree. If there's one side on the web, there has to be the other. Google!

      Yeah, some of the states I've been to have also been just a travel-through-it-to-say-I-was-there kind of thing. The United States Virgin Islands, located Southeast of Florida, I suppose the Bermuda Triangle area. It has to be a U.S. territory, like Guam, and I consider that a place I've been within the country (even though it's not considered a state). The islands are absolutely beautiful; the most gorgeous beaches I myself have ever seen!! I visited the island of St. Thomas, and it was just out-of-this-world amazing!! I also want to visit Florida Keys and Hawaii before they both end up underwater when the ice caps finally melt.

      Video Game music: I like the Halo series as well, I love Mario Bros. of course, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. Not much of variety, but that's all I've mostly played or watched over the years, haven't gotten that much exposure to other games. The Elder Scrolls sounds intriguing, though; might have to check that out.

      It's cool that you like the English language; out of all the languages practiced and studied today, I've heard that English is the most difficult to learn. I've taken Spanish, but I also want to learn French, German, Czech, Italian, Celtic, Latin, and Swedish. A little out-of-the-box, but I also want to learn sign language; I think of sign language as music in that everyone can understand it, a language that can bring everyone together.

      I try to listen to music as much as possible... or at least sounds. If I didn't have music, I think I'd die. I tell my friends that my blood cells have been replaced with music notes and my veins & muscles with staffs. Yes, I'm a nerd, and I admit that music is my passion and my life.

      Take Care, and God Bless!! @--}--- @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Your vacation sounds fun; lots of things to do and places to see to keep the family busy, huh?

      YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO AN OPERA?!?! Go, go, go!! Then again, I should be the one to talk; I've only seen one opera - The Phantom of the Opera - and that was six years ago (totally awesome, by the way)! Unless you include the Texas State University's Opera Workshops. Those are the exact same thing as operas, but they're usually not as long. I've seen at least three of those over the last five years, and all of them were fantastic.

      Do you remember any paintings that "spoke to you" in any way: an emotion or mood of any sort? One painting did that for me; it happened at a Texas State percussion professor's concert. He played a piece on xylophone composed by a guy who was inspired by a Pollock painting in which he used what is now called "drip" technique. I want to say it was Number One, 1948, but I'm not certain. I also went to an art museum in San Antonio, and a "Mars and Venus" sculpture "spoke to me".

      Wow; good luck finding a house in Spain; it seems like such a beautiful place to visit. Like I said, it's on my list. And thanks for all the suggestions in Sweden; all of it seems wonderful. I'd definitely stay about a week for it all. I'd LOVE to be there for St. Lucia; that's just before my birthday, and 13 is my favorite number!!!

      You're definitely right; money isn't everything. There's a very fine line in money management. I find tons of things to do around my town that involves little to no money at all; my favorite is swimming in the local river and looking for shells, turtles, and fish. Tubing the river is also fun. I also enjoy reading a book in the park, and watching movies at our discount cinema. That's where you can watch a not-so-new movie that's almost ready to release on DVD. So, if you can wait, you can watch a three-month-old movie for less than $2 dollars!! Sweet!! The only thing that sucks about that = the cinema is in DESPERATE need of renovations.

      I want to visit Germany & Czech Republic/Slovakia because that's where my ancestry is. I know a little bit of each language, like, four words or so (if I think really hard and remember them all). What States have you been to? I've been to/in/through Alabama / Arizona / Arkansas / Colorado / Florida / Idaho / Kansas / Louisiana / Mississippi / Montana / Nevada / New Mexico / Oklahoma / Tennessee / Texas!! / Utah / Virginia / Wyoming. I've also been to Washington, D.C. and U.S.V.I.

      What do you want to do once you have a degree? You mentioned substituting; what about your singing? Am I going to see you on Broadway someday? ;-)

      What video game music have you come across that you like?

      Eragon: seen the movie, own the book but haven't read it. Even only watching the movie, it wasn't that good in my opinion. As with most of the book series I want to read, I have book one on my shelves, and when I get around to reading the next book series, I'll read book one and buy the other books as I go along. Case and point, I have Eragon, and when I read it, I will buy and read the others in the series. There's three, right?

      What's MMORPG? And were you supposed to write it in Swedish? Enlighten me on the fun you had!! :-)

      My apologies about keeping you on here and preventing your dad from using the joint computer. :-p

      Random: I told you I'd do this... more music faves of mine!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THESE?!?! **80s Big Hair Bands** Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Europe, Warrant, Poison... pretty much all of them. Others include Flyleaf, Josh Groban, Panic at the Disco, Seether, All-American Rejects, Dragonforce, New Kids on the Block, Rascal Flatts... kind of cheating when I'm reading off my playlists... :-p.

      Take Care, & God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      See, this reply below is realllllllly lonnnnnng. Good or bad... neither. I hope... ;-) Conversation is fun!! It's the typed version of a three-hour talk on the phone with someone you just met at summer camp or something. **Enough "talking" for me, see ya**

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Yeah, I like alliteration; it's fun to write with it.

      Good luck on the rest of you and your family's vacation; sounds like y'all have a bunch of sights & sounds ahead. Enjoy them all.

      I've seen plenty of drivers pull off to the side of the road and wait it out in a huge storm or rain shower here in Texas. I was only commenting on heavy (and impatient) traffic in Houston I experienced with my mom one time. H-Town has some of the worst drivers, though, for sure.

      Indeed, a great trait to have is not taking anything for granted; consume everything, and don't just pass it up when you have the chance. It's been scientifically proven in actual studies (can't remember any specifically, just heard from radio shows) that spending a little time each day with an art form stimulates the body and mind, and people generally come out having a better day than if they spent the day without that art exposure.

      Do you have any favorite painters? I particularly like Van Gogh (stars & sky, of course) and Monet.

      Sorry, forgive me. Hot Topic store has a mix of punk, goth, and 80's. You can walk into a Hot Topic store and find anything from Transformers & Ninja Turtles, to Lady Gaga & a huge variety of music, to Anime and the latest crazes in movies such as Twilight and Disney's Alice in Wonderland. You could check out their website: just type in hottopic.com.

      House-hunting, as in planning to move, or already wanting to move and are shopping around? I would love to travel; like a lot of people, I've always wanted to travel the world and see things for myself instead of in travel books and TV specials. However, like everything else in this life, you need money for all that, and lots of it. I happen to have little to none working small jobs just to get by; I'm saving up to get my teaching certifications so that I can be hired for teaching; it's complicated. If all else fails, I'm working on writing and publishing my novels! :-) If that works out to success, then I'll rake in some frequent flier miles!!

      Sweden is on my list of places to visit; I've lost my list (yes, I actually wrote one down and specific sites to see) but I remember the majority, and Sweden was definitely on the list!! I think I had Stockholm, Historic & National Museums, watch a play at The Royal Theater, and a Castle Tour (if there is one). Any suggestions? Perhaps ddd-ons, eliminations, or specifications from my list?
      Other places I want to visit around the world include New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Peru, Japan, and the parts of the States I have yet to see like the Florida Keys, California, Washington state, Rockies & Appalachians, South Carolina, Alaska, Kansas City (LOVE BARBECUE!!!!),... the list goes on forever, basically.

      Your choir's repertoire sounds like my kind of concert! Exposing students to variety is wonderful; give huge props to your director for me (as if he doesn't know he's doing a fantastic job). If you actually do tell him anything, just say that a future music teacher has heard great things about him and wants to thank him for his hard work and dedication to his students' successes.

      My primary instrument is Alto Saxophone. I've also played Soprano / Tenor / Bari Saxophones, Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet for various ensembles at Texas State. I even played the French Horn for a small ensemble for class, but that was just sightreading one time and discussing the pieces in class. Still, it was fun.

      You're not missing out on too much with the Twilight phenomenon. It's your modern-day Romeo and Juliet story that became famous by chance. That's not to say that the books are crappy - they are actually quite good - but if you only had one chance at any exposure to Twilight, stick with the music scores from the movies. They're so cool!!!! Definitely not your everyday composition.

      Wow, 36 books, I better get started. Oh, yeah, I watched The Golden Compass, and had planned to buy the book series; with my fantasy fiction hype with vamps, fallen angels & shifters, I didn't have the chance. I still plan on reading them, though. And yeah, most books will be better than the movie adaptations because of the editing process & production.

      I miss a few retro games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter. My sister, an English teacher in Florida, did a class project called "The History of Gaming," and she let her students choose a topic about Gaming and write a paper about their topic. WHY DIDN'T MY TEACHERS THINK OF THAT?!?!

      Oh, and I tend to ask questions just to keep the conversation going; again, don't let me overwhelm you. I'm sure you'd be happy to answer all of them, but it's totally cool if you wait till next time, or the time after that, to answer them. Sometimes, like with real-talk conversations, some questions and comments get lost in time, and that's okay too. So I'll try to remember; I think for now, let's just stick with one of them... pet peeves.

      PS to PS: Precisely! Pet peeves are anything that people do that you really don't like, or something that drives you up the wall in record time. Like mine = smacking mouths and poking me really gets on my nerves!!

      Take Care and God Bless @--}--- EAR

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      I don't want to overwhelm you, so I'll keep to my journal entries here on my RvB profile. If it's something I want to remain confidential, within my "editorial elite" (I like that, I think I'll keep that phrase for my "Special Thanks To" if and/or when I get it published), I'll send you a message either here on RvB, or yeah I have several emails, but my main one is at Gmail.

      So you're visiting the States right now; how's the experience thus far, and how much longer are you here? Yeah, the north is getting slammed with heavy rains lately, and I so wish I could have been there for that storm you witnessed! I've been caught in storms where everyone was driving less than 20mph when the speed limit is 70mph; the rain was heavy & intense. Even better, it was on the highway. But, hey, at least people were smart to safely drive (it's not like that very often on Texas roads & highways).

      Cloud and Flower, I'll have to be sure to check them out soon. I don't have a PS3 either, but I know people that do, and I'm sure I can find demos or something online... if I'm lucky.

      You're POV (point-of-view) on "beauty of the ..." (eyes, ears, mind, etc.) is a beautiful expression. I haven't thought of it like that. I think that's great you see it that way; so many people in our society cannot see The Arts for their truth and beauty, and that's very sad. For example, that's why I'm a HUGE supporter for Hot Topic because they support Music Education. Things like that really touch my heart; it shows that some people do care.

      Have fun in Spain; the only time I've ever been outside the States was when I took a Caribbean cruise with my mom in 2004.

      FINAL FANTASY!!!! I would have loved to been there for that concert. Most people think that concerts should only be classical or common scores & compositions; THEY ARE SO CLOSE-MINDED!!! It's wonderful to know that our band directors / choir directors / art teachers / etc. do think outside the box and open students' eyes to all those great things. Cool, Nobuo Oematsu; the closest I came to a famous composer was my senior year in high school when my Region Band played music from Robert W. Smith, and he was the guest conductor. I was in the second band, and he conducted the first band... SO CLOSE!!!! And I love scores from movies and games; I buy them all the time and play them almost everywhere... Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight (Yes, I like Twilight, and I'm sorry, but I love the scores from the movies).

      You have a great selection of books & games; I'll have to be sure to check them out. I like Artemis Fowl, and "The Colour of Magic" and "His Dark Materials" interest me just by their titles.

      Pokemon was also a great game I played back in the day, but the only ones I really like was the Pokemon tournament games or whatever where they had those mini games you could play... the Rattata race, the Likitung sushi-eating contest, and so many others I can't remember. They were for either Super Nintendo, N64, or PS1. It's been such a long time ago, and I miss those mini games SO MUCH!!

      ~Favorites in Books (lately): refer to my profile's list for ones I missed, and I know there are others even beyond that, but here's what comes to mind right now: Harry Potter Series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Twilight Saga, The Mortal Instruments Series, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (soon to be series), Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, The Maze by Will Hobbs, Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley,...
      ~Favorite Music: ALMOST anything and everything. There is my list on my profile for one, and it would probably be better to send me a list, and I'll tell you what I like... that sounds like a game in itself, should be fun. Give it a try sometime if you'd like. In the meantime: Tenth Avenue North, Skillet, Lifehouse, Kings of Leon, The Fold, Puddle of Mudd, Staind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eve6, Green Day, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley,... It's rare for me to like bands all-around; I like tons of singles by tons of bands.
      ~Favorite Games: Pretty much all the ones I mentioned in the previous comment; there are more, I just can't think of them right now. If I remember, I'll randomly put them in somewhere; I tend to do that in real conversations anyway.

      ~Any pet peeves? Favorite quotes (from ANYTHING, the possibilities are endless)? Role Models?

      I EAR from you soon :-p. Maybe we can start a new trend in texting right here, right now.

      Take Care, and God Bless! @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      I first ended up on Rooster Teeth when my ex a few years ago introduced me to RvB, then convinced me to get a profile. I haven't used it in such a long time that I developed this new one, specifically for my novel and sharing my progress through my journals.

      Which leads me to the next bit; all of my progress in the novel series can be found in my journal entries if you'd like to read or comment there. I will also send chapters, characters, etc. in emails out to close friends for opinions and advice on editing and any questions they may have about the chapters. I could send them to you as well; the more, the better.

      Weather is constantly changing and unpredictable. You never know what could happen, and I think that forms an adrenaline rush deep in my soul that captivates me so much. The power and wonder in the skies is anything and everything beyond people's imaginations, and I cannot express enough how much I love it!!!! I'll be sure to check out that game and let you know next time what I think about it.

      I would consider games a form of art. I Google'd "What is art?" and the first definition I saw said, "the products of human creativity." BULL'S EYE!!!! Oh, and I love games!! I'm more into puzzle games & music games, of course - Brain Age, Rhythm Heaven, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Professor Layton, Yoshi's Cookies, etc. - but I've got a variety of experience up my sleeve - Mario Kart, Doctor Mario, Super Mario, Mario Party, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dance Dance Revolution, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda... and a few others I can't think of right now. Can't go wrong with board games, either - Clue, Go For Broke, Apples to Apples, etc.

      You mentioned summer vacation started up for you; have any plans before your senior year? What about any particular faves in books, music, or games?

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take Care, & God Bless @--}---

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      You have a wonderful perspective about art. I find it stimulating and essential for the body and mind, a key factor to success. Most artists - musicians, dancers, theatrical artists, painters, etc. - are the ones who end up as CEO's, mathematicians, forensic analysts, surgeons, and other brilliant minds of the world. Different arts generate an individual's psyche and emotions to new dimensions. The branches expand all over the place; it's AMAZING!!!!
      ~One of my reasons to joining the site is to share my writings toward my novel and get different feedback from readers; it allows me to decide how the books should progress, the characters to balance within each other, etc. I'll be sure to share some sections with you if you'd like to be an editorial and/or critical participant. I'm always open to opinions and new ideas.
      ~Like I said, I sing pretty well, but not as a profession. My vocal chords couldn't last very long in that kind of setting. I sing to the radio all the time, though; I love harmonizing to the melodies of the songs being played.
      ~I think what started my obsession with meteorology was in fifth grade when a local meteorologist came to visit my school to talk about weather that my class happened to be learning about that week. He was so enthusiastic, especially when he explained how lightning is formed, that I grew enthusiastic about it, too. Clouds fascinate me; they take imagination to new heights, and I love it. The colors of the clouds, lightning exploding across the skies,... it's all so fantastic!! I have yet to see a tornado for myself - I seriously wanted to join a storm chasing team several years back - but I think that's a good thing.
      ~Sorry I took so much room; I guess I should have sent an email instead. Forgive me, I love to talk about my interests and share with people, in case you couldn't tell. Feel free to do the same, I love to "listen" and hear stories all the time. Take Care, & God Bless

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Wow, so you do a lot of artful stuff to keep you busy on top of school; that's great! Music was my first and always will be my first love. Poetry is right behind, which got me into pursuing writing after my graduating from college with Music Ed degree.

      That's what the DSi Art Academy is for: fun, learning, creativity, imagination, and expressing yourself.

      I can sing pretty well, but not professionally. Unless God has a singing plan for me, I think I'll stick with Music Ed and writing my novel series.

      Big props to natural sciences! I'm obsessed with weather; if I wasn't in music, I'd most likely be a meteorologist... or an astronomer...

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      PS: I noticed a couple of your groups are about music. I graduated with a music education major; I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for poetry and music.

    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Saw you in "Calling All Writers"; trying to meet some writers of the world. I also noticed your profile pic of the sun over the water, and I think that's really cool. I'm a huge fan of the arts, and its simplicity captured me. Nice to have met someone from Sweden.

    • LazyPrincess

      9 years ago

      oj då, då blev man visst påkommen. xD eller heter det så? O.o min svenska är inte så bra så jag blir ofta osäker. ^^'

      jag tycker dina bilder var skit bra, blev jävligt imponerad alltså. =D

      så var i sverige bor du då? =3

    • LazyPrincess

      9 years ago

      cool, are you from sweden? =D

      I like your drawings, they are really good. X3

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