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    • RWBY Dumb Theory....don't take it too seriously. I beg you.

      2 years ago


      RWBY is an alternate universe where the Earth suffered an apocalypse and mutated the humans to have aura and semblance....and the most affected have animal parts attached to their body. The vengeful ghosts of the animals that died in the apocalypse have returned to the living world as monsters known as Grimm.

      The maidens are a metaphor for the four girls who have undergone human experimentation and the old man was a scientist who has already achieved immortality but was disheartened due to his friends dying around him.

      The war between the Faunus and humans was actually a slave rebellion. Faunus were originally slaves and they were treated very poorly by their owners. One of the many slave owners founded the Schnee Dust Company and built it on a Faunus grave where he used to hide his executed bodies of his slaves.

      Salem was originally a human who existed pre-apocalypse and was also affected by the mutation. However, she was killed because she was seen as a supernatural being. Her spirit was enraged over her murder from the same species she once was, and vowed revenge against all of humanity. Thus, her spirit returned as a humanoid Grimm, and secretly planned for the downfall of all humans.

      Crazy theories at their best.

      One more:

      Jaune is French for "Yellow".

      Yellow is the color of the Sun.

      The Sun represents mornings or in other cases, the season of summer.

      Jaune's emblem looks like a sunrise.

      Jaune is the true Summer Maiden.

      Jaune = Summer

      Jaune × Jaune

      = The true ship of RWBY

    • RWBY Reference

      3 years ago


      There is a Fairy Tail Spin-off Manga called Raigo no Issen, which follows the adventures of Laxus. The latest chapter came out today, which featured a new character: Weyse.

      Basic description: White hair, side ponytail, had something with mirrors.

      If that doesn't click in your heads, I don't know what will.

    • Rwby Volume 3 "Questions"

      3 years ago


      Got some questions here:

      Um, when would we see Penny as a toaster?

      If Pyrrha's ashes are in the air, and when you breathe them, does that mean she's inside you?

      When should we see God Ruby?

      Will Mercury unlock the Sharingan?

      Will Frozen Cinder revive my boner?

      Should we rename Arkos to Ashkos?

      When will Kerry be thrown into a bottomless ocean?

      How many people will not answer any of these questions?

      Will Jaune's and Pyrrha's relationship be classified as "Up In The Air"?

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    • OpeSorryMate FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      Liked your original character. I would actually like to see him in RWBY, he sounds like he would be good friends with Sun.

      • Terrnorr12

        5 years ago

        True Enough.

      • OpeSorryMate FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        Don't know if anyone from the crew takes suggestions for characters. They said in the FAQ that they weren't looking for suggestions. But that doesn't mean we can't share our OC with everyone else.

      • Terrnorr12

        5 years ago

        And I don't know if any of the RT Crew or Monty is reading my info.

      • Terrnorr12

        5 years ago

        Yeah, although I wanted to update on him a bit. But it works out.

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