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    • CURED!!!!!!

      14 years ago



      6 months of drugs that blew mw away. 6 months of waiting for a test. 6 weeks of waiting for a result. That is a loooong time!

      I got the result recently - NO MORE HEP C! No more fear of dying from chronic liver failure.

      Now all the scientists need to do is find a way to get Rooster Teeth back on track and I will be happy smiley0.gif

    • It's official

      14 years ago


      After reading the news posted on the 11th, I decided that I have had enough of paying for 'away days'.

      I previously queried who was paying for these trips (Travel, Accommodation, Food, Entertainment etc.) and got no response.

      O.K. so maybe I am being a bit selfish but I truly believe that the 'value for money' has dropped below the level that I want to pay for. When I created my account (freeloader) I did so because I was truly impressed by the series. I joined the forum after lurking for a while. I found a group of mainly intelligent people with a like outlook on life, I sponsored because I believed that the crew had something worth putting my hand in my pocket for.

      Slowly the situation changed as the popularity increased. The number of 'away days' slowly started to rise. Episodes were just a little further apart. The quality of the script slowly declined. NEW SERIES! The Craphood arrived (look at the download numbers) and things declined further. Even so, the number of 'away days' increased along with the number of forum members. Unfortunately the quality of the forum also began to decline.

      Lately a new project has emerge that is so bad that the only reason I will watch the next episode is to see if it can get any worse.

      The above are the reasons why I am joining the ranks of the despised freeloaders. I will monitor the output to see if it improves. If so, I will sponsor again for the same reasons I did in the first place - to support a bunch of guys who had a novel idea coupled with an entertaining script.


    • How big are you?

      14 years ago


      My profile shows that I am an I.T. director. That makes me a big fish in my pond. I came from the slime at the bottom and remember what it was like. This is a good thing as I can still look at life from both ends. I work hard to ensure that the people that work for me are a happy as the share holders that keep me in my job.

      So what? Why bore you with this here?

      In essence, I am trying to state that I may feel ‘big’ at times but know what it feels like to be small. However, I never, ever, expected to go back beyond feeling small to feeling insignificant!

      Why, how, what?

      I live in a hilly area of the UK called Devon (it is the knee area of the UK that sticks out bottom left looking a bit lick a leg). The nearest street light is in the next valley so I get as good as no light pollution. This can make the sky on a moonless night a thing of wonder. Tonight was one of those nights. Countless stars against an inky black canvas. A thing of true wonder.

      Looking to the West I could see countless stars from the horizon to above my head. I have no idea how many stars I saw. It was impressive enough without worrying about numbers.

      While looking at this my thoughts drifted towards the possibility of life. Theories and numbers flashed through my thoughts as I gazed around the stars I could see.

      My gaze drifted above me and I became aware that it was one of those nights that the Milky Way was especially evident. After a while of gazing from the North to South horizon and seeing the majority of it spanned by this mist I realised that the mist was thousands or millions of stars so distant and dim that I was seeing them as mist.

      We live on the third rock from our sun. So far we have managed to put a man on our moon for the briefest of moments in our history. We have not reached our nearest planet. We are generations from exploring our solar system.

      Our achievements are less than the first stumblings of most life on this planet. Apart from ‘Man’ that is, who takes about 365 days to make his first step.

      On that scale of achievement, how long will it take us to explore the rest of our galaxy?

      From my understanding, we are near the edge of our galaxy so what I was seeing was probably only a fraction of what exists beyond my visual capabilities. It is awe inspiring to realise how insignificant our achievements are up to now.

      As I tried to visualise the scale of the picture I was seeing I remembered a picture I had seen, the picture was an enhancement of a near by galaxy taken by the Hubble space telescope. It showed a galaxy similar in size and density to ours. It looked like a flattened out flying saucer made of mist. The wondrous thing was that the mist was actually billions of stars. Then I remembered the shot of the image that the galaxy was enhanced from. It was a frame filled with absolutely hundreds, if not thousands, of galaxies.

      How many billions of billions of stars with planets with life exists?

      So, I am a big fish in my pond. My pond is quite a reasonable size compared to the ponds around me. Mind you, my pond is not a lake. So some lakes are no more than large ponds but some are like small seas. Further more, my pond is adrop in the oceans that cover most of our insignificant planet. And that is a mere nothing on the scale of our galaxy that is just a tiny fragment of the cosmos.

      So, on that scale, how big are any of us?

      About evenly equal to nothing is my guess.

    • Excuse for absence

      14 years ago


      For those that may give a damn, I feel I should explain my absence for some considerable time.

      I am lucky in that I have had a life up to this point that, along with the bad times, has had more than the average WOW moments. I have always lived life to the max when the opportunity arrived. I look at the people I know and don’t exactly feel sorry for them, rather than realise how much more fun I have had with my life. The up side is that I can debate issues with a much broader perspective on life having actually experienced it a little more than Mr. Average. The down side is the reason for my absence.

      When I was about 16 my life drifted into a bunch of friends that were into the demon world of drugs. Tee-hee, fun times. As an open minded individual I was willing to experiment and boy did I! Smoke, uppers, downers, LSD and then the ‘up you’re nose/in your arm’ stuff. You name it, I tried it. Unfortunately information was limited and medical advances had not occurred. This was back in the 70s/80s before the incredible Internet existed (anyone remember dial-up Bulletin Boards?). We did not know half of what is known today.

      As one of my best friends was a dealer, I lived in the equivalent of a sweet shop and it was all FREE! (He got a lot from chemist shops ‘out of hours’) So, I experimented. Of course, in the end, I was playing with needles. Towards the end, we were mixing ‘cocktails’ of H/Coke/Morph/Speed and coming too close to OD. After a while I realised that I was getting dangerously close to addiction and was fortunate enough to be able to stop.

      I do NOT regret a moment of it as I now understand a lot more about life than I ever would without it. They say LSD is a mind altering drug. They are right. There are so many things in life that I can look at from so many sides that I could never have done without having experienced LSD in the past. I can council my kids in the secure knowledge that they trust me because I do know what I am talking about.

      At the time the risks of sharing needles was not so great because HIV and AIDS were unheard of. What we, and medical science, were unaware off was Hepatitis. Namely Hep’ C. Which of course I contracted. It’s no big deal. I get tired a lot and have the risk of dying from chronic liver failure but, hey, life is no fun if you live it worrying about what you eat, drink, smoke or do. I hold down a fantastic job and still live life to the fullest. If I go tomorrow I will have lived more than 5 or 10 of my buddies put together.

      I have to have annual checkups and a liver biopsy once every 5 years. You know what? I drink like a fish and they say my liver is fine. Maybe I am pickling the Hep C virus.

      About a year ago the quack I see said they had a new treatment with a possible 80% cure rate, would I go for it? No problem. A few pills (7 a day) and an injection a week, this was less than I used to do to get the problem.

      Unfortunately the quack did not tell me that it would knock me for 6 both physically and mentally. After a couple of weeks I had to stop and sit down half way up the stairs. A blond could beat me at any mental exercise. I had to stop work for 6 months which was a big risk at my level, fortunately I have more friends than enemies on the board so I am still there.

      That is when I became heavily involved with the RvB forum as I had plenty of time. I wish I had that much time now as I miss it. So from now on I will be about from time to time but nowhere near as much as I used to.

      I have had to wait for 6 months after the treatment before they can test to see if it did any good. I have had the test and have to wait about a month for the results. I will let you know.

    • Ooooh, I feel a rant comming on!

      14 years ago


      OK, so I have been 'away' for quite a bit and to be honest, I miss the place. I miss the interaction with so many interesting people. You can ignore the morons and sift out the good ones, then it gets to be fun.

      So, what is getting to me? Why the 'rant'? MONEY! My money to be honest.

      I want to be a sponsor to help continue what I sponsored for. A funny, entertaining, novel, inovative, unique, quality....... series of entertainment. I became a sponsor to help a bunch of talented guys (and girls - Sheila, sigh) continue with a great project.

      I am now becoming more and more pissed of with hearing about what a great time they had at xxxxxx venue/meet/conference/COUNTRY.

      I sponsored to help with production etc. NOT to help them bugger off at any oportunity to bath in the limelight. Don't get me wrong, I do not begrudge them the recognition that they so richly deserve. What gets to me is - who is paying for this? Travel, accommodation etc.

      I sponsored a bunch of people who had full time jobs and produced this in their own time. They deserved support and should be rewarded for their efforts.

      I started to notice that the scripting was loosing it's edge. About that time I also started to be aware of the increasing number of 'away days'. Then the apauling Strangerhood started and things got worse. OK so the Strangerhood is sponsored and may well be suplimenting other areas of expense. However, the downward trend in the RvB series accellerated with the start of the Strangerhood series.

      My annoyance is that I wish to continue sponsoring RvB in the hopes that it will get back to it's old self. On the other hand, I do not want to pay for 'away days' that I feel are a contributing factor to the demise.

      At the moment I am 50/50 on sponsoring but the new site has removed a lot of frustration from the forum so maybe I will get involved again for a while and see how things pan out.

      I buried this in a journal as few people will see it but I can still get it off my chest.

      Back to the forum for a bit of fun smiley0.gif

    • This surprised me - Site coding.

      14 years ago


      Musicians can play. Some can 'read the dots' as well.

      I am not a competent coder but know enough to be able to follow the flow of coding.

      My wife asked me to build her an eCommerce site for her hobby. Scary as I actually had to 'get my hands dirty' which I have not done for too many years to remember. To make matters worse, the eCommerce suite is coded in php which is new to me and vastly different to HTML. PHP is a programming language not a layout description as HTML is.

      I encountered a problem with ssl (secure connection for the checkout). The site is hosted on a server with a shared ssl certificate for all clients. To work with this setup, I had to code the URL (Internet address) for the checkout to a different location.

      Then I hit a snag. The trolley emptied as you enter the checkout - nothing to buy! This turned out to be a cookie issue. WEB browsers can only read cookies from the site they are looking at. It's a security thing to stop one site reading sensitive data from another sites cookie. This is a good thing for us as it means that hackers can not get to our personal data that is held in cookies. The down side is that in a situation like mine, the data accumulated while shopping is no longer available when the customer switches site to the checkout.

      I did some digging. I was amazed at how simple the solution is. I changed a variable in one file - that was all I needed to do. It only works within one group of sites. It will not work between two separately hosted sites.

      I can now transfer the trolley data to the checkout even though it is effectively a different site.

      O.K., so why am I boring you with all this techie mumbo jumbo?

      What is one of the main things that bugs people here? Having to sign in to each site because the session information is held in a cookie that the other sites can not read, as explained above.

      If a NooB coder like me cracked it in less than an hour, why is it still an issue here? Will I believe the excuses from the site coders? I doubt it.

      <edit - 3rd June 2005

      Wow! There's a supprise. Mod points = -29 Lame yet not a single comment. Does nobody have the balls to stand by their oppinion?


    • Wher is it going?

      14 years ago


      I have been 'absent' for months but am driven to writing this.

      I decided to take a break from RvB due to the fact that I was becoming disillusioned about RvB in general. I did not like this but slowly the realisation grew on me that I was not having the fun I used to.

      I can not remember how I first stumbled upon this site and the wonder of watching the first few episodes. I did not find them here but tripped over one or two low res mirrors. I did not watch the first few in order but was still laughing along to each one in its own merit. Once I ended up here I watched all the episodes on order and was hooked. I and my kids eagerly awaited the release of a new episode. We would all crowd around my monitor and laugh at it all together.

      After a few months I discovered the forum - WOW what an eye opener to the community that enjoyed all aspects of the site, the crew and the products. I sat on the side for a long time but eventually started to join in. The forum eventually took over quite a lot of my on-line time and I enjoyed the interaction.

      Then what went wrong? Well, I can not say exactly how and when but slowly it seemed to me that the quality, the sparkle' was fading. The arrival of the starngerhood and Halo 2 seem to have blown it. Weather it is time lost due to the workload of the Strangerhood or the distraction of new toys (Halo 2) or the new interest of going to any group meeting where lots of people can listen to them is unclear.

      (Continued below)

    • Continued

      14 years ago


      These days my kids might 'eventually' watch the newer ones but there is no rush. The reason? The episodes are not up to the original series1 quality. The Strangerhood is just not worth watching.

      Further more, this site is way under par. I think this was the final straw as it was an affront to my professional standards. My people at work would be sacked for allowing this to be released let alone let it stand for so long without rectifying most of the problems/omissions. I heard that a new site might be expected last quarter 2004 or first quarter 2005. This gave me hope. A Christmas present perhaps? So what did we hear at about the end of the first quarter 2005? Soon to start work on the new version!

      I guess attending all those functions must have kept everyone busy. Never mind let the sponsors wait.

      Now do you see why I have not been active here? Not quite.

      I watch the strangerhood even if I do not like it. Why? It might get better. I have just stumbled upon the What a difference. That made me think, it had some of the old sparkle in it.

      I will keep watching even if I decide not to sponsor the next jaunt to a seminar. Maybe, I might drop in to the forum again. Sorry but I have not looked at the comments, PM's and friend invites, maybe one day.

      As usual - I do not ask you all to agree. I just wanted to vent my frustration. Thanks for listening.

      Now bugger off and get back to enjoying yourselves.


    • Happy New Year

      14 years ago


      Due to health issues I have not been around - back in a month or so? Missing the fun but, that's life. Anyway,

      Happy New Year to ALL of you.

      Oh Shit - just found this - Moulin Huge ENJOY :-)

    • Now I feel guilty

      14 years ago


      This thread may not last long but is a n account of recent actions.

      I NEVER meant for the guy to be 'killed'. He just needed to be helped but reacted in the wrong way.

      I sincerely hope that 'we' have not twisted his outlook on this community and what it represents.

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      10 years ago

      Hi TheBrit.

    • Little_Lee

      13 years ago

      Hello fellow Member,

      That’s a bad start. I am sending this to every person who is in the UK.
      There has been change. Please could you go straight to the UK Event thread as soon as possible to read the details? Tell you what; I will put in the link especially for you.


      The long story is Evoluan has decide that he is not the one for the event and has past on duties to Moderator Pixie. Now there is change and as we are doing things differently you need to confirm you place again, so I cannot stress how this has changed a lot of things.

      Thanks again

      Please do not reply in your own personal comments! No one will see it. PM Me, MrSquigles or Pixie if you want to say/ask anything (Or post it in the thread)

    • Underwood

      14 years ago

      Great to have another British memeber on RvB!

    • Turiya

      14 years ago

      wow..... he's signed in....

    • TheBrit

      14 years ago

      I do my best. Sometimes I do 'loose it' a bit and go off the deep end but try to keep it to a minimum.

      Someone once said to me - Once you loose your temper you loose the argument. That is SO true.

    • caboose08

      14 years ago

      people are so rude... you have a great attitude for dealing with them though :)

    • TheBrit

      14 years ago

      I wasn't fussed by the possibilities above so did not rush to look. I have just found that the thread mentioned is locked.

      In a way that is a shame as I will never know what was said about me publicly. Apart from the quick scan I made before signing off 3 days ago. I will not be given a chance to give a public response to criticism (and worse) that was made against me.

      In a way that is a good thing as I am still in a good mood :)

    • TheBrit

      14 years ago

      So, that's where it is coming from. MattCG has similar in his journal but no names. I have only had a quick scan of both and will go back and read them properly some time. Guess I rattled a few cages?

      It has been a long day. All I need now is sleep.That is nothing to loose sleep over so I will get back to it in 24.

      One advantage of my age is you learn not to get phased by people like that. When I am ready - Journal or post? Who knows? Maybe I will just ignore them. Are they really worth the effort? They exist as names on the Internet and that is all.

      Manyana :)

    • joehumanity

      14 years ago

      holy crap, someone isn't happy with you Paul. Angry young man!

    • Microbe

      14 years ago

      The Brit! The old chap with a heart of... fog.

    • Turiya

      14 years ago

      I just want to say.... that's a cool avatar.

    • joehumanity

      14 years ago

      I do believe it's known as stock-car racing in the US.

      Damn it Paul! now I want some bangers and mash!

    • TheBrit

      14 years ago

      Bangers-n-mash (with gravy of coarse). Luv it mate!

      Or - take an old wreck of a car (banger) and use it to smash f**k out of any other car on the circuit. MAGIC!

    • Jimmerz

      14 years ago

      What, prey tell, is Banger Racing? Aren't bangers sausages in England?

    • joehumanity

      14 years ago

      Significant Other is a great album. Wes Borland is one of the best guitarists at the moment.

    • TheBrit

      14 years ago

      No joke. I listen to Significant Other on my headphones as I surf this forum on my laptop.

    • Dublyner

      14 years ago

      limp bizkit? you better be joking.

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