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      Hello. My name is Ben. I'm turned on by animated women. This includes CG, video game, cartoon, and anime women. I am not ashamed. My wife is the same, but with men.

      I'm curious, who else is like this? Most people I bring it up to either A) Think we're nuts or B) Agree but are too ashamed or fearful of the reaction to admit it. Is anyone else like us? I'd like to hear your thoughts, and make this thread open to discuss your attraction to animated sexiness. Feel free to post pictures(Regular forum rules apply, of course), discuss related kinks, or anything else.

      I'll start with a funny tidbit: My wife loves role-playing. It's her favorite method of foreplay. Some of our best sexual experiences are when we played Link and Zelda, or when we played Ezio and Sofia. We try all sorts of characters. She's also had plenty of sex dreams about anime, most notably getting it hard from Kakashi(from Naruto). She's still confused about it.

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    • Moments of Affirmation

      6 years ago


      I am a man of faith. You don't need to be one to appreciate the message I want to convey, but it ties into the story. My wife and I are going through a difficult time. She is 6 months pregnant and I am in very real danger of losing my job. Last week we were struggling to get out of bed and make it through the day. So yesterday we sought help. We went to what we believe to be the holiest place on Earth: The Celestial Room of a temple of God. And there we asked a lot of questions. Were we on the right path? Are my current ambitions where I should be putting my time and effort? The last question we asked was what were we going to name our son. We were debating between 3 names. We prayed seperately, then came back to confirm our answers with each other. We got the same answer. Our unborn son already has a name, we just hadn't known it before. Once that confirmation, everything else felt alright. This morning I woke up without the same weight on my shoulders, instead it was in my stomach from the greaseball pizza I had last night. Either way I feel content.

      The moral of the story is that sometimes all you need to press on is someone to tell you you're on the right track. Make sure you have someone like that in your life.

      Ryan, I hope when you're old enough to understand I remember to show you this. I don't know if it was God or you, but if I ever become as successful as I hope to be, the boost I received in that moment was a major factor. Thank you.

    • Waking Up Before The Sun

      6 years ago


      Up at 4:30 AM, probable won't sleep again until midnight. Fun!

    • Aftermath

      6 years ago


      What to do when a plan completely fails? I've found that there are 2 right answers and 1 wrong one. The wrong one is give up. Yes, sometimes you need to walk away, but not forever. The right ones are either try again, to keep pushing(Not always correct), or try something completely new(also not foolproof). I never thought both of these answers could be tried at the same time, but I recently had a revelation. Good ideas take persistence, otherwise successful execution is impossible. You have to take an idea to a certain point before success or failure can be determined. In my life I've always given up too early. Time for that to change.

    • Events In The Midwest?

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      I live in Southern Illinois, with the closest major city being St. Louis. There are very few cons near me and I don't know of any that RT attends. Am I missing anything? Otherwise, who else in the midwest wants Rooster Teeth to come to them?

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    • Feelings of success in classic games

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      I'm starting up a series about what would achievements have been like in old school games(Details can be found in the AH Forum In order to get a better idea of what people would like to see, I want to know what made people feel accomplished when they played games in the past. So I ask you guys, what were your great moments of success and elation when you did something in an older game?

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    • Taking A Leap

      6 years ago


      Early on in any challenge, mission, or goal, there's a moment that separates those who accomplish from those who falter and ultimately fail. I call it taking a leap. It's usually the first bump in the road, but it can be many things, like the moment when you have to show your work to the public before it can move forward. I've had many chances to take the leap. Some I've taken, others I've backed away. Like many, there are some I regret, others I feel I did the right thing. Recently I've had several chances to take the leap. All of them I'm still standing on the precipice, hoping for things to fall into place before I do so. Today I'm glad to say I took one. Whether it goes well or not, doing so is a big confidence booster. I encourage others to take their leaps.

    • A New Project: Prechievement Hunting

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      So I've been working on this concept for a little while, and decided it was time to put it in front of the AH community. It's a series where achievements are given to older games, hopefully providing new challenges for classic gamers.(Side note: I bought sponsorship specifically to post this, brilliant idea. Don't know why I didn't do it sooner.)

      Here's a video explaining the details:
      Episode 1:
      Episode 2:

      I know the sound quality isn't great and the video is iffy at best, but I blame that on having crap equipment and no cash to get good stuff. Also, I realize one person going off the cuff doesn't work that well, but I have no partners on this project yet. My goal is to put this on the same level of quality as a "This Is..." or a "Five Facts." Beyond that, I want to hear your thoughts on the concept as well as any critiques you have to help improve the videos.

      -Benjamin Hodges

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    • 2019 years ago

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