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      Can I get a link for the Ryu vs Jin sneak peek?

      Answered: Jul 1, 2018

    • Top 10 Favourite Video Game Songs

      1 year ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      I am back making blogs and my first one is Top 10 Favourite Video Game Songs

    • RWBY Volume 4 Director's Commentary Notes:

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      The Director's Commentaries for RWBY V4 has revealed plenty of information that is interesting (this was originally on a google document but not everyone has Google Drive so i decided to repost it) -  You can find the original document here: Credit goes to Changyuraptor

      "RWBY Volume 4 Director's Commentary Notes:


      Chapter 1:

      • Kerry talks about how each episode had a ‘fuck you’ shot, which is a particular shot that was difficult to create across all departments. The opening shot of the Volume was one of these.

      • In a little conversation about how much they’ve planned in the show, Kerry talks about how they’ve actually been hanging on to team WTCH (Watts, Tyrian, Cinder and Hazel) since the beginning.

      • Regarding Oscar and his story this volume, Miles and Kerry had more rewrites with him than with anything else in RWBY, trying to figure out the right way to present it. At one point, Oscar’s first major scene was going to be in chapter 7, instead of 4.

      • Mentioned in the commentary, but in more detail in the special features, is the fact that CRWBY had a rough start to the volume due to the new production pipeline, which continued for several episodes.

      • “Bad. Landing. Strategy!” was Gray’s idea.

      • According to Miles, the Petra Gigas was originally supposed to appear in the Emerald Forest during Volume 1. It was supposed to be a part of the giant nevermore/deathstalker fight, as was a giant Bourbatusk.

      • On that note, they talk about how incredibly different the original 4 episodes of Volume 1 were compared to what we got, and that Fennec and Corsac were originally Volume 1 villains.

      • On the origin of the Geist, Kerry talks about how, at the time Monty was working on the White trailer, he and Miles were thinking of ways for it to make sense, and came up with the idea of a poltergeist Grimm. They say that particular Geist is called an Armor Gigas.

      • The crown on Jaune’s shield was first inserted by layout artist Rachel Doda when creating the storyboards. Kerry thought it was a perfect touch and decided to include it in the official design.



      Chapter 2:

      • In regards to the infamous map, Kerry mentions that in one version of the script, RNJR was going to lose the map in a fight of some sort. A similar was also supposed to happen in Chapter 6 involving Tyrian, but decided against it because of how busy CRWBY already was.

      • According to Miles, Jaques is loosely based on Jack Frost, something they try to hint at in the way he keeps his study.

      • Kerry says that writing the final scene of chapter 2 was the first time he cried while writing. Likewise, Miles said he lost his shit while performing mocap for the scene. Apparently everyone who worked on it had a pretty strong emotional reaction to this scene.


      Chapter 3:

      • On the topic of writing RWBY with multiple different story lines at the same time, Miles called it a ‘scary experiment’ but is happy overall with how it turned out.

      • Kerry talks about the change from Poser to Maya, and all the new stuff it allows them to do now, but he also talks about how they also changed to something called Pencil (I’m sorry but I really not that knowledgeable with this kind of thing :P), a plugin that they’ve wanted to use for years to help with the look and style of the show. They initially tried to emulate it using Maya, which is what we saw from the Volume 4 Character Short at RTX, but realised it would be much easier for the technical crew if they just used the original tool, so they changed midway through production.

      • Apparently all the animators were super excited once they learned that Blake was losing her bow, and I can’t blame them :D

      • The disturbing noises made by the Seer were, just like most Grimm, made by William Orendorff, but these sounds were actually from Volume 1, and were an audition for what the Deathstalker would’ve sounded like.

      • Miles talks about how they tried to have Salem feel a bit motherly, and not overly cruel, because she’s “better than that” and that she has a certain way of talking to each of her lieutenants.


      Chapter 4:

      • Apparently Yang’s eye colour was decided because of Taiyang’s and Raven’s eye colours. Red and Blue making purple.

      • Burnie is apparently very invested in voicing Taiyang, and takes it very seriously. He would go over the script with Miles and Kerry before recording sessions and they talk about how Burnie will listen to Yang’s lines and efforts, and try and make Taiyang’s similar, as a way of representing how Yang was influenced by her Father. It’s also mentioned that Joel is similar when it comes to portraying Oobleck.

      • When it came to naming all the villages in Anima, they wanted to keep the theme of Mistral being heavily inspired by Eastern influences, so they named villages after the Japanese names for certain flowers.

      • Going back to the ‘fuck you’ shots, the long shot including RNJR entering the inn and Qrow watching  was one of them. Apparently the shot just wouldn’t render a number of times.

      • Originally, the inn and the pub were the same building, but were separated when they couldn’t figure out how to fit Raven into the scene.


      Chapter 5:

      • Miles says he cried while writing Blake’s reunion with her parents, and that the Belladonna’s are some of his favourite characters.

      • Fennec and Corsac, as mentioned earlier, were characters originally conceived pre Volume 1, being the 2nd and 3rd Faunus thought about after Blake.


      Chapter 6:

      • In the charity scene, Koen says that there are around 100 different, unique people in the room, each with differing clothing.

      • When describing Henry Marigold to concept artist Erin Winn, Kerry told her to draw a ‘posery, imposter Neptune’.

      • When Weiss is yelling and grabbing everyone’s attention, there’s a version where one waiter doesn’t pay any attention to her and keeps walking normally. Dude’s gotta get those drinks around.

      • Tyrian’s jacket, despite being one of Kerry’s favourite design aspects, was a real hassle for the animators and the rigging team, so much so that he was animated without his jacket on, and then would add it afterwards.


      Chapter 7:

      • The original plan with Ozpin was to not reveal him as having anything to do with Oscar until the very end of the Volume.

      • This episode was the first time proper reflections were used in a mirror in any Rooster Teeth production. Before they would simply fake it.

      • Originally the start of Qrow fighting Tyrian was reversed, with Qrow being the one to interrupt Tyrian mid sentence to start the fight.

      • When it came to Tyrian swearing, some thought went into whether they could get around it, originally having him say witch instead. Ultimately, Miles and Kerry decided it was the right time for things to get a bit more mature.


      Chapter 8:

      • Miles says the whole campfire scene was probably the most difficult thing in the Volume to write, simply due to how much they needed to cover. Also, Kerry says more people worked on this scene than any other in the Volume.

      • The two brothers was Miles’ idea, and his first major contribution to the series, obviously one of the first parts of the show that was conceived.

      • Miles was the one who wrote the majority of Blake scenes in Volume 4. When she’s slapping Sun, Miles only intended it to be softer slaps on the shoulder, so he was quite surprised by the end result.


      Chapter 9:

      • When remodelling all the characters in Maya, they were mostly kept the same in terms of their faces and hair. Yang was the only one who had a significant change done to her hair, and originally Ruby’s hair was changed in a way so the lighting would look better and it could move better, but it didn’t feel right, so the change was reverted.

      • Apparently there were several colour combinations the were tried with Ilia that “did not work”.

      • All the patches of mud on the ground were originally water puddles, but Kerry forgot that while the scene was being animated.



      Chapter 10:

      • One of Gray’s headcanons is that the little bit of pink in Ren’s hair was done by Nora and that he decided to keep it. Even if it’s not true this is totally one of my new headcanons.

      • In the scene with Nora being bullied, Miles jokes about that if you feel bad about it, those other kids likely died the next day. To follow that up, Kerry then mentions that they actually considered to have one of those kids lying face down on the ground in the background during the attack. Damn.

      • According to Miles, they actually described Ren’s father in the script as “A handsome Hanzo looking motherfucker”.

      • One of the ideas they had that didn’t make it into the episode involved Ren’s father going to see the mayor. Since he’s a hunter, and he had just returned from a hunt, Li was going to talk to the mayor about how they didn’t find any animals and it was almost as if they had been spooked away, and that they should get a Huntsman to come and investigate.

      • According to Kerry, Jaune and Ruby’s moment was originally going to end with them hugging, but was cut due to time and Kerry not wanting people to “worry”.

      • Miles says that his favourite Grimm was supposed to show up in Volume 4, but unfortunately had to be cut. One day. However, after seeing what Kerry did with the Nuckelavee, he says that it might be his new favourite.

      • Kerry says that the fight from chapter 12 was fully animated before any of the shots from chapter 10 were done.

      • Kerry made a Rensexual joke.

      • The Shione banners were added late in post production of chapter 2 because at that time Miles and Kerry were still writing the last few episodes, and came up with the idea of the banner hitting Ren before they realised that at the time they didn’t exist.


      Chapter 11:

      • Recording Tyrian’s efforts in this episode was a ton of fun according to Miles.

      • Kerry’s “proudest accomplishment of this Volume” was having the photo of Whitely on Jacques’ desk be face down after Ironwood slams down on it.

      • Kerry talks about Sun’s abs (as you do) and actually reveals that, contrary to popular belief, they didn’t remove them, but instead Sun’s model was made to be more muscular and they would be picked up by lighting and shadows instead.


      Chapter 12:

      • When talking about the fight, it’s mentioned there were several different versions of it. They don’t go into detail, but Kerry does mention that Qrow was originally supposed to do something, but Miles reminds him it’s something they can’t talk about .

      • According to Miles, When William Orendorff was making the screams for the Nuckelavee, he’s actually screaming the word ‘die’.To add to that, most of the noises made were William pretty much screaming while inhaling, and also running his fingers along his throat to produce some of the sounds. There’s some video of it in the special features, it’s the coolest/scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Analysis Blog: The Executions of Danganronpa V3 Part One

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      I have made a Blog Details the First Three Executions of Danganronpa V3. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR DV3

    • Top 10 Healers

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      I have returned to blog making - i made a list of the Top 10 Healers (I hope that SA will eventually do this as a Top 10)

    • Response to Chad James: Characters Who Could Kill Doomsday

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill



      Hey The Gaming News Guy here and recently Chad James of Screwattack was talking about Doomsday and how he is an unstoppable force of nature and that is true i admit Doomsday is not totally unkillable - i have decided to have a look through different franchises and see potential abilities/characters  i think could beat Doomsday.

                    Doomsday Killer Number 1 - Giorno Giovanna

                                         Stand: Gold Experience Requiem


      The Son of Dio Brando and the Main Protagonist of Part 5 - Vento Aureo. As for why Gold Experience Requiem could be a potential Doomsday Killer well GER’s main ability is called Nullification of Cause and Effect. As for what it does well -  Gold Experience Requiem ability is to turn anything, including its opponent's attack and willpower, back to the state of "zero" meaning if you tried to attack it would completely negate - any and all attacks directed at it would be reset. It’s Speed is Infinite as it can even move through stopped time. It also has a second ability - if this you are touched by this stand then you, then they will also continuously experience death, as they will die but repeatedly return to point "zero" (meaning you will die over and over and over again with no end), As for now this would kill Doomsday well Doomsday wouldn’t be able to do any attacks on Giorno due to him constantly resetting Doomsday’s attacks back to zero and then would barrage him and send him to a fate of endless death loops.

                  Doomsday Killer Number 2 - Misogi Kumagawa

                                     Ability: All Fiction


      Kumagawa's Minus allows him to deny aspects of reality; to make anything "nothing".All Fiction gives him the ability - He can heal any wound done to him despite how grave (His brain got crushed, resisted having his body rotted away, brought himself back from death, and stole Zenkichi's sight. He can also heal the wounds of other people, and seemingly also materials that have been destroyed. He has stated that he doesn't have to touch anyone or use his hands to use his All Fiction, he simply need to look at a foe for All Fiction to work. One time he used his All Fiction Powers to remove all color from the Universe and his powers are strong enough to destroy the universe at stated as it can deny any aspect of reality making him literally invincible unless he wants to lose. As for how he could beat Doomsday well he would simply deny Doomsday’s existence and then Doomsday would go poof because he got denied from reality.

                                  Honorable Mention:

                          Ajimu Najimi from Medeka Box


      For those who don’t know - Minuses are basically like superpowers and  Ajimu Najimi is a special case - due to her ability which is called Multiple Skill User - she has a total of 12,858,051,967,633,863 different and unique superpower - transcend higher-dimensional space, control infinity, and "become God as well as having the ability to literally erase anything. 3,402,193,822,311 years old. The reason why i put her in the honorable mentions is because her power despite being more broken is less interesting.

                        Doomsday Killer Number 3 - Demifend from SMT:


      You know - i could have put the entire SMT franchise on this for just being so damn overpowered like seriously if you thought DC was overpowered - every single goddamn SMT Protagonist is a threat to the Multiverse. He gains power from Lucifer himself, and conquers demon after demon, holds his own against Dante, becomes strong enough to kill gods, defeats Lucifer's second-in-command, then goes on to unhinge all of creation with his bare hands by punching a sun in the face with a beam fired from his mouth. He then faces off against Lucifer himself, and although Lucifer was more than likely holding back as it was a test to see if he was worthy, the Demifiend wins and goes to wreck the absolute shit out of God. He is pretty much immune to every physical attack and by the end of the game has curbstomped God and became a multiverse level being of mass wreckage. I will say this right now - every single SMT protag is stronger than Doomsday but Demifiend is the most well known. Demifiend would just go up to Doomsday and be like “sup” and stomp his head in like he did with Lucifer and God.

                                  Doomsday Killer Number 4 - Maxwell from Scribblenuts:


      Yes Maxwell from Scribblenauts is stronger than Doomsday - let that sink in for a moment and now i am going to explain why that’s the case. Firstly he is capable of spawning multiple version of Superman: Capable of spawning multiple versions of Superman as well as being able to spawn multiple versions of the Flash as well as two of the strongest beings in the DC Universe that being the Anti-Monitor and the Spectre. He also has an ability called Absent which is able to wipe any object from existence as well as an ability that completely negates the motion of an object. But Maxwell’s most impressive feat of all is that time he remade the entire DC New 52 Verse from scratch - down to every detail so yeah if Doomsday ever encountered Maxwell then he would simply erase Doomsday from existence or mind control him or summon the Anti-Monitor and quite literally destroy him.

      Doomsday Killer Number 5 - The Doctor - From Doctor Who (With Prep)


      Here’s a fun fact for you - The Doctor Who Verse is really OP like in terms of the amount of characters that are Multiverse + there are multiple characters that fit under that category and while usually the Doctor is not that OP in a one to one fight - if he prepares himself and gets everything he has used over the years then he could easily kill most of the Marvel and DC Universe - quite a bold statement i do say myself but if the Doctor gets prep time what does he get? Well there are two very powerful things he can do - with equipment he can broadcast what is known as the Delta Wave which will kill anything that has a organic brain and yes Doomsday has a brain.Secondly he can obtain the Skasis Paradigm which gives him the ability would give him control over time, space, and universal matter then there’s the TARDIS itself - The Doctor can absorb the energy in the TARDIS itself which he did in the DW Movie and could rewrite reality itself. Hell he once got into a Planet Throwing Competition with the Quantum Archangel and literally became an eldritch abomination,The Doctor has beaten beings way stronger then Doomsday and is infamous for a reason.

      Doomsday Killer Number 6 - Doctor Strange from Marvel  (Classic)


      While it’s true that Doctor Strange is powerful now, he is nothing compared to classic Doctor Strange who was easily one of the most powerful he is strong enough to destroy beings that are capable of destroying the universe - as with the case with Shuma Gorath plus he once  restored or channeled the mass of entire universes, merged with abstract entities, and defeated The In-Betweener who is very easily Universe Level. Plus he has many, many abilities such as probability manipulation, psychometry, dimensional travel and manipulation, can travel between universes, shapeshifting, can summon many powerful cosmic beings and their power, reality warping, energy and matter manipulation. While it’s true that he got heavily nerfed (due to the fact he was way too powerful) - classic Doctor Strange could easily destroy Doomsday by using reality warping or seal Doomsday away.

      These are just a few of examples but there are many more examples i can think of. I didn’t even consider bringing up how OP Demonbane is or the entire Higarashi Verse is though if you want to know i recommend checking them out. This was all in good fun and i may do a series of the most overpowered characters. Now for my final fact -  


                            These three are Universe Level and could beat Doomsday.

    • ​G1 Desk of DB - Does the Pokemon Multiverse Exist!?​

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      G1 Desk of DB - Does the Pokemon Multiverse Exist!?

      Due to the length of the blog i have decided to put it on blogger. I hope you enjoy it and i would love you to post your own opinions and thoughts on Pokemon in the comments below. 

    • Analysis of Yang Xaio Long's Character for her V4 as well as her Arc

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill



      Hey The Gaming News Guy and i am going to talk about some RWBY and i am going to speculate of V4 of RWBY going forward and a particular character - that being Yang. I am going to speculate how i think Yang’s arc will play out in a metaphorical sense as well as comparing her to one of my personal favorite characters of all time. So let’s talk Yang.

                                                     Main Section:


      Yang has been through quite a lot in Volume 3 hasn’t she, first her match with Mercury went horribly as she “injured” a fellow student which was not only broadcast to the entire world but also caused her own team to get disqualified - even before going into the fight with Adam - Yang wasn’t in the best of mind especially since she has been dealing with seeing her mother for the first time in years from V2’s finale. While her team still support her it’s clear she is very shaken up by the events that have happened but things got much worse for her as Beacon was attacked by the Grimm which not only caused the deaths of multiple people (no way would a Grimm attack not have casualties) which was kinda her fault due to the negativity from the crow attracting the Grimm but also Blake’s old partner Adam appeared at attacked Blake - Blake was stabbed which greatly upset Yang due to the fact Blake’s her partner and then with one swing, Adam casually disintegrated Yang’s arm in front of Blake.


      Yang was instantly knocked unconscious and was saved by Blake but when she woke up the worst news was told to her - not only did her arm get chopped off but her partner - her friend that she trusted abandoned her like Raven and Summer (though she died so she kinda had an excuse). It’s been heavily hinted that Yang has abandonment issues considering how depressed she is about Blake leaving as well as her drive to find her mother and with Blake gone and her future stolen from her she becomes depressed mentally. Even worse the one person that Yang truly cares and loves for all her heart - her own sister decides to leave her and head to Mistral to stop the big bad guy (now you could debate if it was right for Ruby to do this) but the point is - her entire team left her and now she is all alone with only her father who based on evidence from V2 went through a very similar state to Yang when Summer died. Before we get into V4 i want to make a comparison to one of my favorite characters to Yang. That being Johnny Joestar from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure:


      Now i know what you are thinking - why are you comparing Johnny Joestar to Yang. Well let me explain - (by the way this blog will contain spoilers for Steel Ball Run). Allow me to talk about Johnny for a bit before i get into the Yang stuff - Like Yang, Johnny didn’t grow up the happiest childhoods - Johnny never had a mother and unlike Yang his father was a complete jerk to him always favoring Nicholas his brother but like Yang both would face a death of a family member that would change them. With Yang it was the death of her step mother - Summer which forced her to grow up and become almost like a mother figure to Ruby but with Johnny it was the death of his older brother whose death was partially his fault due to Johnny’s pet rat being responsible for Nicholas’s death. Both have deep seeded anger issues and when Johnny confronted his father - he said to him “God took the wrong son”.This caused a deep mental scar for Johnny. As for Yang well she decided to look for her mother and almost got killed thanks to some Beowulf's - she made Yang realize that she almost got Ruby killed.

      Now the more deeper comparisons come in - Johnny and Yang were believed to be strong people - Yang was considered to be the most mature member of the group and acted like a big brother to the others while Johnny was considered to be a horse racing genius. They both lived the good life or at the very least they have a decent life - but everything came grumbling down thanks to their own character flaws. Johnny while waiting in line for a play, the girl he was with convinced him to cut to the front of the line and bribed the bouncers to throw out the youth in the front of the line - who had been waiting through the night. The youth shot Johnny in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down and sending him to a hospital. 

      While you could blame the youth for this - it was Johnny’s own recklessness and belief that he could win any situation that caused him to suffer this injury. While with Yang she jumped head first into Adam without thinking of the consequences which caused her to lose her arm. Both characters suffered a heavy injury that caused their lives to turn for the worst - Johnny lost the use of his legs while Yang lost her arm and what happened to both Yang and Johnny was very similar. Yang’s team were scattered - Blake,Weiss were no longer there to help her and Ruby left with JNR to go and stop Cinder and co - she was all alone except for her father who even then the ones that would have helped her the most left her and now she was alone. Johnny’s Friends left him and no one visited him during his stay at the hospital (which physically abused him). 

      Both characters became shells of their former self - no longer caring about the world and going into a depressed state. Now here’s the point of this comparison - Johnny entered the Steel Ball Run in order to find a drive/a motivation - a point to his “useless” existence. Johnny was burdened by depression and a subsequent lack of confidence and wanting to find a purpose for his life. Yang is very much the same way - as shown through V4 - She has become depressed and almost lethargic - when she talks it’s very slowly and she speaks with little to no emotion in her voice. She’s lost her purpose.


      What Yang needs to find her purpose a reason to fight again - right now she has no motive, she has no drive to fight and now she is simply stuck at home not doing much. What Yang needs to do is not only deal with her PSTD because that’s not going to go away anytime soon but she needs to mind her motive her drive - she needs to look at herself and ask “Who is Yang Xiao Long?” and “Do i have the strength to fight?”. Right now Yang needs to ask those questions and if she says no to the second one then she can live out her peaceful existence on Patch and not fight anymore but that’s not Yang’s nature.

      Depression is an awful thing and i very much doubt she is going to get out of the state she is any time soon. She really needs to look at herself and consider who she is and is she strong enough to continue moving forward despite the road full of danger that she will walk on should she fight again.Johnny could have easily given up but he never gave up and eventually would find a drive/reason for his existence and gained new friends and despite all the hardships and the death he managed to come out a better person as well as mature into an adult and that’s what Yang needs to do to move forward - she needs to find a new drive and fight again in order become a better person then she was before.



      Johnny/Yang despite all the shit that gets thrown their way will always get back up even when logically they shouldn’t. In a sense it will become Yang’s greatest strength should she rise again - she is like a phoenix - rising from the ashes, looking at herself and learning from the mistakes of her past. It’s not going to be a easy road - it will truly be a roundabout path full of dangers and she could lose even more but she needs to continue forward not only for her friends but herself. I feel this quote from Steel Ball represents Yang’s arc for the future “This story is the tale of me starting to walk, not in the physical sense but in adolescence to adulthood sort of way”. Yang’s arc is about her maturing into an adult - finding a new drive and dealing with her past demons to forge a new path for the future and you know what i am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

    • DEATH ANALYSIS: Jon Talbain vs Sabrewulf

      2 years ago

      The-Gaming-News-Guy Sir Regent Malcolm Neill

      As a Halloween Special i decided to do a DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS on Sabrewulf vs Jon Talbain. I hope your in for quite a fright

      Death Analysis: Saberwulf vs Jon Talbain

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