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    • ThCaOk

      Welcome to the No Fun Zone!!!!!

      9 years ago

      That is what I have dubbed "The Red Mile". I guess back in the playoffs for the '03-'04 season, too many people had fun on 17th Ave. So, This year, the police have started their Crackdown on fun 2 weeks before playoffs (Thus making sure nobody has fun during the playoffs).

      Now, I remember the Red Mile from '03-'04, it was great, thousands of people gathered to celebrate our home team. Sure there were isolated incidents, but that's bound to happen when you have somewhere in the nature of 60,000 people in one area. I understand that the police have a job to do (to serve and protect), but this crackdown is overkill.

      On the first day, the ratio of Police officers to Public was 12 to 1. Since then, the Cops have been handing out tickets like they are the cure for the bird flu. People have recieved tickets for shouting "Go Flames Go!", honking their car horn, jay-walking (The Cops have blocked off almost every cross-walk, forcing people to jaywalk...Is this fair?), Hell, I saw someone get a ticket for swearing. I think this "Crackdown" is just another Cashgrab for the police.

      Well with that rant out of the way. Let me show you some pictures:

      This is Generic, No Name Label Generic.(That's his name and were sticking with it). Although it is hard to tell in this shot, but he is a huge cat (about 19 pounds). He loves to have his belly rubbed and can usually be found holding up a wall in my apt.

      These little bundles of joy are the kittens we were looking after. About 3 weeks ago, My girlfriend decided to pick these guys up without telling me. Now I wasn't mad, a little confused, but whenever I would look into their eyes, i would just melt. Sadly, we had to find new homes for the three. They were causing stress between Sativa and Generic not to mention a whole of stress between me and my gf. (Sorry about the fuzzy shots)

      Also, we adpoted a bunny, and rescued 3 guinea pigs. The bunny is named Flopsy (I couldn't think of anything original) and the guinea pig that lives in his cage is named Tweek (Named after the South Park character.). the other 2 are named Biscuit & Gravy. I will post pics when I get a chance to get them off my camera.

      Well, I'm about to head home for the night, but before I go...


      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      First post for '06

      9 years ago

      I know I haven't been posting much lately. I've been hanging out with a couple of old buddies, who were on "shore leave" (otherwise known as their 2 and a half month vacation from their cruise ship job). I spent my X-mas working and trying to cram in enough time with friends and family. This, of course, left me not a lot of time for personal reflection (which I tend to do at this time of year, over a bottle of Whiskey.) Well, the bottle still sits un-opened on top of my cabinet and the temptation to drink it grows everyday. Just so you know, I haven't given up the drink, I've just cut back that's all.

      Any-hoo, I noticed that I have a large amount of mod points just sitting around, burning a hole in my account (it's almost as if I was hording them). So, I have decided to host a photo caption wrtiting contest.

      The rules are pretty simple. I'll post a picture and you will post the caption for said picture. The caption can be whatever you want it to be. It ca be funny, sick, twisted or lame, I don't care. After a week, I will decide the top 3 and award them with the points.

      Since this is my frist contest and I'm not too sure how popular this will be. I have surrendered 40 of my points to be used. They will be broken down as follows:

      1st Prize: 20 points
      2nd Prize: 15 points
      3rd Prize: 5 points

      Feel free to pass this on to anybody that would like this sort of thing. "The more the merrier." I always say. So, without any further ado.

      Let's get this contest started!!!


      Write the best caption for this picture and you could be a winner.
      *Note: If this contest tanks due to lack of interest. I will give the people who entered points for their trouble. That's if this tanks.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Happy Holidays!!!!

      9 years ago

      I'd better start by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a Crazy Kwanza and a diginified Ramadan. Basically I'm saying Happy Holidays, but since my brain is full of useless Simpsons (among other things).

      Due to me working over X-mas, I celebrated with my family a few days early. The 23rd we had our traditional dinner (Turkey, potatos, stuffing...the usual). on the morning of the 24th, we exchanged gifts. I was spoiled, as usual (Thanks Mom & Dad), I have a couple of books to read, once I finish reading the 2 other books I'm currently reading of course. I also recieved a couple of DVD's, a butter dish, the new M&M dispenser, a few Xbox games (Burnout Revenge is a good way of releasing some built up Road Rage), and finally, another thing that will be displayed in my collectable cabinet.

      For those of you who don't know, I am a huge Calgary Flames fan. And #34, Mikka Kiprusoff is top of the list of my favorite players. When I heard that McFarlane Toys was releasing a Kiprusoff figure, I nearly shat myself, and I have wanted one since then. Well, My brother was smart enough to find one early in the holiday season and hide it away from me (Smart man...for sombody that works at McDonalds at the ripe old age of 34).

      Since I haven't had time to get a picture of with my own camera, I figured I'd post one from Mcfarlane Toys.

      That's it for me. Only 3 hours and 15 minutes till I can go home and play more Burnout Revenge.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Cool shit from the Inter-web.

      9 years ago

      I was checking out Fark recently, and I came across This really cool clock *requires Quicktime and might take some time to load

      I remember playing pong when I was a little one. My parents would pull out the console and hook it up to the 13 inch black and white monitor and we would play for hours. That had to be around the late 70's or even early 80's, I believe my grandparents gave my parents Pong before I was born...

      Well, that's enough reminiscing for today. Enjoy the movie everyone.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Damn it.

      9 years ago

      Well, Now I'm offically bored. I was playing my xbox, but somehow I managed to destroy both my controllers. One has been smashed against the floor so many times it finally shattered.


      My other controler, just went on the fritz. (After I tossed it up in the air, and I forgot to catch it before it hit the floor) For some reason the left analog stick is stuck in the up/left position. I guess I need to calm down when I'm playing NHL 06 (but, in my defence, I was pissed off that the Flames had given up 2 easy goals to Nashville).

      So, now I can't play my Xbox till I get a new controller. And, I'm not sure when that is going to be, since I'm broke till the new year (I haven't done any X-mas shopping yet.). And I just noticed that the antenna on my cell phone is falling off (will the parade of shit ever end). Well, at least this holiday season isn't going to be as bad as last year, electronics can be replaced, being told you have cancer 2 days before X-mas was a real kick to the nuts. (I'll stop bringing that up now.)

      I'm a Rage-o-holic, I just can't live without Rage-o-hal

      -----End Transmission-----


      I have taken skyisblu's advice and have used parts from both controllers to make a working one. It's not perfect, but it works.

      -----End transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Well, the vacation is over...

      9 years ago

      and I'm not a happy camper right now. Before i went on vacation, I was having a hard time keping any food down (only on the days i work, on the days I'm off I feel fine). I'd get up to get ready for work and the first thing I'd do is throw up in my sink, then shower and finally get dressed. Throughout the day, I would still feel like crap, and I would not eat anything during my 12 hour shift.

      I don't think it's an eating disorder, since I can eat on my days off without feeling sick. i believe it's something to do with stress. Now, my job can be stressful at times (during some live events), but those are few and far between. I think dealing with my co-workers is causing my stress. Most of the people I work with are either pissed off about something, upset about having to work at 5:30am (even though that have been working that shift for 7 years) or angry about something that wasn't done during the night shift. I also have 2 managers that i have to report to. One is a really nice guy. He gives complements for hard work and is stern when mistakes happen on-air. The other manager can be a complete dick. Just having a 5 minute conservation with the man can be taxing. One week before my vacation, He threatened to put everybody on permanent vacation, all because 2 guys were talking, I was sitting in front of my computer working hard (unlike now.), of course he could have been joking, but he was yelling.

      Monday I'm going to see my doctor, maybe he can shed some light on my situation. Of course, maybe it time to start looking for another job. Maybe it's time to look into working on the cruise ships like all my other friends, it's good money, and I get to travel outside Canada (something I have wanted to do for some time). The only other option is to go back to school and learn the skills that i should have learned in college (like digital editing. Damn digital reveloution started the year after I graduated).

      I'm sure I'll figure something out. Either that, or something really bad is going to happen to me (and I thought what I went through earlier this was bad.). But for now, I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      4 in a row baby!!!!

      9 years ago


      This was my view of the ice last night in the Saddledome. This is wher I sat and watched the Flames take down the Vancouver Canucks, for the second time in a row. And again, I wasn't disappointed. Sure walking up about 5 flights of stairs to get to the seats was a bit of a drag, but htere was a consession stand right there, greeting me as I crawled my way up the last few stairs. The beer tasted sooooo good, I drank 2 before the game started.

      The game kicked ass. A real nail-biter, right down to the end. For a minute, I thought it was going to come down to a shoot-out, But the voys kept pluging away and came away with the win (Oh, and the fact that the flames were on the power play for the last part of the game helped too.).

      Here's how my buddy felt after the game:


      He just loves tooting his horn.

      While heading to the casino after the game, i managed to snap this.


      Not quite sure how i took it. It was supposed to be a shot of all the people waiting for the next C-train. And that's not even the worst thing. There were these 3 hot girls there and wanted us in their picture (Cause we were wearing our jersey's, and they were apparently drunk.) and I never took a picture of them. I realized this about 2min later, and died a little inside.

      I'm going to one more home game before my buddy goes to Thailand for a couple weeks. Colorado is coming to town. It's going to be on Hockey Night in Canada, So we have to do something wild & crazy to get the attention of the cameras.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Flames Win!!!!!

      9 years ago

      2-1 over the Blue Jackets. It was so good seeing hockey being played at the dome again. Next game is against Vancouver on the 7th. And for that game I'm going all out. i figure I'll either paint my face red and black, or I'll dye my hair bright red. Either way I'm going to look crazy.

      Nothing else to say right now. the effects of the beer i ingested a while ago is wearing off. I must sleep, so i can do this again...tomorrow.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      Less than 12 hours away...

      9 years ago

      ...Untill the First Annual Red Mile Pub Crawl. Me and a couple of friends that I haven't seen in like 6 months, are going to see how much trouble we can cause. And with about 6 or 8 pubs within walking distance from my place, I'm pretty sure the 3 of us will be stumbling down the street yelling at parked cars in no time. I will be taking my camera tonight, I'm pretty sure that one of my friends will do something stupid.

      Man, I can almost taste the whiskey & coke's right now.

      Then on Thursday, I get to go see the Flames play the Blue Jackets live at the Saddledome, which is going to be awesome. I haven't been to a home game since the naked guy hopped the boards and knocked himself out when he fell to the ice. It was the funniest shit ever, I tried to start a "Naked Guy!!" chant, but the 18,000 in attendance were not in the mood for chanting.

      Any-hoo, I'm bored at work, so I'm watching Newsradio on DVD. I forgot how funny this show was. I can't wait to rent it and burn myself a copy along with a lot of other stuff that I want.

      -----End Transmission-----

    • ThCaOk

      1 more day.

      9 years ago

      I just have to make it through one more graveyard shift. Then I'm off on vacation again. I know I took one in the middle of Spetember, but whatever, my job is hard, watching 13 television monitors can cause some serious eye strain.

      Any-hoo, I can't wait till I'm off. i finally get to see a couple of friends that I haven't seen in about 6 months. We're going to hit the bars in Cow Town. Drink some drinks, try not to get stabbed, you know the usual.

      Also, for those of us that watch hockey, The Flames are playing the Wild tonight, my friends will be at the game drinking $6.50 beers and cheering the guys on.

      GO FLAMES GO!!!!!

      -----End Transmission-----

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      5 years ago

      From the team that brought you "Red vs Blue Calgary" comes a new and exciting project...

      A fresh take on the traditional PC LAN; Project X: Uprising includes a PC & Console LAN, Red vs Blue, Movie Theatre, Guest Speakers & Much more!

      Red vs Blue the way it was meant to be viewed... On a huge, freakin' screen!

      Visit for more information and to Register!


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      7 years ago

      Hey im Mitchell, im from Australia. Love the Cat pictures!

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      9 years ago


      I was just wondering if I could get your support on Google Idol. I'm the only Canadian contestant in this contest. You can vote once daily if you want. It would help a lot. The competition ends on June 2nd. No registration is required.

      Thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.S. Vote Edaz! smiley8.gif These kids are great too!

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      9 years ago

      Go Canada. We are the BOMB. However we have none so we just shower everyone with kindness and hope we won't be attacked. That's our strategy and were sticking to it.

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      9 years ago

      Check out my new contest here! Everyone qualifies, no drug tests!

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      9 years ago

      sorry to bother you again but can you vote for me it's the finals

    • mattster1


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      can u please vote for me

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      9 years ago

      can u vote for me here i'd really appreciate it

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      9 years ago

      OILERS LOSE FLAMES WIN, FUCK YEAH! Balance has once again been restored.

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      9 years ago

      Merry Christmas smiley0.gifAgain smiley8.gif

      Its Christmas Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!