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    • Monster Musume is the best comedy anime I have ever seen

      3 years ago


      Because you need to be a totally jaded comedy anime nerd to appreciate the level of ridiculousness and bullshit that this show is operating at and you need to be a seasoned hentai perv to get all the porn references.

      Loving it.

    • FTLOY

      3 years ago


      Between Konami, the comic-book-grade evil soulless entertainment company, Metal Gear Solid, the already painfully overstretched and milked dry entertainment franchise, Greg Miller, the ex-IGN-podcast-clown-turned-Patreon-funded-YouTube-clown and the horde of screaming gamer children and adult babies who object to nothing about any of the above but are getting their panties in a knot over the potential for spoilers that might soften their hype-steeled nips and boners, I really have no idea whom I despise the most.

    • Male-Skewing: How to be equal

      3 years ago


      I clicked back through my own journals the other day and re-read the posts in my male-skewing series of journals and noticed I had forgotten to mention one important point that is a hard problem which goes right to the foundations of the societies we all live in. It is so hard that I could not find a way to describe it while keeping this journal short and crisp. Sorry.

      Feminism in the latter half of the 20th century has, in spite of a lot of difficulty and opposition, achieved great successes, in particular in 'The West', especially in the area of equal access. In many countries, the last two decades have seen overt discrimination, often written into law, overturned to explicit equalization, sometimes accompanied by affirmative action.

      However, contemporary feminists are making a very important point that I completely agree with: Ultimately, equal access (to jobs & careers, education, political office, goods & services) is not enough. Because there is a basic problem with the structure of all the really-big-important-things that shape our lives. Such as: How we work, how we govern ourselves, how we raise children, how we care for our relatives. That's only market capitalism, representative democracy, the nuclear and extended family as well as social support systems right there.

      Before feminism, the highest levels of privilege in these systems - full access, if you like - was designed for men, since only men could attain it. With individual laws being rewritten to allow equal access and affirmative action quotas being enforced to make equal representation a reality, the systems themselves remain designed for men.

      The consequences are huge: Women today can indeed reach the highest positions of power and/or wealth and privilege, given one condition: They choose the lifestyle of a stereotypical selfish 20th century career-man. That is to say: Go through basic and higher education, enter the workforce, specialize, do not take career breaks for any reason whatsoever, including child-rearing or the care of elderly family members or else face the consequences of disappearing career opportunities, worse pay and worse social security at retirement age.

      However, if equality for women can only be obtained by emulating men, then equality is a sham and in fact nonexistent. If women are faced with the choice of either taking up a lifestyle previously exclusively available to men or forfeiting their "equal" opportunities, they remain unfree and unequal in dignity, from birth, which is a direct violation of article 1 of the universal declaration of human rights.

      Fixing that requires digging deeper than going over law books and erasing discriminatory language. It requires some fundamental changes in hitherto uncritically accepted notions about what is and is not an acceptable lifestyle relative to gender and what is and is not fair - like: What exactly is an honest day's pay for an honest day's work? Does an honest day of staying at home with your kid qualify? And who should pay?

      All that's going to be tough. Real tough. Because it is radical. There are a whole lot of deep-seated preconceptions about everything that need to be shattered and then rebuilt from scratch. But ultimately, it will be very rewarding for future women and men alike.

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