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    • I'm turning my online status back on.

      9 years ago


      but be warned, just because it looks like I'm on, doesn't mean I am.
      If it looks like I'm off...then I'm right behind you.

    • Super Art

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      I figured we ought to have a thread for Helping people get pictures for their characters. You can draw for people or find someone to draw for you.

      There's also Heromachine

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    • *sigh*

      9 years ago


      We got stopped and tested at a sobriety check point. Who drinks on a monday? seriously? and anyways I've never been drunk in my entire life.

    • Dear diary...

      9 years ago


      ...I saw a tumbleweed on the way to the library.

    • 9 years ago

    • Pizza

      9 years ago


      I just spent the last of my Pizza hutt gift card on a peparoni, suasage, Olive and bell pepper deep dish pizza.

      It was delicious.

      In other news, tonight is movie knight at the club house.

    • How do we Cure the "Stupid" RPer

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      This thread is primarily designed to discuss problems involving RPers who create Super Stupid characters and then start to misbehave in an RP without having to resort to the ban-hammer.

      Story continuity is the key and this thread is for the group mind to come and assist those who have a problem in their RP with the Superman characters so that the character can be taken down up a notch or two within the context of the RP without resorting to a meteor falling from the sky and taking the RPer out.

      This is the sister thread of How do we kill the "Super" RPer?

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    • 9 years ago

    • Gantz RP

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      "Your lives have ended. What you do with your new lives is entirely up to me. That's the theory, anyway."

      It's the night of your death but upon dying you find yourself alive and well in a room full of people. In fact, you're better than well. All of your old injuries, scars and health conditions are completely healed. Even missing body parts are restored to you. (With exceptions of course; you are still the same weight, build and age you were before.)

      Sounds great right? Well there's a catch. Gantz doesn't save your life for free, he's got jobs for you; assassination jobs. In order to be free of Gantz's clutches you have to go on missions. The Mission is on a timer (Usually an hour) and you have until the timer runs out to dispose of all the targets. Each kill you make is worth a certain number of points (Usually 5) and once you get 100 points or more you get to pick from the 100 point menu to either Bring a dead player back to life, get an equipment upgrade or have your memory erased and be free of the game.

      So back to this room you're in. It's filled with other people (or sometime even animals) Who've died tonight. (or survived previous missions) You and these other people come from all walks of life and all sorts of deaths. Also in the room with you is a large black sphere called Gantz.. The sphere is what makes you appear in the room, It fires red, green and blue laser beams that assemble human beings like slices of a CAT-scan. Gantz also gives you your gear and your instructions.

      "Let's get started."

      You begin this game ALIVE. Once you die your first death; you wake up in the Gantz apartment. If you die on a mission you stay dead, unless someone spends 100 points to bring you back. Only those on a Gantz team go on missions. Once a mission starts no new players will be added to that mission but you can still do regular day to day life with the other RPers until you get gantzed. This RP takes place in Chicago.
      If you want to join this RP simply post a character sheet in THIS JOURNAL. You don't have to get your sheets approved but if I don't like it don't expect them to live very long.
      If you make your character an alien or a vampire or an ESPer or something else weird, don't be surprised if you end up as a target rather then on the team

      Instant RolePlaying Format (or IRPF):
      Character Name: before any post
      *actions go in stars like this.*
      "character lines go in quotations like this."
      character thoughts go in Italics like this.
      ((out of character dialog goes in parenthesis like this.))

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