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    • What have you done with ME2?

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      Just wondering if people have been able to play around with Mass Effect 2 Such as story, stats and other things. I for example modded a file and Yes I had ever achievement for that game way before I've done so. To put it simply I wanted to do a series that was creative, to give props to Jennifer Hale (that has done possibly hundreds of Voice Acting roles including the Metroid Prime Series) and to find out later that we also had 25 years of Metroid, which made it better. Here's the link for my Masstroid Prime 2 series www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC12AE6718BD8C4F2&feature=view_all which in a nut shell is Mass Effect 2 game play with Metroid Prime music and it's a modded file for presentation purposes only. The only walkthrough like thing is recommendations before you say for example pick up Legion (which is awesome, hell he made the honorary shot to finish up my Insanity run) and eventually pass through the Omega 4 relay. I got a sample or two for that series to give you a better example. If you wish, comment rate and subscribe to you heart's content if you so wish

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    • Just some thime people tend to overlook

      7 years ago


      If you were to see a pic of me, you might think that most girls my age would want me or whatever, but honestly I'm not, if you want to get a better figurative picture of me, you can say I'm more like like Carolina, pre double AI implant version when she is an effective leader. For a guy I expect more than what most would assume I would want. For instance when I make casual conversation to a girl more than half the time they give me a look or something or other like I'm up to something, where that is a complete and total lie. I would tell you what I want, but people obviously don't go here, much less would read this, just to hear me rant about this all day long, because to be honest, nobody does anyway so why bother.

    • Giving you a taste of my work

      7 years ago


      Pretty much I just added some videos from my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/m3tr0id86, If you like my work that I put up on here comment rate and subscribe on my videos on YouTube.

      Check it out in my video section to see a few samples.

    • 2019 years ago

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