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    • Thats pure bullshit

      14 years ago


      Alright so after a long time of comin' to RvB forums, I think about posting a topic on asking a question about 3D film making and such. Well, I don't come to the RvB forums that much due to being in college and homework so its not like I can come here a bunch and get my "karma level" up or anything. Well, it says that you need a karma level of 5 or be a sponser, WTF? In a way, I don't think that fair but then again people have to go and ruin everything, even simple things such as post topic's in certain forums. I don't know, maybe this is why I dont' come here that much anymore...

    • If you looking at this...Chances are....

      14 years ago


      You know you want to check out my new show, Mercy. It is located at www.autumnselite.com and I want to know what you people think of it, honestly. If you hate it, tell me it fucking blows and that I should die or at least tell me what to improve on, I DON'T CARE. Happy viewing (if you watch it)

    • 980 Productions Presents: Mercy

      14 years ago


      Ok so, i've started a new show called Mercy and its being hosted on AutumnsElite.com.

      If you have any ideas you wanna pitch to me then message me and all of that fun stuff.

    • 980 Pro. Presents: Mercy

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      Hey everyone whats up. I've givin' up Big Game Hunting and decided to make another show called Mercy. Now, I know there is already too many Halo Machinima shows out there already but i'm not after making people laugh this time around. I have uploaded the trailer to Putfiles.com and I just want everyone to check it out and tell me what you think.


      BTW, this trailer doesn't really give that much insight on the show and storyline itself but i'm working on Episode 1 now and i'd just like to know what people think of the trailer right now. If you like or dis-like give me your thoughts and most likely i'll improve on them since I got nothing else better to do at home during night time. So, check it out and yea, the show will be hosted on AutumnsElite.com but i'll most likely post episodes here. But if you want them in a whole lot better quality then you will have to watch them at www.autumnselite.com

      L8er and thank you from 980 Pro.

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    • Big Game Hunting by 980 Procduction

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      Yes thats right everyone. AutumnsElite.com is starting to host my new show, Big Game Hunting. The trailer was jus realesed and I want everyone to at least check it out. They trailer is 1:30 long and ep 1 (which will be out Friday or this weekend) is about 5 minutes long or so. Anyways, head over to [l]www.autumnselite.com[/l] and check out all of them videos (except Autumns Elite themselfs) produced and made by 980 Productions. Thanks for reading and I dont' know if my link is gonna work but the site is right there.

      Oh and BTW, this show is about a guy blasted off from the Pillar of Autumn and landed on a planet and such...it explains it in the trailer. Anyways, the show is about a guy who has a hunting show. Go Figure...

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    • Future Hunting with The Terminator

      14 years ago


      Yea, i'm making a new show called Future Hunting but I may change the name, I may not. Its Halo based (cuz thats the only game that will work and is easy to use) and I use Halo: CE for it. The first episode is just about done I just have to add vocals. So all I got to do is find a place to host (i'll ask JBaby) and then once I find a place to host, you will be able to view.

    • Uploading my Pics

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      Ok this is startin' to get irritating. Everytime I try to upload a pic it says (after its done loading) that I need to select an image to upload. I've uploaded a few pics before and they are still on my profile but when I try to upload some new pix I just took it doesn't let me. Whats up with this?

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    • Things...

      14 years ago


      Yo yo yo...I need more mod points...why you ask? Jus cuz I wanna be cool like everyone else and have massive mod points. If you don't want any, give them to me! lol

    • Network...recording?

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      Sorry if this has already been posted but I don't feel like taking 8 hours of the day just to make sure this isn't already a question asked. Anyways, my question.

      Is there any weird way to capture video through an ethernet cable that is on an rounter? See, my Xbox and computer are hooked up to a LAN party hub that you buy from Gamestop to spilt the net into both places and I was wondering if you would network the computer to the Xbox and capture video from there...Just a question and if you have an answer or want to make fun of me either reply here or send an email to here: spyhunter_x@yahoo.com


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    • I make friends...

      14 years ago


      Look, i'm making friends as we speak...mwahahahahahahaha

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      you have the greatest username ever.

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      Have a Great Day!

      -Linnea AKA "Elnea"


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      f off dennis

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      pudding y pudding

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